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      • Thanks Marjorie. I overlooked that. Pluto retrograde was squaring his 29 degree Jupiter in Libra when his remains were found. Suggests overconfidence, leading to miscalculation, for which he paid the ultimate price.

    • Well, I’m not there yet! Each time I’ve triggered the actions for a move…life kicks over my game board. But I keep on moving forward!

  1. Credit unions are certainly an alternative especially for those who for religious reasons who cannot obtain mortgages, any other way.

    Personally, I tend to use cash for taxi journeys, as I now get everything online as I now have mobility issues. I have a real fear of how I will manage if my sight should go in my one good eye. But I suppose the decision will be taken out of my hands.

  2. Hi Marjorie,

    I read some distressing news that well renowned Ukrainian novelist and poet Victoria Yuriyivna Amelina died on July 1, 2023 as a result of the injuries she sustained from the Russian missile attacks on a pizzeria in Kramatorsk, Ukraine on June 27, 2023. Amelina was dining at the restaurant at the time. She eventually died at Mechnikov Hospital in Dnipro, Ukraine.

    I followed Victoria Amelina on Twitter. In addition to being a novelist, poet, a Joseph Conrad Literary Award winner, and a European Union Prize for Literature finalist, Amelina became a war crimes researcher and she began covering atrocities that the Russian colonizers were committing against ethnic Ukrainians. She often provided updates and details about what was happening in Ukraine on Twitter.

    Victoria Amelina’s death both saddens and infuriates me. Many Ukrainian academics and historians on social media are very upset as well and they’re saying Amelina’s death makes them the “Executed Renaissance” (a term used to describe the ethnic Ukrainian artists, writers, academics, and intellectuals who were deliberately targeted for persecution, imprisonment, and murder in the Soviet Union during the 1920s and 1930s). Amelina is just one of a few Ukrainian writers and artists to have died or disappeared during this war. Other Ukrainian cultural figures include: Volodymyr Vakulenko – a writer was killed sometime last year and Viacheslav Mashnytskyi – a visual artist who went missing sometime last year.

    Anyway, anything you could share, astrologically, regarding Victoria Amelina would be greatly appreciate. I tried looking for her birth time but was unable to find it. I even asked Ukrainians I talk to on social media if any of them knew. I do know that Victoria Yuriyivna Amelina was born on January 1, 1986 in Lviv, Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic and she died on July 1, 2023 in Dnipro, Ukraine.

  3. It hasn’t been that long since banks were forced to give everyone bank accounts, and they weren’t at all pleased to have to do so.

    Now they apparently have the right, which I never saw or heard anything about to just deny access without any reason given.

    It makes anyone that is self-employed an easy target, because that list includes journalists, authors, actors, carers and a whole range of entrepreneurs spanning both ends of the spectrum. It is rather ironic that when they were first forced to accept everyone, their major gripe was that they did not want state pensioners or those on benefits. Nowadays, they would protest and scoff at the idea of losing them. Much more reliable source of income, you see.

    According to Nigel Farage, his bank has since offered him a current account in one of their other banks, but not a business account as well. He can’t understand it because a goodly amount of money is paid in every month, and everything is in good order.

    In all ways that count we are a cashless society. Very few people pay by cheque, though of course some tradesmen, generally welcome cash. Though not all, my plumber made me jump through some complicated hoops that nearly took longer than the service to my boiler. And it cost me £90, just in case you are wondering.

    And getting back to the banks and cheques, most banks no longer provide their customers with cheque books, and if you want to write a cheque you have to physically go into one and request it.

    So is the world of finance, being determined by political correctness or to be a power source like a not so secret government? Some have likened it to China, who punishes dissidents on a regular basis, by denying them bank accounts and even publicising their names, faces and addresses through social media and for the less Internet based: the news. So I guess it is official, the banks are in charge, and don’t you forget it!

      • Thank you! During the 90’s the US Banking system implemented a policy called “Know your Customer”. All too “fascist” in my opinion, even with banks I’d long maintained business and personal accounts. Now I employ credit unions – the rules have lightened, and the employees seem much more friendly.

        I know it is incredibly difficult to obtain a bank account as an American ex-pat, esp in France, what with the mandatory disclosure of Americans’ banking habits. Is a cash-only process an end-around alternative move?


  4. Hi Marjorie,

    I keep reading troubling news about Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant. War expert Mark Sumner who writes for the Daily Kos (an online community and news source for us Democrats – most contributors are academics, environmental conservationists, teachers, community organizers, activists, sometimes Democratic politicians themselves) wrote a very concerning piece today about what’s taking place at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant and it’s a bit alarming.

    After reading his piece, I was wondering if you had any further astrological insights regarding the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant. I know you wrote about this last year and you mentioned that you didn’t see anything particularly catastrophic taking place in its chart. However, I’m curious to know how things appear at this point.

    Various scientists have warned that blowing up the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant could lead to massive consequence, not only for parts of Ukraine, but also for other parts of Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Western Asia, and even as away as parts of North and East Africa. Scientists have presented a litany of maps showing where radioactive plums would likely head if such a disastrous event were to occur.

    Anything you could share regarding this matter would be sincerely appreciated.

    • There’s not much to add to previous thoughts 19 August 2022 – but we are heavily dependent on the wiki date being sound. October to December this year has two undermining, panicked/devastating midpoint transits and the recent Eclipse was conjunct the Pluto in Libra – but that is all that is showing. A major catastrophe might be expected to show up more clearly – but again that is dependent on the date being accurate.
      2024 looks edgier with tr Uranus opposition the Uranus and square the Mars which could suggest a sudden explosive incident.

      • @ Marjorie,

        thank you for the update. I certainly hope such aspects don’t manifest in the explosion of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant; that could have devastating consequences for most of Europe and even for parts of Asia and Africa.

        Some news sources are now downplaying the threat claiming that Russia is using the nuclear plant as a scare tactic to deter the Ukrainian counter-offensive. However, given all of the uncertainty in this war, I don’t assume anything.

      • Hello Marjorie and Chris – I agree this is an edgy situation, mostly because of a possible accident rather than deliberate sabotage. The plant is 125 miles from Crimea. We may, collectively, be even more nervous because of the previous huge nuclear accident in Ukraine. The memory and after-effects from the Chernobyl disaster, 26 April 1986 continue, with a fairly recent tv drama series, and (I imagine pre invasion of Ukraine) a number of regular tourist tours and trips to Chernobyl itself keeping the memory alive. Radioactivity from Chernobyl affected the whole of Europe, with Welsh lamb, for instance, being radioactive and banned from sale for twenty six years afterwards…..

        Possibly some kind of lessons have, or will be, learned from the Chernobyl disaster. I am hopeful!

        If you think about the war in Ukraine beginning with the invasion of Crimea, 20 February, 2014, it has Moon’s Nodes 29 Libra, conjunct Mars 26 Libra. Black Moon Lilith was 28 Cancer. This year Saturn in Pisces is conjunct the Sun of that date, and there will be a Nodal opposition. Could this be time for Russia rethink this whole terrible ‘project’? Tr Pluto continues to put pressure on those late Cardinal degrees.

        The Nodes for Chernobyl make a return this July – they were 29 Aries, degree of the April Solar Eclipse this year. Tr Pluto in Capricorn also aspects these degrees. October’s Lunar Eclipse at 5 Taurus aligns with the Sun at 5 Taurus for Chernobyl, opposition Pluto 5 Scorpio.
        And thinking about lessons from history, Chernobyl’s Saturn was 8 Sagittarius, opposing Chiron 11 Gemini, and BML 6 Gemini – and so is due a tr Saturn square. Saturn also asks tough questions of Crimea’s Neptune, 4 Pisces, and Chiron, 12 Pisces.

        There are other thought-provoking links between Chernobyl, Crimea, and the potential chart for Zaporizhzhia. As I said, I’m hopeful for a turning point rather than another nuclear disaster in this region.

  5. Poland wants in on nuclear weapons deployment…

    “Poland wants to join NATO’s nuclear sharing program in response to Russia’s plans to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza cited Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki saying on June 30.

    “Since Russia intends to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, we again call on all of NATO to take part in the Nuclear Sharing program,” Morawiecki said.

    “We do not want to sit idly by while Putin escalates all sorts of threats.”

    The prime minister stressed that the final decision will rest with the U.S. partners.”

    If everyone wants nukes down the street from their home, well, we’re back in the Cold War. No place to run. No place to hide.

    What will be the trigger point?


  6. Hi Marjorie, would love to have your views on Nigel Farage and his inability of getting a bank account after his own bank with no reason said they were closing his accounts in two months.

    • That is so bizarre – and seems to be affecting others, not all of whose views I agree with – but what has that to do with a bank, for heaven’s sake? It’ll rebound with boycotts and people removing funds when they can. The world has gone mad.

      • Unless, hypothetically, there was any sort of legal issue and it was in the interests of certain parties to get ahead of narratives and frame them to their advantage within the information available. Conjecture, of course.

  7. Hi Marjorie

    How does the effect of yesterday’s supreme court ruling on colleges – astrology wise – is this more go pluto return?

    Also which is better to look at solar arc or progressions for forcasting from your experience

    • Are you referring to the ruling against ‘affirmative action ‘ ? Aa a black person even though I am on the fence about it in one sense, it has helped many who would not have had a sideway look in other circumstances, and have prospered from the opportunity

      Its giving me Pluto return returning the US to the dark ages in more ways than one it seems to the outside world. This may be where Pluto in Aquarius gives them a sharp shake up?

      • @Jennifer E, as an American (and white person, born in the south),; I think this ruling is absolutely appalling, but totally expected from this right-wing court. It benefits primarily white males and deprives the country of developing the talents of so many minorities who will not be able to get a good education without an extra helping hand. There is a huge backlash brewing against the court and the Republicans who want to turn the clock back to the evil practices and discrimination of the 19th century. I can’t express just how angry I am at this court’s — and Republican — excesses.

        • Not all minorities. Many Asian Americans, who tend to do well academically, are against race-based affirmative action, because it disadvantages them in spite of their academic aptitude. Which is why a proposed affirmative action referendum in California is not getting as much support as expected. Asian Americans who traditionally vote Democrat may still vote against that proposition.

          Affirmative action can still have negative consequences. For a period of time, I lived in a country with a very strong affirmative program, with university quotas based on birth heritage and on gender.

          What resulted was that nobody would go to a doctor or a lawyer of such birth heritage, assuming (whether correctly or incorrectly) that any academic qualifications they had were solely based on their birth heritage and did not reflect their abilities. So, even after having earned academic qualifications, those qualifications would have been devalued because of the perception that it was acquired solely through affirmative action, not through their own knowledge. Such doctors and lawyers would end up only being employed in the public sector, not the better paying private sector.

          My manager, who is black, visits the US every year to meet up with friends and family and made me aware of “driving while being black”. Affirmative action will result in “being qualified while being black” and will effectively nullify the academic qualification.

          • I think most educated and intelligent people understand what ‘affirmative action’ was intended for. I.e. the best person for the job regardless of his or her colour. What was happening too often was that a person of colour overly qualified or qualified up against a Caucasian with lesser credentials would always lose out. Let’s not pretend. So that was the original context of AF. You have to look to the powers that be who used it outside of its original context for spinning this now perception. There was a reason for that i.e so we can get to this place right now. Nothing is done by accident in the big scheme of things. It was always on the agenda to dismantle it some way some how without looking like the villain in the story.

    • See post 25 June 2022 on SCOTUS.
      I use Solar Arcs extensively – on Progressions Solar Arc Mars can have a significant effect when in aspect to a natal planet and the prog Moon house transits are helpful.

  8. Hi can you look at the likelihood of mandatory draft returning for the war in Ukraine as it seems only boots on the ground will bring this to an end (also in anticipation of Taiwan war). The West has terrible problems recruiting-esp the US-so it seems likely that the draft will come back. US friends with teenagers are very concerned.

  9. Thanks for Jon Hamm post. It appeared like magic the day after the news broke.
    Enjoyed the M.O. Big Sur notes, too. Would you have reflexively looked up the astrocartography, or just passed when mudslides came to mind?

    • Big Sur for me on astrocartography puts Sun on the IC (= settled) with Neptune Venus Mars in the 4th (= magic). But sadly not to be. Not all the astrocartography gets lived out. Still it stays alive in memory.

      I did ponder before going on an eastern Med cruise lecturing years ago since it is where my Pluto MC runs which can be risky. My transits were sort of OK so seemed fine. But we visited the Egyptian Valley of the Dead the day before the first Al Quaeda terrorist attack which killed Japanese tourists which was a touch alarming. And I ended up ill before the end of a dreadfully boring cruise. Not to be repeated.

  10. Marjorie – It has been written that Angela Rayner and Lisa Nandy may be dropped by Sir Kier Starmer in his shadow cabinet. It would be interesting to see the synastry between them for the next year.

  11. Hi Marjorie
    A truly remarkable Canadian icon and treasure has just died.
    Sue Johanson age 93!
    Born March 13, 1930
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    No tine that I can find.

    A nurse. A mother. A sex educator extraordinaire. A Force of Nature!
    She opened a birth control clinic in her daughter’s high school and led it for 18 years!!
    In her later years she started a radio phone in program that offered sex advice. This led to a terrific TV show from 1996 to early 2000’s
    Known for her “potty mouth”, she was such a delight.
    With all this USA backwards direction on anything to do with sex, it would be great if you could explore this lovely, dynamic woman’s chart.
    Just to remind us of what can be!!

  12. I’ve noticed you’ve been using Ceres as well as Chiron and Lillith in your charts recently, Margery, and wondered why you chose Ceres instead of any other astrological symbols? Just curious!

    • We must have been discussing it sometime back and it just stuck on my chart default settings. It is conjunct my Jupiter and Mercury so was I was intrigued.

      • Recently I’ve noticed a shift in degrees when casting my chart.
        It is slight and no doubt has little impact on aspects, but I’m a little unglued about my degrees shifting up a point from some decades back.

        Is the is “more” accurate ? ( I feel like it’s not.) Or just some sort of glitch between past and current computation?

  13. Hello Marjorie
    Just in case of interest, the first publication of the Sherlock Holmes stories, in the Strand magazine, occurred on 25.6.1891.

  14. Hi Marjorie

    The U.K. government and the regulator OFWAT are currently involved in an attempt to prevent Thames Water becoming insolvent. All the other British privatised companies appear to be in financial difficulties as well. The entire industry is mired in debt and is failing to maintain its infrastructure. It is regularly criticised for wasting water through leaking mains pipes and for dumping raw sewage into the seas and rivers around the U.K. It seems the chickens from the Thatcher era public utility sell off to private investors are coming home to roost with a vengeance. I assume the key date here is the Water Act which received royal assent on the 6 July 1989. The most obvious thing in the chart is the Sun at 13 Cancer opposing a Sun/Neptune conjuction at 10 Capricorn. It also hits the Capricorn Sun in the UK 1801 and England 1066 charts so presumably it has wider ramifications. Any astrological thoughts on what is likely to happen to the water industry as it appears to be a complete mess.

  15. Hi Marjorie,
    Would love to hear what you think the astrology says about the disclosure regarding US Governement being aware of alien life. David Grush (Whistleblower Testimony) and Dr Steven Greer seem to be the main people behind the push. Congress looks to be taking it seriously.
    Can you see any movement on this?
    Many thanks

  16. Hi, Marjorie!

    If you ever find the will and interest, I’d like to read about the astrology of Daniel Korski and Ann Leslie.

    Thank you so much!

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