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  1. Finland will officially become 31st member of NATO tomorrow, April 4th, 15:30 CET in Bruxelles. Couldn’t be more impressed on how all has been handled.

  2. Kellie-Jay Keen (Standing for XX) has announced that she will stand against Keir Starmer at the next general election under the banner, Party of Women (#POW). Having just returned from a tour of New Zealand where she encountered considerable violence, she is a formidable campaigner who can reach the parts others can’t, especially vulnerable working class women. What are her perspectives and does she have the capacity to undermine Starmer.

  3. Finland Marjorie? I read a prophecy made quite a few years ago: “Finland will attack Russia. Russia will invade and dissolve Finland and occupy for a very long time” What is your take on Finland’s chart?

    • How long ago was this prophecy written? Attacking Russia would appear to be quite foolish, esp with nukes yet to be stationed in Belarus. Thanks.

    • @Martin, sounds like something from Jouko Piho, a well-known nuthead and useful idiot, who ran for the Parliament with VKK, a party formed by a former Finns MP who was far gone even for them. The MP Ano Turtiainen ended up losing his seat and Piho got 106 votes.

    • In case you want to post…NYT reports “the grand jury was sitting minutes before the panel was scheduled to meet at 2 p.m. One carried a copy of the penal law — with sticky notes visible — that would have been needed to read the criminal statutes to the grand jury. About three hours later, the prosecutors walked into the court clerk’s office through a back door to begin the process of filing the indictment.” So that puts the filing somewhere around 5 pm.

  4. Good morning Marjorie…
    Is your site still generating an email when you post? For some reason it’s not dropping in my email. Maybe I unregistered myself by mistake… I checked the box just now, so hopefully it’s fixed.

    • Hmm, something is odd since it migrated to a new server. My notifications are bizarre as well. Will check with the tech maestro

      • Thanks for you reply and so just to let you know… while I checked the box at the above post, it did not generate an email when you posted the next day.

        • Hugh is looking into it – still need a few tweaks after the move across. Let me know by next week if still a problem.

    • VF – during the past week, I was able to see Mars to the upper left of the quarter moon, and very easily Venus. Was hoping to see Uranus but no luck. Using binoculars. I observed it maybe five years ago with a telescope. That same night, I located Neptune – quite the purple lavender color which I hadn’t expected!

      • Venus is very bright here at the moment. Both the ice giants are beautiful shades of blue, with Uranus a more turquoise colour. I miss looking through the old telescope my parents would set up on clear summer nights, awed by the vastness of everything.

  5. Hello Marjorie
    Would you be kind enough to do a chart on Humsa Yusaf and Scotland please?
    I’m not talking about independence, but just how will Scotland go forward (if it does) under his leadership.

    With many thanks Marjorie

    • Hi Clare,

      I too am wondering about the fate of Scotland.

      Just came across an interesting fact – Hamza Yusaf’s ancestors hail from the Pakistan side of Punjab and Rishi Sunak’s ancestors hail from India side of Punjab. Punjab region faced the most bitter consequences of the partition of India.

      Fate, destiny?

      • Thank you Marjorie. And I didn’t know about the ‘Punjabi connection’ if I may say it that way regarding political leaders in the country.

  6. Assassination attempt against Mariupol police chief, says Russian state media. The Ukrainian resistance making itself felt. Unfortunately, painful reprisals are inevitable – more murders, rapes, even public hanging of children. Isn’t that what the SS did in the final days of the War?

    Слав́а Україн́і !

  7. The privacy case against Associated Newspapers begins, with Prince Harry making a ‘surprise’ appearance.
    I’m watching the approach of the Scorpio May Lunar Eclipse with interest….In October, 2022, Marjorie had this to say about the Daily Mail’s founding chart:

    “Tr Uranus will continue through 2023 to oppose the Uranus with another Lunar Eclipse raising the crisis level in May 2023; into another ‘collision’ type Solar Arc in 2024.”

    Daily Mail, 4th May, 1896 – Sun 14 Taurus, Saturn 16 Scorpio, Uranus 22 Aquarius. Oh, and I think Jupiter 1 Leo may be of Plutonic transit interest too!

    • Ugh, I was just thinking that maybe the Montecito mutts were receding into the background and we might be spared for a while. Not that he probably doesn’t have right on his side in this instance but I am beyond sick of the sight of his smirk. Will have a reluctant think tomorrow.

      • I know, the gift that never stops giving! I can say that there’s some fascinating astrology going on between the Daily Mail 1896 chart and some of the litigants. For Harry, his Mars 16 Sagittarius squares the DM 16 Pisces Mars opposition their Neptune 16 Gemini. They both have Saturn in Scorpio, and the DM Nodes 0 Pisces/Virgo speak to his at 0 Gemini/Sagittarius. Is that fateful at all?!

        Otherwise, you can see Elizabeth Hurley and Sadie Frost, both June 1965, have a collection of mutable planets in Virgo and Gemini waving at the DM Mars, Neptune, and Pluto. They both have Neptune 17 Scorpio – bringing the DM Saturn into play.

        Elton John shares the DM Mars 16 Pisces. His is square Uranus 18 Gemini. Their Neptune 16 Gemini.

        Baroness Lawrence, October 1952, has Mercury 18 Scorpio, opposing Jupiter 17 Taurus, and completing a Fixed Grand Cross are the Nodes, 18 Aquarius/Leo. Pluto is 23 Leo. Is the DM Saturn and Uranus in her sights?!

        I’ve never looked at a court case like this before, so I don’t know if so many connections are ‘normal’ or if this case is particularly intense. Never sure what orb to allow for an eclipse either, but it does sometimes appear to be at least 3 degrees. Well, we’ll see.

        • You can quite see why Harry loathes the DM with those crossovers or at least it hits his red buttons. And they are ghastly but I do think the Queen’s don’t explain, don’t complain approach works best. Trouble is Harry always wanted the best of all worlds – the money, rank and privilege and they all come at a cost.

          • Yes, I agree – its the only way for the Royal Family, the Queen was very wise. Harry is like a bull in a china shop, and appears to be driven by endless rage. Mars in Sagittarius can be hot headed in my experience.

            I don’t know a lot about this case really, and wonder how this group of people got together. The allegations brought by Baroness Lawrence, for instance, are really shocking, according to the news today. The only one, so far as I know, who never sought fame.

          • Saw a news item this morning that the reason the whining person came over from the states was he thought his father and mother in law were to be in France (and then Germany) on a visit so he could get the limelight himself and would not have to find a reason not to meet up with family. Am sure we will see disruption around the coronation as it will take place within hours of an eclipse (which are said to affect Royalty more than mere mortals).

          • Angela,
            He (+ one) are incredibly narcissistic and vengeful. Upstaging Charles’ Paris state visit (as was) by turning up to smirk at the photographers is disgraceful and whether they come (tricky) or don’t to the coronation you can guarantee they won’t be keeping their heads down.
            The worst kind of stalkers.

          • There’s another group case, against Mirror Group Newspapers, due to begin on 9th May, just after the Coronation and Lunar Eclipse. What timing….

            Interesting to see that the Daily Mirror, 2 November 1903, has both Mars and Uranus in Sagittarius – like Harry. His Neptune in Sagittarius is conjunct their Mars, his Sun squares their Uranus/Pluto opposition. Their Saturn is 3 Aquarius, square his 0 Scorpio Pluto.
            This case begins on Mercury retrograde in Taurus, with the Sun conjunct Uranus at 18 Taurus – the degree and sign that just won’t go away! Jupiter will be trining Harry’s Neptune then, in Aries and Sagittarius there’s potentially a lot of hot air billowing about. And on and on it goes.

    • Doreen Lawrence is the one who will really hurt the DM. Apart from anything else if reports are to be believed what the DM did was affect the course of legal proceedings which is an absolute no no.

    • For a man who wanted to leave the country, he seems to keep getting dragged back here. Not all his fault, the funeral of Prince Philip, unveiling statue of his mother on what would have been her 60th, the Jubilee, the Queen’s funeral. But I guess that is what happens when you have Saturn on your MC – events crop up that obligate you.

      In this case though, he didn’t have to come back especially given he’ll likely be back for the Coronation. It seems to me that he is obsessed (the shadow side of his Taurus moon / Saturn Scorpio) with sticking it to the Press. A chance to vent self-righteously. To direct all his anger at one particular target. I don’t think he could have stayed away if he’d wanted.

      He doesn’t seem to have worked out, you can’t have it all. But I don’t think that’s necessarily surprising for a Virgo-Sag person – mutables are not natural boundary setters

    • Marjorie (and others) when will the circus with Harry end? as in, when will he and Meghan fade into the background, and we never have to hear from them again?

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