Morocco Quake – all the astro-signposts in place ++ King Mohammed

A powerful 6.8 earthquake in central Morocco has killed more than 2,000 people. It caused major disruption in Marrakesh and many of the deaths were said to be in hard-to-reach mountain areas. The quake struck just after 23:00 local time 8 September 2023.

  The recent Lunar Eclipse of May 2023 has Mars in Cancer conjunct the Midheaven set for Marrakech square Jupiter on the Descendant. Planets on the angles mark a location out as a potential crisis region.  The April 2023 Solar Eclipse has Neptune close to the Ascendant.

 The two upcoming Eclipses in this coming October both look critical as well with Saturn conjunct Midheaven on the Lunar and the Eclipsed New Moon exactly conjunct the Descendant on the other.

 The Morocco country chart, 28 May 1956 11am Rabat, Morocco, moved into a period of considerable turmoil and disruption this year and on for two years ahead. Exactly now tr Pluto is square the Solar Arc Neptune which is the classic earthquake/natural disaster indicator for devastation, confusion and chaotic conditions. That influences comes back again later in the year which doesn’t mean a repeat, just that the mayhem will run on.

  Tr Uranus is also exactly square the Morocco Jupiter which is itself could be a lucky influence but since the Jupiter is conjunct Pluto opposition Mars and square Saturn it has the effect of tr Uranus in an upending square to Pluto, and a ‘shocking’ accident prone square to Mars and a high-tension opposition to Saturn – and that Uranian roller coaster runs on into 2025. Plus tr Saturn square the Gemini Sun this year and a destabilizing tr Pluto opposition the Uranus last year and this year – not so much a perfect storm as challenging phase of turbulence and tumult.     

Add On: The  Royal Palace has remained mostly silent in the early days of the crisis with little sign of government-promised rescue teams initially and offers of international help being only selectively accepted. The worst-hit provinces are among the poorest in Morocco, with some lacking electricity or running water, even in better times. An American academic commentator said: “The reality is that the moment you step out of Marrakesh, the people are essentially living as if they are back in the Middle Ages because of the absence of the state.”

 King Mohammed, 21 August 1963 who acceded to the throne on 23 July 1999, is the richest king in Africa and the fifth wealthiest monarch in the world with an estimated fortune of many billions. In 2020, he purchased an €80 million mansion in Paris from the Saudi royal family.

   His Accession chart has tr Pluto opposition the zero degree Leo Sun this year and next, so this starts the most challenging phase of his rulership though he doesn’t seem to be rising to the test. His rulership chart is exceedingly Fixed with Sun Mercury in Leo opposition Neptune square Jupiter in Taurus opposition Mars in Scorpio – acquisitive, indulgent, unrealistic, scandal-prone, unbudgeable. Plus Uranus in Aquarius square Saturn in Taurus and a Leo North Node = autocratic. Mohammed did shift marginally after the Arab Spring in 2011 to reform the constitution but he still retains complete control over the armed forces and the judiciary,  retains the authority to appoint and dismiss prime ministers. Criticizing or directly opposing the king is still punishable with prison.

  His way ahead looks troubled with a devastating 2025, indeed now and 2024 as well, given that the Sun opposes Neptune so they will both be triggered by this quake and what comes next.

 His own chart with a flashy Sun Venus in Leo opposition Saturn in Aquarius with Neptune in Scorpio is equally stubborn and is also on a bumpy ride with tr Uranus hard aspects over the next two years; as well as tr Saturn opposition his Uranus Pluto. His Solar Arc Saturn is tugging on his opportunistic Mars opposition Uranus since 2021 through till 2025 – for a discouraging, accident-prone and enthusiasm-denting run.

   His ‘caring’ North Node in Cancer needs a serious prod.

5 thoughts on “Morocco Quake – all the astro-signposts in place ++ King Mohammed

  1. I hope Morocco gets the help they need asap – the death toll is rising too quickly.

    I don’t know if it’s relevant or not, but King Mohammed’s accession chart of 23rd July 1999, was just before the big eclipse of August 11th of the same year. Both he & Putin are/were recipients/beneficiaries of that powerful eclipse.

  2. Thank you Marjorie for this very thorough astrological look at the king. If ever there was a time for an overly powerful monarch to finally step up and care for his destitute people this is it. But he is dragging his feet. My best guess is that he will spring into action only if he faces severe international condemnation, which is something he is very sensitive to for business reasons. The international community might be able to hold his feet to the fire. Let us hope.

  3. My observation of contemporary Morocco is that little gets done without the full backing of King Mohammad VI, who appears to have been born on August 21, 1963 in Rabat.. Marjorie could you look at his chart for possible clues about the success of rescue and reconstruction efforts? Thank you..

  4. I actually participating in a group discussion when the news broke about the earthquake in Morocco. According to the Washington Post, earthquakes are somewhat rare in North Africa compared other parts of the world and this particular earthquake was the strongest recorded in 120 years.

    Morocco and Algeria have experienced some less severe earthquakes back in the 2000s. And I know Egypt had an earthquake back in 1992 that received much attention. However, from what I’m reading, much of North Africa doesn’t have the infrastructure to withstand powerful quakes. The quake in Marrakesh caused a lot of damage to cultural heritage sites, UNESCO sites, landmarks, and historical buildings. Plus, the death troll is expected to rise into the thousands.

    Very tragic situation.

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