Eclipses – Pluto throwing its weight around

The final degree Aries Solar Eclipse this Thursday is in an unsubtle, sensual and passionate Saros series. Deep hidden feelings will emerge to the surprise of those who were unaware they had them.

Pluto in Aquarius will square the New Moon and Taurus North Node to magnify the intensity Although the challenges will be softened by Jupiter also in late Aries adding an upbeat and expansive note to proceedings. Mars in excitable Cancer has edgy aspects to Mercury Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Pisces – so sharp words and arguments are likely. Gritting teeth and saying less will be advisable. Venus square Saturn hints that a few sad moments will prevail. Around in this series before in 2005, 1987, 1969, 1951, 1933, 1915

 The 14 degree Taurus Lunar Eclipse of 5 May opposition Uranus will be changeable, highly-strung, rebellious. Pluto squares Jupiter for a sense of pushy confidence which may cross the line of what is allowed; with an equally exuberant and opportunistic Mars square Jupiter in a publicity attracting trine to Neptune. It won’t pass by without comment, for sure.

The 14 October 21 degree Libra Solar Eclipse is of a different order with a challenging, high-risk, ruthless Pluto square Mars as well as square the New Moon. Pluto is also trine Uranus and sextile Neptune which will fuel high ambition and a revolutionary fervour.  The Saros Series, according to Bernadette Brady is one of immense power, anger and force. Huge obstacles will suddenly clear or a potential crisis will surface and events will move at great speed. All of which sounds all too exhausting. Around before in 2005, 1987, 1969, 1951, 1922, 1915.

 The 28 October Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees Taurus is tied into Mars and Mercury in Scorpio opposition Jupiter in Taurus – when push comes to shove it could be over the top though not as tricky as the Solar Eclipse.

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  1. The Solar Eclipse is early the evening after the British Local Elections; most probably after all the votes have been accounted for, with Uranus at 18 degrees in Taurus, which makes the Solar Eclipse conjunct Uranus in the 7th house of that Chart. Partnerships up for a change? As 18 degrees is written as being important – maybe some political eruptions. Pluto sitting on the IC and the midpoint between the Solar Eclipses Sun and Mercury is directly in trine with the UK’s Charts Capricorn Sun. Could this be a metaphor for the Voters telling the authorities what they think?

    • Boris Johnson resigned on 7th July. On that day Uranus reached 18 degrees Taurus, conjunct the Conservative and Unionist Sun.

      The last time Uranus appeared at these degrees was in 1939 – 40 when the then Tory PM Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler was exposed with the inevitable outbreak of World War Two.

      • There are many many ways to read history.

        The way I see it, Uranus at 18 Taurus has always led to the *appointment* of a Tory Prime Minister, even if they replaced another Tory. And it seems that all but the last always led us in a war.

        2022 – Liz Truss
        1940 – Winston Churchill (WWII)
        1852 – Earl of Aberdeen (Crimean War)
        1770 – Lord North (American Revolutionary War)

        So I would not be breaking out into any cheers just yet.

  2. The solar eclipse is conjunct King Charles’ moon in his 10th house at 00Tau26. The square from tr Pluto to his moon is pretty exact too.

    The last time Charles’ moon caught an aspect from tr Pluto was when Harry was born. Tr Pluto was at 00Sco33, in exact opposition.

  3. I’m a bit confused by your post. What areas of life are going to be stressed and likely to provoke this outburst followed by a breakthrough?

    Is it personal or community? The economy. Ukraine. Family relations. Politicians. Spouses.

    It sounds like a difficult period. What of these areas should we be most circumspect about during this period?

    • For individuals the areas of life affected will depend on which house the eclipse falls in and what planets it aspects.
      There will be effects at a personal level. But also at a global level. Ukraine and Europe look stressed for that October Solar Eclipse and east coast USA fairly riled up as well.

      • I’m an amateur but I am assuming the sun/moon are compared to natal chart positions. If so May will be a strong effect for me. As the eclipse moon would be exact trine to natal Stellium in cancer 3rd house of moon Jupiter mercury and south node. Also Venus in Virgo 5th is sextile that stellium in my natal chart and now the eclipse sun would be trine that natal Venus. So the double eclipse would be intertwined if I read this correct.

        I was really drawn more to the political astrology chart shown. Seeing the Ukraine eclipse October chart with all that opposition is raising the hair on my neck. Best wishes to the people of Ukraine.

  4. Thanks Marjorie, a lot to think about here. I’m curious to see whether anything remakable occurs along the eclipse paths. Possibly the locations where the eclipse is visible are highlighted in some way? I’ve never made my mind up about this. But sometimes, for instance, there have been earthquakes ‘coinciding’ with eclipse paths in the past.

    This Solar Aries eclipse is along what’s called the Ningaloo Coast in Australia, and visible in Papua, East Timor, and Eastern Indonesia. May’s Lunar Eclipse is widely visible, at least partially, in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.
    Then October brings the first of two ‘American’ eclipses. This October’s Solar affects S America and the US, and is visible from Oregon to Texas, passing across New Mexico.

    The Scientific Visualisation Studio on NASA’s website has some good maps of these eclipse paths.

    • Cyclone Ilsa in Western Australia intersected with the central eclipse path about the time it reached maximum speed and category 5 status. Although it was the worst storm to hit the region in 14 years, thankfully there was limited damage and no loss of life. The April 20 eclipse Sun-Moon MC lines run through Beijing where there have been several important state visits of late including Macron’s after which he made the comments about being an ally of the US not a vassal that have angered people on both sides of the Atlantic. By the way, the Pluto-MC line runs through Sudan a half degree west of Khartoum. So I think this eclipse is already baring its teeth!

      • I must correct myself as I was just reading that 9 Indonesian fishermen were lost at sea and are presumed dead because of Cyclone Ilsa. So a deadly storm after all.

        • There was a 6.7 mag earthquake on 18th April in the Ningaloo Reef area. What I hadn’t realised is that this is a World Heritage Area of great significance and beauty.

          “The Nyinggulu (Ningaloo) Coast is culturally significant to Aboriginal people, who have an
          ongoing connection to the area spanning between 30,000 to 60,000 years before present.
          The Nyinggulu Coast is a living cultural landscape and the Traditional Owners continue to uphold
          their binding responsibility to care for country” (Nyinggulu (Ningaloo) Coast World Heritage Area Visitor Guide)

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