Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner – Anatomy of a Marriage

Singer Joe Jonas and Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner are to divorce after four years of marriage and two children. There are reports she felt trapped having been tied down so young and he was left to look after the children when on tour. Marriage breakdowns are always a tragedy especially with children involved but it is instructive to survey the astrological compatibility and ask why the inevitable wasn’t obvious from the start.

  Joe Jonas born 15 August 1989 9.58 am Casa Grande, Arizona, has a friendly 11th house Leo Sun conjunct his South Node with his Aquarius North Node in his 5th house of children and entertainment. He has a pronounced Pluto in Scorpio conjunct his Sun/Moon midpoint which is the marriage significator as well as square his 4th house Moon and on the focal point of a mini-Grand Trine of Mars in Virgo trine Saturn Neptune in Capricorn. Possessiveness and control will be issues for him to overcome especially in close and family relationships.

  Sophie Turner, 21 February 1996 8.10 am (time may be iffy) Northampton, England, has a 12th house Sun Mars in Pisces square an 8th house Pluto which will make her feel trapped no matter where she is until she comes to terms with her psychological makeup (whether birth time is right or not). She also has her North Node in Libra in her 7th so forging cooperative one-to-one relationships will be one of her challenges through life.  Her Aries Moon is trine Pluto and sextile Uranus – she’ll veer between wanting closeness and wanting freedom.

  Their relationship chart has a dominant composite Sun opposition Pluto Mercury with Pluto square Saturn – it would be a chained-together relationship, which possibly felt ‘meant’ at the start but Pluto always brings control and possessiveness issues to the fore. And makes splits usually a long, difficult process.

  Their first wedding in Las Vegas, 1 May 2019, had a needs-space, disruptive Sun Uranus; a bleak Saturn Pluto; and an adventurous but unrealistic Mars opposition Jupiter square Neptune.

  Lessons to learn for both of them and maybe his 4th house Moon might make him a supportive father.

9 thoughts on “Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner – Anatomy of a Marriage

  1. Hi Marjorie,

    Will you have time to do a deep dive on the success rate of marriages formed under Mercury retrograde, the latest one being that between Chris Evans (of Marvel fame) and another pre-Saturn-return bride, Alba Baptista, over the past weekend?

    While I’ve noticed a pattern of Cancers (sun) marrying young, Alba’s chart seems to have what Bob Marks has described as a marriage that would fizzle out if wed before Saturn return (Saturn square Juno). However, since the square is at a wide angle, I wonder if the aspect would actually apply in this case.

    Astrotheme also gives their relationship a terrible (under 30%) rating, as opposed to that between Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman (over 100%, which I don’t even understand how it’s possible).

    In any case, since they have Mercury (hers)-North node and Moon-NN conjunction (hers) at the apex of a t-square with his Sun-Neptune opposition in synastry, I wonder if this is supposed to be a karmic relationship?

    There are also Saturn-Pluto and Pluto-Mars oppositions, which make me wonder if we’ll hear of abusive issues once the relationship ends, especially as both hers and his other Juno aspects also show similar indicators.

    Your analysis would be much appreciated!

    Thank you,

    • My apologies, I double-checked her chart and she doesn’t have other abusive Juno-related indicators. Also, her Saturn square Juno is around 4.5 degrees apart.

  2. Those who marry before the age of 30 will regret the decision because of Saturn. Too much too young. Marriages before that age are not meant to last, so by the time they have their Saturn return, the relationship comes to an end.
    Someone highly strong with someone highly weak. What an awful couple.

    • That’s true for me. But not for anyone else I know. In my family, over 90% of folks marry in their late teens or early 20’s—for several generations, now. Only a couple of divorces. And in other circles, I have not seen this play out —even amongst people one would think are terribly mismatched.

    • Allegedly Saturn is more problematic for early marriage in a night chart, so potentially for Sophie. That said, awful couple? She grew up very close to where I live and as Solaia says below she comes from a solid family and still has strong ties to them and this area. What he has is a much bigger PR machine.

    • @Delia, yes! My breakup from a 4th house AND Cancer Moon guy fortunately came before any children were involved, he wasn’t a public figure and his parents (especially father, his Sun was conjunct to my Saturn, and really felt I was a missed daughter) were on my side. But the gaslighting people have noticed in this situation, too, was all there!

      As a GOT fan, I recall Sophie fortunately has a solid family. They actually adopted one of the dogs playing Stark direwolves.

      • And, on a separate note, I’ve been with a guy who is an Aries Moon/Jupiter/Mercury (astro twin to David Harbour) for almost 18 years now, married for 12. I’m currently in a very unclear (not totally unexpected, though) situation at work, not the first time, and one thing I’ll say about Aries Moons is that they definitely need significant ones they can fight for or be “champions” of. I think this is Sophie’s thing too – maybe the next SO will be an ambientalist or something of the sort. Also, Aries Moons make good parents in that they will stand up and show up for their children.

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