Meghan – Hollywood is not for the faint-hearted

The Montecito roadshow appears to be hitting bump after bump with cancelled contracts, a coach-crash fandango on their recent New York trip with hysterical claims of death-defying paparazzi chases being firmly slapped down by the NY police and now being described as “grifters” and “talentless” by top industry types.

 Hilary Rose in the Times apt as ever remarks: “Their career over there seems to be following the same trajectory as over here: fanfare, adulation, trouble, recriminations, exit stage left in a huff.”

   Quite how much of the disaster is hitting home with Meghan is not overly obvious from her chart. Harry is certainly on a downhill slide through an obstacle course for the next two or three years and won’t climb out of his pit of woes until 2027 or so. [For previous Prince Harry post see May 9th.]

  But Meghan is on a different part of her journey, still fuelled by ambition and aiming upwards. She is certainly beset by irksome and discouraging Saturn transits to a plethora of midpoints this year and next. Saturn also opposes her Sun/Moon midpoint, the close relationship significator, in 2024 which hints at a marital chill.

  She has tr Uranus square her Solar Arc Midheaven (and Chiron) jolting her into a career change from early next month; with a catastrophe or two which even she can’t ignore from mid this August to mid September – and those two transits repeat on and off till mid 2024. Uranus then moves into her 11th house from 2024 onwards for seven years altering her future plans and changing her friendship circle.

  On second thoughts, although it is marginally obscure, her Solar Arc Midheaven conjunct her Chiron at the moment does suggest a painful change in career attitude, which can lead to healing, if a more spiritual direction is taken in future.  

  Tr Saturn through her 8th from December 2022 till early 2025 will throw her back on her own resources emotionally as well as money-wise. Reorganising her finances during this time will be a priority since there will be less generosity coming her way with tighter joint and business finances.

  However she does have tr Jupiter moving through her 10th house of career and public reputation from March 2023 to May 2024 which is generally successful and will help to offset the negatives. Her Progressed Moon will also start to move through her 10th from this September for three years which is a time of striving at work which usually brings results. By 2026 tr Saturn will reach her Midheaven to start an eight year phase of consolidation in her career with usually good results – though where there has not been good preparation in the years before it can be when chickens come home to roost.   

  She’ll have patches of good luck and new opportunities in 2024/25 alongside a few dashed hopes and failed plans. 2024 is also the time when her mid-life crisis peaks as tr Uranus opposes her Uranus – she may feel an urge to act recklessly and push to fulfil all the old ambitions which have not yet been realized.

  From 2026 tr Neptune and Saturn in Aries will oppose her Moon for a downbeat family and domestic phase, moving on to oppose her Saturn Jupiter and finally square her Mars by 2030 – making the second half of this decade emotionally troubled. Tr Pluto will cap it by opposing her Sun by 2030 which will be a challenging time of forced change.  

  She has strong 10th and 16th harmonics which are the self-defeating ones. The 10th is the wheel of fortune which brings success then the fall – much the same as her Jupiter Saturn conjunction (for those who aim too high). The 16th can bring dogged determination as well as shoot-in-the-foot tendencies. She also has a prominent 9th harmonic which can be humanitarian though also money minded. A well-aspected global-presence 22nd harmonic and her leadership Leo North Node suggest she can’t be written off just yet as a total waste of space. Though the astrology only provides the map, it needs a helping hand to make it live out its full potential.

  The MegHaz duet will splutter on for a while yet to provide media fodder and a diversion from weightier and gloomier matters elsewhere.

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  1. UnmysticMom – it seems to be quite common for Hollywood actresses to use surrogates now to avoid the enforced career gap, amongst other reasons (Amber Heard is one such but there are quite a few more) and Meghan always kept her relevance in Hollywood in the forefront of her mind. It would seem shocking to us because of the Royal stipulations about the line of succession but can’t help feeling she never really bought into the RF or indeed took it seriously.

  2. Presumably now Meghan and Archewell are signed to William Morris Entertainments, she’ll have to start listening to her advisors. It’s a coup for them and for her because they’re the best in their field, used to dealing with prima donnas.
    Expect to see lots of awards, special appearances, more magazine covers, articles, collaborations and productions extolling her compassion, activism and what a lovely mother/person she is.
    It should work well. They’ll do the work while she prances around looking lovely and taking the credit Her exceptional self promotion and money making skills will be much in evidence. Happy Hollywood!

    • Because of people like you, it’ll work! The public is obsessed, whether for good or bad.

      Their netflix doc was the most watched ever the streaming service.

  3. I wonder if a return to Canada might be in their best interests. They could take up ranching in Alberta. There’s a tradition remittence men, the younger sons of the gentry who were parcelled off to the corners of the realm.

    Rural Alberta might smarten them up in a hurry.

  4. Two quick observations; one not specific to Meghan and the other possibly more specific.

    I noticed that Tr Pluto would have been conjunct or just passed Meghan’s Descendant when the family moved from the UK to Montecito in June 2020. I remember another post and thread where the person moved cities when Tr Pluto was conjunct their Descendant and I had remarked that it was true in my case as well.

    Now I am convinced that Tr Pluto conjunct Descendant is a precursor to a move to another city and possibly another country. I’d love the thoughts of others on this point.

    The other is gossip that I don’t believe in. A Youtube channel focusing on another non-astrological means of understanding events suggested that Meghan didn’t give birth to her children herself, but the children were carried by a surrogate. While the idea appears far-fetched to me, I notice that Uranus (the scientific, cutting-edge and unconventional planet) is in Meghan’s fifth house of children. That would give credence to the suggestion that her children may have been born unconventionally.

    Mind you that that is not always the case. I know a person with Uranus in the fifth House who is childless from choice. I suppose one could argue that that is an unconventional choice too.

    • In the Equal house system, the Descendant is square to the IC which would fit with a move when transit Pluto squares it. I think I’d be correct in saying that’s true for Whole Signs too. And of course, some people with Placidus / Koch will have it square too.

      When Pluto crossed my Descendant there was no move. My parents had bought that house 6-7 years before and it would be another 6-7yrs before we moved again.

      I will suggest changing environment brings you into contact with new people and that could create the effect of Pluto through 7th. People who are not used to you reacting differently to how you’re used to. And thereby giving you the opportunity to learn about yourself. In MM’s case, she’d already done that with the Royal Family (and they gave her very good feedback on her failings) so she ran back to her safe space of LA and Hollywood.

      Reflecting back, my own Pluto through 7th was defined by an underlying fear of other people. I was always hiding from their reactions and feeling shameful. Instead I dug in and was bolshy while constantly feeling uncertain about them and what they meant. I suspect MM with her Cap descendant has a lot of that going on below the bright surface. It takes a lot of humility and vulnerability to start working on yourself. I didn’t start until Pluto hit the 8th.

      • “I didn’t start until Pluto hit the 8th.”

        Pluto’s just going into my 8th, so I am about to start learning and working on myself then 🙂

        I had read that the 8th House is the most natural/optimal place to have Pluto and so perhaps it won’t be too disruptive there.

        Also, a thanks to @tara below for your feedback. The name evokes memories. One of the neighbours of my grandmother was named Tara.

    • I did move city when Pluto crossed my MC. When it crossed my descendant I did not move, but one of my parents did as the marriage ended. I have Venus/Uranus there too, though.

    • Those rumours have been around for a while but can’t see how surrogacy could have been concealed at least here in U.K.
      Probably just social media nonsense. It’s not really anybody else’s business.
      I do wonder if she sometimes ‘enhanced’ the size of her bump in some photos though it could just have been the very tight clothes she chose to wear.

  5. This is for (you) Hugh! 🙂 I have a stellium in Leo and I spend my days reflecting and going inwards, trying to understand both myself and my motivations! I guess we can say such and such is like this, but there are usually exceptions to the rule

  6. Astrodatabank:
    Meghan, Duchess of Sussex Gender: F
    Birthname Rachel Meghan Markle
    born on 4 August 1981 at 04:46 (= 04:46 AM )
    Place Canoga Park, California, 34n12, 118w36
    Timezone PDT h7w (is daylight saving time)
    Data source
    BC/BR in hand
    Rodden Rating AA

  7. Why is Meghan a right Royal pain?
    Various thoughts. A 1st house Sun is by definition full-on, not a shrinking violet. With a strong sense of identity they expect to be well-regarded. Sun Leo is also out there and attention-seeking (unless in a hidden house or restricted by Pluto etc). Leo is also super-sensitive about criticism or even what feels like less than unconditional admiration.
    She has two other chart indicators of fractured family relationships which have coloured not only her childhood but also adult relationships.
    One is her Pluto in the 4th, a hint of a childhood home where she felt stifled, overly controlled and fearful of the turbulent undercurrents that ran below the surface. More to do with her father with whom she has a Plutonic relationship – his Pluto is conjunct her Sun. The battened down hothouse of the Royal family would have felt threatening.
    What is a slight mystery are her afflicted Moon aspects – conjunct Saturn and square Mars. Even with a dollop of Jupiter to throw a veneer of saccharine over the cracks she has real mother/women issues as well as Plutonic father ones. What’s more her Moon Saturn Jupiter falls in her 3rd house of siblings, hence the chilly connection to half siblings and indeed to Kate and Will. Well more Kate – since she clearly brought out Meg’s Leonine demand for a solo spotlight. [I once knew two Leos who were married (and later divorced) and one remarked the fights were like tearing flesh.]
    Why Meghan could not understand the Royal pecking order is a mystery since she was well used to the Hollywood star ranking system – you try upstaging the top billing who has the biggest trailer and you get firmly squashed.
    Her vindictiveness? A strong Pluto can be contemptuous and uppity, poisoning the well. Moon Mars Saturn will also make her extremely fractious, inclined to snap and not exactly woman friendly.
    Her lack of earth signs apart from a 2nd house Venus in Virgo won’t help in getting to grips with big projects that require patience, perseverance and attention to detail. Nor will her oddly placed Saturn which suggests overall she is not a good organizer.
    Before other Leos screech they are being smeared I rather think she is over the line in terms of self-belief. Ditto Harry. What they exhibit veers towards the mental imbalance of a messiah complex in his case, and to some degree in hers. A £42 million Royal wedding was not going to change her overnight into Diana. Following a dream is all very well but indulging in a delusional fantasy is something else and is not necessarily a Leonine flaw.

    • I’m not going to be a screechy Leo! I think I may be a quieter Leo, but not full quiet. Also I have most of my planets, including my Leo sun in the bottom hemisphere of my birth chart. And oddly enough I have Pluto in the 4th house (like Meghan) along with a retrograde Virgo Venus & Uranus.

      Leo’s can be pompous if they feel slighted, but can also feel hurt at the same time, and I swear it’s not always to do with fragile ego’s

      Meghan’s a strange individual to me, but I can’t tell whether some of it is to do with how she sounds when she talks & whether it’s because she is from California & comes across as very insincere (I think as a Brit I can sometimes find the American California accent a little false, but appreciate it’s culture differences). She reminds me a little of Amber Heard, who when she speaks can alienate people.

      And, I also find Meghan’s Moon connections really odd, since she apparently has a good relationship with her mother. It’s very confusing.

    • I am a Sun/Pluto conjunct the IC, with a Mercury/Mars conjunction in the third house. My saving grace is my Capricorn Moon conjunct my Descendant and a Neptune/Saturn conjunction square a Venus/Uranus conjunction. It keeps me busy fighting amongst myself! My quest in life has been an internal fight, rather than Meghan external fight. In some ways it may be her Leo first house North Node conjunct her Ascendant which spurs her on, along with her Mercury near her North Node/ Sun midpoint. Descartes’s “I think therefore I am” may come into play here. Her fire Sun and Mercury carries her along on a belief that she is here to rule the world.

      • Helen, I like how you describe your internal fight & yes, with Sun/Pluto on your IC & Mars/Mercury in your third house that must be very quarrelsome inside (in a nice way)!

        Some people, like Meghan, are naturally more external in the way they operate.

    • All most interesting! Thanks Marjorie. I’m curious about the royal Lionesses, and how they might fit into Meghan and Harry’s energy, folie a deux, and so on. As we know, Meghan was fascinated by the Royal Family – there’s a photo of her as a young girl outside Buckingham Palace etc. Leo is a ‘royal’ sign and crops up in various ways throughout the RF family charts. But something else is going on with the Mutable signs – Meghan’s fantasy-prone Neptune is 22 Sagittarius, Venus 13 Virgo. Harry’s Sun is 22 Virgo, square Mars 16 Sagittarius. Neptune is 28 Sagittarius. Be interesting to see what transiting Saturn in Pisces might bring to all this.

      Anyway, a few things I wonder about all this, and family patterns:

      Elizabeth the Queen Mother, 4th August 1900 – same day as Meghan. She had Sun conjunct Mercury in Leo, trine Uranus in Sagittarius and square a Scorpio Moon. A big line-up of mutable planets includes Mars 25 Gemini, Neptune 28 Gemini opposing Saturn, 29 Sagittarius (yikes!). Also Pluto opposing Chiron 19 Sagittarius. Look at this chart long enough, and you’ll need a stiff gin-and-Dubonnet……

      Princess Margaret, 21st August 1930: A Moon conjunct Pluto in Cancer, square Moon’s Nodes 26 Aries. See Meghan’s ascendant/descendant. For the mutable possibilities there’s Mars 25 Gemini, like her mother. Mercury 24 Virgo, Neptune 3 Virgo.

      Princess Anne, 15th August, 1950. In view of what Marjorie writes about Sun/Pluto in Leo, it is not a surprise to see no-nonsense Princess Anne has Sun 22 Leo conjunct Pluto 17 Leo. Her Moon is 14 Virgo, conjunct Meghan’s Venus. PA’s meticulous Virgo Moon is conjunct Mercury and Saturn at 18 Virgo, square Chiron 15 Sagittarius.

      As for the first “American divorcee”, ultra-Gemini Wallis Simpson, 19th June, 1896 – Sun 29 Gemini, Mercury 16 Gemini, Venus 23 Gemini, Neptune 18 Gemini, Pluto 12 Gemini. Her Pluto squares Meghan’s Venus quite neatly. Her Venus opposes Meghan’s Neptune.

    • In my personal experience, I’ve found Mars and possibly Venus in Leo to be a most bombastic, peacocky combination depending on the rest of the chart with a desperate, almost childlike need for attention, particularly when it isn’t channelled creatively. Trump has Mars in Leo for example and his vanity is so ridiculously childish, it’s actually comical. I can’t help notice Meghan, when surrounded by others has an upward chin tilt, as if to say ‘I am better than you’. There’s a photo of her with this expression, standing alongside the Queen on the Buck Pal balcony. The Queen looks humble next to her. Trump does this chin tilt too.

      But a Leo Sun in the 1st, will have an edge of Mars about it too. Harry’s Virgo Sun square Mars in Sagittarius likewise seem to have given him a dose of entitlement, sanctimony and a messiah complex and Sag can be holier-than-thou like no other sign.

      • On the other hand, Leo can be the sign of the generous heart in its higher vibrations. I think of the graceful, gracious, and phenomenal tennis star, Roger Federer, 8th August 1981 – just four days after Meghan. He retired last year. Leo Sun conjunct Mercury, Sun 12th house Mercury 11th house. Nodes 0 Leo.

        “Tennis has treated me more generously than I ever would have dreamt, and now I must recognize when it is time to end my competitive career.”10 Dec 2022

        • Yes, of course – in fact I like Leos in general and have always been drawn to their warmth and confidence. I would argue that a 12th house Leo Sun would in general be much less overbearing than a 1st house one. My BIL is one such and you would never guess he’s a Leo.

          • Haha I have Mars in Leo. I agree it depends a lot on the chart. I have 2 children with Venus in Leo and they are like chalk and cheese in personality.

            I do think descriptions of Leo can get a bit cartoonish at times because of examples like Trump whereas I’d actually put that down to his Gemini sun – sometimes they can appear more like an idea than a real person. There’s often a trademark thing about their appearance like a hairstyle or something that stands out. Something that makes them a “brand”. I think this can get confused with Leo sometimes in popular culture examples.

          • A*Fan – It does seem odd, like Tony Blair’s 12th house sun. But she has a changeable Merc Rx and Moon conjunction her Virgo ascendant – you could argue that she’s a series of rebrands and that’s made her a successful pop star. The challenge of the 12th house Sun is the graceful exit.

          • Slightly off topic, but another pair of Leos in the current news caught my eye –
            Madonna, recovering in hospital from a severe infection, 16 August 1958, Moon Virgo, and musician and relentless water quality campaigner, Feargal Sharkey, 13 August 1958 – Moon Cancer.

  8. I think that Meghan and Harry, as a pair, did not finesse their way into their new life (understatement) with a clear understanding of just how ex-royals would need to comport themselves. What echelon they really belonged to. Instead, they kind of came at it half-cocked, grabbing at all kinds of topical hot-button issues and with no real game plan. They also tried to grab at power by tell-alls on how disempowered or victimized they have been. Never a good look, no matter how true it is.

    Like, you know, rather, buy a winery in France, take up painting or showing dogs, start some discreet luxury brand, live a low-key earthy but nobility-inspired life, after a few years do a few cameos in movies. By then, the world is your oyster. Ultimately, they just didn’t do the brand that people needed them to do.

    • A winery in France, painting, showing dogs, those are all excellent suggestions. However, Markle thought she was going to be an A-List star in Hollywood. She announced she only wanted to work with A-List directors in Super Hero movies. That’s a huge amount of delusion operating with her, and Harry, too.

  9. Meghan is a Sun Leo so she will have no shortage of self belief and she won’t be doing much self reflection no matter what happens. The fixed nature of the sign means she will simply press on down the self promotion route regardless of any setbacks or obstacles. Any changes she makes are likely to be tactical rather than strategic. In many ways she is far less complicated than Prince Harry.

    • Hugh, I am quietly laughing at your response as I am also a Leo! I am fairly fixed in nature with 3 planets in Leo & 3 in Scorpio. But I also have 3 planets in Virgo – with Venus (in Virgo) being retrograde & a retrograde Saturn in Aries. I swear to the heavens, all I do is self reflect! My Leo planets often feel a little squashed down, but this could have something to do with my Leo sun being extremely close to my IC 🙂

    • Also quietly laughing over here (triple Leo). Hugh doesn’t know Leo very well. We are far more insecure and self-reflecting than many astrologers realise or understand….!

      • I am Sun Virgo, Capricorn Moon and Leo,Mars, Mercury and Ascendent all in Leo. I loathe the limelight and duck if I see a camera. Pretty insecure and if somebody says some unpleasant it can shake me up for days. I find that I can be quite marmite people either love me and have my back or dislike me. That said I am warm, kind, compassionate good at volunteering and rolling my sleeves up. I do have a leonine mane of hair

        • Mars in Leo at its best can bestow immense courage and I think one needs courage to do any inner work, because it requires that you look upon your own raw darkness, warts and all. I have a bunch of stuff in Leo in the 12th too. Uranus, North Node, BML, Psyche and Part of Fortune. North Node, BM Lilith, PoF and Psyche all on the same degree. I also hate the limelight and feel most at ease behind the camera/stage, so to speak.

    • I am also chuckling because if you state something on any subject it is almost guaranteed a Leo will turn up to tell you how you have got it wrong. Meghan certainly behaves like a classic Sun Leo so if she has any doubts about herself or her destiny she is keeping them well hidden. Leos are an oddity among all the astrological Sun signs as they are by default born with their ruling “planet” in domicile.

      • You have pressed our insecure button telling us that we have no shortage of self belief. We do! I think I will have to join Leo’s Anonymous for self help and this.

        • I have a stellium in Leo all conjunct Pluto, so it gets very dark at times. Self-absorbed I may be, but the quest for identity is what has always driven me. What is identity, who am I, really? Leo/Aquarius (where I have my Chiron) strikes me as a continuum: who am I and where do I fit in?
          The lesson is to stop looking for external validation. I didn’t realize that until well into mid-life. The first step is not to take things personally. The second is to realise that faults can also be put to good use. I’ll leave it there.

          • Suhu my husband has an Aquarius Sun opposite Saturn/Pluto in Leo. You’re spot on about the quest for identity and the need to overcome the craving for external validation. He’s always struggled with self worth as an overlooked, invisible child of a father who returned from WW2 badly traumatised, as I think many of his generation with that Saturn/Pluto in Leo.

          • SuHu that’s a heavy weight of planets. Something my son said to me once was that self absorption can also be self introspection. With Pluto I imagine you feel compelled to understand yourself in order to get to know yourself.

      • Ha. Presumably, Hugh, if the Leo also happens to be right in making their correction you wouldn’t give them the credit of intellect or objectivity?! I generally find the trait of ‘putting people straight’ in all the different signs but expressed in different ways: Capricorn will be pompous and patronising, Virgo nit picking, Gemini wordy, Aries very direct, Libra very round about, and Cancer downright complicated, etc etc. But perhaps the difference you are seeking with Leo, is that the one thing they can’t bear is to be misunderstood: because they care so very much. Not necessarily about themselves either! (I’ll stop now, otherwise I will need to go and get a spade and dig myself out 🙂 )

    • I forgot to add that Meghan also has the Sun in the 1st House which just reinforces all her traits. Reading some of the press coverage about her time in the U.K. it is noticeable that it was her complete self belief that gets specifically mentioned as being an issue by insiders at the Palace. This was always going to clash with the expectation that members of the Royal Family should subordinate their individuality into serving the institution of the Crown

      • Hugh, yes, Leo Sun in the first house will be very Leo. Mick Jagger came to mind, as I thought maybe he may have a first house Leo Sun. But, apparently not. It looks like he has a Gemini rising sign with 4 planets in Leo, including Pluto and also Chiron – so 4 Leo influences.

        • Actually, meant to say Mick Jagger has 5 Leo influences, but I see he has 6 Leo influences, as he also has his North Node in Leo!

      • @ HF It will be interesting to see if Meghan is capable of learning. No evidence so far which ties in with your comment that self reflection is unlikely.
        It’s fascinating that she landed a jackpot but blinded by preconceived ideas couldn’t see ir evaluate it.
        Her worthy qualities are mainly associated with bulldozing her way onwards and upwards but what’s the point if she can’t consolidate her position once there?
        It would if course require patience, imagination, objectivity and a certain humility, qualities which so far she seems to lack.

  10. It’s hard to understand a personality like Meghan’s. She was welcomed in the UK and treated generously by Harry’s family, but responds with vindictiveness. She has a sense of grandiosity that’s alarming. She lies about all sorts of things, most harmfully in saying the RF wasn’t nice enough to her because they’re racist, but wants people to admire her. How does her astrology explain this character?

  11. “The two eclipses also impact on the USA’s Saturn in Libra, the 2024 one more strongly than the 2023 one but it is still in orb. Saturn in Libra puts an emphasis on cooperation and a responsible justice system – neither of which are too obvious at present. So maybe a wake up call to move towards a stance of integrity, decency, ethics…” Marjorie’s post here on the coming Eclipses.

    Yes, M’s Pluto at 21 Libra is a generational thing. But it is in line for these two eclipses in Libra and Aries, 2023-4. I notice the USA natal Chiron is 20 Aries too.

    Curiously, her Virgo Venus has a challenging connection with the chart for Los Angeles City, 4th September, 1781 (Mark Penfield). It has Sun 12 Virgo, square Saturn 13 Sagittarius. That chart also has 26 Libra ascendant, 29 Cancer MC, Nodes 27 Aries/Libra. Also interesting in light of Meghan’s own ascendant, and all the coming activity in later Cardinal degrees in July when the Nodes enter Aries and square Pluto, plus the Grand Cardinal Cross in July. Astrologically speaking, that will be a good test of this chart for LA.

    Meghan has energy and determination, but perhaps her huge ambitions now need changing and refining? The ghosts of the Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson hover over this story, and act as an awful warning.

  12. Maybe she will turn her aspirations to religion and become the next Mother Theresa. I had suggested jokingly elsewhere that H should go down that route for all the tax advantages. Now I see that it will be Mother Meghan that will do that. Can we survive it?

    • I think you are half-joking… but gosh what a great money-making idea for Meghan & Harry. They should start a cult! Build a mega-church, spend their days preaching about themselves and how they are channeling the spirit of Diana, stream it on youtube, and rake in the cash from the Sussex Squad followers.

    • Like Meghan, I too have NN Leo/SN Aquarius, with Pluto in the 4th (and mine tightly conjunct the IC) and square the ascendant. I’ve rather often experienced that when I’ve tried to “shine” in life (Leo NN), I am opposed by some others with a vitriol that seems very disproportionate to the situation. Having natal Pluto square the ascendant can put the people who have this aspect into some extreme and poisonous situations related to their public persona. I think we who share this aspect are “primed” for this due to a home environment that is controlling, oppressive, and/or unsafe on some level and we’re meant to use these traumatic experiences as “fertilizer” (and what is fertilizer, after all, but a bunch of BS? *grin*) for personal transformation. The simple fact that there seem to be so many who dislike Meghan *so intensely* is a clue to the Plutonian nature of what’s going on with her. For me, the key to living with this aspect is that I’ve stopped taking “it all” so seriously. I’ve come to understand that what other people say and do is quite often just the script of a drama that’s playing out in their own heads and has nothing to do with me “personally.” Perhaps Meghan too will come to understand this in time.

  13. “moving to Montecito actually times with Pluto crossing the descendant.”
    Tr Pluto conjunct my Descendant also coincided with my move to a new city and a new life. Perhaps that is a common pattern.

  14. Every time I see the bad press she’s getting I think of transiting Pluto in her 7th house of open enemies. Any lustre / goodwill she had has really gone off over the past year or two. Looking it up, moving to Montecito actually times with Pluto crossing the descendant.

    I personally can’t see her turning it around as she has shown zero depth throughout. At least Prince Harry talks about mental health even if he is stuck.

    With Meghan’s final midlife crisis of Uranus opposite Uranus coming up, I don’t think she comes out of it any better but quite possibly it will be a big blowup in some direction. On a previous post you wrote that Jung said people either make the changes in midlife or stagnate. I’d say 90% of my friends have crystallised and stagnated past theirs. They give up learning and just want to stay within their safe space

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