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  1. Basketball legend Lebron James made history by scoring the most points ever by any NBA player. Could you take a look at his chart please? His data is on astro.

  2. MTG was quite full of herself tonite during Biden’s SOTU speech. Will she eventually be reined in? Doubtful. There are children in every household that should’ve been floated down the river in baskets.

  3. Several political psychics warned that sometime in March, there will be event that will “flip the tables”, regarding US politics. I noted that this is when Pluto enters Aquarius and separates from the USA Pluto return. Do you see anything in March astrologically that confirms this? And if so, any ideas of what it would be? Trump indictment? an assassination?

  4. Hi Marjorie,

    I was wondering if you had any astrological insights to share regarding the recent economic news being reported from the Russian Federation. According to Grid News and VOA (Voice of America) News, the Russian Federation’s economy is expected to grow this year despite the sanctions.

    The International Monetary Fund is now predicting that the Russian Federation’s economy is expected to grow by 0.3% this year and the Russian Federation’s economy is also expected to outpace Germany and the United Kingdom.

    Various sources attribute the Russian Federation’s close relationship with its many allies in the Global South to their success in evading the harshest impacts of the sanctions. For example, Russia’s trade agreements and business dealings with China, India, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Iran, and North Korea have been particularly instrumental in keeping Russia’s economy above water.

    Also, the Russian Federation has recently begun to strengthen ties with African nations such as Algeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, Eritrea, Sudan, South Africa, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, and the Central African Republic. In fact, Russia has even been profiting from the gold mines in Sudan – this has helped them pay for the war in Ukraine.

    According to Grid News, the Russian Federation still has an edge in oil and gas as well as fertilizer (Russia is apparently the world’s largest exporter of fertilizer [seems fitting for them]) and India is now purchasing up to 1.2 million barrels of Russian oil every month.

    Anyway, I remember in a previous post you mentioned that Vladimir Putin would likely see some “undeserved luck” in the upcoming months with transiting Uranus opposing Jupiter. Could this be that lucky break?

    Astrologically speaking, are their any signs at all within the upcoming months that Vladimir Putin’s luck might be running out? I believe in Karma, but she’s been awfully patient with Putin while his military and mercenaries continue to rape, torture, murder, and plunder Ukraine.

    How is Ukraine looking in the upcoming months? President Zelenskyy recently announced that Ukraine is now being inundated with an unprecedented number of Russian soldiers (more than what where there early last year). Granted, Ukraine will now be receiving longer range missiles, the Leopards, and other weaponry many countries were once hesitant about supplying…but it could take months for such things to arrive. Israel, which originally stated they wouldn’t supply arms, is now hinting that they might be open to it. And…it is believed Israel was behind the recent bombing of a military facility in Iran (where weapons that were being supplied to Russia were located…and likely destroyed). So, it appears Ukraine has had a few things to cheer about this month.

    Anything you could share would be greatly appreciated…and as always, thank you for allowing us to present requests. I enjoy reading your write-ups.

  5. Could you do a solar return reading on Kate? You mentioned (i think) tr Jupiter going through her 10th this year, and indeed she is promoting her own campaign however I am curious whether she’ll be just lecturing or actually creating a grass roots impact with her work. I hope this isn’t another marketing campaign to bolster her image.

    A book states she was born in the afternoon by an interview from one of her close family members. I think the 2:30-3pm time is more accurate than the 7pm one floating around.

  6. Well, I’m certain you’ll read about it in the news…

    Today (Feb 4, 2023) at 14:38 Eastern Time the Chinese balloon was shot down by the US Military. Approximate location was Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

    Guess this will also be watched with keen interest by Putin to see if the West has any backbone.

    Astro implications? Thanks.

  7. The rumour mills are churning that Harry and Meghan are about to divorce and are going through a separation while living under the same roof. Well with sixteen bedrooms, Montecito is big enough for them to not see each other for days.

    The other rumour is that Meghan allegedly has a secret home in New York that isn’t in her name so it cannot be part of the divorce settlement. This evidently happened when she was pregnant with Archie.

    I suppose that sort of thing is common for the very rich trying to hide their assets. But even for Meghan it does seem to be a bit OTT cynical.

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