Martha Louise – opting for an alternative life

Princess Martha Louise, eldest daughter of the King of Norway though only fourth in line, has relinquished her royal duties to focus on her alternative medicine business with her fiance, Durek Verrett, an American  shaman who has claimed to be able to cure cancer/covid and reverse ageing and is bisexual. The palace said that once the princess and Verrett were wed he would become a member of the royal family but would not have a title or represent the monarchy. They have agreed to refrain from any association with the royal family in their social media channels, media productions and commercial activities.

  Her first husband, an author and artist, died in 2019 by suicide. He had struggled with alcoholism and mental health problems.

  She was born 22 September 1971 at 5.07 pm in Oslo, Norway and has a chart where her ancestral legacy looms large with an 8th house Virgo Sun conjunct Pluto and Venus in Libra with Uranus and a Scorpio Moon also in her 8th. Intense, secretive, driven by unconscious forces she doesn’t understand and indeed by circumstances outwith her control, she herself claims to be clairvoyant.

  She has a determined, defiant Mars in Aquarius on her Ascendant; and a head-in-the-clouds Jupiter Neptune in Sagittarius in her 9th in a creative though also neurotic opposition to Saturn in Gemini.

  Her unaspected Moon will make her vulnerable, feeling under-supported and can be traumatizing. She was not handed an easy hand of cards to play in life.

  Durek Verrett, 17 November 1974, is an intense and charming Sun Venus in Scorpio with an ultra-determined Mars Mercury also in Scorpio. He will resonate with her heavy 8th house chart, though their relationship chart is horrifyingly difficult. There is a needs-space Sun Uranus conjunction square an adventurous Jupiter – that latter often pops up in unlikely romances that seemed a good idea initially but don’t stand the test of time. More difficult by  a multiple of a hundred is a one-sided, controlling, can be unkind/cruel composite Saturn opposition Mars square Pluto. That is nasty.

Unless his birth date is way out – this one is unlikely to survive as a happy-ever-after union.

  Her first husband Ari Behn, had a Libra Sun, Pluto and Mars in late Virgo conjunction falling in her 8th as well as his Mercury Uranus so another tricky match.  

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8 thoughts on “Martha Louise – opting for an alternative life

  1. The emphasis of 4 planets/points in the first quadrant of identity and self contrasts with 9 in the third quadrant where she has to learn through relationships with others is marked. And the nodal axis in first and seventh houses underlines this focus of her life which it seems she has to learn the hard way, judging from her first marriage.

  2. mars in aqua who needs freedom won t stand the possessivness and control of so many planets in scorpio. Feeling like choking to me.

    • I’ve seen this in couples. It’s the possessiveness vs aloofness creating an attraction. He constantly chases her which makes her feel secure and desired; her aloofness makes him feel more stable like he’s not drowning. Either they learn to move towards what the other is giving (i.e. she stops keeping her distance / he backs off and gives her space) or they go further into their extremes and irritate each other badly while being unable to break it off.

      But she has that unaspected Scorpio moon as well as a Libra Venus which is conjunct both Uranus and Pluto. So she’s constantly vacillating between needing closeness and pulling away.

      The moon will be getting hit by transiting Pluto in the next year or two. She’ll be learning a lot about herself.

      • Not to mention tr Pluto being almost exactly conjunct her Ascendant, and then the composite Ascendant and finally her husband’s Ascendant in a few years time.
        What is the impact of tr Pluto being conjunct to the Ascendant in both a personal and a composite chart?

        • As an aside, this statement by King Harald, Princess Martha Louise’s father, could be applied almost verbatim to a royal couple closer home resident in California.

          “The Americans have no idea what a monarchy is, so it’s not surprising that he doesn’t understand. He thought he could do what he wanted without any of us being affected. The Americans don’t understand the significance of this, they don’t.” then Queen Sonja said “But he has understood that now, that we stand together on this”

          • My take is that it’s not just about monarchy.

            Many Americans have a huge fear of socialism. And Scandinavia is one of the places where it is still quite ingrained with its high taxes and approach to healthcare etc, etc. So coming from a me-first, “what can you do for me?” country to a “what can I do to be part of this?” is very difficult to overcome culturally.

            I think the monarchy probably takes it all on another step where they are group who realise they have to interdepend together and are still in place by the goodwill of the people. Queen Sonja comment about “we stand together” reflects that.

            I note he has Saturn in Cancer. So that’s going to be a struggle to fit into a Royal FAMILY as a lower down the order royal. He’s always going to feel separate and uncomfortable with it all. I suspect part of being a Shaman with his claims is that he can gather followers where he is in control of the ‘family’.

        • Sorry, late back to the party on this one!

          Pluto across the ascendant should transform the way the native approaches the world and their relationships. But, I think it’s a quite a personal rather than public thing. The Queen had ascendant at 21Cap and would have experienced in 2018-19; can’t say she came across as notably different before and after.

          Prince Harry’s has his ascendant at 11Cap and would have experienced it in 2013-14. He did change during that period but he was also having his Saturn return.

          The transit follows on from the period of Pluto through the 12th house where one is letting go of all the old stuff, ready for the new start. It would have entered Harry’s 12th in 2004ish which probably aligns with him joining the military which, as an institution defending the people of a country, is something of a typical 12th house thing. The Queen had it enter the 12th circa 2009 in her early 80s. I’d be guessing she started to let go and delegate some of the duties to other royals.

          People with Pluto natally on the ascendant can be very controlling. They perceive everything as a threat or suspicious.

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