Elton John & Bernie Taupin – magical North Nodes

Songwriter Bernie Taupin is the other half of Elton John’s super-stardom and between them they have sold more than 300 million records worldwide and collaborated on more than 30 albums to date. They met in their late teens and have not been apart musically for long since. “We were joined at the hip. It was me and him against the world,” Taupin says. “We were both incredibly shy introverts: two separate pieces that, joined together, made a whole.” Elton said of him “He was the glue that held me together.”

  What is fascinating astrologically is that Bernie, 22 May 1950, has his Gemini Sun conjunct Elton’s North Node and Elton, 25 March 1947 3.28pm, has his Aries Sun conjunct Bernie’s North Node. So two Sun North Node crossovers that brought them together by chance and they have not looked back since.

 Bernie lives with his wife and two children in California and describes Elton as “his spiritual boyfriend.”

  Their relationship chart has an entrepreneurial, inspirational Fire Grand Trine and Jupiter on the focal point of a composite T Square. A recipe for togetherness in creativity, spirit and success.

  Bernie Taupin’s memoir is out this coming week.

I just love astrology when it works so well.

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