Priscilla & Lisa Marie Presley – mourning and money wrangles

Priscilla Presley is contesting the will of her late daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, claiming a document which removed her as trustee was never witnessed or notarized and is therefore invalid. If she wins, she will be sole trustee and if she loses, Lisa’s daughter Riley Keough will be in sole charge.

  Lisa Marie who became heir to her father’s fortune when she was nine, never had an easy relationship with her mother and was reportedly abused by one of her mother’s boyfriends when in her teens.

 None of the Presley tribe have/had easy charts. Priscilla’s 8th house controlling Pluto opposed LisaM’s 7th house Aquarius Sun, setting up lifelong tensions with mama desperate to keep a grip on LisaM’s image with money being centre foreground as an issue.

 What is an eye-opener is their relationship chart with a competitive composite Sun, Mercury, Mars conjunction with a fated Yod of Neptune sextile Pluto inconjunct Mars. Neptune Pluto hints at megalomaniac levels of ambition all focused onto a warring Mars.

 Riley Keough, LisaM’s daughter and sister to Benjamin who suicided two years ago, 29 May 1989 8.15 pm Santa Monica, CA, has a charming Sun, Jupiter, Venus in Gemini but also a challenging 8th house Mars in Cancer trine Pluto and opposition Saturn Neptune (Uranus) in Capricorn.

 Grandma Priscilla’s Pluto falls in her financial 8th and Pris’s Saturn in Cancer, also in her 8th conjunct her Mars, trine her Pluto and opposition her Uranus, Neptune, Saturn – not an easy interface with again money a key issue.  Their relationship chart with be stressed and strained, jittered and jangled through this year and into next with transiting Neptune, Saturn and Uranus all tugging and undermining their bond.

 Money and families.  Never a good combination.

9 thoughts on “Priscilla & Lisa Marie Presley – mourning and money wrangles

  1. Sandra. If I was you, I would look at the outside planets transits on natal as well. Look at your Ma’s chart too.
    But, if you can afford to ask Marjorie professionally, do it, she’s not God but she’s next thing to it.
    It took me 15 years after my ma’s death to say Happy Birthday to her and she talked straight back. Bizarre but true. Ps. For about 13 years every mothers day I went looking for a card! And wished I could buy her flowers. Mothers, who’d have em?

  2. Both my parents have Pluto in mid Cancer and so sits smack on my Sun in mid Cancer. I first noticed this in my mid-30’s (interesting how one can unconsciously not look at familial astrology!!). My first reaction was to feel sad for my parents since my Sun would always, always be shining a light on the most difficult and Shadow part of themselves. And they desperately were trying to move on from that war PTSD.

    Then? I wept for myself.

    I’ve seen this in a few charts… some version of a parent with the Sun and Child with the Pluto.. or the other way around. Pluto has the power to win in this dynamic, that’s for sure. The only solution for me was to shut down, be quiet and be nice. Even then, I was like alka seltzer!!… just Being seemed to stir things up!

    So certainly this was a part of Priscilla’s and Lisa-Marie’s relationship…. the child trying to shine but always triggering the mother’s dark corners. And… even more so… any multigenerational muck. This is a STRONG and complicated bond. I wouldn’t assume that Priscilla was lacking in heart, though! A hard exterior can be protecting something very vulnerable.

    My Mom is literally on her deathbed as I write.. my Father died years ago. Transit Pluto is square my natal Moon now!! In my mid-60’s, it feels like I will finally be able to let my Sun shine freely. As for Lisa-Marie… oh my she must have had a similar challenge… trying to simply just Be.

    • Elvis admitted that he had never had sex with a woman who’d been pregnant. Priscilla was said to have become pregnant on their wedding night. Certainly Lisa Marie arrived nine months after the wedding. Priscilla then had an affair with her karate teacher which led to the break up. No wonder her feelings towards her child were complicated, as Lisa Marie’s would have been towards her mother.
      Later when older, Priscilla realised just how young she was when she took up with Elvis at age 14. She may have resented that too, especially as Elvis indulged Lisa Marie’s every whim, while Priscilla had to work hard to get his approval and attention. A toxic mix really, especially with vast sums of money swirling around.

      • With Lisa Marie’s saturn at 8 Aries, it then moved forward over the next year and on into Taurus. In the process, it went over Priscilla’s 3rd house Aries Venus, Mars and crossed her 0Taurus IC. So all in all, the birth of LM would have felt like a huge responsibility forcing her to think of others as well as probably making her feel lonely and unattractive (saturn on venus). I wouldn’t be surprised if Priscilla experienced post-natal depression with those transits.

      • So sorry to hear of your grief at this time. Pluto to the moon can be devastating to the maternally inclined. I have moon at 25.5 Aqua, my daughters’ sun is at 26 Aqua, and she has Leo NN. I have Pluto inconjunct my Aqua sun at 1.5 Aqua,(5th house) and she has Pluto trine sun in Libra. Both of us have Sun and Venus in 10th. So much to share, yet I am regarded as someone to overthrow, and collect her inheritance ASAP.

    • Sandra. Me too. Parents Pluto on my Sun Cancer. Shining a light on their darkness, loved that. Of their 6 children I was the target. My father died in 2018. Mother already gone. My progressed Venus exactly hit progressed Uranus and he went at last with the sun shining on my awful in service Jupiter in Virgo.
      There was an eclipse opposite Pluto on my birthday 2018 and he was eclipsed.
      Losing your mother is worst definitely even when they don’t love you at all. See if your Venus is doing anything on your solar return. Saturn on my Venus in 8th when my Mother went and Uranus I think on the ic. I always look at my mother’s birthday solar return now as well. This year Mars opposite Pluto. Lovely! And Sun trine Pluto. Pluto square Jupiter. Wishing you release and good things to come.

      • ah Lynne…
        That made my heart feel good!!
        You too, eh?… sheesh. Yes.. the “target” for sure for me.
        Mind you, she has been my Buddha teacher for sure.. both parents have been.
        Sounds like you are doing well…. well, you know.. except for those planets!! 🙂

        So on my natal chart, my SA Jup on Asce, SA Mars on Desc and SA Pluto on MC and conj Neptune opp my Moon. All lining up for sure. Liz Greene has a great take on the Neptune in the 10th that describes the experience of the Mother as a “gaping maw of need”. I couldn’t believe how accurate that was.. and kind of funny, too. That is the exact image I had had much earlier!

        And wow!!.. my Solar Arc Venus is conjunct her natal Jupiter at 17 Leo. If there is such a thing as a karmic relationship, we had it. And it does feel like we were able to tie this up nicely with a bow. Not perfect, but so much better. A long, long journey.

        thanks for your care… sorry I’ve gone on… it’s just so interesting!

  3. Priscilla’s eulogy at Lisa Marie’s memorial service was cursory, not at all heartfelt or emotional–as one would expect from a mother who has lost her only daughter to an untimely death. Definitely a toxic relationship there. That Neptune-Pluto interplay says it all.

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