Israel – Pluto in Aquarius clashes with the old guard ++ Palestine

Turmoil in Israel with 600,000 on the streets protesting, the military up in arms and threats from the largest union to paralyze the economy by striking, look likely to force Benjamin Netanyahu to back down on his controversial judicial reforms. The Israeli government, the most right-wing ever, wants to take full control over the committee which appoints judges which critics say they will help him as Netanyahu faces an ongoing trial for corruption.

 There are also protests from Middle Eastern neighbours, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Jordan about plans to push ahead with more settlement units in occupied East Jerusalem, despite a recent promise not to. Estimates indicate about 650,000 settlers are living in the occupied West Bank. Under international law, all Jewish settlements in the occupied territories are considered illegal. Fewer internal protests from Israelis about these.

  Last year saw Israel on its Nodal Return, a moment of destiny when the opportunity to take a new path is on offer. What was clear with the election of Benjamin Netanyahu was that the country had “turned its face against progress and doubled down on the worst of the past.” (see previous post 30 December 2022)

  What lies ahead through the Pluto in Aquarius years will be a grim battle against forced change. Israel with its 8th house Taurus Sun and 10th house Moon, Saturn, Pluto in Leo and 11th house Mars in Leo is built to withstand gargantuan pressures. But even it will have to give way as first tr Pluto opposes its Moon in 2026/2027, then throughout the 2030s tr Pluto opposes Saturn Pluto and then squares its Sun in the late 2030s and then opposes its Mars in early 2040s. Whatever is left will be a radically different country.  

   There are other Fixed planet countries that will be going through the mill in the 2030s – India/Pakistan with their Saturn, Pluto, Venus, Sun in Leo all being ground down but they do have Jupiter in Scorpio to add some mellowing luck. The UK also with a Fixed Grand Cross running from 9 to 23 degrees will find 2030 to 2040 heavy going. Ditto Russia and China. France will catch the brunt of it in the late 2030s as the Fr Uranus opposition Pluto square Mars is under pressure.

 Pluto in Aquarius won’t just bring new ideas, inventions, discoveries and enlightened thinking, it will bring about a deconstruction and reconstruction decade. The previous time there were similar Pluto transits to the UK (and other similar charts) was 1945 to 1956 – when a battered, weakened and impoverished UK crawled out of a ‘victorious’ World War 11 and divested itself of the empire.

   During the last Pluto in Aquarius (1778 to 1799) the American colonies revolted against Britain, the military and economic superpower of the time. Despite the loss in the aftermath the UK was increasingly prosperous with the Industrial revolution ongoing. In France the agricultural and climatic problems of the 1770s and 1780s caused great poverty which led directly to the French Revolution. In China the height of Qing glory and power had been reached and was slowly sinking into decline with. What rises on one Pluto can fall on the next and vice versa. See September 11 2021. The USA will be less affected having only one Fixed planet – and the North Node.

  Back to present day Israel – tr Neptune will square the Israel Uranus this year and Jupiter in 2024, undermining the adventurous, risk-taking spirit – the domestic mood will be nerve-stretched and highly strung. From this August tr Uranus will conjunct the Israel Sun on and off till early 2025. Uranus normally brings about sudden change but even it will be hard pressed to make a dent on an 8th house Taurus Sun. Though there will be an economic effect as tr Uranus starts a seven year trek through Israel’s financial 8th house.

  Netanyahu’s latest government, 29 December 2022 4.30pm kicked off with unrealistic Neptune close to the Midheaven which is never a good sign for a government administration with an emotionally intense, bitterly argumentative and manipulative Pluto, Venus, Mercury in Capricorn. Tr Pluto is now poised to move into the administration 8th house which will either bring secret, dirty dealings ahead or heavy restrictions. Or both.

  Netanyahu himself is insignificant in the greater scheme of things though his relationship chart with Israel does have the composite North Node at zero degrees Taurus – so he is a pivotal figure for Israel on the brink of the Pluto in Aquarius era – and clearly one who leads down the wrong path.

ADD ON: In lock step with Israel, the fate of the Palestinians looks not less stressed.

The Palestine Independence Declaration, 15 November 1988, with its three Scorpio planets ranging from Pluto at 12 degrees to the Sun at 22 will be put through the mill with tr Pluto squares throughout the 2030s. Before then tr Neptune is in a highly-strung, nerve-stretched square this year to the Uranus moving on to an uncertain and panicky tr Neptune and tr Saturn square the Saturn and conjunct the Mars by 2025. That looks like a considerable defeat.

   Gaza, 9 November 1917, with a Scorpio Sun Mercury square Saturn Neptune in Leo and Uranus in Aquarius will be under the Pluto cosh from 2027 onwards throughout the 2030s.

  Hamas, 14 December 1987, is not much different with Mars Pluto in Scorpio at 11 to 13 degree. Like Palestine it looks edgy and undermined this year.

  Whether the Palestinians ultimately prevail which seems unlikely, or end up in resigned submission like the Tibetans, there may well be an end of times battle raging through the 2030s. Israel won’t come out smelling of roses but in what form it survives is tricky to say. Even South Africa finally caved and gave up apartheid – but that was after international leverage. Ditto Northern Ireland – an uneasy peace but it did come together after the US stepped in and exerted pressure for the Good Friday Agreement.

   There should have been international policing put in when Israel was formed in 1948 to protect the rights of the Palestinians but the US and Europe had their hands full sorting out post-WW11 damage and looked the other way.  

3 thoughts on “Israel – Pluto in Aquarius clashes with the old guard ++ Palestine

  1. In Canada’s case, Pluto will move to a t-square with its natal Saturn-Pluto opposition midway through its transit of Aquarius.

  2. Thanks Marjorie please can you offer a comment on the Palestinian fortunes, tied as they are with the fate of its neighbour?

  3. Thanks Marjorie. Turmoil seems to be building up. I see today that there are the largest strikes in decades in Germany, with transport grinding to a standstill. Protests continue in France. And there are cost of living protests in Kenya.

    “Last year saw Israel on its Nodal Return, a moment of destiny when the opportunity to take a new path is on offer.”

    Israel’s Nodal Return at 14 Taurus aligns with Netanyahu’s Uranus, 15 Taurus, and the May Lunar Eclipse at 14-15 Scorpio, highlighting Israel’s ‘fateful’ South Node. I wonder if things are arranging themselves ahead of what that eclipse may signify? For today’s news items – Germany 1871 has Pluto at 17 Taurus. Kenya 1963 has Saturn 18 Aquarius square Neptune 16 Scorpio. Obviously, tr Uranus is playing a part here as well. France appears to be responding, in the traditional French way, to Pluto’s square to Saturn 1792.

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