Pope Francis – struggling to modernise the Vatican

Pope Francis will be facing a momentous decision about his path ahead with Pluto moving to square his Midheaven as it enters Aquarius in late this March. This usually accompanies a significant career change and being Pluto can also involve a tussle for control which will extend into and across 2024. As the traditionalist Pope Benedict dies,  three books have emerged critical of Francis’s liberal stance on homosexuality, communion for divorcees and support for migrants.

  There is talk of Francis resigning though he dismisses it in public. One book is by Archbishop Georg Ganswein, Benedict’s former personal secretary and there was a highly critical open letter circulating anonymously last year which was written by the scandal-prone Australian cardinal George Pell who described Francis’s papacy as “a catastrophe” and a “toxic nightmare”.

 Francis, born 17 December 1936 9 pm Buenos Aires, Argentina, also has tr Neptune square his 6th house Sagittarius Sun through this year which will lower his energy, already affected by intestinal and knee problems. His Solar Arc Midheaven is fast approaching the conjunction to his Pluto which might indicate a halt in his career- on this birth time in 2024.

  When he was elected in 2013 tr Pluto was just over his Descendant and has been moving through his 7th house for the years thereafter of intense, often bitter relationship conflicts over a variety of Vatican scandals and theological differences.

  His Election chart, 13 March 2013 7.06pm also shows up undermining Neptune transits to the Pisces Sun exactly now and returning through the year and moving on to square the Mars in 2025 – so a longish phase of confusion and diminishing vigour.

 The Vatican chart, 7 June 1929 11 am Rome, is rattled at the moment though the key shifts look to be coming after great uncertainty in 2024 with tr Neptune square the Saturn, and then 2025 with tr Uranus crossing the Midheaven (assuming the start time is accurate to the minute otherwise the timing may be out slightly).

  Georg Ganswein, the German Archbishop, may be amongst the forefront of the critics and his relationship chart with Francis does indicate bitter debate also from late this March onwards through 2024.  

  The politics of the Vatican are a viper’s nest. If it’s not knee deep in money, sex and power struggles, it is a vicious fight between the upholders of the historical status quo versus the reformers.

8 thoughts on “Pope Francis – struggling to modernise the Vatican

  1. why remain anchored 2000 years into the past? In a world full of war, killings, and starvation, what healing has the Catholic Church displayed and deployed?

    My religious background is Roman Catholic, Latin rite. As a child, I saw wonderment and mysticism etched in the stained glass windows. Now? I see hatred, bickering, sex scandals that would make Ghislane lean back and smile. I lost interest in religion decades ago – from hearing Happy Birthday during Xmas high mass – tho from my Ukrainian language lessons, I’m developing an interest in Slavic faiths.

    Who can say what happens?

  2. As a secular Catholic, it’s disappointing that our Pope Francis (one of the greatest Popes of modern times) has had to endure so much adversity from his own congregation. The Vatican really does need to move forward on a number of social issues – other religions have.

    Catholicism is such a beautiful religion in terms of architecture, art, customs, and traditions. However, if the Church wants to continue attracting universal followers (outside of Sub-Saharan Africa [the only region of the world where Catholicism is actually growing rapidly]), then The Vatican is simply going to have to move forward and make social progress – especially with regards to LGBTQIA+ people and women.

  3. Thank you, Marjorie. One interesting fact occurred to me regarding Pope Francis’ Uranus in Taurus. We don’t have an exact date for Pope Francis’ namesake, St Francis of Assisi, but we do know that he was born in late 1181 J.C. Which puts Uranus in early Taurus with Jupiter closely conjunct for November/December of that year squaring Neptune in early Aquarius – Saint Francis was of course a reformer, who wanted the Church to return to the basic teachings of Christ, to embrace simplicity, to be dedicated to helping the poor, to not hoard wealth and to have reverence for nature, animals and the environment.

    So it’s interesting to see the synastries between Francis of Assisi and the Pope, because not only does the Uranus/Jupiter conjunction of late 1181 conjunct Pope Francis’ natal Uranus, but also the 1181 Neptune in early Aquarius conjuncts the Pope’s natal Venus.

    • Did you see the two popes (netflix). Pope Francis has had my sympathy ever since. A generous and real faith faced with colder strategies. Penance for the Pinochet years? How has he carried the weight of the papacy. Has it been too heavy to bear.

      the young man he was (in the two popes) lives rent free in my mind :). Did God really move to claim him (because the world church needed him as pope?), or was it chance and personal catastrophe (and the world has him as upholder of the faith behind the scenes as needed).

      Can he still dance the tango every week as pope.

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