Elon Musk – the making of a flawed super-hero ++ possible birth time

From hero to zero, Elon Musk’s troubled trajectory is a dizzying pinball run from highs to self-defeating failures. Though the latest outcry about him cutting off Ukraine’s Starlink service in Crimea to aid the Russians does not appear to be true. It was already deactivated there, and he refused the Ukrainians’ emergency request to activate it so they could carry out the attack, for fear of it leading to a nuclear war.

  A new biography attempts to pin down what has forged his oddball character and extraordinary talent. Born 28 June 1971 Pretoria, South Africa with no birth time but a rectified one by Starkman of 8.42 pm, he was a headstrong child brought up in an ‘abusive, friendless childhood’ who read science fiction novels and superhero comics and bossed his younger siblings and cousins around. His parents split when he was nine and he elected to live with his wealthy father, an electromechanical engineer, which he later regretted. His interest in computers started when he was 10 and aged 12 he sold his first video game.

  Recently Musk has lurched rightwards, embracing conspiracy theories, railing against restrictions, fouled up Twitter, been accused of sexual misdeeds and had his array of multiple children exposed. His biographer thinks he may be going the way of his father who has apparently moved into paranoia, conspiracism and overt racism.

Elon Musk, like Julian Assange born a few days later, is a Sun Cancer square an innovative and rebellious Uranus. He has a creative though can-be-neurotic Saturn opposition Neptune (Jupiter) and a contrary, inordinately stubborn Mars in Aquarius conjunct his North Node. Sakoian & Acker presciently remark in their handbook published in the 1970s that 1971 when there was a long station of Mars in Aquarius was a year when “many souls came into the world who will spearhead a new way of life.”  Such a Mars is reformist, deaf to advice, has to learn through their own mistakes and can throw out the old order before having a suitable replacement organized. So it can be destructive as well as constructive.

  If Starkman’s rectified time is sound then Elon Musk‘s ornery Mars North Node is conjunct his Ascendant for a full-on assertive/aggressive approach. His Cancer Sun is in the flamboyant, attention-seeking and children-focused 5th; his Jupiter Neptune of visionary dreams and success is in his career 10th; and his Pluto and Uranus are in his 8th giving him access to his deeper unconscious with potentially positive and potentially negative outcomes – inspired but mentally balanced on a fine edge.

 Neither of his parents were easy temperaments. Father Errol, 25 May 1946 (net sources) was a Sun Gemini with an dominating Mars Pluto in Leo.  His mother Maye, 19 April 1948, was a Sun Aries/Taurus with Saturn, Pluto and Mars in Leo. Both parents sparked off his Mars which would fuel his anger and defiance.

  On his Harmonics – his get-it-together 5th is creative. His leaving-a-legacy-for-history 17H is confident, lucky and notable. But so is his self-defeating, highs and lows 10th harmonic which suggests that wild overconfidence and lawlessness could be the undoing of him.  

Add On: There is also a birthtime from his biography  of 7.30am which puts his contrary, angry Mars in Aquarius in his 8th house of business finances and unconscious drives with Jupiter Neptune in his 5th house of children and romance – which could also fit. Whichever birth time is accurate or neither – he is in trouble come 2026/27 with SA Pluto square his Mars and tr Saturn Neptune in Aries square his Sun.  That is around the time Twitter is in real trouble. See post 26 April 2022.

4 thoughts on “Elon Musk – the making of a flawed super-hero ++ possible birth time

  1. His father’s relationship with his step sister has always troubled me and Elon’s own fetish for impregnating multiple women through in vitro is also odd, since he bases this in some notion that there’s a birth decline, without specifying the details of that population.

    I’d be interested in more insight from you on him and his influence over U.S. government after the Ronan Farrow “shadow rule” piece. And I wonder if you, as a journalist with a great grasp of foreign policy, see any implications for other countries even though he’s based in U.S.

    I’m curious about the question if he shut Starklink off as reported in the biography or of he declined to turn it on, as he claims. I’m unclear if there has been further revelation on this, but even just declining, ignoring his many government contracts with DOD, would raise questions given Ukraine’s status as ally being attacked by hostile foreign power.

    He sure has gone all out to destroy his legacy. I can’t understand what motivates him to continue publicly behaving like a troll.

    • P.S. the closeness in date to Julian Assange is fascinating, they both seem to be missing some core connection to others, while claiming to be doing the work of higher humanity.

  2. I’m not sure what to think of Elon. I don’t trust the man. Though I’m somewhat conflicted because my son(born in 2010) has many similarities to Musk astrologically and is an awesome kid. My son is a Virgo sun, cancer moon with Uranus in his first conjunct Jupiter which is barely in his 2nd. He even resembles Elon, is inventive and creative. There are more similarities, but I don’t want to bore people silly. Anyway, I get the gist of his energy and there is an awful lot he is up to, though not necessarily bad, just hidden. There is more to him than we are aware of and what he does is confusing to say the least.

  3. Hmm, he troubles me. The 11 children and his focus on having males and undertones of it being a genetically supreme dynasty. Anyway, I have an interested in progressed planets turning retrograde and of course with that long stay in Aqua his prog. Mars does turn retrograde, right around ages 12 (first computer game sale) and made it’s way back to that north node January 2022, pretty much when the twitter sale went through which always felt to me like when he started to unravel. His prog merc also turned retrograde in 2017 making it’s way back towards his Sun. 2017 saw big pushes forward in his hyperloop and tunnel companies/ideas for transport. It hits the sun in 2027, so perhaps they wiæl besr sone fruit or fall over then? Astro.com uses an 11.30 birth time (gemini rising) which for whole sign puts Mars etc in his 9th (striving for world domination?) And the Sun/Merc in 2nd.

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