Jon Hamm – wedding on the edge of the known world

Jon Hamm of Don Draper fame has married actress Anna Osceola in Big Sur, California, which was the setting for the Mad Men finale a few years back. 

  Born 10 March 1971, he is a Sun Pisces widely opposition Pluto and in a high-octane and determined square to Mars in Sagittarius; with his Venus in detached and friendly Aquarius in a wide square to Saturn; and a Leo/Virgo Moon.  

  His bride, 8 April 1988, is a Sun Aries with Venus in social-butterfly Gemini; and a powerfully confident Jupiter in indulgent Taurus opposition Pluto and Jupiter in a high vitality square to Mars in Aquarius. Her Moon is entangled with the triple conjunction of Uranus, Saturn, Neptune in Capricorn.

  Her North Node in Pisces is conjunct his Sun so it will be a strong connection though not easy since his Mars in Sagittarius is conjunct her Uranus, Saturn and maybe Moon with his Pluto in square for a few heated moments ahead. His Mars is also opposition her Chiron – working out anger issues will be crucial.  Her Mars is conjunct his Venus for attraction with her Pluto square his Venus bringing passion. But her Pluto opposition his Saturn will bring a few stubborn standoffs.

  Their relationship chart has an affectionate composite Sun Venus conjunction; with a power-couple Jupiter trine Pluto. But there is also a dominating Mars square Pluto hinting at a power imbalance which will ultimately lead to resentment.

  His previous long relationship with actress Jennifer Westfeldt, 2 February 1970, had certain similarities since her North Node was also in Pisces conjunct his Sun.  She was a Sun Venus in Aquarius which chimed with his Venus in Aquarius and her Chiron was conjunct his Chiron though it was also conjunct her Mars in Aries. Her Jupiter in Scorpio was, like Anna’s, square his Venus for an indulgent pairing.  Not a million miles different and he clearly likes a hint of Mars in his relationships.

    Hmm, now that I look the wedding was Saturday so just before an explosive Mars square Uranus which will be exact within a year. Tricky.  But it did have a heavenly send off with a beyond beautiful setting.

Jack Kerouac:

“Big Sur is the edge of the known world, the end of the continent.”

“There’s something about the beauty and solitude of Big Sur that makes you feel free.”

“The beauty of Big Sur is so overwhelming that it can leave you speechless.”

“There’s nowhere else in the world like Big Sur — the beauty, the peace, the silence, it’s all so unique.”

“Big Sur is where you go to find yourself and lose yourself all at the same time.”

“There’s magic in the air in Big Sur—you can feel it all around you.”

9 thoughts on “Jon Hamm – wedding on the edge of the known world

  1. I used to be a big fan of his off-screen and on-screen persona – charming, intelligent and dignified. However recently, during a rewatch of mad men, I discovered his hazing attack on the John Hamm wiki page.

    “He lit a pledge’s jeans on fire, shoved his face in the dirt, and struck him with a paddle over his right kidney,[22] before leading the pledge around the fraternity house with a hammer claw around the pledge’s testicles.” Horrifying!!

    I also found it verified elsewhere:

    It seems he wasn’t very remorseful about the whole thing either. Very disappointing – having been bullied in college myself, the idea of being the factor in pushing someone out of a place of higher learning is shameful.

    • Janele, this also put me off him & I am an absolute fan of Mad Men. I love/hate the Don Draper character! It’s also one of my all time favourite shows. But, this hazing has always left a bitter taste in my mouth. I know he was much younger, but it’s still no excuse. Age is no excuse for that kind of thing. The Sun opposite Pluto square Mars, that Marjorie has mentioned, sounds angry – Pearl.

  2. Those quotes about Big Sur are right on — it’s truly one of the most beautiful places in the world, exceptionally dramatic in its beauty and often inaccessible because of landslides blocking the difficult to construct (and reconstruct) road.

    • Big Sur is my idea of heaven. I would happily retire there – were it not for mudslides, wild fires, US health insurance horrors, green card etc. The scenery is like the north west of Scotland with better weather and more trees.
      I spent many happy weeks in the 1990s at Esalen. Watching the huge orange ball of the sun disappear below the Pacific horizon in the evening with drummers helping the sun to go down was mesmerising. Otters playing in the kelp and whales going down to Baja, admiral butterflies covering the trees and red wild passion flowers festooning everything. I miss it.

      • So true — absolutely magical place! And true also about healthcare, immigration and fire/climate horrors. There are times Big Sur is inaccessible for months after a landslide or road or bridge collapse. I wouldn’t live there but I love going to Rocky Point to dine over the rocks. Incredible beauty plus overwhelming challenges.

      • Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia is similar. I went for a swim on a pond inland and discovered that sunbathing was not an option. It is full of Scottish music and traditions. Many French remain. Friendliest people on the planet. Contrast to taciturn Maine. I stopped for directions and took me an hour to get going. No reason to hurry.

  3. For what it’s worth, based on interviews that I’ve seen with JH (especially the one with Graham Norton) I suspect he has a Leo moon. He’s very gregarious and charming and while we all know that multiple factors could create such a dynamic, based on the rest of his chart, I always thought he gave off a lot more Leo-vibes than anything approaching an analytical Virgo moon (tho I obviously don’t know his ASC), but I digress….

  4. Wow. Thank you so much! I think that one of your best strengths as astrologer is synastry – you shine, especially at times when you are really inspired and delve into it deeply, writing a longer column. You are The Synastrizer, to put it that way.

    And then when you add quotes or when you write posts such as the ones about planets as magicians or houses or some social concer du jour… This website is a treasure trove.

    And wow, what a complex character Jon Hamm is – I never knew such depths lay below the glistening surface.

    I so needed this post, away from certain other topics (Johnson, Trump, war), which are relevant and should aboslutely be written about, but I need a respite. Different countries, different people, different themes.

    P. S. By the way, speaking of synatries, I am just now reading the news that Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds bought a share in a Formula 1 team – could you take a look at how the two of them go along, what’s working great there, and what is the near-future like?

    Thank you so much!

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