Liz Truss & Joe Biden – not singing in tune ++ UK economic woes

Peter Brookes: The Times

     Liz Truss hot-footing it to the USA has made the surprising admission that a UK-US trade deal, seen as one of the biggest prizes of Brexit, essential to boost UK growth, is not likely in the next few years. The Northern Ireland Protocol is one stumbling block with some Democrats warning there can be no trade deal unless the matter is resolved.

  A leaked 2018 UK government document assumed a US trade deal might boost Britain’s gross domestic product by 0.2 per cent in the long term, and deals with India, Australia, Gulf States  and south-east Asia might add a further total of 0.1-0.4 per cent to GDP over the long term. compared with official forecasts suggesting that Brexit would cut GDP by 4 per cent in the long term.

  What is astrologically striking is that Liz Truss’s relationship with Joe Biden which has a volatile, not to say explosive, Mars Uranus conjunction is flaring up into open discord at exactly the time when the USA/UK relationship chart is due for a major jolt.

 Truss’s Mars in Taurus was never going to sit comfortably with Biden’s Scorpio Mars Mercury; nor was her evasive, disorganised Neptune opposing his Saturn going to make for a shared agenda or mutual trust. Plus her controlling Pluto falls in his 10th tempting her to micromanage his decisions; while her Sun is conjunct his Pluto making him think he’s top dog and in control. Last but not least her overloaded and rigid Saturn in Cancer is conjunct his Jupiter, so she’ll dampen his enthusiasm and then some. Not soulmates for sure.

  All of this translates in the relationship chart into a tussle-for-the-upper-hand composite Jupiter square Pluto; a defensive, chilly Sun square Saturn; and a combustible Mars conjunct Uranus at 15 degrees Leo. Tr Uranus will light the touch paper to detonate the composite incendiary Mars Uranus this December to mid January and again in February to mid March.

  The USA/UK relationship chart has an emphasised Pluto at 15 degrees Aquarius which is on the focal point to a Yod inconjunct Jupiter sextile Neptune giving rise to an at-times illusory togetherness but one in which power and status plays a key role. The Pluto is also trine the composite Sun trine North Node, which doubles its effect, giving rise to a locked-together connection that has undertones of resentment and constant game playing. The UK/USA composite Pluto will catch the transiting Uranus square in December/January and February/March 2023 which will require a significant diplomatic reset; with aggravations continuing in 2024/25 with tr Pluto trine the composite Mars.

ADD ON: UK economy in summary. Tr Uranus is opposition the UK 2nd house Neptune now till mid October and repeating in the spring of 2023 = high anxiety about personal finances. Tr Uranus is also square the 5th house Venus ruling stock markets, speculation and new projects for jolts and jangles this year and early next. It’ll be early 2025 before tr Uranus is clear of hard aspects to the UK’s Fixed planets which is making this such a turbulent, uncertain period of rapid change. And 2025 also when there is an economic super-whammy of the wrong variety as the Solar Arc Uranus is conjunct the 8th house Mars. Once that clears, from 2026 onward tr Uranus is out of the UK 8th house and the stormy seas should calm down slightly.

  This was never going to be an easy phase – several annis horribilis years.

17 thoughts on “Liz Truss & Joe Biden – not singing in tune ++ UK economic woes

  1. From what has been said so far, Truss doesn’t seem to be unduly worried that the proposed tax cuts will disproportionately benefit the wealthy, nor that more vulnerable sections of society could suffer significant hardship this Winter. Neptune is very much associated with suffering and sacrifice. So it is interesting to see that Truss has an emphasized, focal point Neptune in her chart (she also has BML in Pisces which reinforces this theme).

    • There can be a (subconscious?) projection of certain attributes of our charts so that we meet them in circumstances that appear to exist outside of ourselves. And perhaps with boundless, nebulous Neptune, which is rather susceptible to make-believe and illusions, even more so?

      • Aye, that’s the discussion of her mutable T-square, down below.

        She’s fanatical (neptune word) about the *idea* that trickledown works – whereas forty years of putting it into practice … shows it doesn’t. Maybe her mutable optimism believes it can make a tweak that will get it working.

        It’ll only work if the people at the top are willing to share downwards and they aren’t. If they were, they’d be willing to pay higher taxes anyway.

        In some ways, I think she’s setting herself up (or being set up) for another element of the Neptunian archetype … being the victim who is sacrificed and martyred. She’s going to pick up all the sins of the former Governments (Blair’s Labour included) and be the one who gets all the blame.

  2. When I was growing up, debt was something my parents avoided at all costs and it’s a lesson handed down to me. Yet, we’ve moved into the era of FIRE economy which relies on individuals accumulating personal debt. Now while there are families in crisis in this country, there are also many families who are simply borrowing money to have nice cars, order delivery food every night, pay for Sky TV and buy loads of tat etc, etc.

    At a political level, it now seems considered fine for the Government to borrow huge amounts of money to avoid raising taxes.

    Taxation and borrowing are 8th house issues and with Uranus moving through the UK’s 8th, it seems to me that the lesson being taught is to liberate oneself from debt by looking at one’s finances, to figure out what has genuine value (for oneself) and make sure you have metaphorically and literally saved/invested for the winter.

    • I don’t know where you live, how old you are or your current circumstances but many people are struggling to just get by let alone “ nice cars, order delivery food every night, pay for Sky TV and buy loads of tat etc”. My son and his girlfriend rent a small one bed flat, both are working full time but have been in tears trying to meet budget demands. While I don’t disagree re debt, just look how university grants became loans. Life-long repayments. Food banks vs obscene profits. Something has to give. I suspect working people are beginning to rail at inequalities.

      • Which part of “Now while there are families in crisis in this country” didn’t acknowledge that?

        I don’t disagree with anything you say. I’m aware my view is distorted by living in true Blue Toryland and appreciative of the benefits even though I would never vote for them.

  3. I have the same mutable t-square (venus on the ascendant) as Liz Truss and I felt physically sick listening to her today talk about “making unpopular decisions” such as removing the cap on bankers bonuses in order to stimulate the economy. I am dumbfounded as how can someone with our chart be so profoundly stupid and callous. I guess it’s great proof of how much influence houses has on your chart and also how astrology may shape you but it doesnt determine who you are. I have very strong values and I have campaigned tirelessly against brexit and against everything this woman stands up for. No matter what job you offered me, I would never trade my values for power. What the hell is wrong with her.

    • @Bmc, I suspect it’s political opportunism and hunger for power, along with a hefty desire to prove her estranged “lefty” parents wrong.

      I’m American, but having spent my school and university years in England, I continue to follow British politics. I’ve noted that you find opportunist, gutless (and unethical) politicians everywhere — even though, having spent years working in American politics, I still defend the basic decency and altruism of many politicians (but only the rare Republican now).

  4. In a previous post, Hugh Fowler wondered about Truss’ mutable t-square involving Virgo Venus, her Pisces moon outletting through Sag neptune.

    The comments on a recent article in The Guardian described her as a *fanatic* of the economic policies of Thatcher/Reagan – neoliberalism/trickledown. Today, she’s reiterating her intention to remove banker’s bonuses as a way to stimulate economic growth while *ignoring* they were a factor in GFC.

    Yet, I don’t think she is doing this out of self-interest for her own financial gain. She genuinely seems to believe this will be great for everybody. I’m inclined to think her t-square goes across the 2nd/8th somehow.

    • I agree, GD, she really does seem to think she’s acting in everyone’s interests. Her obsession with Thatcher/Reagan policies seems muddled. Mrs Thatcher did impose windfall taxes, including one on banks:

      “In 1981 Margaret Thatcher levied a 2.5pc windfall tax on banks who were making vast profits on their loans, after interest rates hit 17pc, while paying out little or nothing in interest to savers. It raised around £400m, or £3bn in today’s money, according to the Institute for Government think tank.” Telegraph, May 2022.

      Reagan, on the other hand, was against them.

      We’ll soon see, too, whether November’s very financial Scorpio/Taurus Uranian eclipse at 16 Taurus rattles these charts Marjorie posts here. It will be making it’s influence felt soon, or even now.

    • Liz Truss government’s mini budget is on Friday. It occurs after the Libra Ingress which appropriately has Liz Truss Sun sign Leo on the ascendant. Less propitiously the Libra ingress Sun is conjunct retrograde Mercury in Libra. It is worth noting that this planet rules Virgo which is where both Lizz Truss Venus and the Ingress Venus resides in fall. Liz Truss Mutable Moon-Neptune-Venus T square plays into this set up. Drawing a whole signs ingress chart both Virgo and Venus are in the second house which suggests money and finance is highlighted. The New Moon on the evening of the 23rd will see retrograde Mercury back in Virgo emphasising its influence on Venus. The two conjoin on 26 September 2022 at 26 Virgo. It should be noted that the Ingress Moon in Leo is VoC. I would hazard a guess that whatever financial initiatives Liz Truss administration introduces will soon run into confusion and that nothing concrete will come of them, certainly for the people in general.

      • This article in The Guardian echoes your comment.

        “Ever bold, always cocky and never a mission accomplished: this will be the tale of PM Truss”

        How true!

      • Thanks Hugh, your comment makes perfect sense. Unlike the government’s plans so far…..they make no sound financial sense whatsover. I wonder if the Virgo influence may also represent health care too? And the proposals to get rid of things like the sugar tax etc? Venus having a sweet tooth…..

        With so much in retrograde, it does look as if plans will stall, or even unravel. I suppose that’s the best we could hope for at this point, since Neptune’s smoke and mirrors seem to be everywhere just now. NASA just released a very beautiful image of Neptune, taken by the new James Webb telescope. Possibly synchronous timing!

  5. The need of the hour is to build bridges with our trading partners and get our trades up! Truss’s policies defy any logic or rational reasoning other than sticking to the ideology.

    I know you have written a lot on this topic Marjorie, but do you see any return of sensible leadership for UK in the near future? Some astrologers have predicted ‘no full-term’ for Truss. What do you see?

    The constant joke of a leadership has become tedious now, especially when the country is crying out loud for some seriousness, sensibility and statesmanship at the top.

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