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  1. Good Evening Marjorie, Is there any interestting astrology surrounding Gary Lineker’s Tweet criticising the Government’s highly questionable plans to stop small boats crossing the channel? Many thanks – Bear

    • Yes, now Ian Wright and Alan Shearer have also walked out in support. I was wondering about the BBC in general, how it will continue to justify the license fee, but also to what extent the beeb can impose strict impartiality on its employees in these opinionated times.

      • Fiona Bruce defending Stanley Johnson’s domestic violence on Question Time last night as a ‘one off’ incident, was truly disgusting.

        BBC is in a mess.

    • Good Lord! Since I posed the question, said question has changed! It is not “is there any interesting astrology surrounding Gary Lineker’s tweet….” The question is now where does one start!

  2. Hello Marjorie

    As Saturn moved into Pisces the Silicon Valley Bank has been hit by a run on its deposits and a collapse in its share price. It is possible that we are about to witness the second biggest bank failure in US history. Are we about to see a rerun of the financial crisis of 2008 just as Pluto exits Capricorn ? It would be ironic if such events marked both the ingress and egress of the planet from the sign. Alternatively, is the fact that the Silicon Valley Bank is heavily vested in the technology sector a sign that the computing industry and its associates are about the feel the full impact of Pluto entering Aquarius ?

    • Hi, This morning the FT did not think SVB were the canary in the coal mine but the slide has continued all day – I did look fleetingly at a few of the major bank charts and the Dow but nothing much sparked up., Will take a longer look tomorrow. Several central bank charts looked very spooked at the upcoming Pluto into Aquarius so a financial upset always did look on the cards.

    • What a very interesting question Hugh. It’s interesting, too, about Saturn in Pisces – the Silicon Valley Bank has a lot of mutable planets – 17 October, 1983. Earliest mutable degree is Chiron at 2 Gemini, latest Neptune 26 Sagittarius. In between there’s Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and the Nodes. It’s a very lively looking chart altogether. Maybe not what you might want for a bank though!

      • Of possible interest – the FTSE 100 index fixed, according to N. Campion, 31 December, 1983, 12pm. It has Moon around 7 Sagittarius, conjunct Uranus 11 Sag. Also, Pluto 1 Scorpio.

        • Do banks tend to have fixed charts, Jane? I would have thought a mutable emphasis chart for a bank would indicate a tendency to volatility.

          • Hello VF – I don’t know! What interested me about this SVB, now closed apparently, is that it coincides with the year Maggie Thatcher first had conversations about deregulating the financial markets. That then resulted in the Big Bang in October 86. Bank founded with Pluto 28 Libra in 83. By 86, Pluto 7 Scorpio, and Saturn had moved from Scorpio to 7 Sagittarius. So I sort of see a pattern forming in the wider picture here.

          • Yes, I see it has now closed. So Saturn in Pisces is going to trigger those mutable points you mention, alongside Pluto’s entry into Aquarius. It will be interesting to see (as Hugh says), to what extent Pluto will act as a hellhound on the heel of the Tech Giants.

  3. Hello Ms. Orr
    How can people find their harmonics in an astrology chart? Is a website that can assist? Thanks so much!

  4. Arkansas governor signs bill rolling back child labor protections


    Child labor laws are an “undue burdeon” onto parents for their kids to get a job. But, of course, Huckabee’s spokesperson continued, “All child labor laws that actually protect children still apply and we expect businesses to comply just as they are required to do now.”

    I suppose her state has laws which do not actually protect children?

    What’s the astrology of the Youth Hiring Act of 2023?

    Date of approval 3/2/2023 3:08:40 PM. Little Crock, AR 72201.

  5. Something I realised today – Saturn’s ingress into Pisces brings two important fixed stars into the picture. The ‘royal’ star Regulus, 0 Virgo, in Leo, known as the Watcher of the North. And Fomalhaut, alpha star of Piscis Austrinus, at 3 Pisces. It is the Watcher of the South. Both are Royal Stars of ancient Persia.
    Fomalhaut is associated with the great grain goddess Demeter, and her temples at Eleusis were aligned to the rising of this star in around 500BC.

    The Pluto ingress into Aquarius is connected symbolically too, which I like as I hope for these big planet changes to bring us a few improvements….Here’s something from EarthSky.org about this star:

    “In the sky visible from the Northern Hemisphere, the constellation Aquarius the Water Bearer resides above Fomalhaut’s constellation Piscis Austrinus. You can see a zigzag line of stars from Aquarius to Piscis Austrinus. In sky lore, this line of stars represents water from the Jar of the Water Bearer, trickling into the open Mouth of the Fish.”

  6. Well

    Can you tell us about the state of FOX News & its defamation lawsuits and also Tucker Carlson, his use of Jan 6 video of the insurrection & connections to propaganda? (Russian backed or backed by other players hell bent on destroying US attempts at being a multi-ethnic democracy?
    (It was so difficult not to put an F instead of a T for that traitor’s 1st name.)

  7. Just a thought … when Pluto moved into Capricorn in Jan 2008, Saturn was at 7 Virgo and has been moving onwards ever since. Just about every body alive today has Neptune placed in the signs it has transited since. We’ve all had our hopes and dreams dashed and been made to look more realistically while Pluto has gone through the sign of grounded reality.

  8. Hello Marjorie,

    Please comment on the fatal train collision and consequent derailment that happened just outside the city of Larissa, Greece, last Tuesday night, 28 February 2023. It was Greece’s most devastating train accident of all time, and left 57 people dead (possibly more, as bodies and body parts are still getting identified) and 70 people injured. Most of the passengers onboard the train were young students . The passenger train had left Athens at 19:22 local time and was traveling northbound towards the city of Thessaloniki. It collided head-on with a freight train traveling southbound from Thessaloniki to Athens. The collision happened at 23:31 local time.

  9. Disability activist Judy Heumann (18 December 1946, Brooklyn, New York) has passed away. Can’t track a birth time but would be interested in your perspective on her chart. Described as a a powerhouse by the Washington post. Sounds like an amazing lady

  10. Hi Marjorie,

    I’m reading that Ukrainian forces are on the verge of retreating from the he heavily embattled town of Bakhmut as Russian forces continue to slowly advance.

    According to various geopolitical, international relations, and war experts, Ukraine doesn’t expect to keep Bakhmut under their control for the time being; they’ve mainly been defending the town in an effort to weaken and stall Russian forces.

    Apparently, Ukraine’s strategy has worked to some extent. Russian forces and the Wagner Group have suffered massive casualties and much of their artillery has been reportedly destroyed.

    Despite, Russian forces suffering higher casualties and weaponry losses, everything still appears to be coming to a stalemate with neither side making any advances. Everything is locked around Bakhmut.

    I was wondering if you had any astrological insights regarding the ongoing fighting in Bakhmut (since this particular town seems to be the main focus at the moment) and what this could mean for Ukraine, Zelenskyy, and for Vladimir Putin.

    Any thoughts or observations you could share would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

  11. It was announced last week that the UK Government has lost the lobbying war, with the USA to retain ARM’s business in London. This is a major blow for Britain’s Science and technology prestige in the world and also further attempts from our Government to sale Britain as a country to invest in. We appear to be in a position of being left behind with modern scientific advancement. Scientists are also very worried about the continuation of EU projects and future projects. As Pluto is moving into a Aquarius this month, it would interesting to look at both the 1066 and 1801 Charts, purely from a business and innovative view, along with Pluto’s interaction Aquarius?

  12. The derailment of a 50-car freight Norfolk Southern Railway train on 3 February, 10 of which were carrying vinyl chloride, caused hazardous chemicals to spill onto the ground in East Palestine, Ohio. The accident was desmissed by the Biden Administration and Trump used this to go there and throw a “you are not forgotten” campaign. Erin Brockovich visited the community and describes the event as a ‘classic cover-up of an environmental disaster’ caused by an out-of-date safety regulation that isn’t reviewed to guarantee profits. Is this just the first of many similar events with big railway companies in the US?

    • And another derailment, also a Norfolk & Western freight train in Ohio again yesterday. They used to be a very solid company, but clearly no more

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