Camilla – the soft power behind the throne

Camilla has stepped up stoically to the role of Queen Consort she never sought but Charles regarded as non-negotiable. In the years since their marriage she has calmed him down and been an indispensable and unflustered support as well as carving out a respected public role for herself.

 She was born 17 July 1947 7.10am (biography) in London into an upper class army/business family and grew up horse mad. She had a brief fling with Charles in the early 1970s but he wouldn’t commit. She married Andrew Parker Bowles, an army officer who had professional connections to the Royal Family and romanced Princess Anne. He was an attractive womaniser, which eventually led to a fairly separated domestic life with Camilla. She took up with Charles again when his marriage to Diana flagged, following in the footsteps of her maternal great grandmother Alice Keppel who was King Edward V11’s mistress for many years.

 She has a 12th house Cancer Sun Mercury, Venus, Moon in Cancer also in the 12th with Saturn Pluto in Leo in her 1st so is essentially private – and adept at putting on impassive face. Her Sun is trine a 4th house Jupiter in Scorpio, a hint of her own happy childhood family; and she has Mars and Uranus in her friendly 11th house. If her birth time is accurate she is primarily an independent-minded individual, happy to be left to her own devices and a lover of solitary pleasures – reading, dog walking, gardening. After her marriage to Charles she found living at Highgrove suffocating and set up her own separate space at her previous family home where her children could visit.

  What comes across from her chart is strength and maternal compassion. Her concern for domestic violence victims will come from her Cancer-heavy 12th house and her Mars sextile Saturn Pluto making her aware of the dark side of life.

  The pressure is undoubtedly on as her Solar Arc Saturn Pluto are squaring her Sun, picking up last year and running on into early 2024 – as the full impact of her new role has landed on her. Her Solar Arc Midheaven is also conjunct her Uranus around now and her Solar Arc Venus Moon are also square her Uranus. So immense and sudden changes emotionally and in her direction in life. What will keep her buoyed up is tr Uranus opposition her Jupiter which comes back through this October for a few weeks and again in early 2023 which will bring relief from tension. And both tr Jupiter and her Progressed Moon will be crossing her Midheaven from next spring onwards – which might point to the coronation. With success and appreciation through the two years after that.  Though her Solar Arc Sun conjunct her Neptune in 2024 will bring a few sagging moments.

      Her Jupiter midpoints will keep her confidence and enthusiasm afloat in 2023/24/25 with new initiatives and lucky opportunities.

  What helps cement her relationship with Charles is her Jupiter in Scorpio conjunct his Sun bringing him confidence and boosting his self-esteem from her own experience of a happy childhood which was comparatively normal in contrast to his.  

  It’s not all perfect bliss by any manner of means and their relationship chart has a sparky, argumentative composite Sun opposition Mars square Uranus – so they need a set up where both operate independently and have elbow room. There’s also a good deal of enthusiasm and positive feelings from a composite Moon opposition Jupiter square Mercury.

  Her 12th house planets will make her good at taking a step backwards and not allowing her ego to get embroiled in arguments.

  Their relationship is under confusing Neptunian hard aspects at the moment and through the next two years with tr Neptune opposition the composite Sun and square Uranus; with jolts and jangles from tr Uranus upending the Pluto across this New Year and squaring the Saturn Venus over the next two years as they make the difficult transition with changes of residence and roles and a heavy schedule ahead. Plus tr Saturn in 2023/2024 impacting on the composite Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury etc.

  [Mind you neither are exactly young and he, in particular, has embarked or been designated by his late mother to undertake a gruelling set of duties on her death – on parade in Balmoral, Edinburgh, giving speeches in London, off to Northern Ireland, at a time most people would take a week off work and collapse into a bottle of whisky. Just mind blowing watching the senior Royals putting themselves on parade.]

  What might be a worry ahead is the ever truculent Harry, the bee in his bonnet about his mother needling him into more side swipes at Camilla. Hs relationship chart with her is explosive at the best of times; and will be undermined in 2023 and rattled in 2024. Mind you none of the other Royals look too pleased with him either. So the funeral truce may not hold.

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  1. I’m American and lost my mom in 2016, she was only 75 from dementia. Watching the service today and seeing the misting in Charles eyes reminded me of no matter who you are and your status in life, death or the passing of a parent hurts. He has to be strong and has the weight of the kingdomon his shoulders. When the coffin lowered, I cried the service and rituals were beautiful so well done! I’m Catholic! The bagpipe (words cannot describe) Elizabeth Ii your life is service is done!

    Edward and Sofie passing him a kerchief and beautiful little Charlotte crying (they loved Elizabeth II). Catherine has shown grace and poise all these years, when her time comes she will be a wonderful Queen Consort.

    My heart goes out to Charles, thank God he has Camilla, she has worked hard and proved to be worthy of her title, Queen Consort, he will need her to deal with family issues (brother and son).

    I only had to deal with my siblings all females and it was a circus, I was the legal guardian and caregiver for 7 years. God give him strength and God bless the King!

  2. On staff redundancies.
    ‘The BBC reported it understood that the royal household had received legal advice that the information be shared with staff at the earliest opportunity, despite efforts to delay the announcement until after the Queen’s funeral.’

    The timing sounds like the decision of some tone-deaf prat of a civil servant. The legalities should have been kicked to the kerb until after the funeral though everyone appears to be in a job for at least the next three months.

    • I agree Marjorie. The basic protocols about redundancies will have always been in place, and understood by anyone working at Clarence House I’d imagine. Every little detail around a royal death, or the death of the PM for that matter, is planned a very long way in advance after all. The timing of the redundancies is rather crass and unfeeling, and uneccessary if you consider that staff would already know they’d be looking for a new job fairly soon.

      The Master of the Household at Clarence House is Peter St Clair-Erskine, 7th Earl of Rosslyn, 31 March 1958. He is a former chief inspector in the Met, and headed up the Royal and Diplomatic Protection Department. It’s likely he gave the order for all this to unfold, and wouldn’t have bothered King Charles with it at this time. I’d say Charles has more than enough to think about at the moment!

      I imagine conspiracy theorists will enjoy the fact that the mysterious Rosslyn Chapel, of Da Vinci Code fame, sits on the Earl of Rosslyn’s lands.

  3. Right time?Well,not the right time either when the man shouted at Andrew…
    I agree with Alastair Bruce on Sky.”Ruthless” for Charles
    the midst of grief to go through all what he has done the last days and will.As for rest of the family.They must be exhausted.
    No wonder he got irritated over the leaking pen.
    Media has a responsibility here,but they love to write about it

      • Most certainly.I have my opinion about him for sure.
        National Mourning and paying respect to the queen was the most important here.
        Respect seems to be hidden /not excisting in youngsters maps/charts and others.
        Perhaps I’m too Saturnian here.So be.

  4. Diana was used as an incubator, while Charles got his love on the side. And despite the many good things, and a positive work-ethic, that the just-passed Queen displayed, it’s clear that Charles, Camilla, and the former Queen, herself, are complicit in Diana’s tragic demise.

    Harry is emotionally damaged, as his chart attests; but, knowing that Camilla takes the place that his Mother should, must be something nearly impossible for him to reconcile – and I think that, in relatively short-order, the British public will tire of both Charles and Camilla, and William and Kate will have their time in the sun (and will likely be the last, though well-liked, royal rulers of what will be left of the United Kingdom and the 14 other Commonwealth realms).

    • I agree. The mourning over Queen’s death has provided a cover to lot of issues surrounding Charles and Camilla and to Andrew’s crimes.
      But eventually the focus will move on to the new King and Queen consort, and Andrew. That is when people might start questioning the monarchy. All this when Pluto is about to enter Aquarius.

      There can never be another monarch like Queen! It’s a very difficult act to follow.

      • I’ts possibly my rebellious Uranus but I’m starting to feel a bit uneasy. Issues, even if rescinded, like Center Parcs wanting to close its doors or British Cycling telling people not to cycle, and people in effect being told not to do anything enjoyable, sound dogmatic and outdated and not in tune with the modern age. Of course the queen’s death should be acknowledged and respected but people who have been waiting a long time for NHS appointments are having their appointments next Monday postponed yet again, and we are facing a recession with a new untried prime minister and yet these and other pressing issues are being practically ignored. Pluto in Capricorn and its emphasis on hierarchical institutions is certainly enjoying its last gasps, in my opinion.

        • The Queen just carried on! I guess she would have wanted others to do the same. Isn’t shutting down everything against the very principles and values the Queen stood for?…. Carry On.
          How about businesses stay open and work a bit extra as a mark of respect to the Queen?

        • I have more fear that Pluto in Aquarius era will quash any individuality, ostracising people for not going along with the crowd.

          We’ve see hints of that during the Saturn in Aqua period where those who don’t need to be vaccinated (eg Djokovic because he’s already had it and developed antibodies) are pushed out. Or NHS “Clap for Carers” on your doorstep during pandemic. Or “taking a knee” at football matches. Or even trans debate. You’re not allowed to have reasonable objections.

          • Nuance is endangered, I agree entirely GD. It worries me that the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution was at its peak when Pluto was in its last few degrees of Aquarius in the late 18th century.

    • The only person “complicit” in Diana’s death was Diana.

      She wasn’t wearing a seatbelt – despite it being the law to wear a seatbelt in rear seats in both France (from 1990) and Britain (from 1991). (She died in 1997).

      Both governments were too polite to point out she had broken the law and paid for it with her life.

      • Hello Candy, and Francine,

        I doubt you’ll see this reply; but, I agree that if Princess Diana had been wearing a seatbelt, she’d likely have survived that horrible car crash.

        But, the larger point, is that Diana was – as her chart attests – suffering with a form of PTSD, from being used as she had by her adulterous husband, Charles, and the royal family – and on top of that, she’d been unfairly accused of being mentally unstable for having pointed out the truth of her situation.

        Her chart also shows she was likely not thinking clearly at the time of the crash; and her confused state of mind was likely linked to the continual gaslighting she’d received from those whom she should have been able to trust most.

    • I thought like you thirty years ago when all this kicked off. Then I (literally) grew up. I stopped being so judgemental as I witnessed unhappy marriages dissolve into affairs and divorce, sometimes remarriage and the long road to establishing new family equilibrium despite pain and hurt along the way. And btw step parents are very rarely considered replacement parents by anyone. I also believe that divorce and the drama leading to divorce can be a strangely powerful catalyst for surfacing and healing deep seated and childhood trauma. I think this was true for Diana and will also be true for Harry in time. It is sad that poor security choices, a drunk driver and no seatbelt killed Diana before she got into her full stride. I think Charles will make a reasonably good King, I think due to age his reign will be relatively short and meantime we’ll see a lot more of W&K.

      • Yanet – An ‘unhappy marriage,’ is not the same as the situation Princess Diana found herself unwitting in, because Prince Charles was having a secret, ongoing affair even before the marriage began. She was hoodwinked from the word ‘go;’ yet, she grew up and extricated herself from that morass; but, as her chart shows, at great personal expense. Still, she told truth to power, and is to be commended.

        • @Dean W, reading your comments/responses I get the impression that Diana was done to/done for and didn’t have a mind to think for herself or any space to facilitate any action towards her own fate?? 100 per cent truly and purely a victim to her circumstance? Supported by her chart? Have I misinterpreted? Hmm…!

          • Jennifer E – When there are ongoing, negative pressures on a person – and no positive support-system in place – one can, unfortunately, become a victim of circumstance.

            When that in mind, I think Princess Diana came to discover her own ‘agency’ – and that was a major feat of self-actualization, considering the multi-generational, institutional forces, and dogmatically dismissive personalities who were aligned against her. May she, and the Queen, rest in peace.

        • The marriage was engineered by the Spencer and Windsor families in the aristocratic tradition. Yes, I do believe Charles was probably having an affair with Camilla before he married, but I believe him (he was never challenged on this by Diana) that he resumed it only after the marriage fell apart. Yes they did extricate themselves after a lot of poor behaviour and damage on both sides, and Charles must take a larger share just because he was that much older but at least HMTQ had the wisdom to see it was not something that could continue. Diana was very young when their families set up the marriage, and she had to very publicly burn through a lot of her own disfunction during the marriage and continued to do so for some time after the separation and divorce. It was a horrible mess and I’m sure will be the last ever arranged marriage for the royals.

  5. Camilla’s great grandmother Alice Keppel was actually the mistress of Edward Vll – not George V. According to Wikipedia she was one of the few people in Edward Vll’s circle who was able to smooth his mood swings. Charles seems to have inherited Edward’s tetchiness and luckily now has Camilla on hand to smooth things over.
    Edward was also a Scorpio like Charles and became king in similar circumstances after the long reign of his mother Victoria. A strange resonation of history.

    • You sound American?

      The redundany process in Britain is very different to getting a pink slip in the U.S. Redeployment is a first option, followed by generous notice periods and severance packages. With the experience of working in a Royal household on their CV, many will find themselves in demand externally.

      Of course, it’s unsettling for the staff and who knows whether Charles was consulted on timing. There is no good time to cut staff from their perspective.

        • Chrys – I agree it isn’t tactful timing. However, the Clarence House household is closed down immediately apparently. But here’s something from the National, Scotland, that explains further:

          “The staff who are made redundant will receive help to find alternative employment across other royal households or externally and will receive an “enhanced” redundancy payment higher than the statutory minimum.

          “A spokesperson for Clarence House said: “Following last week’s accession, the operations of the household of the former Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall have ceased and, as required by law, a consultation process has begun.

          Our staff have given long and loyal service and, while some redundancies will be unavoidable, we are working urgently to identify alternative roles for the greatest number of staff.”

          • Yes that could have waited until after the funeral
            And not given notice the church service
            This is what very wealthy people and corporations do all over the world
            Not a class act I believe and does not bode well

        • I’ve read the article, but Gnarly Dude is correct. If you know there will be job losses you often aren’t allowed to wait for a “better time” to start the process.
          It can feel like bad timing but as an employer you don’t get a lot of choice. The process is quite a long one, allowing for staff consultation etc. Unfortunately there will no longer be a need for two sets of staff now the Queen has left us and they would always have known this. Wealth plays no part in this decision. Redundancy always is a shock though.
          I would think this is part of an overall plan for what would have to happen once Charles became King, I can’t imagine this is something he has been doing himself in the days since the Queen died. Be kind.

        • Chrys- its not like they had a choice of when the queen died and they found themselves needing to move from their own residence immediately. I bet they would have liked to have had more advance notice too! They will ensure staff are taken care of financially in the short term even though circumstance means for some their services can no longer be used going forward. Give them a break.

      • The criticism of the timing being “during the church service” is a misdirection to make things more dramatic.

        For people who want to create drama and get attention, when will be the right time? Options are … during service, week after funeral, month after funeral (Oct), month before Christmas (Nov), weeks before Christmas (Dec), just after expensive Christmas (Jan), during a winter when gas bills are high (Feb), just as things are getting back to normal (March), while preparing for coronation (spring) etc, etc. There is no date where you cannot make it sound awful, if you want to.

        And anyway either the staff were at work at Clarence House, or if they were at the service – why were they looking at their emails?

      • @Chrys.. This quote from the BBC

        “Clarence House staff expect redundancies, says ex-butler”

        News of potential redundancies at one of the official royal residences “won’t be a shock” to staff, says King Charles’s former butler, who served from 2004 to 2011.

        Some staff at Clarence House have been warned their jobs are at risk following King Charles III’s accession to the throne.

        Grant Harrold tells the BBC: “When I joined I was fully aware, even all those years ago, that if the Queen passed that I would then be redundant because my boss the Prince of Wales was no longer the Prince of Wales.”

        He adds: “Yes there is a new Prince of Wales, but the contracts are null and void… It’s a very complicated process.”

        “I know they will do everything possible to make sure that people are put into new positions where possible,” he says”

        Evidently a well understood hazard of the job.

      • Hello GD, agree there’s never a good time for cutbacks. In my former life, here’s how layoffs were managed at the old Fairchild company…


        They were not pretty. Imagine being fired today by a text msg.

        • Interesting read Larry – many of the tried and tested methods in there. There was a recent news story about how a CEO fired everybody on a Zoom call, so the text thing isn’t that far off.

          I used to work for a big American company which went through multiple rounds of cuts. One of the women, who was laid off early, was able to continue on for a while longer because of how it got done wrongly. That meant, by the time, I got cut I was simply called across to a room, the senior manage read a prepared set of words off a piece of paper and when I tried to ask a question, he said he couldn’t say any more. I went back to my desk and worked the rest of the day while everybody around me gossiped on instant messenger about who had been laid off, not realising I was one of them !!

          Many years before that, when cuts were being made. Apparently a senior manager climbed on a desk in the office and read out a list of names of people who were going in the redeployment pool. then he fell off the desk !!

          There is no good way to lay people off, it’s simply a case of trying to find the least worst. The biggest problem is management tend to do it in a formal insensitive manner. Partly that’s to avoid their own feelings of guilt, but also down to employment law. Sometimes they’re just useless at people stuff.

          In big organisations, you can never get it right because there are so many personalities involved. Different people like to be treated differently. I’d prefer to rip the bandaid off, others can’t handle it.

          Bad news is always bad news, but if you can leave people with a sense of hope for the future and that they’ve been treated fairly and kindly then it’s the best you can do. I believe this is where robotic senior management get it wrong.

  6. Always liked and respected Camilla, I get the feeling she has a good sense of humour and can laugh at herself, such an attractive trait. She is undoubtedly a huge support to Charles.

    She has that sweet-natured Moon/Venus in Cancer and her Ceres/Chiron opposition at 2 degrees of Taurus and 4 of Scorpio respectively ties into Charles’ Moon/Nodal axis. Almost as if they were ‘meant to be’ as a couple. Her Juno in Sagittarius is conjunct Charles’ Mars – they both met at a polo match at Windsor Great Park (where Herne the hunter dwells according to legend), which is beautifully Sagittarian!

  7. Camilla’s chart was, incidently, one of the those I first studied when I started studying astrology seriously in 2005. I remember thinking her 12th house Sun was so indicative both of the “secret” (I understand it was not only a public secret, but approved by Peter Bowles) affair and then slander she got. What I could see without any further astrological knowledge was that she was and is great influence to Charles.

    In recent years, I can’t have but help to notice how effortless she is with Charles’ grandchildren in public appearances and family portraits. I think it must be really good for these children to have such a safe and calming figure around through all the family drama.

  8. Camilla has been amazing. At 58 years, when usually retirement hovers, after a cosy life of ease as mum and wife, she married Prince Charles.
    From being in his staff’s opinion, ‘the laziest woman in Britain’, she buckled down to the demands of royal life and duties.
    Now at the age of 75, as Queen Consort, she is faced with yet another massive shift in her way of life, with even greater demands on her. I thought she looked devastated and frightened.
    The pair of them are embarking on a period of intensely hard, complex work, which even young people would find daunting.
    King Charles’s speech, pitch perfect in setting out his stall, saw off Meghan and Harry – after all who can argue against being loved and accepted? – established Camilla’s status once and for all, and in so doing drew a line under Diana. Life moves on.
    It’s so lucky that he has such a supportive relationship. They really are both on the same side. It would be insupportable if they weren’t.
    Hats off to Camilla! Though she knew this was coming, reality is usually harder and not quite as expected. I wish her strength and happiness in her new role.

  9. Quite amazing, as you write, Marjorie: ”on parade in Balmoral, Edinburgh, giving speeches in London, off to Northern Ireland, at a time most people would take a week off work and collapse into a bottle of whisky. Just mind blowing watching the senior Royals putting themselves on parade” from the vigil in Scotland to N Ireland today…relentless. For the rest of us, the days following a family death are very busy with organising things, admin, and so on. But we usually have plenty of private time too. Neither Charles nor Camilla are bouncing extroverts, so I imagine they’ll need to find some space to be quiet after the funeral. They are remarkable at this moment – stoicism incarnate, yet it’s clear how deeply they are feeling their loss.

    Regarding Harry – I’ve wondered about October’s 2 Scorpio Solar eclipse aligning with his Pluto. This is from the Saros Series 6 South, which Bernadette Brady describes as ‘being forceful and taking power. It has a manic flavour…..with great force or strength manifesting in the relationship area. Individuals….may experience sudden events, like falling in or out of love’.

    King Charles has Moon at 0 Taurus, the late Queen’s Sun is 0 Taurus. William has Jupiter at 0 Scorpio, while Edward’s Venus is 3 Taurus. The Nodes will be crossing these degrees between May and July 2023. At that time Pluto is 0 Aquarius (till June), Jupiter enters Taurus, and Mars enters Leo a few days later. Potentially, this could reactivate October’s eclipse point? Obviously, this is a huge turning point for the whole family, and I wonder how this may manifest within the group. Grief and bereavement can do strange things to us all.

    • Re: May, Uranus, Nodes, Pluto – I wrote in a previous thread that I think we may see the Coronation take place in May – perhaps on the 28deg Taurus New Moon circa May 19th. In addition to what you’ve pointed out, Charles is also having his 4th nodal return which is at 4Taurus.

      Re: Harry and Oct 2Sco eclipse – his biographical book is due to come out in the next few weeks – I cannot see this as being anything but a complete, flippin’ disaster for him. If he has any sense, he is trying to buy all the copies from the publishing house with a promise they can have his story when Charles is gone.

      • Fascinating how the lunar thread continues to pop up in this huge, historical event isn’t it? Also that the composite nodes in this relationship chart here are 18 Taurus/Scorpio – such a resonant degree this summer. I think you pointed out somewhere else about the Mars/Uranus/Nodes conjunction and history-defining events?

        In a moment of shameless geekiness, I found that Uranus at 18 Taurus, opposing the Nodes at 18 Scorpio, was in place during August and September 598, (JC). This was the year following St. Augustine’s arrival at Kent. 598 is the date for the founding of his Abbey at Canterbury, where he was the first Bishop of Canterbury. It was a critical turning point for religious practice in England, which was largely Anglo Saxon pagan at the time – much to the dismay of Pope Gregory. This connection could be relevant for King Charles’ future role as defender of the faith, or faiths as he’s indicated he prefers.

        Re Harry and the dreaded book….I so hope they can at least delay publication, for a very long time!

        • Marjorie did a post on Mars/Uranus/Nodes in late June and then we all watched as August came and went with nothing groundshaking occurring. But here we are a month later … I think back to 9-11 and the Saturn-Pluto opposition was exact on Aug 5th – similar sort of delayed effect.

          Interesting about the 598JC date. I believe Pluto in Capricorn in 1500s was connected to Martin Luther and overthrowing the power of Catholic Church.

          Re: Harry’s book. According to the Daily Express supposedly the publishers are nervous about the book and Harry is pushing for it to be released in Nov for the lucrative Christmas market. If it were someone else, I’d dismiss it as tabloid chatter, sadly, my opinion of him is such that I can easily believe he is hellbent on it. Ably supported by poor advice. I always think Jung’s “the subconscious is the driving force” is true of many people and sadly, very true of Harry.

          • I’d have thought that it would be Pluto in Sagittarius (which is most associated with religion) that would have been connected to the start of the Reformation.

          • Re: Harry’s book. I’d forgotten but King Charles wrote his own misery memoir via Jonathan Dimbleby complaining about his terrible childhood. The only member of the family who hasn’t told all is Prince William!

        • Thankfully, I am reading publication of Harry’s book has been delayed in to 2023. Time for him to think and reconsider, with the relationships all starting afresh at this point. Fingers crossed, he makes the right decision from here on.

  10. .”….on parade in Balmoral, Edinburgh, giving speeches in London, off to Northern Ireland, at a time most people would take a week off work and collapse into a bottle of whisky. Just mind blowing watching the senior Royals putting themselves on parade.”
    Really impressed.Fantastic couple.His speach and voice.Lovely.I can’t leave the TV. I’m stuck haha..

    • Amazing, how their day unfolded yesterday. Along with all the stuff he did over the weekend.

      I was trying to explain to someone that, of course, Charles looks tired and stressed.

      He’s started a new job which is tough enough at the best of times, but instead of going off to a corner of the office to read a manual or figure how to logon onto the system while everybody gets on with their own work; he’s doing it with the eyes of the world on him.

      But not only that, unlike a wedding or funeral, there are no rehearsals for all these ceremonies, rituals and speeches – so everybody is looking to everybody else for the cue of who’s next to speak. And they all want to be word perfect because it’s all being reported and dissected.

      And the day he started the new job, his mother died. Imagine the stress. He’s probably barely slept.

  11. Several Instagram post showing pics of Diana stating she should be where Camilla is as Queen consort shows that some have not moved on. I understand people’s love of Diana but it was not meant to be, she has been gone for 27 years, she’s not forgotten but I believe it’s time to move on.

    Neither Charles or Diana were happy, we humans like to blame others for our problems but she knew before the marriage, questioned her decision and her older sister told her she had go on with the marriage because all the China and memorabilia had their pics on everything as Prince a Princess of Wales. It was not a fairy tale but a tragic mistake by two people who should have been with other people.

    Diana’s tragic death is another example of it just wasn’t meant to be!!!!!

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