Celebrities risking humiliation for a pay off

Guaranteed to light up the tabloids the ‘theatre of cruelty’ that is I’m a Celebrity in the jungle is back watched by millions and sneered at by the critics.

  Early notables are Mike Tindall, the ex-rugby international husband of Zara, Princess Anne’s daughter, and the not-yet-appeared Matt Hancock, another laughing stock Tory MP, whose TV appearance has led to his ejection from the Parliamentary party.

  Tindall, 18 October 1978, is reckoned to be in with a shout to win. He is a stalwart and personable Sun Pluto in Libra with a heavyweight collection of Venus, Mars, Uranus and Mercury in Scorpio, a Taurus Moon and a sensible Saturn in Virgo. On the upside he has a fortunate tr Pluto trine his Jupiter/Uranus midpoint all month and tr Jupiter opposition his Mars/Jupiter at the exit – though that latter may also be relief at having escaped more or less in one piece. His temper will start to fray from mid month onwards with tr Saturn square his Mars which will also be accident prone.

   Word from viewers is he looks likely to cross swords with soap opera actor Owen Warner, 8 June 1999, which seems not unlikely with Owen’s Mars conjunct Mike’s Sun and their Saturn and Pluto at odds. Their relationship chart has a hostile Mars Pluto conjunction  and a suspicious Saturn opposition Saturn.  

Matt Hancock, 2 October 1978, only two weeks older than Tindall, is another Libra with his Sun, Mercury, Moon and Pluto there; and three volatile Scorpio planets with an impulsive Mars square Jupiter. He looks emotionally on edge and feeling less than loved and appreciated with the tr Saturn square tr Uranus hitting on his Venus and Venus/Uranus midpoint and will be generally nerve-stretched and off balance.

  Singer Boy George, 14 June 1961, has also taken his life and dignity in his hands to be a camp inmate. He is a Sun Gemini sextile a lively, uncompromising Mars Uranus in Leo with an emphasised Jupiter in Aquarius on the focal point of a Fixed T Square to Venus in Taurus opposition Neptune. He’s in the mood for an adventure with his Solar Arc Sun conjunct his Mars Uranus around now but may wonder if he’s bitten off more than he can chew. Tr Neptune is square his Sun exactly this month which can be debilitating though he’ll have some(admittedly minor) upbeat moments later this month.

  His Mars Uranus in Leo may clash somewhat with Tindall and Hancock’s heavy Scorpio planets though their Airy Suns will chime.   

9 thoughts on “Celebrities risking humiliation for a pay off

  1. With transit retrograde Uranus opposing his Mars/Uranus/Venus in Scorpio, I see Matt Hancock has been bitten by an actual scorpian.

  2. I’m wondering what the fallout might be for Boy George as saturn and uranus create a t square with his leo planets after the event.?The story of his conviction and imprisonment for chaining a man to a radiator and assaulting him has resurfaced, with the victim giving an interview objecting to someone with this history being allowed on the show. Boy George has said in an interview that it was a psychotic episode as a result of drug use, it would never haplen now he’s clean and that he didn’t apologise to the victim as he didn’t think it would make any difference. I have a feeling this resurfacing into a societal set up less willing to sweep an assault like this under the carpet may prove quite contentious over the coming months

  3. It really highlights how broken our political system is that a sitting MP can be going on a gameshow on the other side of the world while Parliament is in session. Reportedly making £400K for his trouble.

    I don’t know if this is just another Pluto in Capricorn revelation.

    • GD, I think Pluto at the 29th degree will bring yet more craziness like this.

      I see that Gavin Williamson has resigned. Perhaps now he and his pet tarantula, Cronos can fly off to join fellow creepycrawly Matt Hancock in the Australian jungle.

      • I think you’re right.

        And there’s four trips to the 29th degree …
        – 2023 Feb-Mar as it first moves into Aqua
        – 2023 Jun-July retroing back into Cap. Stationing in Oct at 27deg54
        – 2023-24 Dec-Jan heading into Aqua again
        – Sep-Nov 2024 final time in Cap station in Oct at 29deg29

        Pluto finally leaves Capricorn on 20th Nov 2024, next General Election campaigning can start no later than Dec 17th. Barely four weeks later. I wonder if we make it that far …

      • Just thinking about the archetypes. Capricorn is all about stewardship and integrity. Doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do, not because people are watching. That politicians will do anything they can get away with has been sorely exposed these last few years.

        Beyond UK politics, that really seems to have been the thing that’s revealed over the past few years. How multinational organisations and the like, which are in it for the power or the money, will do whatever is publicly dictated to them for PR purposes and to maintain the flow of money. Their values are dictated by money or status, not right or wrong.

        You even see it on a personal level, where celebs make public apologies to stem the criticism they’ve been receiving. Very few willing to say “I’d rather lose my job and keep my integrity than apologise for something I don’t need to apologise for”. Of course, some times the criticism is valid.

        • Pluto’s journey through Capricorn has undoubtedly seen an era of financial turbulence, so I expect to see its final flourish in the sign to emphasise the current state of wealth inequality. The USA for example has the largest gap between rich and poor in the world and it has grown even further post-pandemic. There’s an increasing disgust against the super rich.

          Speaking of which, I’m looking forward to watching ‘Triangle of Sadness’, the new film by Ruben Östlund, a scathing satire on the uber-rich and the world of fashion and those who overvalue physical appearance. (The ‘triangle of sadness’ refers to the lines that appear between the brows, which can be ‘corrected’ with botox injections!).

          • Archetypally there can only be one goat at the top of the mountain and Pluto monetises whatever it touches, so wealth inequality!

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