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  1. Do you have Jenny Hermoso’s chart, Marjorie? What does that kiss signify in connection with Venus Retrograde and the Spanish women’s football team refusing to play?

  2. The Hollywood union strikes continue. Film contributes $226bn in sales to Cali.By cutting productions the studios are holding onto capital for now, but as writers etc start to lose not just livelihoods but homes too how long can this shutdown go on. Netflix is unaffected as they have visibly added so much foreign content to their roster.Is this just a blip or the collapse of the industry such as it exists(Capricorn?)

  3. The Director of the British Museum, Hartwig Fischer (14 December, 1962), has resigned over the burgeoning scandal I mentioned previously. I know this might seem a bit niche! But it is fascinating to see how Pluto (and much else) is involved, as yet another famous institution and it’s failings are in the spotlight.

    We’re also approaching a Full Moon at 7 Pisces, conjunct Saturn (4 Pisces) that appears to be acting as a trigger.
    British Museum act of Parliament, 7 June, 1753: Uranus 7 Pisces, square Pluto 10 Sagittarius
    British Museum opening, 17 January 1759: Saturn 2 Pisces, sextile Jupiter 6 Capricorn
    Sir Hans Sloane, 16 April, 1660 GC (his collection founded the museum): Jupiter 4 Virgo, Nodes 4 Scorpio/Taurus
    Hartwig Fischer: Jupiter 6 Pisces conjunct Chiron, opposition Uranus 5 Virgo, Pluto 12 Virgo. He also has tr Uranus square his natal Mars at 23 Leo. The Act of Parliament that brought the BM into being has Mercury, 23 Taurus. August’s New Moon – 23 Leo…..

  4. Hi Marjorie,

    now that various (reputable) news sources are confirming Prigozhin’s death, I was wondering if you had any further astrological thoughts or insights regarding the Russian Federation and Vladimir Putin’s current grip on the country. Does the astrology suggest further disruption or setbacks to Putin’s reign?

    There are reports circulating that Wagner loyalists are threatening yet another coup d’état if it turns out that Putin was behind Prigozhin’s death. How does the astrology look with regards to the Wagner Group’s hold in the Sahel region of Africa?

    Any thoughts or observations you could share would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Oh my goodness, with Pluto currently on his Saturn and the north node transit on his Venus, old Prigo has apparently fallen out of a plane in Russia. I suppose it was only a matter of time.

    • The plane crashed.

      Wagner chief listed among passengers on board crashed plane: Russian state media. Ten crew & passengers. All died.

      Looks like Putin will need to hire another chef. 😉

      • Shot down over Moscow, according to reports.

        I suppose Putin thought: ‘We can’t chuck him out of a window, it will look suspicious.’

    • My money is on either him or Kremlin faking this. Why? Because it was a plane, supposedly hit by an air defence missile. This would, ask any soap or “Air Disaster Investigation” aficionada, be enough to making a positive ID impossible, due to heat generated.

      Also, apparently, one of the “ditto heads”, Peskov, hasn’t been seen in 3 weeks

      • @ Solaia,

        Apparently the Wagner Council Of Commanders has confirmed that Prigozhin and Utkin have both been killed in the crash. I certainly hope this is true…and if so, I’m hoping Karma comes for Vladimir Putin next. It’s about time the Mother Earth start purging these murderous sociopaths.

        • The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and NBC News are also confirming Prigozhin’s death. So, apparently this is no longer just a rumor.

      • “…supposedly hit by an air defence missile. This would…be enough to making a positive ID impossible, due to heat generated.” Disagree.

        The plane smacked into the ground after losing a wing to…something. ID isn’t dependent on facial recognition, just a few scraps of DNA.

        Let’s see what pops up in the news feeds this coming week. Popcorn, anyone?

      • The flight attendant called a family member to report a delay caused by some unscheduled and “strange” maintenance. Speculation now is that the “maintenance” involved loading one or more bombs that took down the plane.

      • A surprise that’s not a surprise! I agree, Solaia, nobody will ever know who was on that flight now. And less common than all those careless falls from windows through the years…..

  6. India’s moon lander was successful. “The historic touchdown occurred at 8:33 am ET (1233 GMT or 6:03 p.m. India Standard Time) on August 23, 2023.”

    What secrets will be uncovered???

    Fascinating, as this is the first “near” South Pole lander by any country.


  7. Dear Marjorie

    There is a BRICS delegation happening now in South Africa – without Putin who could have been arrested if he had attended.
    You did take a look at the astrology in April, but I wonder if there is anything new to be learnt?
    Thank you.

    • @ Deidre,

      I too would to see an astrological follow up in this. I read a number of Geoeconomics, Geopolitics, and International Relations magazines and it appeare (according to the experts) that BRICS isn’t doing too well. The alliance is on thin ice and China and India (which has been more keen to do business with G7 nations lately) are really the only 2 nations benefiting economically at the moment

    • Nothing much changes since post of 7th April 2023. “There will be failed plans for two or three years ahead as tr Neptune wends its way round the central BRICS T square; and heavy pressures across the turn of the decade as tr Pluto squares the Venus and Mars.”

  8. Marjorie,

    Serena Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian just welcomed their second child: “Adira River Ohanian” today (Tuesday, August 22, 2023).

    Alexis Ohanian made the announcement on Twitter (or “X”) at 2:23 pm, Tuesday, August 22, 2023.

    I’m assuming their second daughter was born here in Florida since the family does reside here.

    Any astrological insights or thoughts about this event?

  9. The theft of over 1,500 objects, mostly jewellery I think, from the British Museum over a period of years is currently blowing up into a scandal. Since it is still a police investigation, we don’t have much in the way of facts. However, BBC news tonight said that the museum was alerted back in 2021. Much covering up or ignoring has been going on ever since, as is the institutional way. Nobody has been arrested.

    What’s interesting astrologically is the date for the opening, 17th January, 1759. Sun 26 Capricorn, conjunct Venus 27 Capricorn, art history symbolised by this I think. More themes of art and history appear with its Saturn in Pisces, 2 degrees. So Pluto has been in transit there since 21, ruling wealth and buried treasure (in the storerooms at the British Museum).
    And now this month’s Pluto t-square with the tr Nodes has maybe added extra pressure? There’s a Saturn Return. And Neptune has been transiting Uranus 24 Pisces, and Pluto, 24 Sagittarius during the time this scandal was brewing. Sir Hans Sloane, whose collection began the museum, had Sun 26 Aries square Uranus 29 Capricorn. His Lunar Nodes 4 Scorpio/Taurus, and the Nodes for the 1753 Act of Parliament that founded the BM 5 Scorpio/Taurus, are in line for October’s eclipse in Taurus.

  10. You know what else I’ve been wondering…

    Will Neptune in Aries mark the end of meditation, mindfulness, affirmations, positivity, “Your thoughts and feelings create your reality”, Law of Attraction, Law of Assumption, Lucky Girl Syndrome and so on?

    What will happen to all these alternate theories of reality, matrices, Weaver in the middle of the Universe who spin our fate, simulation theory, writings about starseeds, soul survivors from Atlantis and Lemuria and in general to astrology and esoterica and occultism?

    P. S. Now I remember that I also wanted to say regarding retrogradation that a few days ago I heard in a YouTube reading that a reversed tarot card can mean either the opposite of the upright card or – the intensification of the meaning of that upright card. So I wondered if it is the same with retrograde planets, especially since Mercury will be retrograde in one of the signs it rules, Virgo.

  11. Hi, everyone!

    I was wondering if any of you could tell me what kind of an effect might meeting someone on a Venus or Mercury retrograde have on the future of the relationship?

    What happens if, as in a few days, both of those planets are in apparent retrograde motion?

    Are there any general advice on what to do and what not to do during the retrogradation of planets (any planet you can tell me about)? Are therr any events you notice happen during these times or anything else interesting you could share?

    Thank you so much!

  12. Good day Marjorie.
    While it is cliche to compare every demagogue/dictator to Hitler, Trump’s style has been said to be closer to Mussolini by some Historians. I agree.
    Assuming you may have cross referenced Trump’s chart with other notable “strong men” in history, who’s chart is most similar to Trump?

    • Not really on Mussolini – a Leo Sun with Mars, Moon, Saturn, Pluto in Gemini. Perhaps Viktor Orban of Hungary is the closest. Trump has not got the staying power really to be a true dictator.

      • @ Marjorie,

        now that observation is definitely encouraging. If Trump’s astrology suggests he doesn’t have the staying powernof a dictator, then perhaps there’s hope that he’ll fade into the background soon.

  13. Hi Marjorie,
    Can I persuade you to explain quincunxes a bit more, particularly in regard to the sun, moon, DSC. What do they suggest with regard to the relationships one has with their father, mother, or significant other, respectively?
    Tks 😉

    • Lots of research is done looking at physical clues which indicate guilt in police interviews etc. but I have often wondered about clues which indicate that someone accused who protests their innocent is in fact innocent, when they are later exonerated. Does the astrology tell us anything? I looked back through the posts and found one for David Milgaard and noticed moon sq neptune, and it seems the recent case, Andrew Malkinson 23/01/66 also has this aspect. I didn’t consider signs or anything else. Are there any indicators for miscarriages of justice or lengthy false imprisonment?

      • FWIW – Amanda Knox had Sag moon conjunct Uranus and Saturn. The Italian police believed she was guilty because her responses to the situation were abnormal. I’d suggest they were actually quite normal for a Sag moon who wants to stay upbeat, especially one with the detachment of Uranus/Saturn involved. Her Neptune is out of orb at 15degrees on into Capricorn.

        Half the problem is the inflexibility of the police. They are prone to confirmation bias – they have a belief that someone is guilty and then they look for and interpret the evidence to support that. Any evidence which proves innocence gets ignored. It’s not just a psychological problem of confirmation bias, it’s an issue of political / superiors pressure to get a conviction and close the case and stop tying up resources.

    • Dear Majorie,

      Can you have a check on Robert F. Kennedy Jr and Mark Zuckerberg? Any chance for them being the US President in 2024 or 2028? Many thanks.

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