Madonna – rebelling against old father time

Madonna, on the eve of an 84-date “Celebrations” tour next month has had to postpone, as she was admitted into intensive care. She was reportedly found unresponsive in a hotel room with serious bacterial infection and was intubated for a time, remaining in ICU for several days.

  She had hip and knee injuries in 2020, a consequence of years of strenuous professional dancing and her brother died earlier this year, so not a good phase.

  She was born 16 August 1958 Bay City, Michigan with an unverified time of 7.05am; although she says she has an Aquarius Ascendant which would mean 7.05 pm or thereabouts which might make more sense.

   On either birth time she has her Progressed Mars square her Pluto now which tends to be a dead-halt aspect – and it hangs around for another two years or so ahead.  And tr Uranus will square her Sun from mid this August on and off into early 2024 which will bring sudden changes. She is at the end of an upbeat Solar Arc Sun conjunct her Jupiter which may have boosted her hopes too high and committed her to more than she can handle. Her Solar Arc Saturn is moving to a discouraging opposition to her Sun within a few months which will also face her with a few realities, delays and obstacles. Tr Pluto is moving to square her Neptune in 2024 and tr Uranus to square her Pluto in 2025 – muddled thinking followed by forced changes.  

  On the Aquarius Rising she has tr Saturn moving into her lower profile First Quadrant – the super-ambitious tend to ignore the signs and plough on regardless but then slip and slide on banana skins of bad judgement or run into health problems which force them to slow down and step back. Tr Saturn is also squaring the Midheaven on this chart this year which is usually a career setback.  On both tr Saturn will oppose her Pluto Mercury till the New Year which also points to a slow down.

  Not what she wants to hear but it comes to us all.   

10 thoughts on “Madonna – rebelling against old father time

  1. I think Virgo Asc. suits Madonna for numerous reasons. It makes her a 12th house Sun which is shared by so many musicians who have achieved extreme fame (eg, George Michael / Jimi Hendrix, amongst others). With a 12th Sun the individual taps into the collective consciousness; this is seen over and over again with political leaders, and sport stars, like Federer, who have the Sun in 12th house.
    Facially, Madonna has always looked like Moon rising to me. Watching clips of TOTP archives she had very round, babyish, almost moon like face, when she was younger. Whereas Aquarius rising often have a defined bone structure, which can be very striking.
    Virgo Asc would give her a 4th house Saturn in Sagittarius – pointing to her Italian immigrant roots from her father, and the strict Catholicism she experienced growing up. The mutable Gemini MC fits her public identity really well. The incessant reinventions in her appearance and style – she never stopped still. Mercury conjunct Pluto reinforces the constant transformations in her public persona, as well as suggesting the loss of her mother (Gemini MC).
    Rocco and Lourdes pick up her Virgo Asc and Gemini MC very tightly. Lourdes has a Pisces Asc, Rocco has Gemini Asc.
    I agree, I am sure she would love to be Aquarius rising but it is not convincing at all.
    Mars in Taurus square her Leo Sun – there is sort of a trophy feel about her dating partners.

  2. I see Mars has been transiting her Sun which often coincides with some sort of acute illness whether it’s a cold, flu, shingles, or in this case a serious bacterial infection.

  3. I don’t see her as a 7th house Sun (and all the other planets). They tend to be very codependent and rely on their partners which isn’t her at all. Maybe she likes the ‘idea’ of being an aquarian ascendant, it suits her self-image.
    On the other hand, she always has to have a bloke, even if it looks ridiculous.
    Loss of her mother is probably the most important event in her life…saturn in the 4th?

    • All that action in the 7th in the AM chart plus an Aries South Node seems to make sense to me. On the other hand, Moon/Ceres on the rising in the PM chart might be a nod to the loss of her mother at a young age.

    • Yes I agree. David Bowie had an Aquarian ascendant and a 7th house Leo Moon (Saturn, Pluto) – but he also had a 12th house Sun (Mars) and an OOB Mercury.

      • Wow. I’ve known that my son is the same as Bowie—Cap Sun, Aq Rising, Leo Moon. And now I’ve learned they both had/have Moon in the 7th. So, interesting. Any truth to the number of planets in the 7th corresponding to the number of marriages?

        • Not in my case, I have 3 in the 7th including the Sun and a Venus/Uranus conjunction on the descendant. I’m afraid I’m a boring disappointment to astrology – one long marriage and two kids. But this might be a relief to you with you son I married a Venus in Aquarius

  4. As a Pluto on the IC. Pluto first came to mind and I see from Madonna’s Natal Chart that Pluto had its first opposition to her Venus in her 6th house of health/day to day work this Spring. Pluto is transiting her Natal 12th house at the moment and has just returned to Capricorn – a salutary lesson by Saturn – telling her she is becoming older and her health will not be strong enough to do what she could. In her Solar Arc chart she has Mercury, Ascendant and her Moon in Scorpio – ruled by Pluto – with Mercury/Moon midpoint on that the Ascendant. All in the 3rd house; perhaps the end of communicating in front of crowds (Moon)? As Pluto is also conjunct her Mercury.

  5. Thanks for covering this Marjorie. I was reading that she’s been driving her kids nuts with her perfectionism around preparation for her tour ( mercury- pluto in virgo would do it!) ..but saturn lurking back and forth opposing from pisces won’t have helped. Very interested to see how she navigates this transition and glad at this time not to be under the same kind of pressure.

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