Michael Flatley – a super-charged New Moon in Cancer

Michael Flatley, famous for his Irish production Riverdance, is sadly suffering from an “aggressive form of cancer” it has been announced. He shot to fame with Riverdance, which first appeared as an intermission piece during the 1994 Eurovision interval in Dublin. He then choreographed and danced in a full length show.

  After 25 years it has been seen by three billion people worldwide on television and his stage shows have played to more than 60 million people in 60 countries. He gave up performing a few years back because of physical strain. Last year he launched a Lord Of The Dance tour to raise money for the humanitarian effort in Ukraine. 

  He was born into an Irish family with a dancer mother in Chicago on 16 July 1958 at 11.55am.He has a 10th house New Moon in creative and ambitious Cancer which squares onto an exuberantly enthusiastic and high-vitality Mars in Aries opposition Jupiter North Node in Libra – so he was always going to make his mark.

  His Mars is in a disciplined trine to Saturn, in a showbizzy opposition to Neptune and an ultra-determined trine to Pluto. His Venus in sociable Gemini is trine Jupiter, sextile Mercury in Leo giving him a flair for a popular spectacle.

  His Solar Arc Mars is moving to square his Pluto over the next eighteen months which will be challenging for him along with a frustrating tr Pluto square his Mars for the second year running.

  Sad news and one can only hope for the best.

3 thoughts on “Michael Flatley – a super-charged New Moon in Cancer

  1. Asteroid Terpsichore, body movement, dance, at the Aries Point, 00Li57, rising, just above his Ascendant.
    Jupiter at the famous degree, 22, in his Ascendant……see Marjorie’s numerology list for 22.

  2. Professor Angus Dalgleish is blaming the vaccine boosters for causing the massive rise in ‘ aggressive ‘ cancers and heart disease…

  3. In addition, transit Pluto, in later Capricorn, has been hammering away… squaring that concentrated north and south node along with squaring his Mars and Jupiter and Neptune.
    I am born one week earlier, with my Moon at late Aries next to south node….and this is quite the challenge to handle!
    Add to this the transit Uranus is swiftly moving towards the 2*Prog. Mars and the transit nodes are moving to their opposite positions. Doesn’t help that my Mars is the kite tip of a grand trine in air AND the final dispositor of my chart! I am honestly waking up with a wave of panic most mornings and all I want to do is hide indoors or do Tai Chi. Mostly hide.

    In all of this, I’ve been thinking a lot about Harry and this massive, archetypal Greek tragedy that the planets seem to be opening us all to. In my gut, it seems like a Wagnerian opera but then I read more and came upon Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex story. The tragedy of how fate and free will play out in a person’s life. Although initially it seems that Oedipus had NO choice because of the early predictions, in fact, he DID make choices which had consequences.

    This fate/free will dynamic has always fascinated me. Probably what led me to astrology!

    I see the planets (esp. the outer ones), colliding into Michael’s chart.. into Harry’s.. into mine. How do you work with such big energies? The last kick at this can was transit Pluto over my ascendant. In that case I certainly got practical for the 5 years before and prepared in a certain way. But this time? … seems harder.

    And so I find myself feeling compassion for Harry. I HAVE a lot of skills and know astrology. It helps.
    And my heart goes out to Michael…. a fellow July 1958 baby dealing with a harsh reality.

    It all seems so BIG right now!!

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