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  1. Marjorie would you write about Joe Biden’s visit with King Charles? I am curious as to whether they were discussing the Gruesome Twosome, who may or may not be living in Montecito, or The more serious problems in Ukraine.

  2. As I have mentioned elsewhere in the comments on this blog, I have a sensitivity to the Earth and events such as earthquakes and volcanoes which are also triggered by astrological transits. A number of us have been feeling uneasy in recent weeks due to the building tensions. Most of the time I can feel it building, but where and when is more difficult to pinpoint. This time I was spot on. Iceland has been subjected to many micro quakes in recent weeks and last Friday I said to my partner: volcano near Reykjavik will reactivate this Monday. For once I was correct in predicting both time and place. Perhaps because it is that much closer to where I live. I think it is likely that the volcanos in Hawaii and northern South America could also start to become more active in the coming period. So everyone who is feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the changes in the world at the moment, remember that we are creatures of this planet too and like the animals we can sense when Mother Earth is restless and also reacting to the movements in the solar system. It’s just a matter of tuning in and remembering ’this too will pass’.

  3. Hi, Marjorie!

    Amidst the news that Tori Spelling, who grew up in 56,500 sq. ft. (5,250 sq. m.) house, is staying in a motel during seeming marital difficulties, can you take a look at what is going on and how is her relationship with her mother and how it was with her deceased father, the king of TV, Aaron Spelling?

    Tori was born on 16 May 1973 at 01:13 in Los Angeles, CA (Astro-Seek).

    Her husband, the Canadian actor Dean McDermott, was born on 16 November 1966 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    Candy Spelling: 20 September 1945 at 04:40, Los Angeles, CA.

    Aaron Spelling: 22 April 1923 at 12:30, Dallas, TX.

  4. The current accusation of a sex scandal at the BBC is just the latest drama this organisation is having to deal with. I wonder what the BBC chart reveals?

    • I’d like to see this too. Looking at previous posts by Marjorie, the BBC chart has a strong Scorpio influence. The first allegations were apparently made in May and in that month, there was a Scorpio lunar eclipse.

    • The BBC are very Scorpio – arrogant and stubborn to the nth degree when it comes to admitting to wrongdoing. I’ll leave this one to shake down before having a look.

      • Quite. But I doubt even plutonics could wriggle out of this one. With Taurus (investment) and Scorpio (other peoples money e.g. BBC funding) squares and eclipses flying around and venus (money/optics), close to retrograde in Leo at 28 degrees, it’s surely just a matter of time.

        • BBC response so far has been laughably inadequate I think – whether the accusations are true, false, or a mix of both.
          Of interest – Tim Davie, DG of the BBC, has Mars 21 Libra, Sun 4 Taurus, Nodes 6 Taurus. 14th October Solar Eclipse is 21 Libra, 28th October Lunar Eclipse is 5 Taurus. So there’s legal Libra’s scales of justice, and money making, security-loving Taurus making themselves felt.
          It all simply must burst soon. So many people already know the identity of the alleged “star”. And clearly, whoever it may be, they are earning a fat salary!

          • Wow. Tightly aspected nodes, eclipses, retrogrades and squares.
            Astrology is marvellous.
            Revelations came to light during a last quarter moon. Expect ‘Presenter X’ knows it’s game over.

  5. I see April’s anaretic 29-degree solar eclipse in Aries is being directly activated by the 29-degree karmic nodes in Aries/Libra, squaring a retrograde 29 degree pluto in Capricorn. The air feels heavy.

  6. Not many are probably interested, but yesterday in Spain there was a society wedding of the year: daughter of the Filipino-Spanish socialite and TV presenter Isabel Preysler (who is also the ex-wife of Julio Iglesias and Enrique’s mother) Tamara Falcó, 6th Marchioness of Griñón, married businessman, engineer, and car designer Íñigo Onieva, at Tamara’s El Rincón Palace, at the outskirts of Madrid (Aldea del Fresno is probably the location to choose in astrosoftware, if the coordinates are not to be entered manually).

    Last year Íñigo was caught kissing another woman at a music festival in the United States. He and Tamara broke up, but then got back together, and now they are husband and wife. The ceremony should have started at 19:00. It seems that the priest’s vestments caught fire during the rite.

    The Daily Mail wrote about Tamara, as did Tatler. ¡Hola! is expected to publish a special and exclusive edition about the wedding tomorrow.

    The story of Isabel Preysler and her marriages and family is really an interesting one. She has something glamorous and so alluring about her, it is quite fascinating.

  7. Hi Marjorie, could you look into George Osborne’s current chart? The architect of austerity has made many enemies it seems in his real life. Days before his wedding to his mistress, an anonymous email was sent to all wedding guest, main news desks and members of the Tory party. The email is a well written vitriolic character assassination, but it also contains some very serious allegations of sexual, let’s say misconduct . It looks like it comes from a disgruntled ex or even a family member and it promises more dirt on other people close to Osborne. The wedding went ahead on Saturday and as the groom and bride came out of the church a lovely looking mischievous old lady covered them in orange confetti on behalf of stop the oil. In places like Twitter you can see that even though some are outraged with treating someone like that on their wedding day, no matter who, the sympathy for Osborne himself or his aide- lover- come wife is minimal. Looks like he must have some interesting transits going on..

  8. Could you take a look at Kate and Meghan’s synergies? Their composite is being heavily triggered with eclipses this year and next.

  9. Blocks moving before NATO Summit in Vilnius next week: Turkey has let Azovstal commanders back to Ukraine, breaching an agreement with Russia to not let them return before the end of “special operation”. Also, Zelinskii just visiting Serpent Island, not harassed by what ever Russian Navy there might be left. Also, voices on Lavrov speaking with American on offramp. I feel there must be knowledge on how bad things are among large chunks of Russian regime, by now.

  10. With an aging President, Kamala Harris might find herself dumped from the ticket or suddenly thrust into the top job, so could be worth a look. From mid-July until mid-October she has tr Jupiter trine her natal Uranus and Pluto which should give her a lift in some way.

    • @ DavidW,

      my astrology group was just talking about this this past Wednesday. I too am curious to know how this aspect will manifest for Kamala Harris.

      It’s possible Kamala Harris might play a more significant role by having to step in for Biden now that he’s being overwhelmed with stressful situations.

  11. The Rutte government in the Netherlands has just collapsed. apparently elections will be in November which seems very weird. Any insight on what is going on in yet another EU country in disarray?

    • It’s no different in NL than anywhere else: cost of living crisis, refugee crisis, healthcare crisis. And a PM who has been in the job since 2010. Come November they will shuffle a few seats around and continue much as before. I wouldn’t waste any effort on it. The whole concept of central government has to change with more devolution of powers to local authorities who will have to work together to achieve any kind pf progress, IMHO!

  12. Hi, Marjorie,
    It would be interesting to read about the astrology of a Richard Dawkins (March 26, 1941, Nairobi, Kenya) and Denis Noble (Novemeber 16, 1936, UK)

    They are in some sort of silly dispute for years, while talking about same thing from a different poin of view. And with different experiences.
    Dawkins comnig from a purely scientific world and somehow detached, while D.Noble having teachin medicine (and reasrching) for decades is more of a mind closer to a clinitians hwo are dealing with human bodies (and their health ) as whole on a day to day basis.

    Both of them – truly remarkable men.

    Probably asking too much, but if you ever find the time and inspiration, I would be grateful.
    Thank you

  13. Being part of the baby boomer generation. It appears we are not prepared to grow old. Is this to do with the Pluto/Uranus conjunction in Virgo as were growing up – influencing many in their teenage years – or earlier, with Pluto transiting through Leo? Therefore, how much do the outer planets really shape each leading social age? Parliament is now ruled predominantly by the 1960’s – 70’s; births, with 1980’s students going through our University system. ( Incidentally they will have no concept or reality in paying for their education). Can we learn what to expect from these eras? As aspects to a Pluto/Uranus, Pluto/Neptune and Uranus/Neptune combination will mark profound changes. Conjunctions being the strongest, with squares and sextiles differing in strength.

  14. Nigel Farage admitted that he did not have the required amount which is £1 million either invested or a mortgage/loan or £3 million savings.

    Evidently this was a policy that was introduced 10 years ago that they did nothing about till recently. I would personally say that legally he might have precedence on his side, simply because they chose not to pursue it. In fact the change of terms and conditions might have been illegal
    If you consider that in the same aspect of a landlord using illegal methods to evict a sitting tenant.

    In fact there was a case, about a couple who had been squatting for years in what had been an unoccupied home won their case purely on the basis, that they had maintained the property to a higher standard than the owner, who hadn’t taken any interest in the property until he/she wanted to sell it. I seem to remember it as being controversial at the time.

    The point is, should banks operate a system that is blatantly unfair. It is not as though he has done anything wrong. If you think about it, this could happen to anyone. Indeed, banks are making it impossible for many many people to open accounts. They have in effect become shops that won’t serve. They have become segregationists like those that wouldn’t serve African-Americans, because they reserve the right to refuse custom. It is absolutely shameful!

    • @Linda, he and other account holders may have had to sign new agreements specifying the new terms and agreeing to accept them, which is quite common. More information may dribble out providi a fuller picture.

    • One thought came to mind. It has been assumed or point out many shorted the British pound on the night of the Election. It may some invested it or didn’t do as well as some thought they did? Brexit has lost investment and money has been moved from Britain to Paris and Amsterdam markets. Perhaps all is not well with those who thought that Brexit was going to make an enormous amount of money for them?

  15. It has just been revealed that Nigel Farage was asked to close his account at Coutts because he did not have the required amount, a minimum of 1 million, common practice with this bank.

  16. Marjorie,

    You wrote about Heather Locklear on 19 June 2018. If there is anything you could add, it might be interesting to read.

    Thank you!

  17. Marjorie,

    Could you write about what can we expect with the upcoming Venus retrograde in Leo?

    Also maybe about your experiences with electional astrology? Are there any tips that maybe you could share regarding auspicious times for certain activities?

  18. IHi Marjorie, I wonder if you have any thoughts on potential astro precursors to Alzheimer’s disease. I notice that TV presenter/journalist Fiona Philips (who has just revealed her Alzheimer’s diagnosis) has a tight opposition between Mars and Mercury. Thanks.

    • On the healt subject. I’m curious is there any astro configuration that point out to a lifelong battle with juvenile systemic diseases. Or maybe a periods of relief/remission.

  19. Hi Marjorie,

    I was wondering if you had any astrological insights regarding Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He’s currently running for President.

  20. Good question Ava
    Is this the last hurrah of the Piscean age doing its oppression of the opposite sign of Virgo?
    Or is the much lauded equality of the forthcoming Aquarian age also a trap? Equality doesn’t mean sameness.

  21. Good morning. There’s a re-take on just what the American Revolutions was about. Supposedly, it was a world war fought btwn France and Britain/England with the American Colonies as a convenient distraction.


    The background seems fascinating…and might properly put American efforts into a better perspective, given the wealth and strength of France and England.

    Would be useful for you and any with a deep curiosity into that time period.

    ” In the Seven Years’ War, which started in either 1754 or 1756 depending on who you ask, Britain dealt defeats to France and its ally Spain across the globe, from the Indo-Pacific to Portugal to Canada, but that came with a steep price, the State Department’s Office of the Historian says on its website.

    “The war had been enormously expensive, and the British government’s attempts to impose taxes on (American) colonists to help cover these expenses resulted in increasing colonial resentment of British attempts to expand imperial authority in the colonies,” it says. “

  22. Hi Marjorie,
    I read today that the Taliban have ordered that all beauty salons be closed. This follows their earlier declarations that all universities for woman also be shut, before that; secondary schools, and before that; parks, gyms and swimming pools. Between the events in Afghanistan, the Mahsa Amini protests in Iran, women losing access to abortion in the US, the rights of the Trans community imposing on the long and hard-fought gains of women’s rights, and even rights-rollbacks for women in supposedly democratic societies like Poland and S Korea, I’d be grateful if you could shed some astrological light on all these assaults and backlashes against women. Is there any end in sight or is the worst yet to come?

    • I realize trans rights vary by country and state. In the US red states trans people are also under enormous attack, with many red states trying to legislate them out of existence and force them back into the closet.

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