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  1. Just reading that Anne Sacoolas appeared via videolink in court about the death of Harry Dunn. Where she confirmed her name and date of birth.

    All this seems have to occurred without fanfare (but of course bigger news has happened recently).

    Will appear again October 27th. No rush for a reading but would be interested to see what her chart looks like.

  2. Chris Romero, I am glad that you have told off that pompous idiot and am truly sorry that you were exposed interminably to his music during your childhood. Theiiŕ songs tended to go on and on, 15 minutes at least! Still at least the other band members refused to support him. Though I am not quite sure, I believe he didn’t get on with most of them.

  3. I come from a generation that venerated Pink Floyd. I personally never liked them and found them tedious and repetitive to the extreme. Ditto with Roger Waters. Just another #Rick in the wall!

    • @ Linda,

      My Mother is a huge Pink Floyd fan. She graduate of art college (Memphis College of Arts) and she and all her friends listened to Pink Floyd back in the late 70s and early 80s religiously. When I brought up the controversy regarding Roger Waters, I knew she was going to defend him in some way (even though she’s also strong Ukraine supporter like myself). She said she didn’t agree with Waters and his conspiracy theories about Ukraine (Waters accused Ukraine’s militias of being ultra-ethnonationalists) and his defense of the Russian Federation….but she thinks he’s just distraught because he’s a total pacifist and finds war and social injustice of any kind disturbing. I decided not to press the topic any further – she’s much too loyal of a Pink Floyd fan to be swayed into condemning Waters or any of the other band members.

      I was pleased, however, to discover that all of the other Pink Floyd band members disagree with Roger Waters and his wannabe virtuous “white savior” mentality. And all of the other Pink Floyd members have been very supportive of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people – and none of them are making any excuses for Vladimir Putin whatsoever.

      I read that “open letter” that Roger Waters sent to Ukraine’s First Lady Oleana Zelenska. I can’t believe he had the audacity to try and lecture her (and her husband) on ethics. His letter to her was condescending and full of platitudes and subliminal criticisms of her, her husband, the Ukrainian govt., and the Ukrainian military.

      My blood was boiling after reading that letter – Roger Waters really succeeded in bringing out my fiery Iberian/Latin/Mediterranean temper (which ain’t pretty) and I felt like going all out “Conquistador” mode in that moment. LoL

      Anyway, I also read Zelenska’s response to Waters and she rightfully put Waters in his place. And once my feelings of rage and subsided, I decided to go to Roger Waters’ official Twitter page and excoriate him as well.

      On his official Twitter page, I called out Roger Waters for being a hypocrite. I know that he’s an ardent supporter of Palestinian self-determination and independence…..yet, he doesn’t appear to support Ukraine’s self-determination and independence.

      I tweeted out that if he thinks Ukraine should “surrender” (has has openly called for this) to their oppressor, then perhaps Palestine should also “surrender” to their oppressor as well. After all, there are many parallels between the Palestinians and the Ukrainians: both are persecuted peoples, both are defending themselves against violent perpetrators, and both are being denied their sovereignty.

  4. Hi Marjorie,

    I was wondering if you had any insights regarding the latest fiasco concerning former Pink Floyd member Roger Waters.

    From what I’ve been reading in infotainment news, Roger Waters had the nerve to send an open letter to Ukraine’s First Lady Olena Zelenska and had the audacity to urge Ukraine to “surrender” to the Russian Federation.

    Roger Waters had done RT interviews and has made other obnoxious statements regarding the war in Ukraine and has accused the West of bullying and demonizing the Russian Federation.

    Olena Zelenska did respond and rightly put Roger Waters in his place. Also, Waters’s concerts have been canceled in Poland (Waters claims he didn’t cancel them and that he’s been “censored” by Poland).

    I know Roger Waters has been a far-left nutjob and conspiracy theorist for years. However, I was infuriated to discover that he’s buying into Russian anti-Ukrainian propaganda and he’s accused President Zelenskyy of being the one who is corrupt.

    Anyway, I was wondering how things look for Roger Waters from an astrological perspective. He’s rightfully received a lot of backlash for his outlandish claims regarding Ukraine. What kind of impact will this have on his career in the near future?

  5. Hi Marjorie. Terrible times ahead for England’s environment with our new government. Is it possible to look at the charts of the RSPB, WWF, National Trust?

    • LisaV – it looks very worrying I agree. However, don’t things have to be debated in both Houses of P first? And then given royal assent? I can’t see this process being a simple one – there will be rural Tories objecting, and maybe Charles could refuse assent? Can that happen? I don’t know enough about all the processes involved. But I vaguely recall the plan to sell off forest land that eventually came to nothing.

  6. Marjorie,

    A light-hearted topic that you can use to lighten the mood on this site if it gets too heavy with politics and pessimism.

    The Atlantic reports that Gen-Z children are unable to read cursive, which can be problematic if they have to read documents written in the past. Indeed, some of them can’t even read the notes that their professors have written for them. Perhaps one way to keep secrets is to write it in cursive, not code 🙂

    Can the decline/change in modes of communication be explained by any particular transit of the outer planets?

    The only equivalent I could think of was the invention of the Gutenberg printing press in ~1450. But the Pluto Return for that would be in ~1946. And that would not account for major changes in communication such as radio and cinema.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts and those of others here.

  7. Jumping the queue: Will you look up Phillip Schofield and Holly? They are in a messa due to the Queen lying-in-state jumping the queue issue? Just noticed yesterday at tesco as the sticker albums came out that there is a Qatar World Cup starting on 21 Nov and ending on 18 December too and David Beckham didn’t jump the queue. Susan Reid didn’t jump the queue either.

    • Perhaps they could submit themselves to a ‘world-exclusive’ flogging live on This Morning? Their viewing figures would be record-breaking. I have been sniggering at this story all week – the memes and so on, but the furore is relentless. I decided to watch their segment that they filmed during the Queen’s lying-in-state – it was fine; I enjoyed it.

      Holly’s Sun sits on the late Queen’s fixed T-square for that sinking feeling. Holly’s Sun is conjunct QEII’s Mars conjunct Jupiter for the self-righteous outrage. Holly’s Sun is being rattled by Saturn in Aqua which will be followed by a square from Uranus in Taurus. She has shown her chart on Instagram before. She has a Sag Ascendant (late degree, I think) – so her natal Neptune is close to her Ascendant. She must be feeling really hard done by/ sorry for herself. If her Sun is in the second house, then this ‘crisis’ in her popularity could affect her earning revenue from ad deals and so on. Poor Holly…

  8. Hi Marjorie,
    Jan 26, 1922 was the 322th anniversary of the last Cascadian mega-quake. The average interval between quakes over the last 10,000 years has been 246 years. Experts are saying there a 10% chance of a magnitude quake of 9.0 in the next 50 years. Do you see anything in the charts of Portland, Oregon or Seattle, Washington that indicates a quake?

    • Locals have been talking about Mt Rainier popping its cork “soon” since the 1970’s. There is an old Indian saying regarding Mt Rainier and Mt St Helen…”when little sister calls out, big brother answers…” Something like that.

  9. I once had a book with all the Cities in Britain and their Rising signs. It would be interesting to look at the Capitals of each of the United Kingdoms, if you have access to them.

  10. Marjorie
    I thought after watching the Queen’s funeral on Monday it would help me come to terms with her death, but I’m still feeling really low and sad at her passing and feel she has left a big hole in our lives. Is there anything in astrology to explain this?

    • Sorry you’re still feeling like this Julia. I know you addressed this to Marjorie but sometimes very high profile deaths such as these remind us of other personal bereavements that we have suffered??

  11. Marjorie,

    there’s been breaking news that Vladimir Putin has ordered partial mobilization and is, once again, making threats of nuclear war. Ukraine’s breakaway pseudo-republics of Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic are expected to hold referendum votes to join the Russian Federation this week and Putin is issuing warnings to the European Union, the United States, and the West in general not to interfere.

    Any astrological thoughts / observations regarding this distressing news?

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