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  1. Marjorie, can you do an updated read on Ivanka Trump who just came out saying she is not going to work in politics or support her father in his 2024 run? Her and Jared have a massive lawsuit against them which will most likely forbid them from doing business in NY.

    In addition, it would be interesting to see Russell Brand’s transits too. He is growing in popularity amassing almost 7 million followers with interesting celebrity guests and thought provoking views on what is going on in the world.

  2. I personally believe that certain nations like Germany will find someway to avoid their obligation to NATO. The last thing that they want is to go to war with Russia. It will be considered an accident.

    • @Linda, it was, most likely, an Ukrainian antiballistic missile. Notice how calm Poland has stayed in all this, and they are known for quick and by no means “diplomatic” answers to Russia. Makes sense astrologically, too, with Neptune square Mars BOTH retrograde.

      • I agree with you, Solaia. 22 Pisces Neptune square 22 Gemini Mars, and in mutable signs, just has ‘error’ written all over it. Also, smoke and mirrors written all over it. Plus the recent unstable eclipse.
        Of interest:

        USA Mars in Gemini, 21 degrees
        Russian Sovereignity 1990 – Sun 21 Gemini
        Russia, end of monarchy 1917 – Mars 21 Pisces
        USA Defence Department – Mars 17 Gemini (and eclipse zone 17 Scorpio Jupiter)
        NATO, also sensitive to both eclipses with Pluto 16 Leo, ascendant 2 Scorpio
        Warsaw Pact, 14 May, 1955 – Mars 22 Gemini, eclipse sensitive Saturn 17 Scorpio (Soviet Union response to NATO, eventually dissolved)

        There’s more than this across a number of relevant charts. Perhaps a turning point has arrived?

  3. Russian missiles “misfired” to Poland around 07.00 pm local time today, November 15th, 2022. Mark this time, will be important in what happens next in Russia. (Personally, I think this is a coup on Putin.)

    • I wrote on this site on 29th March “there only needs to be a (mis)guided Russian missile land in Poland for it to be ‘game on’ for NATO”. I am mighty curious to see what happens next. Is this a game changer or will a pretext be found to dismiss it as a collateral event?

    • Following a lunar and solar eclipse…anything is possible. Would be very stupid move on Putin’s part to deliberately send something “just over the border”. But then, electronics are notoriously fickle. Early versions of Patriot missiles had microchip defects so the missiles would chase ghosts.

      • IDK, maybe Russia testing the water: just how united is NATO actually? Another astro site put Pluto on midheaven for this ‘incident’, reeks of Russia to me but Biden (and others) anxious to avoid any direct confrontation. Still curious about what happens next.

  4. Marjorie
    I wonder if you would be kind enough to look at the London Stock Exchange, I have found two possible dates: 18 May 1801 and 8 Nov 1972, it has just been reported that it is no longer the biggest one in Europe having been superseded by the Paris Bourse.
    Two reasons have been given for its decline: Brexit and political uncertainty, I wonder whether there is a third one in that private companies are not as willing to list.
    These places, imperfect as they are, indicate somewhat the economic health of a country.
    Much obliged

  5. Hi Marjorie,

    It looks like Dominic Raab is in trouble with a steady flow of complaints about his difficult behaviour towards his civil servants. What is astonishing is that his behaviour was a common knowledge in media circles for years, but no one reported it.

    Do you see him surviving in the government or he too is on his way out?

  6. Marjorie

    Any chance that you could have a look at the chart of Samuel Bankman-Fried born 6 March 1992 in Stanford California. The collapse of his crypto currency exchange and the related Hedge Fund Alameda involves some quite murky activity which stretches beyond the the esoteric world of the likes of Bitcoin. I feel this along with the issues at Twitter and Meta heralds a bigger shakeup of the tech sector as Pluto enters Aquarius.

  7. Hi Marjorie, to make a change from all the political stuff, have you ever looked at the chart of Heddy Lamarr. Apart from being a movie icon of the 1940s she was also a scientist and inventor whose frequency-hopping technology laid the groundwork for today’s wifi, Bluetooth and GSM, work for which she was never formally acknowledged during her lifetime.

    • @Troy, yes. Both amazing candidatea. But if I had to bet on first female President of the US, I’d go with Whitmar. How come isn’t anyone talking about her as opposed to the Republican drone in Florida?

      • @Solaia: I’ve said in previous posts that Whitmer has potential. She has some chops, but her gender and party are still hurdles; like it or not. You’d need a woman version of Barack to overcome those hurdles and win against the likes of DeSantis. Is Whitmer such a candidate? I doubt it.
        Remember…the popular vote might lean Democrat, but the E.C now leans GOP. So it would be easier for Liz Cheney to become POTUS than Whitmer.
        The none MAGA Repubs had a damn good midterms actually. DeSantis got the biggest GOP victory in Florida since the 1800s….Ha! And look what happened in New York up and down the ballot. So despite Abortion rights, I wouldn’t advise Dems to risk a female candidate for President now.
        Whitmer can always run just to get her feet wet to see how she’ll do; and maybe even get a running mate spot. If she proves me wrong and galvanizes the masses, great!

  8. Could you please shine a little light on the new Swedish Government that was elected by the parliament on the 17th of October at noon exact CEST. There are three parties involved and a forth party outside acting like a puppet master.

  9. Marjorie:
    Democrats defied historic trends in the 2020 midterms with minimal losses in congress however a number of GOP election deniers managed to get themselves elected adding to an already influential extreme right in the House and setting the stage for the 2023 “slog” as you forecasted. Pending the outcome of senate races in Arizona and Nevada, history is also repeating itself and Georgia will once again decide control of the senate. Since neither won 50%, the race between Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock, and Trump endorsed Republican opponent, Herschel Walker, will go to a Dec. 6 runoff.

  10. @Chris Romero and @Roderick, you have my sympathies, and I cannot begin to explain the actions of women, most in my age group, who would sacrifice their daughters and granddaughters as well as themselves. Maybe they just vote the way hubby tells them to. If that is the case, very sad and pathetic.

    You know in Britain women died to get the vote. They sacrificed a lot to get equal rights, and presumably it was much the same in America. How sad that so many of these women have no understanding of that sacrifice!

  11. HI Marjorie, Have you looked at Generation Z, and if you have not can you? Or please point me to the right article? The election has us still split in the states, but Generation Z really turned out as well as the women, and it really helped keep things balanced. I think a lot of Republicans stayed home. There are still a lot of crazies who ran, and they are there. Generation Z has interested me for a while, and the first Generation Z has been elected to the house. I have two nephews who are 20 (Generation Z) – they are tough and opinionated and pragmatic. Thank you – KT

  12. A round of applause and standing ovation for the SCOTUS!! The Dems thank them very much.
    And a special shout out to Michael Moore for being pretty much proven right once again. Unlike most so called experts. It’s not over but things look good.

        • Well the extreme gerrymandering is the result of the DNC abandoning red states and leaving them without a Democratic party apparatus.
          I live in deep red Alabama and there was some races where there were no Democratic candidates

          Howard Dean had it right with his 50 State strategy but he was unceremoniously ousted and state parties have been allowed to atrophy since.

          The DNC is staffed by losers like Mary Cahill who ran John Kerry’s presidential campaign into the ground EIGHTEEN years ago.

          • I read that this year the DNC opted to put more money into field operations than ads, which makes sense to me.

            As a former local Dem party official in Virginia — in the mid ’90s — I can tell you that more depends on local will and support for the party, though help from national certainly helps. You need to look locally for competent leadership. It’s also awfully hard to recruit good candidates when they don’t have any hope of actually winning, as must be the case in Alabama and other deep red areas.

            Is Alabama better for you than Florida? I can tell you I find California far more friendly for a liberal like me than the most liberal, but still fairly conservative, corner of Virginia. I wouldn’t move back east.

  13. Today’s BBC news says Meta to cut 13% of its workforce worldwide. Mark Zuckerberg has apologised. Back in October 2021 Marjorie noted:

    “The Eclipses from this November’s Taurus Lunar Eclipse and on through 2022 into 2023 will also rattle up a good going series of crises, so he’ll have to change whether he likes it or not. His Progressed Mars will conjunct his 2nd house Saturn in 2022 which could see a major financial setback.”

    It’s fascinating to see how October and November’s recent Solar and Lunar eclipses and transits hit the charts for Mr Zuckerberg, Facebook IPO, and Facebook’s arrival on 4th February 2004. Pluto in Aquarius will have something to say to FB Mars, 0 Taurus, and FB IPO’s Moon, 2 Taurus too.

  14. Russian Defence Minister just announced withdrawal of their troops to Left (East) Bank of Dnipro, effectively leaving Kherson.

    I honestly started crying of relief reading this, the fighting has been intense, I’ve seen too many memorative postings on young Ukrainians who would have had bright future ahead in the past couple of days. But this is not looking good for Shoigu, for sure.

    • Solaia – do you think this could be a ‘tipping point’? Obviously, I am hoping and praying for that.
      Shoigu’s natal chart does have Saturn at 16 Scorpio – yesterday’s powerful eclipse was exactly opposite this. He also has Mars in Gemini (26), so is having Mars retrograde until January 2023. That could mean difficulties in making progress I think.

      • @Jane, Ukrainians seem to be understandably wary of this announcement, because they feel it’s a trap. But Russia is running out of missiles and even Iranian drones, and they’ve sustained truly significant losses of manpower here, too, and China has pretty much closes Russia’s options of using tactical nukes. Therefore, this is now reported as a colossal humiliation in Russian social media and may lead all kind of unexpected consequences.

        My feeling that there will be Ukrainian victory leading to armistice of a kind at least by the end of year also remains.

        • Thanks Solaia for answering my query! Yes, I can imagine how Ukrainians might feel this is a trap. There’s always the danger of a double bluff situation. A victory and armistice would be wonderful. I very much hope that happens, and that the long work of rebuilding and healing can then begin.

          • Jane & Solaia – for what it’s worth, as a tarot reader I have read several spreads on Putin’s situation and future, and have drawn the Death card every single time! I drew Death and the Ace of Pentacles on the last reading and since the Aces in the tarot can be read as ‘timing’ cards, the Ace of Pentacles signifies the start of Winter Solstice and the 3 month period that follows.

          • Very interesting Tarot VF. And the timing is thought provoking. Next spring Saturn opposes Ukraine’s Sun (August 91 chart), and Pluto moves to conjunct its 1 Aquarius Saturn. Saturn rules Ukraine’s Capricorn ascendant. While these transits aren’t exactly joyful, they show great determination. Ukraine’s Pluto is 17 Scorpio, so was energised by yesterday’s Lunar Eclipse. Certainly looks like a new era, with those sign changes ahead. The New Moons of January and February are at 1 Aquarius and Pisces, chiming with the spring sign changes too.

          • @Virgoflake, interesting! I do tarots too, but feel my own wishes and hopes could interfere here, so not going to do one on Putin’s future. Something worth considering is that Russian Federation conventional astrological chart is set to December 25th, 1991. Therefore, Ace of Pentacles could relate to larger turmoil as well, either leading or stemming from what ever is happening to Putin. The “word” is, of course, that he is more or less seriously ill. He definitely had some sort of cortisone puffiness in the Spring, and now seems to have lost weight.

  15. A note on Fetterman: There is no reason to believe his cognitive capacities to deliberate and think have been knocked off line. In fact, the degree of his recovery from this relatively short period out is greatly heartening for his long-term health. I have worked with people with various forms of traumatic brain injury and outward difficulties with speech don’t capture the clear thinking going on inside.

  16. We’re still waiting for results in Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia. Johnson is still ahead in Wisconsin (barely) with many votes still coming out of Madison and Milwaukee….so, maybe Barnes can pull off a win?

    I expected this election to be close….but I’m still angry. I can’t believe more women voters didn’t come out and vote against these fascist Republicans like many of us were hoping for. I guess some of them really don’t mind a bunch of psychotic white men controlling their uterus after all. And look at how my pathetic state voted. Marco Rubio and Ron DeSantis won quite easily and they won almost every county here in Florida – including Miami-Dade. They threaten to take away social security, medicaid, and medicare…and get rewarded for it? Make that make sense.

    Anyway, we Democrats were able to stop the anticipated “red wave” but the Republicans still made gains and they’re still favored to win the House (unless California pulls through for us).

    One thing I can say: the astrology was definitely correct. Uranus’s presence in this election certainly did give us the “unexpected” and it’s made all of us miserable.

    • @Chris Romero, I’m so sorry for Florida! ☹️ That said, very few saw House being such a tossup. At 05:00 am ET, Republicans are only at +6 net pickup (Democrats have picked up some seats too). Who ever picks the House will likely end up with razor thin majority that could be wiped out by someone dying/quitting at a competitive district.

      I’m also quite confident about Warnock winning Georgia runoff, because many Kemp supporters may not feel as fired up with voting just Walker. I can see white women in particular completely “Roy Mooreing” Hershel. There already is some maybe not major but significant signs pointing to that, Warnock is outperforming Abrams by over 100 k votes, there are clearly were some Kemp-Warnock voters that would be hard to explain with anything but personal outrage on Walker.

      • What popped into my mind is that there were R Congresspeople involved in Jan. 6. That could change things. And the Florida stuff with Gaetz–which looks like a big pile of corruption. The Congressional investigation into Jan 6 will be wrapping up–but if there is a Special Prosecutor working on the case there could be some Rs out of jobs. And George Clooney has a film coming out about Jim Jordan & his hiding sex abuse by a colleague at the Uni where he worked.
        If things go well…a bunch of them could be removed, indicted, or forced to resign. Crooked, crooked bunch.
        So many ballots left to count too!

        • @KG, Gaetz is from what might be the most solidly Red districts in the US, and would likely be replaced by another Republican candidate. Jordan is part of what was known as “Godzilla Republican” fraction in Ohio State House, essentially people whose supporters made MAGA happen, and the same goes for him. They might, obviously, be casualities of coming Republican clash between DJT and establishment pushing DeSantis. Already the fact that Georgia Republicans didn’t primary Marjorie Taylor Green was a decision made in order to not divide the party because Governor and Senator positions were on play. Since 2024 there won’t be an important statewide race in Georgia, in case Trump won’t be Republican nomination, she’d likely to be primaried.

    • Also, I just had to go and look at Wisconsin. Remaining Milwaukee vote should break for Barnes 80-20 for him to Statewide win, but there are also around 18 000 Dane County votes to be counted, and these have broken 75-25 for Barnes. No wonder anyone hasn’t called this yet! This is likely to be within 10 000 gap.

      • Barnes was a weak candidate for the Dems in WI. A stronger candidate would have demolished Johnson. There was a female candidate who dropped out for Barnes to run. Bad choice as RoevWade was a major impetus for women in WI to vote. And Johnson is so sleazy. Voted himself a major tax break.

        • I disagree.
          Republican ran against the Democratic brand by tying Democrats to crime.
          The only disadvantage that Barnes had that his primary opponents didn’t was that he was black.
          I mean he got elected as Lt Governor four years ago.

    • @ Chris, I am not surprised that women voters didn’t show up for Democrats because yesterday’s chart had Uranus retrograde conjunct the moon which usually represents women.

      Plus look how well Trump did with white female voters in 2016 and 2022.
      They are not reliable allies to Democrats any more.

      I’m not surprised by the results in Florida because the polls had DeSatan and Rubio leading their respective opponents by double digits plus there are almost 100K more registered Republicans than Democrats in Florida and Democratic turnout during midterms is usually disappointing.

      The Democratic Party in Florida is pretty much dead.

      • @Roderick, after the last election cycle I heard a report on NPR by a British reporter trying to cover some congressional races in Florida. He’d had enormous difficulty contacting both the Florida Democratic Party and specific campaigns for his story. He said it was no surprise to him that several prominent Dem Congressional candidates lost badly because the party and campaigns were so disorganized they were effectively AWOL and the Dem party had for all practical purposes disappeared.

        My sense is that if Dems ever want to win in Florida again the party there is going to have to be reinvented with totally new leadership and organizers. (Long ago I was a pretty successful local Dem party chair in Virginia and now live in far more Dem-friendly California.)

        • @Nicole: I said in 2020 that Dems should abandon Florida and work on Texas. Apparently they agreed because they didn’t put much effort into Florida, but look at how Beto performed in Texas compared to Crist in FL. Beto did very well along border counties; border counties!! Quite impressive. And Beto is kinda quirky. Imagine someone like a Josh Shapiro in that state.

  17. Mastodon is gaining millions of people who are leaving Twitter since Elon Musk took over. It’s a free, open-source software with some similarities and differences to Twitter. Any insights on the future of Mastodon, either as a Twitter alternative or on its own? Wikipedia says the initial release was on March 16, 2016 with the stable release on May 26, 2022. The creator is Eugen Rochko, born in 1993 but I couldn’t find any additional birth information.

    As an inexperienced astrology student, I’m curious how Pluto moving out of Capricorn affects Twitter (and Elon Musk), and whether Pluto in Aquarius could be related to development, success or failure of a free, open-source, large-scale communication platform like Mastodon.

  18. Comment: No Red Wave in the US Midterms, it seems. Some key Senate Races are tight as expected, but I already see some coverage outside network pundits (who obviously would milk this as long as they can…) on trend being towards a Dem picking up a seat.

    • The Democrats needed to pick up at least two Senate seats to break the filibuster because Manchin and ‘I have the same values as Mitch McConnell’ Sinema refused to vote with the other 48 Democrats to abolish the filibuster.

      Now to worry about Dictator DeSantis becoming president in 2024. *sigh*

      • @Roderick, LOL. Yes, Florida is going to Florida, I’m afraid. That said, given underwhelming performance by Republicans overall, look at Trump launching at Republican Leadership in 3-2-1. He already has a derogative name for DeSantis.

        Maybe Marjorie could take another look at Republican Party, because I see Republican civil war coming!

        • Apperently, Fetterman just flipped a sear in Pennsylvania. I have been following him on Twitter and had a good feeling about this despite pundits trying to make it tight due to his stroke.

          I also see Kelly doing extremely well in Arizona given the historical trend of Republicans taking an early lead and Dem
          candidates closing in with Maricopa County mail vote. I think Sinema will either need to fall to Party line or will be primaried in 2024.

          • Even though I am glad that Fetterman pulled out a win I am worried that he may not be well enough to serve a full term.

            I was hoping that Tim Ryan would pull out a win in Ohio but Ohio seems like an automatic win for Republicans these days just like Florida and Texas.

            There will be complete chaos if a weakling like McCarthy is elected Speaker of the House.
            I can imagine that it would be a challenge for him every day with the likes of MTG and Bobert.

          • @Chris Romero, I’m so sorry for Florida! ☹️ That said, very few saw House being such a tossup. At 05:00 am ET, Republicans are only at +6 net pickup (Democrats have picked up some seats too). Who ever picks the House will likely end up with razor thin majority that could be wiped out by someone dying/quitting at a competitive district.

            I’m also quite confident about Warnock winning Georgia runoff, because many Kemp supporters may not feel as fired up with voting just Walker. I can see white women in particular completely “Roy Mooreing” Hershel. There already is some maybe not major but significant signs pointing to that, Warnock is outperforming Abrams by over 100 k votes, there are clearly were some Kemp-Warnock voters that would be hard to explain with anything but personal outrage on Walker.

        • Well DeSantis was one reason I moved out of Florida earlier this year.
          I am a gay black male so I felt insulted by DeSantis twice.

          What concerns me are the U.S. Senate races in Washington state and Nevada.
          I knew that Nevada would be close, but I didn’t expect Murray who has represented Washington state for almost thirty years would be in trouble.

          As far as Trump is concerned the Republican civil war has already started.

          A couple of weeks ago he called for McConnell to be ‘impeached’ and now he’s calling DeSantis De Sanctemoneous

          Trump also dropped a hint that he knows something that would be embarrassing to DeSantis and one of Trump’s so-called lawyers warned DeSantis not to run against Trump if he decides to run for president again in 2024

          What I want to know is when will Garland indict Trump. I am tired of him stalling because he has so much evidence to put Trump under the jail for several lifetimes.

          • @Roderick, Boebert is going down to a Democrat! And it looks as if we’ll hold Washington State, Nevada and Arizona’s Senate seats.

          • @ Nicole Sours Larson,

            Nevada isn’t looking good at all. Jon Raleston, an expert in Nevada politics, is basically saying there may not be enough votes left in Clark County (Las Vegas) to overcome Republican candidate Laxalt’s lead.

          • @Chris Romero, Raleston has walked back his Nevada projection, apparently Clark County had very low Democratic turnout on Election Day. He now thinks it’s likelier that CCM holds the seat, but Gov. Sisolak may loose his. On the other hand, Arizona looks good before Maricopa County mail in vote dumb that’s become a thing even for US Election Watchers Worldwide. 😀

            @Nicole Sours Larson, Boebert is now down only about 3500 votes, with maybe 34 000 remaining to be counted. :-/ Democratic leaning Pueblo County seems to be missing around 30 per cent or 14 000 votes count, and that might be enough alone to push Frisch to win. (And I just have to love how these elections always seem to turn into a math exercise for me!).

          • Murdoch is publishing, as the kids would say, Smack, about Trump. There’s a cover on, the NYPost (I think–or the other tabloid) that has a big picture of T. as Humpty Dumpty.) He’s losing the party, but he still has his QAnoners and wannabe brown shirts.

            Who knows what comes next!

            I’d like more on the congress people who were involved in Jan. 6. They should not be anywhere near the capitol.

  19. From the Telegraph:

    “Mermaids’ attempt to have a gay charity struck off are “profoundly homophobic”, a tribunal has heard.
    The trans children’s charity is asking for judges to strip the LGB Alliance of its charitable status claiming that the organisation is merely a front for transphobia.”

    “Separately to the tribunal, Mermaids is subject to an investigation by the Charity Commission which opened a “regulatory compliance case” after an investigation by the Telegraph revealed safeguarding “red flags” in its dealings with children.”

  20. Marjorie – I know you’re not a football fan. But today’s news is interesting in a wider context. Sepp Blatter, former president of FIFA, now says it was ‘a mistake’ to award the World Cup to Qatar all those years ago…. hmmn. Meanwhile, Qatar’s ‘World Cup Ambassador’, Khalid Salman, said in an interview that homosexuality is ‘damage in the mind’, and forbidden.
    One bit of intriguing astro, to tempt you to maybe look at this, is:

    FIFA 21 May, 1904 – Mercury 18 Taurus, Venus 17 Taurus – eclipse, plus Uranus Mars Nodes summer conjunction. Saturn return, with its Saturn at 20 Aquarius.

    Sepp Blatter, 10 March 1936 – Uranus 3 Leo, MC 15 Taurus. Venus 21 Aquarius.

    Khalid Salman, 5 April 1962 – Venus 1 Taurus, Neptune 12 Scorpio, Nodes 16 Leo/Aquarius. Saturn 9 Aquarius.

    As a football fan, I’m finding this whole thing very depressing. I’d usually be looking forward to the start on 20th November, but don’t feel like that this time. And yes, I know UK does business with Qatar. But still.

    • Marjorie already ahead of the game Jane … https://dev.star4cast.com/qatar-world-cup-sugarcoating-abuses/

      Even ignoring the human rights side, it was criticised from the day it was awarded 2 December 2010.

      There were allegations of buying votes, criticised for being in a hot, desert country. Think they later decided to move it to November which is the slightly less warm winter months. But of course, conflicts with most of the European league’s domestic seasons. Plus an expanded tournament now with 48 teams which probably means some terrible games along the way.

      Dec 2010 was Jupiter-Uranus almost conjunct in late Pisces square Mars in Sag, Pluto in early Capricorn conjunct North Node, Neptune-Chiron in late Aqua.

      Easy for Blatter to now say it was all a mistake given he’s now serving an 8-year ban from football.

  21. An agreement has been made between the Norwegian royal family and Princess Märtha Louise and her boyfriend Durek Verrett. How will this be? Will the couple keep the deal? What does the future look like?

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