Venice outraged – Kanye’s stunt backfires ++mother + Hollywood

Kanye West behaving badly again, what a surprise. But this time he seems to have outdone himself on a canal boat in Venice photographed with his trousers down and ‘in a state of intimacy’ with his partner Bianca Censori. A Venice police source said: ‘The offence being investigated is acts contrary to public decency – any breaches are severely punished.’

  West, 8 June 1977 maybe 8.45am Atlanta, Georgia is a super-ambitious and overly confident Sun Jupiter in Gemini opposition Neptune square a Pisces Moon, and trine Pluto. He has an earthy, ramped-up Venus Mars in Taurus. His Pisces Moon is also under enormous pressure from the Sun Jupiter opposition Neptune and even more so being on the focal point of a yod inconjunct Saturn sextile Pluto. This will make him emotionally disorganized and – in Pisces – super-sensitive to a degree he almost certainly can’t handle.

  His current beaux has a questionable birthdate – maybe 5 January 1995 Melbourne, Australia,  and, if accurate, is a highly-strung Sun, Neptune, Uranus, Mercury spread out through Capricorn. She has Saturn (maybe Moon) in Pisces opposition Mars square Jupiter which has a suggestion if the birth date is accurate of using Jupiter to cover over feelings of being treated unfairly/unkindly. Plus she has a seductive Venus Pluto in Scorpio conjunct Jupiter which will make her push through social niceties to get what she wants. 

  His North Node is in Libra so developing healthy relationships is his challenge. She has her North Node in Scorpio.

  There’s nothing much to suggest an affinity between them – except in their relationship chart there is a publicity-attracting Mars, Neptune, Sun T Square. And even more significantly the composite Pluto conjunct the North Node –  from previous post = “Pluto conjunct North Node can be opportunistic and get onto  bandwagons though it can backfire – getting a tiger by the tail – with the result that affairs of life can get out of hand.”  Just so.

Add On: His mother, a Professor of English at Chicago University, Donda Williams, 12 July 1949, was a Sun Cancer opposition Jupiter which fell across his Ascendant and 7th house (his birth time being accurate) so would be a supportive relationship. She died on 10 November 2007 when tr Uranus was exactly square his Neptune opposition Jupiter and rattling his Mutable Moon T Square with tr Saturn in early Virgo approaching the same aspect from the other side. So that whole high-tension, disruptive tr Uranus opposition tr Saturn on 2007/2008 would seriously jangle the core of his personality and his area of greatest sensitivity. Her Aries  North Node was conjunct his South Node almost exactly which hints at a powerful though conflicted connection.

  Relocating his chart to Hollywood will depend on his birth timing being sound. If so, then it puts his over-confident Jupiter Sun exactly on the Ascendant so it will boost his already over-pumped ego.  Plus Moon in the 10th for a public, attention-generating career; and Pluto in the performing and attention-demanding 5th for making his mark. It will hype up his self-regard to clearly unsafe levels.

  Hollywood, 1 February 1887, has its Aquarius Sun exactly opposition his Saturn in wannabe-important Leo which may also send him over the top in an attempt to prove himself. The Hollywood Jupiter also opposes his Venus Mars Chiron in Taurus which will wind up his excitability and sensuality.

 Most intriguingly his Sun is closely conjunct the Hollywood Chiron – perhaps with the result that he becomes the poster boy if you like for Hollywood’s wound. A salutary warning of where uncontained narcissism and the acquisition of staggering levels of wealth leads.

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  1. As a triple Aquarian, I find all these overt sexual displays rather embarrassing, desperate, and passe. I hope Pluto entering Aquarius agrees.

  2. Mental health
    On November 19, 2016, was committed at the recommendation of authorities to the UCLA Medical Center with hallucinations and paranoia.
    West said that he often has suicidal ideation. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2016,[399] though his diagnosis was not made public until his 2018 album. In December 2022, he suggested that he may be autistic.[405]

    • Chiron in Hollywood ~ a wounded demigod is on the loose as astrologers track down the burnt offerings of his fried stars ~ I’d watch that!

      I wonder about other Afflicted Artists when I see the Kanye diagnosis – the one and only Marilyns, Ambers, Sineads…trying to clump another guy in there (but all I can think of is Howard Hughes..which makes me wonder abt Howard Stern!). But back to the markers…what stand out aspects, what damning cartography…

  3. Kanye is widely known to be severely mentally ill, but reportedly (as is typical for people with his type of illness) thinks he “doesn’t need” his medication and refuses to take it because it “impairs his creativity.”

    I wish my country (America) had a comprehensive mental health policy like you do in the UK; here, the prerequisites for civil commitment (“sectioning”) vary from state to state, and the usual standard that a person is “a danger to himself and others” is open to wildly varying interpretations.

    Of course, all bets seem to be off when one is rich and famous. Still, I get the sense that if Kanye were a Brit, he might be less likely to be wandering around Europe without minders, pulling his pants down and generally making a spectacle of himself.

    • @AI22, I remember seeing Kanya’s chart way back, when all of this wasn’t even an open secret and thinking that his Sun/Moon/Neptune T-square on those exact signs was at least on “needs therapy” regime. You’d think this combo is a common feature, but given the Moon quick progression, having a T-square on such a tight orb always brings tension to sign/house the missing angle is. In Kanya’s case, 2nd house Virgo. He has been a money maker, but also burned through enormous amount of money.

      Truly, I think, one of the most telling charts in Celeb World.

    • I’m not a Kanye fan and never have been. Yes, he did make some nice tunes and I think his status mainly came from those tunes he produced or help to which became great hits. Ok I get that.

      I do think there is something about his spiralling that is linked to his mother’s death. She obviously held some kind of ring around his emotional/mental state, so when she passed that was no more. So ok our loved ones die and we deal with that but it seems to demonstrate that she was his only cornerstone? Therein lies the problem – where were/are other family members? Why does he not have or tap into a strong family base? There is something else going on here?

      I guess my question is if Kanye was doing great before LA and Hollywood. What does his chart look like as a composite or synastry to Hollywood/LA in terms of astrocartography? Just a thought because sometimes we are in places that don’t help our astrology (which I am now realising is an instruction/guidance manual of how to live your life – don’t fret people we still have free will within the map but we have to understand the map firstly).

      Marjorie, what say you about location influence on how a person acts/reacts?

    • You can’t just throw a fellow citizen – with all of his human rights protections – into a mental hospital because, you have an opinion.

    • @Al22, at this point what difference would it make since everyone with a new conspiracy theory is deemed an expert.
      I know that some of the conspiracy nonsense has to do with Pluto transiting the U.S. Mercury but I also wonder if it is about Pluto moving into Aquarius where everyone’s opinion is given equal weight regardless of expertise.

  4. I keep reading that Kanye West is the biggest musical star of the generation.
    – But for the life of me, I would not be able to identify or distinguish anything from his artistic output if I was given the smallest or longest ‘lead in’ phrase to listen to.

    There are many musicians, singers etc from a hundred and one genres of popular entertainment stretching back many many decades. Of the vast majority of them, In was never a fan, and never purchased any of their recordings, or made any effort to listen to, but, at least, I could identify their repertoire, even from one or two notes.

    • Kayne West is a complete disgrace to humanity. He’ll do anything to get attention or stay relevant. This new stunt doesn’t surprise me at all.

      I do wish the infotainment media would just “cancel” him already. He cheapens popular culture.

  5. Can you add on his ex, Kim Kardashian? She is receiving positive recognition in the media at the moment. Can you do a reading on where her romantic life is headed?

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