Mastodon – facing a mammoth task

Mastodon is being talked up as a replacement for twitter users upset by Elon Musk’s arrival. It is an open-sourced, decentralized federated social network platform with “stringent anti-abuse and anti-discrimination policies”. It was started in 2016 by a young German software developer, Eugen Rochko (born 1993) who had become disappointed with Twitter. ‘Toots’ as opposed to tweets allow for twice the length at 500 characters.

  Despite an upsurge in users it will have a long way to go to match Twitter’s 300 million or thereabout foot traffic.

  Mastodon was launched on 16 March 2016 and in stable version on 26 May 2016 – with both charts being highly mutable. The original launch chart which is probably the best guide has no enduring Fixed planets in contrast to Twitter’s four and has a Pisces Sun plus three other Pisces planets with Jupiter in Virgo and Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius – such a scattered chart does fit with a federated set up and although Pluto trine Jupiter will be successful it might not have the staying power.

  It will have to contend with tr Neptune conjunct the Pisces Sun in 2023/24 which will be lacklustre plus discouraging tr Saturn in Pisces in hard aspect to the other Mutable planets through 2023 and 2024.

  Twitter will sag also through 2023 with tr Neptune square the Pluto, pulling away its influence; and will be hardest hit by tr Neptune Saturn conjunct the Sun by 2025. It isn’t heading into a successful rebirth under Musk.   It’s a brave new world ahead waiting on completely new outlets for venting.

8 thoughts on “Mastodon – facing a mammoth task

  1. Marjorie, just a dabbler here but wouldn’t Neptune conjunct a Pisces Sun be a good thing, and wouldn’t Neptune, along with Uranus, rule social media?

    On the second Mastadon chart, the Moon looks to be conjunct the 2020 Jupiter/ Saturn Grand Conjunction at 0 Aquarius and with Pluto soon to be there supercharging that point and soon moving into a trine with the Gemini 5 Sun, seems like a good thing?

  2. No one wants to go on Twitter and say things that don’t rock the boat. Any rivals that follow the pre-Elon Twitter’s level of censorship will likely fall flat on their faces. As with everything, there will be unintended consequences but I’m glad I live in America where we are accustomed to unleashing creativity and power & watching that bird take flight. Our little colony over here has done quite well, don’t you think?

    Welcome to the Wild West. Xo

      • Since when is Brigitte a man’s name?

        As I understand it, in the UK, you can be arrested & put in jail for writing hate speech on Twitter. I can’t imagine that lack of liberty, but I’m an American and that’s our game.

        • “Ma’am, this is a Wendy’s.”

          Writing hate speech on Twitter—or here, or anywhere else—is hardly an absolute right or guaranteed liberty. If you or anyone else ever has a pang of conscience about writing hate speech, I hope this will be helpful:

          • I like that you thought I was a man, initially.That’s probably my Mars in Scorpio. It serves me well, along with the 5 other planets I have in Scorpio.

          • Wow. Thank-you for sending that link. One click was all it took to completely transform my consciousness. You must be very powerful. Lol

            One thing I’ve learned recently is that those who insist that I need to alter my view of reality in order to be ok in THEIRS, are the ones who most certainly need their head examined. I wish you TRUE and deep healing, my friend.

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