Jay Leno & Flintoff – petrolheads and speed freaks

Jay Leno, the US TV host, comedian and writer, is not slowing down despite two horror accidents one after the other. In November  he suffered second-degree burns over his upper body and part of his face while repairing a 1907 vintage car. Then in mid January he ran his motorcycle down an alley and got snagged by an unflagged clothesline knocking him to the ground with a broken collarbone, two broken ribs and two cracked kneecaps. None of which has stopped him returning to work in La Vegas.

  He was born 28 April 1950 2.03am New Rochelle, NY, and has a Taurus Sun on the cusp of the communicative and busy, busy 3rd house. He has a confident, self-assured Jupiter in his 1st house; a maverick Uranus in his performing 5th, a determinedly hard-working Pluto in his 6th and Mars in Virgo in his 7th opposition Venus.

  Over the fire tr Neptune was opposing his Mars exactly which would produce panic. Both tr Uranus and his Progressed Moon are moving through his over-speedy 3rd house and tugging on his Pluto in his chart area of health and work. The fire also happened when tr Pluto was in a devastating opposition to his Sun/Neptune midpoint.

   It may also be that Pluto moving into his 12th house with Saturn also there added a hint that slowing down might be advisable, which advice he clearly ignored.  Saturn is now dipping below his Ascendant so in coming years he will be prompted to slow down and step back.

  Former cricketer and TV presenter Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff is also recovering from a crash last December as he filmed for Top Gear. He avoided serious physical injury in the collision, suffered a cut face and a broken rib. It came three years after he narrowly cheated death following a shock 125mph crash.

 He was born 6 December 1977, and is a super-optimistic Sun, Neptune in Sagittarius trine Mars in Leo, sextile Pluto (Moon) in Libra. With his Mars in a needs-risk square to Uranus.  There’s nothing much showing around his Mars at the moment but his Solar Arc Saturn is conjunct his Pluto for a sense of stuckness and blockage as his family pressure him to stand down for a while. Having had a second look tr Pluto is trine his Solar Arc Mars which won’t have helped.

For previous accidents Jeremy Renner etc see post January 3 2023.

2 thoughts on “Jay Leno & Flintoff – petrolheads and speed freaks

  1. Leno and I have almost identical ascendants – less than a degree – thus both had tr Pluto & tr Saturn in the 12th.
    I’d been warned some years ago (via my mother who asked her astrologer w/o my asking) to beware of accidents (‘becoming lame’). I took the advice, just in case.
    I also have a wide square between natal Mars & Saturn, which already made me accident-prone (among other difficulties). Though I have avoided an accident, illness and staying home out of caution due to the pandemic, the 12th house has definitely ruled my life over the past few years, and may continue, with Pluto still transiting (while pandemic still around) .

    ps. I also suspect that my relocated ASC further increases the impact of the 12th, with Sag rising, and Jupiter in the natal 12th, compared to other places where I’ve lived. Maybe have to consider moving…

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