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  1. Hi Marjorie, what is the outlook for Northern Ireland, coming up to the 25 year anniversary of the Good Friday agreement. James Cleverley is in the US discussing the protocol and Sunak wants a deal. Even the name Tony Blair was mentioned on BBC Newsnight.

  2. Hi Marjorie,

    What do you think of the latest clash between Nicola Sturgeon and UK government over Gender Reform Bill? Will this intervention by Westminster revive the calls for Scottish Independence? Many political pundits are predicting that.

    Thank you

  3. The world’s oldest person, born in 1904, has died. French nun Sister André, the world’s oldest known person, died on Tuesday at the age of 118 in the southern city of Toulon. Born as Lucile Randon on February 11, 1904, in Alès, France, to Paul Randon and Alphonsine Delphine Yéta Soutoul.

    She ate chocolate and drank a glass of wine every day.

    SADly, no time of birth from Wiki.

  4. Following the shocking revelations regarding Met officer and serial rapist David Carrick yesterday, it was interesting that the news came out just as a fixed T-square with Moon in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus squaring onto a focal point Venus in Aquarius. I also saw Marjorie mention January 2023 in her article of last March regarding the Met’s astrology in the context of the Sarah Everard case and jailing of former officer, Wayne Couzens.

    Not only that, but the Solar Arc north node is now in Aries and conjunct transit Chiron and this year, transit Chiron moves forward in Aries to conjunct the Met’s SA Sun. Lots of debate about toxic macho attitudes and misogyny within the organisation. At the same time transit Chiron squares Cressida Dick’s Saturn in Capricorn. In the Times yesterday it was reported that Dick was forced to step down by Sadiq Khan because of this case. It was also revealed that reporting resctrictions on the case are still in place. It will be interesting to see what happens when transit Neptune joins the Met’s South Node in Pisces in a couple of years, while transit Pluto conjuncts their natal Uranus.

    • Thanks VF, I have also been wondering about this awful, deeply concerning case. There are hundreds more cases apparently. The Capricorn Sun is aligned with Pluto now, very law and order, trining the Met’s Virgo NN of direction and purpose. One of the meanings for Pluto/Nodes from Mukasey is quite chilling:
      ‘Using others solely as sexual objects; added inability to understand the human side of relationships…’

      According to cps.gov.uk David Carrick was born on 4th January, 1975. Pluto has been transiting his 27 Capricorn Venus. I noticed his Neptune (10 Sagittarius) and Nodes at 9 Sagittarius/Gemini are aspecting the Met’s Jupiter 10 Sagittarius, and ascendant, 9 Sagittarius. Does that Jupiter/asc represent justice? Carrick’s chart makes some interesting links with the chart for the Met, so I wonder (hope) if this case could, along with the new Commissioner, be the catalyst for deep change? Those degrees are also close to the transiting Mars/Mercury quincunx at 8 Degrees – perhaps that’s involved as well with Gemini communications and Mercury in legal Capricorn? Carrick also has a Jupiter/Neptune, Mars, Nodes square, and we’ve been discussing Jupiter/Neptune recently.

      This problem certainly isn’t restricted to the Met either. Hard to think this is 2023. Feels like decades ago!

      • Oh thanks for those dob details, Jane. The Met’s North Node is conjunct Mars in Virgo. I see that Carrick also has a widish Mars/North Node conjunction in Sag. And yes, the current Mercury/Mars quincunx is triggering Carrick’s North Node and the Met’s Asc/Jupiter as you say. Also worth bearing in mind is Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius this March. It will square the Met’s 0 degrees Mercury in Scorpio.

        • Yes I think the Pluto ingress, and probably the weeks beforehand, will be quite intense. A big astro-watch moment for everyone. The toxic Garrick has Uranus 1 Scorpio. Another potential trigger point. We don’t know if he was in some terrible Whatsapp group either. Pluto to Met Mercury and his Uranus could bring tech-based secrets to light. About time the Met and all the other forces opened up, and admitted the ‘one bad apple’ excuse is looking a bit lame. Obviously, there are many good police officers, but they will suffer if there isn’t more clarity.

          • Sure, let’s not forget there are some outstanding serving officers who place themselves in danger to protect the public. I’m very grateful for them. But the ingrained culture of racism, sexism and homophobia needs rooting out.

            I see Carrick’s Mars is conjunct Neptune. Perhaps this explains partly how he was able to conceal his crimes. He also confined some of his victims. His Mars makes a quincunx to Saturn in Cancer, which is in turn one corner of a Cardinal Grand Cross. Plus, he has Moon/Pluto in Libra squaring onto his Sun which in turn opposes Saturn. Chiron in Aries squares his Capricorn Sun and Cancer Saturn. I wonder to what extent Chiron in Aries can represent wounded masculinity? It’s there right now and we’ve just had the Andrew Tate arrest in Romania.

          • That’s a very interesting idea VF. I think there’s definitely much more work to be done on Chiron, both as a separate body, and also as represented in the constellation Centaurus. It stretches from 20 Libra to 29 Scorpio, but is not visible at all in some parts of the world.

            The role of Chiron as a mythic teacher of ‘heroes’ is important, and seems to encompass learning about ethics and values. The Piscean-feeling wounded healer meaning is one facet, I believe, of this figure – whether astrological comet body Chiron, or in the home constellation. I like this quote about Chiron – he is a mysterious and richly layered mythic creature.

            “Greeks and Romans knew the celestial bowman as Chiron, wisest of the centaurs.3 “The most famous of the centaurs, son of Cronus, renowned for wisdom and skill in medicine,” runs the entry for “Chiron” in Webster’s unabridged (1916), “…instructor of Achilles, Asclepius, and other heroes. . . After his death he was placed among the stars.” A more detailed entry appears in the Dictionary of Syr Thomas Eliot (1538): “Chiron, nis, the name of a man, whom poetes doo fayne to be the one halfe of a man, the other halfe lyke a hors: who fyrst dyd fynde the vertues of herbes, and taughte Aesculapius phisike, and Apollo to harpe, and Astronomy to Hercules, and was master to Achylles, and excelled all other men of his tyme in vertue and iustyce.” (From a University of Minnesota lecture)

        • I was thinking about the Pluto and Saturn ingresses. There’s some hope for progress, even though I sometimes think every silver lining has a cloud.
          Anyway – the UK 1801 Yod is Uranus 1 Libra, Jupiter 1 Leo, Pluto 2 Pisces. When Sir Robert Mark took over as Met chief in April 1972, Saturn was just into Gemini, 2 degrees. Pluto was 0 Libra – 29 Virgo then (Met Nodes). Robert Mark was determined to deal with widespread corruption in the Met. Many officers left, or were sacked during this time.

          After Robert Mark left his post, there was Operation Countryman, August 1978. It was a massive investigation into corruption in several big cases. That August, Saturn was between 0 – 4 Virgo. The Met’s own chart was having a Nodal Return at 27-8 Virgo.
          I imagine there’ll be more examples. But I think when the UK’s Uranus – change, Jupiter – justice, and Pluto – breakdown and rebuilding, are triggered we might see something positive eventually? Perhaps transiting Saturn is especially relevant, being much associated with rules and boundaries?

          I must admit when the Home Secretary told the House that there are more cases to be revealed, my heart sank further. She must already know what some of these cases are. As does Sadiq Kahn. An uncomfortable thought.

  5. How would comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) affect charts? It has a 50,000 year orbit and I’m wondering if it has any significance, especially with it being “green”.

  6. Marjorie, could you possibly do an update on Biden’s appointed US attorney General Merrick Garland. Your last one was in 2016 as Obama’s Scotus candidate. He is handling a myriad of Trump cases for which he appointed a special counsel recently but all moving at snail pace. He now yet another special counsel, a Trump admin. picked attorney, for Biden’s classified documents debacle. Garland seems to be more worried about appeasing Trump world again and again as though afraid of the right wing fall-out, rather than holding up US law. Doesn’t seem he is able to accomplish much by end of 2024
    Thanks in advance

  7. I saw actress/singer Janelle Monáe, recently in the Glass Onion movie, on a talk show this week and checked her natal chart – it’s on astro.com with an A rating. It’s an astonishing looking chart and she is unusual and quite the talent. Could you look at her sometime?

    • Hi Marjorie
      If you have time, could you please have a look at Brendan Fraser’s chart? Is he okay? Seems still very overwhelmed by his success in Whale.

  8. Regarding the USA: natal chart has Pluto at 27Cap22 and Neptune at 22Vir25 square Mars at 22Gem21.

    Transiting Neptune is now at 23 Pis, and tr Pluto is at 28 Cap. Mars will be at 22 Gem in March.

    When the American civil war started on 12 Apr 1861, Neptune was at 29Pis56.

    I’m wondering if transits of Neptune are more important for the US than transits of Pluto.

    • The first Neptune return of the US Civil War, lining up neatly with the US’s first Pluto Return and the first Uranus return of the start of WWII.
      The US is really having a lot of astrological fun all together.

      • Mathematically, a Uranus Return (84 years) is a third of a Pluto Return (248 years) and a Neptune Return (165 years) is two-thirds of a Pluto Return.
        So, any one of the Return above will also involve the other two planets making aspects to the natal planets. So I think it is very hard to look at only one of the outer planets as being the main instigator of any particular event.

  9. President Biden is in the News for files etc. Perhaps a look at his methods of Presidential rule? Also Boris Johnson is still a huge pull and has received the largest amount of donated money. What are his chances of becoming a leader of the Conservative Party again this year? As he seems to have more pop ups than a Jack-in-Box!

    • I would have to confess I never warmed to Biden – if they weren’t planted which the GOP would never believe – he really does give hostages to fortune what with Hunter et al.
      A Boris boomerang – the prospect makes me ill – I’m just praying the lure of big money takes him elsewhere. I’ll look tomorrow.

      • My first instinct when I saw the headlines was also that this is a set up . Given the situation with Trump files recently there is no way he could be that stupid to do the same thing

      • Not a whole lot of people warmed up either and that’s pretty much expressed in his overall approval ratings but the alternative was way worse, so we have what we have. Surely going to be a horrendous year ahead.

    • There is an interesting article in The Spectator “Is this the beginning of the end of Joe Biden?” which delves into the timing of these raids. With mid-term elections out of the way, Trump on the decline and Biden past his usefulness, the Democrats want new blood for 2024.

  10. Hello…Just to say, I too would appreciate your current thoughts on Ukraine as well as that rat hole Republican house that has just gained power. Thanks.

  11. Hi Ms. Orr
    Please look at Shirley Ardell Mason’s chart and her Dr. Cornelia Wilbur. Ms. Mason is based on the book + movie “Sybil.” It is about a woman had 16 different personalities due to horrific childhood abuse! Shirley was born on January 25 1925 in Dodge Center, Minnesota an only child. Dr.Wilbur born on August 26 1908 in Cleveland, Ohio. Some people are now saying Cornelia manipulated Shirley to commit medical fraud? Would this mental illness be found in astrology chart?

  12. Hi Marjorie,

    there’s been a lot of confusion about what’s happening in Ukraine right now. According to the Daily Kos, Vladimir Putin recently replaced Sergey Surovikin with Valery Gerasimov as commander of the Ukraine operation (which surprised many and Gerasimov has been described as just as ineffective as his predecessor).

    Also, conflicting news reports have been circulating about the current battles raging on in the Donbas town of Soledar. For example, Russian news sources (as well as some far-left, far-right, and Russian sympathizing international news sources) are claiming Russians and the Wagner Group have taken control of Soledar and that up to 1,000 Ukrainian soldiers committed “suicide” after the “takeover.” Reuters reported that the Wagner Group claims to have killed 500 Ukrainian soldiers in the area.

    However, Ukrainian news sources (as well as other reputable international news sources) have all disputed these claims. While Ukraine acknowledges that Russian forces have made inroads into Soledar, they claim that the town hasn’t actually fallen. Also, the number of Ukrainian soldiers Russians claim to have killed (as well as Ukrainian soldiers supposedly having committed suicide appears subjective).

    I’m more inclined to believe the reporting from the many English-language Ukrainian newspapers (like Kyiv Post, etc) than I am anything the Russian Federation is reporting. For example, it seems extremely unlikely Russians and the Wagner Group succeeded in killing that many Ukrainian soldiers within such a brief time frame…and it seems even unlikelier that 1,000 Ukrainian soldiers would commit “suicide” over a town supposedly being taken.

    Russian news sources have been caught red handed in a number of other lies recently. For example, they claimed they shot down over 30 something HIMARS Systems when Ukraine only received 20 (which has been verified by every credible news source worldwide). Also, Russian news outlets have resorted to some of the most outlandish claims I’ve ever heard of – like reporting that Ukrainian soldiers were engaging in “Satanism,” were “Jewish Nazis” (I’m still having a hard time figuring out how they came up with that one), and were embracing “homosexuality” and “woke liberalism.”

    Personally, I think most of what Russia reports on Ukraine is a bunch of outrageous nonsense. However, I am surprised by how successful Russian propaganda has been infiltrating both far-left and and far-right circles (particularly on social media). I read about a Russian “troll farm” called Internet Research Agency (aka Glavset) that creates multiple (and sometimes quite convincing) social media profiles of people living all over the world (they use computer generated images of stock photography and these profiles have multiple followers, “likes” and other shared content).

    On Twitter, for example, I’ve noticed pro-Russian trolls from India appear to be the most gullible to Russian propaganda…while far-right American trolls trail closely behind.

    I know Mercury is currently in retrograde…and I wondered if that might have because of some of the conflicting reports (because even reputable news sources seem confused right now).

    Anyway, I was just wondering if you had any further astrological insights as to what is happening in Ukraine. With all of the conflicting reporting, I don’t know who has the advantage right now.

    Valery Gerasimov, the newly appointed head of the Russian operation in Ukraine, was born on September 08, 1955 in Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia. However, I couldn’t find a birth time for him.

    Anything you can share would be sincerely appreciated. As always, thank you for your daily posts.

    • Maybe Solaia will have a better take on Russian disinformation. I was never that sanguine about Zelensky’s chart with tr Pluto opposition his Mars from late this March onwards and his Term chart looking slightly confidence dented soon. I’ll have a look tomorrow when I can clear head space to look at all the charts.

  13. Hi all, has anyone tracked transits to their East Point? I hadn’t heard of it until a couple of days ago. I think it is axis 90 degrees from the MC but someone correct me if not. Just wondering if it has any real meaning, if that is the angle it is on my neptune so it is hard for me to pick apart if there could be any significance to the degree. Thanks!

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