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  1. Marjorie now that a deal has been struck and signed with the CPTPP, could you please do a reading on how well the UK will do now that we are a member?

  2. Hi Marjorie
    Could you have a look at Spain pls.It’s the election soon and looks like it will be a landslide for the right- PP plus VOX. Vox have been running a very innovative campaign on Tic Toc targeting the youth vote and making inroads with that demographic.

  3. Too many chemtrails in his head?

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has a history of repeatedly sharing unfounded conspiracies that man-made chemicals in the environment could be making children gay or transgender and causing the feminization of boys and masculinization of girls. ”

    Another offbeat sympathiser to MTG and Boebert? “https://www.cnn.com/2023/07/13/politics/robert-kennedy-jr-chemicals-water-children-frogs/index.html”

    The article is too long to hold much attention for more than a few seconds. Must be due to drinking tap water with those darn chemtrails above.

    From wiki: January 17, 1954 (age 69), Washington, D.C.. Environmental lawyer, writer, anti-vaccine activist, presidential candidate.

    “Since 2005, he has promoted the scientifically discredited link between vaccines and autism, and is founder and chairman of Children’s Health Defense, an anti-vaccine advocacy group. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kennedy has emerged as a leading proponent of COVID-19 vaccine misinformation in the United States.”

    • From his twitter feed this weekend…”Covid-19 is targeted to attack Caucasians and Black people. The people who are most immune are Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese,” Kennedy said, adding that “we don’t know whether it’s deliberately targeted that or not.”

      New moon coming up shortly. Not a full moon.

  4. Any chance you could look at Hanif Kureishi, the playwright.

    He was talking about an accident he had in Rome, in December 2022, that left him with spinal injuries.

    Apparently, he lost his life savings in 2013, because of fraud. He was appointed professor of creative writing at Kingston University and then publicly said that creative writing courses were a waste of time and that 99.9% of his students were talentless.

    And, his family have conflict with him over him using them as references for his stories and that he lies about what their lives were/are like – apparently his sister has said that they did not grow up as working class.

    Date of birth I’ve found online is 5th December 1954.

  5. I thought this might be worth looking at?

    “Failure to develop an effective strategy for dealing with national security threats from China has allowed their intelligence to aggressively target the UK, a report has said.

    The report by Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee said China has penetrated “every sector” of the UK’s economy.” BBC News website, 13 July

    Report goes on to suggest a “nightmare scenario”. What’s interesting astrologically is China 1912 Uranus 28 Capricorn, square Nodes 28 Aries/Libra, and Pluto 27 Gemini opposing Mercury 25 Sagittarius. Xi 3rd Term chart has Sun 29 Libra, Venus 0 Scorpio, Pluto 26 Capricorn. So there’s the Cardinal activity of July (and onwards) and the approaching True Nodes arriving in Aries, and last April’s Eclipse. The Mean Nodes I think are already there. Plus added Neptune and the late mutable degrees, as in the BBC/Huw Edwards story, and so on.

    Report goes on to say:
    “Chinese investment in the UK, the report says, has gone unchecked. It expresses “serious concern” at the fact that the government, in the committee’s view, “does not want there to be any meaningful scrutiny of sensitive investment deals”.

    • Just to add – this could be relevant to Marjorie’s analysis of Putin’s term of office. His 4th Term, 2018, has Uranus at 29 Aries. Another point sensitive to April’s eclipse, transiting Nodes, and Pluto. Also it raises questions about the relationship between China and Russia.

  6. Side note: POTUS is in Finland, and last night, the convoy passed my neighborhood often considered a bit “shady” due to a stretch of a street known for drug dealing. Appears he will be heading to airport this way too. Good to know Secret Services deem this safe enough! I’ve always moved living here.

  7. Hi Marjorie,
    The average UK 2 year fixed morrhage rate stands at a whopping 6.6%.
    When might this nightmare end? Pluto retrograde in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus squaring the Nodes, Venus and Mars in Leo can’t be helping.

    • Interest rates have been historically low during the Pluto in Capricorn era (2008-2023) at 1% or lower. In the years preceding it they were 6% and higher if you go back past that.

      It’s quite possible the past 15years have been the anomaly and they’re not going back down.

      I’m intrigued by what the symbolism is, if that’s correct. Pluto obviously equals debt and housing is a Capricorn-related area – the tangible security of bricks and mortar of a house rather than the Cancerian emotional view of a home.

      • Good summary GD! With Capricorn (banking) and Pluto (deep change) there’s likely no turning back.
        And Pluto in Aquarius? Ownership (attachment) will be a thing of the past.

    • Here in the US, mtg rates were over 16% during the early/mid 1980’s. I was trapped into 13.5%…moved to Washington and was lucky to snap up something like 7% as a VA repo. Eventually, prices soared as Californians dumped their homes when it was realised that Seattle homes were 1/3 the equivalent price. Bye-bye affordable housing.

  8. Erdogan..The Mat Mongler..
    Did Nato really agree? Sweden
    The Parliament is on summer holiday.
    Crazy.Ratification ,in September or October or none at all.?
    Wonder what Biden promised Erdogan to let Sweden into Nato.
    Important to know.

    • Almost certainly f35 jet fighters plus agreement from allies for Turkey to join as full member of EU/ euro which will dramatically improve his economy.

        • @ Unmystic Mom,

          The jet fighters? Actually, Biden can offer them (and I think he has). As for EU membership….obviously not.

      • @Carson: EU membership? In his dreams maybe. The EU is very strict about democracy and the rule of law. Hence all the current hand wringing about the nations rowing back on their previous undertakings. European values are also important and I can’t see Turkey ever wishing to subscribe to those. Turkey was allowed to join NATO because of its strategic position facing both East and West.

        • Understand Turkey sees enemies and unstable govts surrounding them. Starting with Greece and Iraq and Syria. Lebanon the Israelis and Palestinians conflicts. Armenia & Azerbajian & Georgia. And now Russia. National security in a very volatile region is a prime interest for Turkey’s govt. That is why they have sought out SAM systems from Russia who produce the most regarded SAM defenses. And likewise F35s from the USA. The best available which would make Turkey the powerhouse in the region. Physically secure — militarily powerful with one of the largest standing armies in all Europe and extending it’s influence further

          Biden and the US have offered F35s in exchange for not buying the Russian AA systems and Erdogan turned it down. He complained and threatened about Sweden protecting Kurdish opposition figures as well as the Gullenites.

          Intransigence was his middle name.

          But somehow he simply reversed course this week about Sweden joining NATO while the Swedes have indicated they will not relax their laws concerning political exiles. So what made him change his mind so abruptly?

          The most pressing problem Turkey has is the loss of value of their currency and the spiraling inflation strangling their economy.

          His administration can’t reverse this alone. He needs Europe/EU to partner with. Joining the EU will provide both capital and labor mobility and with tariff barriers eliminated it will vastly increase the markets for Turkish business interests. Most importantly joining the Euro would eliminate Turkish currency woes as the Euro risks are spread across the entire network not just a stand alone currency such as Turkey has. This will provide the economic stability his nation needs and he and his political party need to stay in power.

          Yes he will need to bend to democratic norms that the EU nations will require. The negotiations for accession will take time for all parties to gain trust in the outcome. But just getting the ball rolling towards membership will bring massive political and economic benefits his nation needs. If you don’t think there has been some serious backroom deals quietly exchanged then you aren’t paying attention. No politician, that dug in, changes political stances on a dime w/o a major goal underlying their govt being realizable. Turkeys economic woes are the key. They dwarf the previous basket cases of Europe. Improving the lot of his citizens much less his financial supporters is crucial.

  9. Hello Marjorie. Would you consider having a look at nuclear energy? In Ontario, Canada Bruce Power recently announced that they were increasing the size of production by 4,800 MW. Effectively doubling the largest plant in the world. Sweden is making way for more nuclear. Poland also recently approved plans to move forward. Many regions seem to be more favourable all the sudden.

  10. Good day Marjorie.
    Could you take a deep dive into Gavin Newsom’s prospects?
    Normally one would write off a west coast liberal standing a prayer at becoming President at this time, but who thought we’d see a black man become President of America in this era either? And Mr. Newsom seems to have that tall debonair swag thing going on similar to Pres. Obama and Clinton.
    If Biden were to be ‘prematurely incapacitated’ for whatever reason, I suspect there’d be a push to sideline Kamala for Gavin as the nominee; which would be a frenzy for several reasons.
    His timing for raising his visibility is very curious.

  11. Hi Marjorie,

    I was wondering if you would consider doing a write up about about U.S. Republican Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy. Apparently, many news sources are reporting that Ramaswamy has surged into third place (after Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis) in Republican polling as a preferred candidate.

    From my understanding Ramasawmy has no experience in politics whatsoever. He’s the son of Indian immigrant parents, a businessman, entrepreneur, author, and very wealthy. Like Trump and DeSantis, Ramaswamy is running a far-right, anti-establishment, and populist campaign. Ramasamy has been known to be anti-LGBTQIA+, anti-abortion, believes in limited immigration, anti-Critical Race Theory, pro-Taiwan, pro-Russia, anti-China, anti-Ukraine, anti-birth right citizenship, and anti-affirmative action.

    He’s also parroted many far-right conspiracy theories and has also suggested that no American (regardless of generation and regardless of whether or not they were born here) should be immediately be granted citizenship – he believes ALL Americans should be required to take and pass the same civics tests immigrants are required to take and pass to obtain citizenship. In other words: Ramasamy is basically a lunatic.

    That being said, recent polling suggests that as more Republican voters get to know him, the more they like him.

    I’m just wondering: what does the astrology suggest for Ramasamy? While it’s very unlikely he’ll win the Republican Presidential nomination, does the astrology suggest he might be chosen as a running mate?

    Obviously, I’m not a Republican so I’m not supporting any Republican candidates. However, I’m just curious about this Vivek Ramaswamy character – he kind of just popped up out of nowhere. I’ve noticed that “political outsiders” have been the trend for many voters for the past few years…so, it looks like Ramasamy is the lasted one to gain traction.

    I couldn’t find a birth time for Vivek Ramasamy but I did find that he was born on August 09, 1985 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

    Any thoughts or insights you could share but be greatly appreciated.

  12. Hello, my spouse and I watched the recent MTM documentary and then started watching reruns of The Mary Tyler Moore show. I was born right before it aired so it’s fun to see the decor, stylings and mood of the shoe since I’ve always been curious about the era in which I was born. Have you ever looked at her chart? I searched the site but didn’t see anything. It’s clear why she was so popular—she really had amazing star power. And her role in Ordinary People was so intense and incredible. Redford singled her out and thought she could play that role—that she had something underneath. Thanks for considering.

    • @Aim,

      I had no idea there was a recent documentary about Mary Tyler Moore. I’m definitely going to have to look this up because I want to see it! I was born in the early 1980s – a few years after The Mary Tyler Moore Show ended and went into syndication. However, I grew up watching re-runs of The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Dick Van Dyke Show and I’ve always enjoyed both series.

      I also consider Mary Tyler Moore to be one of my favorite actresses – she’s definitely underrated. She was excellent at comedy…but she could do dramatic roles too (a clear sign of a very talented actress).

    • The documentary was great. There’s a book on that show called Mary and Lou and Rhoda & Ted – it’s about the show’s writers. For the era they were ahead of their time.

      I grew up with that show, her character a roll model. She led an interesting life. Seeing professional women on TV was a huge change—a welcome one.

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