Nicola Sturgeon – tripping over her genders ++ argumentative, super-ambitious, demanding

 Nicola Sturgeon for reasons beyond comprehension has allowed herself to be tied in a knot over her sweeping changes to gender identification, allowing self-identification with no medical diagnosis. Only to be wrong footed when a male rapist, up on two charges, decided to switch from he to she and ended up in a women’s prison with an ensuing outcry. She is now saying, Nicola that is, that the he/she (formerly Adam now Isla) is “almost certainly” masquerading as a woman and has been transferred back to a male prison. Which renders the whole barrage of outrage aimed at the Westminster government for banning her new law a touch superfluous.

  She was never moving into a successful phase despite brave words on independence which came to nought with another ruling against a referendum. With tr Pluto aiming to oppose her Mars from late this March for two years she will be trapped, frustrating and enraging. Even before then tr Pluto opposition the Sun/Mars midpoint this month and next and on till late 2023 will have much the same effect.

  She will muster up her bravado with tr Pluto square her Jupiter through this year but it won’t outweigh the negatives and with tr Neptune undermining her Pluto in Virgo from this March into 2024 she will feel disempowered and it runs alongside a disaster prone tr Neptune square her Mars/Saturn midpoint

  Tr Uranus will also upend her rigid Saturn in Taurus from late this May and then square her Midheaven from mid August this year which will force a change of career direction – and those run on into 2024 as well.

  Her popularity appears to be fading even amongst her own supporters and it looks as if she has shot her bolt and is running out of road ahead.

  Her latest Term chart, 13 May 2012 9am has a lacklustre Neptune on the Midheaven (never a good sign for an administration) and the Saturn square Uranus which is now closing the square to exact this year by Solar Arc which will give rise to eruptions, tensions getting out of hand and divisions within the ranks.

ADD ON:  Born 19 July 1970 3.16pm Irvine, Scotland, she had a dental nurse mother and an electrician father, both of whom were experienced by her as fairly Martian, argumentative and competitive types. She has a Sun Mars conjunction  square Jupiter and a Moon opposition Mars. Her mother in particular was controlling with mom’s Pluto sitting exactly conjunct Nicola’s midheaven and their relationship chart has a composite possessive Sun Pluto conjunction. The composite Moon and Neptune are tied into the Sun Pluto in aspect which would inculcate soaring ambition to her daughter. The same is probably true of her father since Nicola has her Sun trine Neptune and sextile Pluto inclining her towards enormous goals in life.

  According to wiki Nicola was a quiet child, preferring to sit with her head in a book than talking to people”. She described herself as being an “austere” teen who’s style tended towards goth, adding that “if you see pictures of me back then, you would struggle to know whether I was a boy or a girl”.

  She married when she was 40 having known her husband for 7 years – he’s a Sun Sagittarius square a volcanic Pluto, Mars, Uranus in Virgo with an Aquarius Moon like Nicola. It seems to be a supportive and affectionate though workmanlike bond. It will go through a period of disruption from this July onwards, perhaps from outside causes.  

She does seem to like tilting at windmills but also has a capacity for attracting a cult-leader style adoration from her supporters. According to them she can do no wrong.

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  1. A couple of things of astro interest I noticed:

    The first international symposium on Gender Identity: Aims, Functions, and Clinical Problems was held on 25th-27th July, 1969, London. Nicola Sturgeon was a 1 year old child! The outer planets have obviously moved, but remain in the same signs. Mars on that day was 3 Sagittarius, forming a t-square with Nicola Sturgeon’s natal Nodes. Chiron was at 6 Aries, so there’s a Chiron return at some point to consider as well.

    I think it’s relevant, too, that the UK 1801 chart was having it’s Uranus in Libra return in 1969, with both Uranus and Jupiter activating the UK Yod of Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter. Transiting Pluto and Saturn will soon be doing the same thing. This was a period of great change for relationships and society in numerous ways.

    Further back, the first, short-lived, magazine to support and advise the trans community was called The Third Sex. It was published in Germany (Weimar Republic) in 1930. Sorry I don’t have a more exact date. There’s a Saturn 3 Capricorn square Uranus 7 Aries in January that year (followed by exact squares later that year) – connecting with the Symposium’s Chiron. Neptune travels back and forth from 3 Virgo to 5 Virgo in 1930. This connects with the Symposium’s Mars, and Nicola Sturgeon’s natal Nodes. This magazine had Nodes at 10 Taurus conjunct Chiron at 9 Taurus, and is having a nodal return this month. If anyone wants to read about this publication, there’s a fascinating article in the Paris Review, called A Lost Piece of Trans History. I won’t post the link because this always seems to make my post disappear!

    These links are thought provoking, both for Nicola Sturgeon, gender identity issues, and her relationship with the UK chart, Scottish independence etc. The nodal connections suggest a kind of ‘destiny’, although I’m not sure that’s the right word.
    Certainly, it all needs defusing and debating in a more rational way if at all possible. Perhaps Saturn will help?

  2. The laws around age are so confused, here and across Europe with its varied age of consent in different nations, and many legal questions for the European Court of Human Rights to decide regarding legal gender recognition. Or, indeed, the need for any kind of legal gender definitions at all. Medically, however, this becomes even more complicated since there are sex specific medical conditions, and sex specific responses to some medications.

    Saturn in Pisces may dissolve or blur legal boundaries in some way. Pluto in Aquarius emphasises the universal nature of human beings, but how might this suggest what age is appropriate for major decisions and autonomy?

    At this point, for instance, the Marriage and Civil Partnership Act 2022 is about to come into law. Marriage and Civil Partnerships are now only legal in England and Wales at 18 – raising the age from 16-17 with consent.
    You can consent to gender reassignment surgery at 16 in Scotland, 17 in England, and 18 in Wales. However, it is illegal for anyone to inject you with Botox or fillers if you are under 18 in England. Similarly, tatooing a young person under 18 is an offence in England. You are allowed to drive a car at 17 though, and can obtain contraception under 16 – even though the legal age of consent in the UK is 16. Voting age remains 18 in the UK. But it is 16 in Scotland for local elections and the Scottish Parliament elections.

    It is also legal for 5 to 17 year olds to drink alcohol at home or in private, in the UK.

    So, Scotland seems fairly consistent in seeing 16 as a ‘mature’ and responsible age. Other areas of the UK, and Europe differ. It is a total mess!

    • Good points about age Jane. I think there is the issue of time, it takes time for some developmental issues to emerge – there is a particular problem with autistic diagnosis in girls, for example. While there are many advantages to autistic traits – that black and white thinking being able to see things like the climate crisis clearly through the noise in the case of Greta Thunberg, there is also a tendency to rigidity in thinking that takes time to grow into.

      • Hasn’t Sweden recently reframed their laws so that it is now illegal to treat anyone under 18 with either hormones or surgery?

        • Yes, they are reassessing it all apparently. It’s a tangled debate:

          “In the fall of 2018, Sweden’s Social Democrat government proposed a new law that would have reduced the minimum age for sex reassignment surgery from 18 to 15, remove any need for parental consent and allow children as young as 12 to change their legal gender.” (

          However, in the Czech Republic, for example, they still require mandatory sterilisation for trans people seeking legal gender recognition. I think this was once the case in some Scandinavian countries too.

          I absolutely agree with Tara about considering the issue of time and developmental issues (Saturn?). Also, clarity and consensus is needed on the differences between gender identity, gender as a biological and DNA based physical reality, and complex issues around sexual orientation.

          In Thailand, for instance, gender is seen as a social construct or role, separate from biological identity. The Thai Buddhists wrote about a third and fourth sex about a thousand years ago. The modern national chart for Thailand in 1782 has, interestingly, Pluto in Aquarius, part of a Grand Trine in air with Gemini Mars and Libran Neptune. I’ll check at some point for an earlier date, since the trans culture in Thailand is an ancient one. Gender recognition in the legal sense remains a minefield in Thailand – you can legally change your name to fit your gender identity – but otherwise your legal status remains that of the biological gender you were identified with at birth.

          • Your comment on the Thai religious approach sounds apt. Gender identity is based on how a person feels. Which is indeed subjective, akin to being filled with the holy spirit.

            Trans identified males say they feel like they are women. Whether that should be treated with talk therapy or irreversible drugs and surgery, is being puzzled out by many countries at the moment.

            In most Canadian jurisdictions there is an incautious approach.

            Tradition talk therapy for gender dysphoria has been deemed as conversion therapy. The only sanctioned treatment, is affirmation of the dysphoric feelings. Teens are able to access the so called puberty blocking drugs, even before they meet up with a specialist.

            Quite different from other forms of body dysmorphia like bulimia or anorexia nervosa

            Due to self ID, male prisoners are routinely transferred to the women’s estate, even rapists and violent offenders.

            Correctional Service Canada wrote a report, “Gender Diverse Offenders with a History of Sexual Offending”. They found that Eighty-two percent of gender diverse offenders with sexual offence histories were trans-women and the remaining 17% were in the “other” group. On average, these offenders were 42 years at the time of the study. Two-thirds were serving their first federal sentence and about half (46%) were serving indeterminate sentences…Almost two-thirds (64%) of these offenders committed a current sexual offence while 88% were convicted for prior sex offences. Almost all (94%) had committed their offences while living as their biological sex. The majority (85%) committed offences that caused death or serious harm to their victim(s) while 70% inflicted psychological harm on their victim(s). Examination of the victimology shows that over half were children (58%) or female (55%). One-third (33%) of the offences committed had multiple victims.

            There are several notorious and particularly heinous cases of those transferred. The overwhelming majority of women imprisoned are for nonviolent offences.

            Compelled speech is a reality. A restaurant owner in Gibsons BC was fined $30,000 for mis gendering an employee.

            A rape shelter lost funding from the city of Vancouver because they support women.

            The unintended consequences of self ID and affirmation, are profound. There is no open debate on these matters. Any attempt to speak of something like reasonable accommodation, is shut down and deemed “phobic” bigoted or worse as unkind. Use Canada as your cautionary tale.

            With Saturn soon entering Pisces, will we be facing difficult lessons from this sort of compassion defying reality?

  3. I am unsettled by the mentions here about Sturgeon’s and May’s childlessness.

    Surely a person’s parental status, like their marital status, is irrelevant. And far too personal.

    Whether such childlessness is a matter of choice or circumstances or a health matter, it is not a matter for others to comment on, especially in a political context.

    I am no fan of Sturgeon and disagree with her politics to some extent, but I strongly disapprove of this line of attack. It is too personal and morally wrong.

    • Oh calm down. Everyone is far too inclined to fly off the handle at the moment – me included. Who a politician is clearly affects their outlook and the causes they espouse. It seems a fair enough point – mind you Maggie T always came across as – maybe not androgynous – but not exactly having women’s interests at heart. She always spoke of her mother with some contempt if at all – these things do reflect in their public career.

  4. Half the population are women. It is a foolish politician that ignores that fact. And I would say that she has been extremely foolish!

    • Not all women are against GRC. The trans-rights as it stands now has big support from female politicians (like Sturgeon, May etc) , female dominated HR which is pushing this in companies, female dominated education sector (universities where even students are majority female).

        • Given the HR and Education sectors are dominated by women, it will be fair to assume women have a lot of power there. Of course, not all women are supportive of the trans-rights as it is pushed for now. Unless there is reasonable proof to suggest women are being silenced by men in these sectors for misogynic purposes (underline misogynic purpose. if the support is purely ideological, then it cannot be said men should not take a stand this way or the other) , it is fair to assume a lot of women are in support of the extreme trans-rights (I am not denying trans people have to be recognized and supported, but the current call to rights is extreme).

          And what about Nicola Sturgeon and the women leaders of the Scottish Green party. Are you saying they are also being influenced and manipulated by men. Even Stonewall’s CEO is a woman atleast from 2020. not sure before that. And even Women’s equality party is in support of GR laws.

          It is unfair on both men and women to cast women as almost always voiceless victims.

          • We’ll have to agree to disagree on this, I don’t think it’s fair to assume anything in such a toxic, intolerant atmosphere. Acquiescence is not agreement. It might be something you have to experience yourself to understand fully.

            Of course some women will think it’s a good idea, but I think they’re a minority. HR departments have boxes to tick and targets to set in order to look busy, just like any other department who needs to demonstrate value without a direct empirical link to profit.

            It is unfair to imply that women who want to avoid conflict are voiceless weak victims, as you put it. There is strength in it too. Women tend to have more responsibilities outside of themselves, it is not so easy for women with children to find another job. We are used to being silenced by silent threat. And yes, sometimes we unfortunately silence each other through fear of conflict

  5. Nicola Sturgeon was told time and time again the negative affect self ID law would have on women and girls. She told her own fellow Scotswomen their concerns were not valid. She even implied they were homophobic, racists and bigots. She knows they are women’s rights campaigner and many are lesbian… It took an incident like the above to finally bring the issue to the attention of everyday people who have daughters.

    • It is disheartening to see that the support for the insanity is often by females – likes of Nicola, the female-dominated HR departments pushing for this in workplaces, and female dominated education sector.

  6. Could this resonate with what’s going on right now in Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon & the SNP?

    The below was gleaned from an image of twitter and clarified further by Unmystic Mom.

    It was passed on the 10th July 1823

    i) Sex-Segregation of Prisons
    ii) Female warders for female prisoners

    To prevent double punishment of loss of liberty plus
    a) actual sexual predation
    b) fear of sexual predation

    Applicable across the whole of the British Empire.

  7. I’d be interested in her roots . Can you tell by astrology anything about her parents and if she had a difficult start ,she always seems to be kicking back about some issue

  8. Silver darling. The most trusted politician in the UK ?
    I cannot understand that as no politicians can be trusted, that’s their remit. This trans gender debacle just shows how utterly deluded she is. I’m appalled that she wanted this, perhaps she feels women in prison deserve all they get, I don’t know. She would have done better putting women first in Scotland particularly re violence from men that often drives women into prison. She has always reminded me of Theresa May, androgynous, and both childless as well. Or maybe even she/he’s.
    I can’t stand Sunak or the Tories but he was correct.

  9. My left/green leaning sensibilities have received a shock when I’ve encountered people in the area where I live in Scotland who have a lot of vitriol for her and find the idea of independence laughable. After Adern standing aside in NZ and with Sturgeons blocked/changing direction aspects, I hope there will be at least some competent, capable women left standing in politics. What’s the alternative? A bunch of privileged, out of touch men with no idea how the majority of people live their lives (childless or not).

  10. I wonder if Sturgeon’s blind spot on this is because she has no children, so she’s considering these things from a theoretical point of view.

    Sunak has two daughters, and he said in an interview that becoming a father made him sensitive to just how vulnerable girls are. Some people advised him not to trigger section 35 because it would boost Scottish nationalism, but he did it anyway because he believes the PM has a duty to protect Scottish girls & women as much as girls and women in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    • This legislation brings Scotland into line with most of Europe. Backed by all parties at Holyrood including some conservatives . Also supported by most women’s groups in Scotland
      Sunak may have daughters but he’s still jumping on the bandwagon as he thinks there are votes in it.
      His party is destroying lives and women are worst affected.Perhaps he should focus on that .

      • I must admit I wondered the same about children. Yet I don’t think this is the case. Perhaps politicians see votes. Sixteen is too young decide though. I worked in Education and taught many 16-21 year olds. There is a huge difference, in maturity and comprehension, between a student who is 16 and another who is 21. Latest thought on brain development is that we do not fully develop our brains until 25. Politicians from any country and political party will look for votes and want to be popular with everyone. Perhaps they should be more responsible with major decisions on development, even sexual and gender alignment. As our politicians are responsible for engineering Society’s development. Pluto rules our vices like sex, money and even marriage. Pluto confronts and will make those receiving heavy transits think or act. Nicola Sturgeon may be facing the complications of Pluto, I found that Pluto transits and confrontations will shake the very core of the planets Pluto is transiting. Sturgeon my be an excellent politician in your view. Yet she is not immune to being human, confronted or being taught something by the planets making their way through her chart. Astrology is teaching tool on how to handle life and presenting us with what makes our astrological charts tick; it is the choice with how to handle what we are presented with, in my view.

      • Sorry made a mess of the end of my post. We have a choice in whether we act in a positive way or a negative way. Sturgeon is a mature politician, yet perhaps Pluto may teach her that it is not as simple as stating 16 year old people are capable of making this decision. From my professional experience- it is far too young to place a decision of a lifetime which will affect your health or gender choice at 16. You cannot be awarded a degree until you are 21, a Doctorate is another 7 years. Yet politicians are giving 16 year old this decision?

        • You can get married at 16 in Scotland hence couples running off to Gretna Green from England to get married. Children become adults legally at 16 in Scotland
          This age of the legislation falls into line with that
          I personally think 16 is too early for either marriage or gender reassignment.

      • Support of this bill from women’s groups is the most shocking.
        But, feminists, at every opportunity are spewing vitriol at men for supporting trans laws.

  11. Thanks, Marjorie. She was interviewed on Channel 4 news in the aftermath of the prisoner debacle, which is worth watching just to see yet another politician indulge in some spectacular eel-wriggling, question-dodging and darvo.

    • The individual attacked two women while he was a man .Wouldn’t be a bit surprised if his ‘ decision ‘ to transition is a false flag operation and is politically motivated.

        • If something is inconvennient to your beliefs – false flag. It’s very useful.

          There are some people who are so pro-nationalist that they’ll start justifying this GRC issue because they cannot have the nationalist cause damaged at any cost. They can’t treat it as a separate issue any more, things have gone too far

      • The false flag transition was pointed out multiple times when the bill was in discussion in the Scotland. But, it was shot down as being transphobic and theoretical.
        There will be many false flag transitions outside of prison as well, especially it is possible to get GRC in 3 months when you are just 16

  12. Just so everybody knows the Mail or Express where this headline is taken from are gutter newspapers printing any old trash. Not to be trusted
    Nicola Sturgeon is by far the most trusted politician in the UK and isn’t going to be resigning any time soon.

      • I wasn’t criticising the astrology. She is certainly going through a difficult time with the ( mostly) manufactured outrage from people who didn’t give a damn about women’s rights before, but see it as a way to attack her ironically with misogynistic attacks.

          • Nicola Sturgeon has had death threats. One man recently prosecuted so take it seriously instead of dismissing it.

        • Many are indifferent to prisoners in general but incarcerating women with a male repeated sexual offenders is insupportable.

          I can easily imagine the outrage is genuine. Choosing to ignore a double rapist being placed in the female estate has minimal support (outside of the zealots of gender ideology).

          As for the gutter press, you can also find this topic explored in the times, the spectator and the BBC. The guardian tends to limit their articles to what seems very much like dogma.

    • Pluto aspecting Mars will bring up some difficult times for a person having this opposition. It is also in a wide conjunction to Nicola Sturgeons’s Natal Moon – communication with women/ people? As transitioning Pluto is in opposition with her Natal Mars, Sturgeon may well have opposition to her plans and objections. Personally I have found Pluto to force changes.

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