Biden’s new chief of staff – not for the faint hearted

Joe Biden has appointed a rottweiler to be in his new Chief of Staff. Described as the worst job in government – relentless, gruelling, thankless – the incumbent can expect the blame when things go badly and get none of the credit when things go well. Dick Cheney, who served Gerald Ford, blamed the job on triggering his first heart attack. The Chief of Staff is head of the executive office of the president, manages the West Wing staff, from policy advisers, to cabinet secretaries, to press officers. Most don’t see out two years never mind a full term.

 Jeffrey Zients, 12 November 1966, a former Facebook executive and government pandemic adviser, has a Scorpio stellium like Joe Biden so they are fairly alike. In his case Sun, Venus, Moon and Neptune are in ultra-determined Scorpio.  He also has a megaton collection of Mars, Pluto, Uranus in Virgo sitting on Joe Biden’s Midheaven. And his confident Jupiter in Leo is conjunct Joe Biden’s opinionated 9th house Pluto.

  There will be potential for some major head-butting in private and tussles over who has the last word in decisions. The chief of staff and president are not always in lockstep – indeed shouldn’t be since the chief of staff is there to provide an alternative viewpoint.

  Their relationship chart is friendly and tied firmly together with a composite Sun, Venus, Mercury square Pluto – but that will be stress tested by tr Uranus opposing the composite Sun, Venus, Mercury from this August onwards into 2024.  There’s also a lucky, though muddled composite Saturn opposition Neptune square Uranus Jupiter which will be under severe pressure from tr Pluto hard aspects right through till late 2024.

   In some ways it is a better relationship than the departing Ron Klain who was a Sun Uranus in Leo which sat oddly with Biden’s Scorpio planets though they had worked together for years.

  Zients’ own chart hints at a slipping and sliding 2023 as tr Neptune is conjunct his Saturn and opposition his Uranus will late year – so not much of a honeymoon. His confidence will get a few boosts and he’s a gritty personality at best, used to tough conditions. He’s got a run of luck through October 2024 and more in 2025 so something will be going well but it may also coincide with a major sigh of relief.  

6 thoughts on “Biden’s new chief of staff – not for the faint hearted

  1. Is Scorpio a bad sign Marjorie? All that focus on other ppls money assets and sting to death vengeful description,is it one sign that is bad?

    • No sign is bad. They all have their plus side and minus side. Scorpios are known as miracle makers because of their relentless determination. They also make great researchers since they dig down to find answers.

  2. “The Chief of Staff is head of the executive office of the president…”.

    The President is of course the head of the Executive Branch.

    So, the Chief of Staff is head of the executive office of the head of the Executive Branch 🙂

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