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  1. And now, for something completely different:

    “North Korea reportedly intends to send personnel to Russian-occupied Donetsk, Luhansk oblasts.

    North Korea’s government intends to send up to 500 soldiers or police personnel to Russian-occupied Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts “to take part in reconstruction efforts,” Daily NK, a South Korean-based newspaper, reported citing a source in Russia.”


  2. Today, Putin states Russia is facing German tanks just like 80 yrs ago. “https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-64502504”

    Seems he’ll do and say anything.

    Putin also states “We are not sending our tanks to their borders, but we have the means to respond. It won’t be limited to the use of armoured hardware. Everyone must understand this.”

    Nuclear sabre-rattling again?

    Can you comment?

    Just in case, I purchased a bottle of potassium iodide capsules. My old one expired in 2018.

  3. “The Last of Us” has been a somewhat surprise hit for HBO, given shows based on video games have generally speaking flopped both critically and with public. While more “intellectual” gamers have been raving about the game for almost a decade, the show has managed to grip what is identified as HBO Prestige Show Saturday Night Audience spoiled with some of the best TV Drama, period.

    I already was a fan of showrunner Craig Mazin’s, April 8th, 1971, writing, but I also honestly think game creator Neil Druckmann, December 5th, 1978, must have developed a World with more profound motivations carrying the characters than your average postapocalyptic fiction creators (and trust me, I’ve read some). Would be interesting how this came along, with two Fire Suns maybe not known for psychological subtleness (yes, probably Moon and/or Pluto).

    Also, interestingly, this is one the shows leaving an astrological Easter Egg on main character: Joel, played by Pedro Pascal, is celebrating his 36th birthday on September 26th, 2003, thus making what would be a late 1967 native. I must say I did the math watching the first episode and though someone in the writing team – either the show or the game – MUST have astrological knowledge and chose this on purpose. I think I read that in game, it was established Joel was a “teen father”, but in this scenario he would have been 21-22 becoming a father.

  4. Something a little different. Writing from Milwaukee Wisconsin USA. We have a terrible phenomenon that began here and is spreading all over. Not sure if it has come to you in Europe. Google “Kia boys” for part of the story. Underage kids stealing cars and going joyriding. Driving crazy, bad crashes and people hurt and dying. They TikTok/ social media post the thrill ride and share it. We are speaking about 12-17 yr olds who probably have no drivers training just fast and furious movies and GTA games. Riding around with multiple passengers at incredible speeds, weaving around cars in high traffic, crazy driving even cop cars chasing them. They steal one car then another and race on the boulevards. Many lose control or run stoplights and strike other cars. They have run over killed pedestrians and themselves or passengers. Some are linked with shoplifting gangs who causing big losses for retailers or even just robbing people at gunpoint at night. Two weeks ago one of them drove up on the SIDEWALK to drive around me and other cars stopped for a red light. They didn’t even slow to look around for crossing traffic.

    So my question is what planetary influences are at play for say the last 4 years for this behavior to occur and get crazier by the day? I have no natal info to provide about them other than the police indicating many are very young 12 to 16 or so verging on the younger side. They are almost exclusively African American of working class families. As are most of their victims who were hurt/killed/had their cars stolen and destroyed. Previously cars were stolen from higher income suburban areas such as Audis Porsches etc. Now it has switched to Kias Hyundais because it is much easier to steal these cars. Not as fancy but still capable of 100 mph joyriding.

    • Sounds like they are bringing the Playstation games they are hooked on to real life? Just as scientists, etc are trying to bring futuristic/SciFi movies to life now, i.e. AI and the rest? Unsocialized in the human social condition and far removed? Just a thought but someone please correct me.

  5. Hi Marjorie,
    Can you take a look at Alex Murdaugh, born June 17, 1958, in Hampton South Carolina? He’s currently on trial for the murder of his wife and son but seems to have been involved in a lot more crimes. HBO has a documentary on the case and Netflix is coming out with another. It’s a real Southern Gothic tale of wealth, family influence, corruption, murder and embezzlement.

  6. Any chance of analysing the chart for the Archbishop of Canterbury? According to the media, he is being drawn into the Royal family saga, and has a pivotal role in the upcoming Coronation.

  7. On police brutality: Mother of the victim of the latest US episode causing uproar, Tyre Nichols, has told the press Tyre (who kept calling for “mom”) shared birthday with a previous famous victim, Bryonna Taylor, June 5th, 1993. This is chilling, if confirmed.

  8. Marjorie, Please could you take a look at the chart of Andrea Riseborough whose nomination for the Best Actress Oscar is causing quite a stir in the film world. Wiki says dob is 20 November 1981 in Wallsend Tyne and Wear. Many thanks in advance if you are able to do this.

  9. Nadim Zahawi has resigned. Interesting to see transiting Time Lord Saturn, 25 Aquarius, hitting Sunak’s South Node, trine his PM chart’s 25 Gemini Mars. Tory Party 1867 Saturn 25 Scorpio (Moon 25 Taurus). Zahawi’s Venus in Cancer (hanging on to money?) also 25 degrees. Saturn asks him for some adjustments with that aspect! He approaches his Nodal return in February, a new path. Marjorie wrote about the maelstrom brewing, so it seems Saturn’s work may have just begun.

  10. Is there a Chart for Jerusalem? It would be interesting to see the astrological trends for Jerusalem, as it has been the City of Faiths for centuries and is in the News today. Also capital cities or cities that have be one more popular that a country’s dedicated city are interesting comparisons, as well as they appear to lead their country through their popularity.

  11. Not sure whether he’s international enough for your audience, but American comedian and former Tonight Show host Jay Leno is having a seriously accident-prone, unlucky patch — interesting from an astrological point of view.
    A couple of months ago, he was seriously burned while working on one of his vintage steam-cars.
    Now, he’s had a motorcycle accident in which he broke both of his kneecaps and his collarbone.
    To add insult to injury, NBC Universal just canceled his car show — and apparently ended a 30-year run of continuous employment.

  12. 1 Jan 2023 was the bicentenary of the 1823 Goals Act. In force starting 1 September 1823.

    Could this resonate with what’s going on right now in Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon & the SNP?

    i) Sex-Segregation of Prisons
    ii) Female warders for female prisoners

    To prevent double punishment of loss of liberty plus
    a) actual sexual predation
    b) fear of sexual predation

    Applicable across the whole of the British Empire.

  13. Rasmus Paludan January 2 1982 in the Most beautiful island of Denmark,North Zealand.
    Guess,he’ll disappear in March.
    Dangerous Life.

  14. Yes,if you have time do an update for Sweden/Finland joining Nato.
    We have have here a person ,Paludan ,Dane/Swede
    burning Corans in Sweden and Denmark.
    What’s it all about.
    We all know Erdogan is a Dictator as well as Orban.
    They can’t dictate Scandi Laws.
    Beginning to be too ridiculous.
    The Northern Flank is extremely important for all.
    Biden, Stoltenberg,Silent.
    I wonder,All Muslims against the West.That as well.
    Do we have any diplomats still alive?

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