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  1. I note with relief your prediction:
    “He’s in for a sinking Neptunian slide this year and next with a few disasters and catastrophes from mid 2023 onwards for a few months. 2024 looks like very hard work and a slog with tr Pluto square his 10th house Saturn into 2025 and he’s looking very nerve-stretched over the election itself.”
    Most fired US cable hosts have moved onto profitable radio or podcast gigs. Thankfully, though, they’ve lost their huge platform and grip on the US mindset. Bill O’Reilly, anyone? A lot of Fox’s older generation may skip podcasts altogether.
    Would love to believe this is Tucker’s fate.
    Please no dystopian nightmare White Christian nationalist racist political candidacy.
    Even if it’s only in cynical service of the next book deal or gig.
    Luckily, after a near-billion dollar settlement, networks may hesitate to platform Carlson’s lies.

  2. Congratulations Marjorie, on your prescient post “Tucker Carlson — the ship of fools heading for the rocks!”
    Eclipses and Pluto in Aquarius perhaps beginning to clear out the stalls — a very long way to go, but still.
    Following a series of sexist, ageist remarks and behavior, CNN dispatched Don Lemon today too. Also without warning.

  3. I had wondered about asking you to see what a chart for the 3pm Emergency Alert test being sent to UK phones could tell us but then thought, probably not-a-lot. But I didn’t receive the alert, as didn’t others, and there are reports of it arriving early. Bit of a shambles, so perhaps worth a look?

  4. The Confederation of British Industry, 30 July 1965, may be feeling the effects of the Lunar Eclipses in Taurus last November, and Scorpio this coming May. Plus transiting Uranus. Their Neptune is 17 Scorpio – sex and secrets? That Neptune does also align with the UK’s 18 Scorpio Neptune. Further effects of the Uranus/Mars/Nodes conjunction we’ve been watching since last summer?

    “The problems at the CBI are becoming more acute by the hour. As new allegations of rape and stalking emerge, some of the UK’s biggest companies have started to cut ties with the crisis-hit group.” BBC website, 21 April

  5. Marjorie, can you show us Dominic Raab’s chart? So interesting he’s been forced out on the eclipse. He seems furious, and I suspect he must have some Scorpio as he seems very fixed, judging by his resignation letter.

    • I have a feeling there are more shocks to come for the govt on the next eclipse on May 6th. Remember Sunak himself is an eclipse PM. Will May eclipse expose something that was hidden in last year’s October eclipse?

  6. Marjorie – interesting situation with the banks in Australia. It has just recently been revealed how much has been lost by Australians in various scams involving their bank accounts and how little is being returned by the banks to the account holders. Uranus in Taurus creating impetus for change?


  7. Carol Burnett is turning 90 on the 26th and had a celebration attended by many star including great friend Julie Andrews. They have been friends since 1961 at a dinner with a mutual friend after their Broadway shows. Both are beloved by peers and fans.

  8. The end of Macronism – link the astrology of the miscalculation of pension reform and tyranny with Thatcher’s miscalculation on poll tax and tyranny…Both ended up in the dustbin.

  9. Marjorie
    How about looking at the chart of Kate Robertson, the creator of the Wombles, who seems to have had a most unusual and fascinating life.

  10. Marjorie
    Would you consider looking at Stephen Lawrence, if you have not done so already, the black teenager murdered in London in a racist attack, what was so remarkable about this young person that has had such an influence in the way racism and violence are , at least, looked at now. Apart from his remarkable parents particularly his mother were there indications, Dob 13 September 1974 died 22 April 1993.
    Many thanks

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