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  1. I see a few other folks have asked similar questions.
    When the time is appropriate, I’d like to know about King Charles relationship with the other senior royals & how that might pan out in the years to come; Anne, Andrew, Edward, Sophie, William & Kate.
    Only 7 charts for you to work through 😉

    • The crossovers between Biden’s chart and that of Charles are interesting. Both have early Taurus Moon placements. Joe Biden’s Scorpio stellium picks up Charles’s Sun Chiron conjunction in Scorpio. Biden’s Pluto is conjunct Charles’s ascendant. Biden’s BML in Gemini is conjunct Charles’s Uranus (exact opposition to Jupiter). Biden’s Sag Asc. squares Charles’s Saturn in Virgo and BML in Pisces. Weirdly they both experienced the loss of their first wives (albeit Charles was divorced) in traffic collisions.

  2. I would be grateful for your insights on the Zappas. Specifically Frank and Gale Zappa and the argument over which one was bipolar. I have opted for Gale as she was more than a bit strange with regard as to how she treated her two eldest children, and work colleagues of her husband.

    You don’t have to be a fan of Frank Zappa to be intrigued, but I was. Anyway it was because of him alone, that I became interested in jazz after the break-up of The Mother’s of Invention. Otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered at all.

  3. Good morning Marjorie,
    Today is the 14th Anniversary of Lehman Brothers crashing as you know and we all still feel the consequences – economic, political etc., So many to list since 2008. Any thoughts? And thank you if you do

  4. Marjorie,

    Thank you providing an update on Ukraine. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind providing an update for the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh as well.

    Apparently, things have escalated in the disputed Nagorno-karabakh territory and Azerbaijan has been engaging in new “military operations” in the region and over 100 soldiers (I’m not sure if the media is referring to Armenian or Azeri soldiers) were killed in one night.

    It’s being reported that Azerbaijan has been capitalizing on the Russian Federation’s preoccupation with Ukraine and has increased its attacks on Armenian communities in Nagorno-Karabakh. Azerbaijan has been using more advanced weaponry which they’ve acquired from Turkey and Israel.

    Ironically, the Russian Federation is supposed to be “peace keepers” in Nagorno-Karabakh as well as the “meditator” between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

    I was wondering, from an astrological perspective, how do things look for Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia in the near future.

    Azerbaijan has been described by some as “The North Korea of the Caucasus” even their somewhat political isolation, state-controlled media, and due to the fact that many Azeri citizens have been radicalized and brainwashed into believing ethnic Armenians are one of the most evil and vile peoples on the planet.

    How do things appear to be looking for Azerbaijan’s dictator Ilham Aliyev, astrologically speaking?

    Any insights you could provide would be greatly appreciated. And as always, thank you for sharing your daily posts with all of us.

  5. Hi Marjorie,

    Not sure how feasible this is, but could we perhaps have a look at the “looming” railroad strike in the US?


    Amtrak’s blanket cancellations are getting a lot of press, but Amtrak (May 1, 1971) is a passenger railway.
    The greater concern is the potential shutdown of nearly a third of all freight in the US.
    Not only would a strike disrupt the supply chain, it could also affect the midterm elections in early November.
    Biden is between a rock and hard place — the inflationary economy and union workers’ rights.
    Mercury retrograde and Mars about to retrograde in Gemini throwing spanners into the transportation works.
    Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus are very close in aspect again . . . .

  6. Would you please post about the Taurus/Scorpio activity now? My husband is a Scorpio ASC/Saturn. He’s getting hammered with one health crisis after one another.
    I’m a Taurus ASC/Saturn and so have the hardship of watching this unfold and feeling helpless.

    Does the Taurus/Scorpio activity diminish before 2023 starts? Hope so!

  7. YES – Please look up Princess Anne charts – from BBC TODAY –‘There is one great final duty that many children feel towards their parents: the duty to see them safely and peacefully to their last rest. And it’s emerged that Queen Elizabeth II wished that her only daughter – the Princess Royal, Princess Anne – should play the primary role in escorting her coffin in the days between her death and the state funeral.That wish reflects not just the practical burden such a task would be for King Charles, but also Princess Anne’s status as a family rock. The King’s days have so far been a whirlwind, requiring him to balance his personal grief with his duties towards the state as the new monarch.So his sister has taken the lead in the very public role of being with the coffin on its journey so far. It’s a role that acknowledges her vital importance to her late mother and to her brother – but also her record as the busiest and hardest-working member of the Royal Family.’

  8. Marjorie, please would you look at Princess Anne and how she will integrate into the new regime. It seems to me that with Camilla and Princess Anne around to support him, King Charles will be ok.
    Thank you.

  9. Thanks Marjorie
    Camilla with her jupiter conjunct Charles sun will cheer him. In a way all the protocol etc will be a distraction in that his moves are choreographed. It will all hit home around his birthday when all the pomp will have receded, when he will have to start thinking of the coronation.

  10. Perhaps another look at Charles Camilla relationship – stresses strains support bright moments etc. very challenging position to reach in mid seventies

  11. Hi Marjorie

    With all that’s going on, I wonder if I can distract for a moment.

    I’m working on something in my job and the following questions popped into my head for certain reasons: What indicates an analytical mind in a person’s chart? I’m thinking Uranus aspect to Sun and/or ….? Does lots of planets (how many is lots) in 11th House qualify too/in place of? Anything else?

    • I would say lots of Virgo, especially Mercury in Virgo. I have Virgo Mercury conjunct Pluto for deeply analytical mind. Just my two cents based on experience. Uranus gets flashes of insight. I’m sure Marjorie has more thoughts on the matter.

    • A thinker has a preponderance of Air signs – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius or heavily populated Air houses – 3rd, 7th, 11th. That gives the ability to be detached and consider situations from a distance.
      The two communication and thoughtful signs are Virgo and serious Sagittarians – and gossipy Gemini though it isn’t normally too analytical.
      Uranus is inventive and thinks out of the box. Mercury is curious.

      • I have Pluto in the dying seconds of Virgo, and a Moon-Uranus conjunction in Libra, all in the 11th….squaring a 3rd house Capricorn Mercury in the middle of all that.

        Overthinking everything is a regular issue!

    • I think a well aspected mercury in Gemini, Virgo scorpio or capricorn helps as does good aspects to Pluto or Uranus (or Saturn if practicality is required). Neptune tends to lend a dream quality and Jupiter exagerates so is slightly negative here.

      • Thanks Speedy. Good stuff to think about;

        Merc Gemini may probably need good Pluto to land those ideas (or Saturn could help), etc. With right other aspects in support Neptune dreamy quality could be channelled into practical creativity – if you on the wrong track Neptune cannot be realised in its positive form; Jupiter could then be just used as confidence in that area? Well, that’s if in a perfect world we all knew how to use the positive attributes of our planets and learn from/transmute the negative.

    • Thanks both, I do appreciate your feedback.

      I do see Virgo but to me it can be a little plodding in terms of being action orientated. Seems like with Uranus in the mix something needs to be done during/after analysis asap because one can’t just sit on it. I see the Air signs but still needs a little Uranus mix up ( also can see 3rd, 11th house alternative but never thought of 7th as such). Sag blasts, as does its opposite Gemini (on a different level) but to me doesn’t necessarily mean it has truly considered the info? Food for thought. Thanks again

  12. Marjorie, could you please give us an update on Ukraine’s chances of throwing out the Russians,vin view of their current advances?

    Thanks so much

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