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  1. Good morning. Belarus is snickering about testing the mettle of Poland by allowing Wagnar excursions into Poland. Today, Romania was also chiming about same.

    Has Russia gone totally off its rocker…? Thanks 😉

  2. Hi Marjorie

    Twitter has officially been renamed X as of today (TMZ report 6.35am) but don’t know the actual time. Would there be a new chart for the new name? Oh, and it’s Venus retrograde.

    Much thanks always

  3. I’m a bit late to this, but I have a question myself:

    Do you see the end of Capitalism as we know it (hopefully for the better)? I feel like the world is heading toward a very destructive path due to the huge pressure of Late End Capitalism with massive corruption behind it that has left to fester for decades since the early 1970s.

    So many countries are now doing such extreme ends at the cost of ecology, fauna, and flora just to make a buck and they really don’t care. It feels like most of the people in this world think we’re going to be screwed in the end anyway, and they’re just speeding it up in some kind of nihilistic worldview coupled with Corporate greed at a all time high.

    Its almost if so many people on this planet want this world to end or they’re just incredibly ignorant.

    I feel like sooner or later this system is going to break completely soon, I don’t see this being sustainable for long with the way things are going right now.

    Typically I keep up with what is going on with the spirit world via another blogger, but I thought I get a more astrological take on what you see for Earth’s Destiny.

    Feels like the Age of Aquarius keeps trying to give people a wake up call, but nobody is answering the phone.

  4. Morning Marjorie. I notice that Marcus J Ball has got his name in the papers again, this time accusing Boris Johnson of lying about being at Death’s door during the covid pandemic. The article is here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12327409/Gary-Lineker-films-lies-Boris-Covid-BBC-distance-documentary-smear-PM-death.html. Have you ever had a look at Mr Ball? Part of me would love his allegations to be true and Johnson get found out and shamed accordingly. Whilst I have no axe to grind on Johnson’s behalf, there are plently of provable misdeeds for which he can be vilified without embracing this sort of conspiracy. Does Mr Ball have any obvious traits of the charlitan showing up in his chart?

  5. One of my favorite traditional pop / swing / jazz / easy-listening singers, Tony Bennett, just died today. He was 96 years old.

    I was really hoping he would live past age 100.

  6. Hi Marjorie

    Any comments on Tuberville? – the guy blocking Pentagon promotions over abortion travel policies for soldiers.

  7. Hi, Marjorie!

    I was looking at the dates for Coutts.

    Coutts & Co was established in 1692, and is a world-renowned private bank and wealth manager. It was part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group and now is part fo NatWest Holdings.

    Company information web pages with gov.uk ending have thr incorporation date of 24 Jun 1892.

    I would love to see the writing about the banking world.

  8. Marjorie.

    The state of Victoria in Australia has shocked the sporting world by withdrawing from hosting the 2026 Commonwealth Games at short notice citing excessive costs. This is the second time a host city has backed out of running the games as the same thing happened with Durban which won the bid for 2022 games but then withdrew. In that case Birmingham which originally had originally won the bid to hold the 2026 games substituted at short notice.

    The event has its origins in the British Empire Games first inaugurated at Hamilton Ontario Canada on 16 August 1930. The current crisis occurred as Uranus at 22 Taurus squared the 1930 Sun at 23 Leo so clearly upsets were in the charts. Some regard the Commonwealth games as an imperial anachronism a bit like all those British Empire Medals that the crown still doles out over 60 years after the institution itself disappeared. The question is does this event have wider significance for the Commonwealth as an entity itself, particularly as more and more of its member states consider becoming Republics. It is rumoured that Charles III is nowhere as near committed to it as his late mother so it may have had its day. I presume the creation date for the modern Commonwealth is the London Declaration of 28 April 1949 so that may be the relevant chart.

    • I never find astrology a good diagnostic tool for psychiatric disorders. And what sounds like a simple label e.g. narcissism can stem from a variety of conditions.
      Looking at Trump’s chart you could argue that his 10th house Sun which tends to be a sign of an ‘empty’ inner identity which has to seek constant approval from the outside, plus his bombastic Mars in Leo on his Ascendant might be pointers. But others labelled as narcissistic don’t have the same Astro placings.
      Maybe others who have such in the family might care t pitch in with thoughts.

  9. Marjorie,

    There seems to be an unprecedented number of attacks on art and cultural heritage sites taking place all over the world lately. Just a few examples:

    • In France, 39 stones from the Neolithic Carnac Stones heritage site were recently removed to build a department store.

    • In Italy, an outdoor art installation piece by Michelangelo Pistoletto called the Venus of the Rags was deliberately set on fire and destroyed by an arsonist in in the Piazza del Municipio in Naples.

    • In Italy, the Roman Colosseum was vandalized by a Bulgarian-born British tourist and a Swiss tourist when they etched their names into one of the stones.

    • In Australia, 22,000 year old cave paintings in the Koonalda Cave were vandalized with graffiti back in December 2022.

    • In Japan, a Canadian tourist vandalized the 8th century Toshodaiji Temple in Nara by caving his name into one of the walls.

    • In Iraq, a 300 year old minaret from a mosque in Basra was recently demolished to make way for road expansion.

    • In Crimea, Russians (I’m assuming they were art restorers?)n dismantled the roof and colored stained glass windows of the “Golden Cabinet” of the Bakhchysarai Palace in December 2022. The Bakhchysarai Palace is a significant cultural heritage site to the Indigenous Crimean Tatars and it’s one of Europe’s largest Muslim palaces and landmarks.

    • In the UK, a controversial tunnel was just given the green-light to be constructed near Stonehenge – this has alarmed archeologists and art historians because excavations are still being conducted in the areas where the tunnel was approved for construction.

    • In Mexico, controversial art critic Avelina Lésper caused outrage at the Zona Maco when she caused a glass installation artwork by Gabriel Rico to shatter to pieces when she attempted to place a can of soda on it. She claimed it was an accident but her being an art critic and an active member of the art world, she should have known better.

    • In Europe (various countries) environmentalist and anti-fossil fuel groups like “Just Stop Oil” have been storming into art galleries and museums, gluing their fingers to the frames of artworks, throwing soup and other food product onto the glass that covers the paintings, and spray painting anti-petroleum messaging onto the wars of galleries and museums.

    All of the incidents I just mentioned occurred either just recently or within the last year.

    I was wondering if the astrology suggests some kind bizarre animosity, contempt, or indifference that is brewing towards art at the moment. It’s infuriating and distressing to see architecture, art, and cultural heritage being attacked and disregarded (and for no apparent reason).

    Any thoughts or insights you could share about this would be greatly appreciated.

  10. The chart of young tennis star Carlos Alcaraz please. He’s the first new name to win Wimbledon since 2002 – it’s been Djokovic, Federer, Nadal & Murray for the last 21 years. Emma Radacanu seems to have fizzled out, but people are saying Alcaraz is the real deal, the one who’s going to dominate tennis for the next decade or more.

    • Yes please and Marketa Vondrousova who suddenly after years of lst/2nd round Wimbledons has leapt into the winner’s circle. Tracy Austin says her style is unusual and difficult to beat. They’re both a breath of fresh air, in different ways.

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