Coronation jitters – and family distractions

Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, will be upfront and centre stage at the Coronation on May 6th, which he says is already giving him nightmares. His spiritual though highly strung Mercury opposition Uranus square Neptune (Moon) in Scorpio will be under considerable pressure from tr Pluto opposition his Uranus and square his Neptune – so not an easy time for clear thinking or clear speaking.

  If reports are true, he may also have the added challenge of trying to act as mediator between Prince Harry and the Royals, especially Prince William, since Charles seems to think a Harry absence would be more distracting than his presence – not a view I imagine shared by many.

  Welby purportedly gets on well with Prince Harry, though I’m not sure if that isn’t wishful thinking. Welby’s Neptune is conjunct Harry’s opinionated Pluto so he could soften him down but Welby’s Uranus is also square Harry’s Pluto and in Harry’s 7th. Plus Welby’s Mars Saturn in Scorpio falls in Harry’s 10th opposition Harry’s Moon which is pretty severe and not exactly sympatico.

 At the Coronation Harry’s Pluto is catching the conjunction to his Solar Arc Sun and both in square to transiting Pluto so it will be a loaded time for him with a downbeat tr Saturn exactly opposition his 8th house Mercury. Tr Pluto is also square his Venus/Saturn midpoint leaving him feeling unloved and unappreciated. And tr Neptune will have been square Harry’s Solar Arc Midheaven from the middle of this February to mid March which will be dithering and undermining.

Tr Saturn at 5 degrees Pisces at the Coronation is having a dampening effect on Harry and Will’s relationship chart as it forms an edgy, high-tension square to the composite Uranus over the Coronation. It will also undercut the composite Jupiter in the Kate/Harry interface, squashing good feelings. Kate and Meghan’s already troubled bond will have tr Pluto square the composite Sun to contend with, which can usually be a complete-break influence.

Camilla looks highly anxious about Harry over the coronation with tr Neptune opposition their composite Saturn and tr Uranus opposition their composite Neptune, moving on to square the Sun from mid year, rocking the boat and widening the split still further.

  Rolling back a few coronations – George IV’s on 19 July 1821 was memorable since he forbade entry to his estranged wife Queen Caroline because of her wayward ways when Princess of Wales. There was a late Cancer Sun trine Pluto and square Jupiter Saturn in Aries; with Pluto square Uranus Neptune in Capricorn – so more turbulent times even than now.

  There is a syncronous oddity about 5 degrees Mutable for Royal Coronations. George IV’s had the North Node at 5 degrees Pisces. Queen Elizabeth 11 had Jupiter at 5 Gemini. The Hanoverian Monarchy start 1 August 1714 has Pluto at 5 Virgo square North Node at 5 Sagittarius. Charles 1 Coronation in 1626 North Node at 5 Virgo.  Not all of them but an interesting repeating theme.

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  1. Perhaps the king should worry more about William, Kate and their three kids showing up for the coronation if he decides to grovel and make the apology that H&M are demanding. Never mind the prestigious seating at Westminster Abbey.

    The king should grow a bit more backbone. At least that is my opinion.

  2. “There is a syncronous oddity about 5 degrees Mutable for Royal Coronations.”

    Thanks Marjorie. So much going on with these charts and history unfolding. With the 5 mutable degree it’s interesting to see Sun 5 Pisces in the chart for the Glorious Revolution, 23 February, 1689. This was when William and Mary signed the document that affirmed a democratic parliament and a limited monarchy.
    William the Conqueror’s hasty coronation in 1066 has Pluto 3 Pisces, and the England-Scotland dynasty, 3 April 1603, has Venus 4 Pisces square Saturn 3 Sagittarius. This was when James VI of Scotland became James 1 of England, the dynastic union of England and Scotland.

    I was also interested to see Uranus in Taurus for February 1689 – 19 degrees. Uranus again in Taurus (11 degrees) in 1603. These are important dates for both royal history, and the history of our constitution. Are there more notable changes ahead?

    Uranus is 14 Scorpio for the 11 May Edgar chart in 973, along with a Taurus stellium of Sun (25), Mercury (26) and Mars 25. I think we’ve talked about this chart not so long ago, and it does seem to work well. The 5th May Lunar Eclipse at 14/5 Scorpio is right on that ancient 14 Scorpio Uranus. Curiously, the Saros Series of this eclipse family, 7 North, began in 1103 with….. Uranus in Taurus. And disruptive, angry Queen Caroline, barred from George IV’s Coronation, had Uranus in Taurus – along with her Sun, Venus and Mercury.

    So there are many chimes and chords with this upcoming Coronation date, but I seriously am wondering about disruption too. Charles’ own 22 Scorpio Sun, and the House of Windsor’s (1917) Uranus at 22 Aquarius seem to connect with the general picture. Uranus reaches 22 Taurus this summer, with tr Jupiter in Taurus activating the May eclipse in August and September. Perhaps he really will ‘disrupt’ or revolutionise the House of Windsor in some way?

    I was prompted to look into all this by a strange, vivid dream I had last night. I was floating above Westminster Abbey, when a giant hand lifted the whole roof off from the building. I could see inside, like a child’s doll house. Then everything went dark, and a storm blew in. It made me uneasy.

    A final thought – Queen Elizabeth 1st, 7th September 1533, had natal Pluto at 0 Aquarius.

    • Well, some other not-so-final thoughts – Meghan Markle’s natal Uranus, 26 Scorpio, Black Moon Lilith 24 Scorpio, and Chiron 22 Taurus have interesting links to the British Edgar chart, House of Windsor chart, and Charles’ own natal chart. And the approaching Uranus transit of course.

      Harry and Meghan’s wedding, 19th May 2018, was on the anniversary of Anne Boleyn’s execution in 1536 JC. That day, despite its Gemini Sun, had a strong fixed sign line up. Moon, Mercury and Venus in Taurus. A horridly symbolic Mars conjunct Saturn in royal Leo. And Pluto in Aquarius (7), during the turbulent period when England was being turned upside down by Henry VIII. We don’t, I think, have a reliable year for Anne Boleyn’s birth, it is either 1501 or 1507. However, the day is 5th May, giving a Sun at 23 Taurus, JC.

      Patterns upon patterns! I remain uneasy about all of this.

        • Ha! thanks GD. It’s all a bit creepy isn’t it? That dream woke me up. Perhaps something a bit clearer will arrive in another dream. Definitely like to shake off these feelings of something being wrong. Or maybe it’s all down to Anne Boleyn!

  3. When the date of the coronation was announced I realised there would be a Lunar eclipse just hours before the coronation – the Sun and Moon at opposition from Scorpio/Taurus would be square to Charles’ Pluto – for me this said it all – obviously no astrologer was around to give advice on a suitable date !

    • Indeed, unlike Elizabeth I who consulted with her court astronomer/astrologer and advisor Dr. John Dee, who chose a propitious coronation day for her, a shrewd lady.

  4. My Leo Sun trines the Coronation Jupiter and normally I am a small “r” Royalist. As I like the continuity of an historical family throughout history; with a splash of pomp! Yet looking at these Charts, I can’t get enthusiastic about this Coronation. Whether it is overkill from the Sussexes with the past four years, or the country’s current predicament. The Coronation has Jupiter conjunct Charles North Node – so the timing is right in some respect, although Jupiter is in Aries a fire sign, whereas the North Node is in Taurus an earth sign – earth can put our fire. Not sure Mercury/Uranus midpoint near the Sun will mean it is a traditional Coronation though. Also Charles Venus/Neptune midpoint is opposition the Coronation Sun, another dampener as water/earth makes mud. This could have an overwhelming feeling on the day. Perhaps it is not going to have the desired effect. Although there is a Venus sextile Jupiter – a need to make everyone feel appreciated? As for Harry’s chart, I actually hope he doesn’t come. My Pluto conjunct Sun can figuratively bury people who annoy me and I have run out of any steam for Harry.

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