Moon Uranus mothers – a forced independence


Uranus, the sky god and trickster planet, constantly seeking excitement, adventure and perpetual change sits at cross purposes to the Moon which yearns for stability, security, sameness and protection. Babies appreciate routine, not a roller coaster ride. Uranus is against the biology, of the mind not the body.

  Moon Uranus types tend to have had an unusual, unstable or broken domestic and family life growing up, sometimes with frequent changes of residence. For some their mother neglected them out of boredom with child-raising; or were odd, absent, or emotionally detached. As a result the child learns to shut off their emotions and as a consequence develops a rebellious and contrarian approach.

 The positive outcome is a strong intuition, original imagination and resourcefulness but it tends to go alongside erratic emotional impulses, sudden changes of mood and a tendency towards odd or eccentric, strongly independent behaviour. Settling to long-term emotional commitments isn’t easy. Boredom can be a problem, since there’s a need for constant excitement and also a difficulty with compromise.   Uranus demands freedom of emotional expression and kicks against any attempts by others to restrict or manipulate feelings.

 The classic Moon Uranus is Princess Diana whose mother Frances Shand Kyd was a bolter and left her children and Diana when she was six. Diana had an Aquarius Moon opposition Uranus and found difficulty settling to a long term relationship.

Olivia Newton-John, a Moon Uranus conjunction, was uprooted at five years old to move to  Australia and had a string of adult relationships.

 Actress Jodie Foster never knew her father since the parental marriage split before she was born and she was brought up by her mother and her female partner. She has a Moon Uranus Pluto conjunction.

Amanda Knox, tried and found innocent ultimately of the murder of Meredith Kercher, was the product of a broken home and brought up for a while by a resourceful single mother. She has a Moon conjunct Uranus and Saturn. Her mother said she had ‘always been a unique girl. A lot of kids want to conform, but she was always just who she is, and never worried about it.” Her odd, unempathic reaction at Meredith’s death was what first aroused police suspicion.

Actor Stephen Fry, born 1957, with a Moon Uranus conjunction, came from an émigré Jewish family who lost many close relatives in the Holocaust with the trauma filtering down to him.  

 Gordon Ramsay, the Scottish chef, a Moon Uranus Pluto conjunction in the 4th opposition Saturn,  described his early life as “hopelessly itinerant” with his family moving constantly owing to the failures of his father, an occasionally violent alcoholic. The Moon rules childhood as well as mother.

David Icke, the conspiracy theorist, a Moon Uranus conjunction, moved aged three to a council estate. “To say we were skint,” he wrote, “is like saying it is a little chilly at the North Pole.” He recalls having to hide under a window or chair when the councilman came for the rent.

Ted Bundy, the serial killer, was born in a Home for Unwed Mothers and brought up by his grandparents as theirs. Admittedly in addition to being a Moon opposition Uranus, his Moon was conjunct Mars and trine Saturn and Pluto so his sadism can’t be blamed on Uranus.

  Likewise Harvey Weinstein had a Moon opposition Uranus but his Moon was also square Saturn Neptune and he had a control-freak mother Pluto Midheaven – so a complicated, overbearing mother who did little to nurture his sense of empathy for other human beings, including women. He bullied men and predated on women.  

  I hesitate to be autobiographical but I have a Moon Uranus conjunction – in the 9th which helps the astrological and rebellious bent. No one tells me what to believe or think. It also sent me to live abroad. My mother died when I was five, then there was a housekeeper to whom I was close who lasted two years, then another one, then a career-focused stepmother who was not a good fit with me. I lived in two childhood homes – and have lived in 12 different houses by my reckoning since then. In contrast to my sister who lives in the house she was married in over fifty year ago – and she doesn’t have strong Moon Uranus contacts.

  Like most planets there are pluses and minuses – Uranus gave me an inquiring and defiant mindset, a gypsy restlessness, an openness to change and an ability to cope in tricky circumstances. Mellowing age has made it easier to come to terms with the downside and accept the reality of not being able to have it all. Years ago in California doing a workshop exercise about getting rooted I was gloomy about never quite belonging.  Later one of the others in the group said they envied me so much because I was a free spirit – which made me laugh. Everything comes with a price tag attached. A Uranian mother whether through temperament or circumstance imbues independence in the child – which can be a rare gift.

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  1. My daughter, who’s now 26, was born with her Moon opposed Uranus (5 degree orb) and Moon Trine Pluto (2 degree orb). I have lived in the same house for 32 years.
    She had trouble when I left home and returned to work as a photojournalist after maternity leave. At age 13 months, tr Uranus EXACTLY opposed her Moon and she cried, screamed, and banged the door when I walked out each morning.
    She attended a nearby state university but desired and arranged to study semesters abroad — Ecuador, Brazil, India, Cuba.
    Summers she attended an international leadership camp and in 2019 spent 3 months traveling across Europe visiting and staying with 9 friends.
    We both study astrology and talk about this aspect.

  2. I had a friend, born in 1950 and given up for adoption at birth,
    unwed single mother who he never knew the name of or ever
    met. He had Moon opposed Uranus exact. I used to tell him
    that even thought he loved his adoptive parents very much,
    that psychologically that imprint in his natal chart meant
    something. He had a sad longing to find his birth mother,
    but the records when he tried to look were sealed. He passed
    away a couple years ago, and the first thing I thought of when
    I heard the news, was that he would finally be able to see her,
    and his beloved late adoptive parents, all together where he
    longed to be.

  3. 9th house Pisces Moon opposed Uranus here.
    Everything you said. I used to travel and moved very frequently.
    Home is never a secure thought or situation. Mom was an addict,
    and incredibly brilliant light of love and goodness when she was sober.
    Like two different people.
    I am wicked psychic intuitive. I am sometimes once in a blue moon,
    visited by dead loved ones, both people and pets. They are so real,
    I no longer fear death.
    When Uranus crossed over my natal Moon by transit, I went on a
    surprise vacation to the country where my grandmother and great
    aunt were born before they moved to the states and had my mother.

  4. Me Moon sextile Uranus and my Jupiter in the middle, I never thought that till now!
    My parents stayed in the same house for over 50 years and I could not understand why they did.
    First husband had his Uranus square my Moon and he was truly awful with his affairs and drink violence. He must have felt trapped?
    2nd husband has with me Uranus conjunct Moon in the the middle of Cancer, how about that for no stability?
    We have moved 27 times! And our families disowned us, but it took me over 20 years to understand that.
    I’ve found this article very useful Marjorie, if only we would all talk more about this stuff we all carry around.

  5. Thank you Marjorie, for this post and especially for sharing your personal story! It is much appreciated.
    I don’t have a Moon-Uranus aspect natally, but I currently have transiting Uranus back and forth over my 16 degree Taurus Moon. Very unsettling! Moved to the country after 30 years in the city, only to be confronted with a very difficult, verbally aggressive and unpredictable neighbor. There is a lot of unrest in my new neighborhood in general, with big new and intrusive building projects coming up. Lots of building activity and lots of meet-ups with other neighbors to plane and discuss how to best deal with everything. My Taurus Moon does not appreciate the turbulence, though I think it is good I made a move ⚡️

    • J-Wow. Uranus is conjunct my Taurus ASc and we have massive problems with our new house and have gone from zero debt to massive debt.

      Moved here late last year and not one neighbor has stopped by with an introduction. Not sure if we made the right move.

      • Hi Aim, so sorry to hear of your house problems! It’s the worst when the place where you are supposed to feel safe and protected is instead a source of worry and financial instability.
        It’s a small consolation when there is an astrological explanation for it, as in your case transiting Uranus across your ascendant. I really hope you will be able to sort things out. As for the neighbors not introducing themselves, maybe this is also a sign of the times. Especially younger people seem to be mostly focused on their friends and their social media connections – and have less power interest in their neighbors. Take care

  6. Camilla has been amazing. At 58 years, when usually retirement hovers, after a cosy life of ease as mum and wife, she married Prince Charles.
    From being in his staff’s opinion, ‘the laziest woman in Britain’, she buckled down to the demands of royal life and duties.
    Now at the age of 75, as Queen Consort, she is faced with yet another massive shift in her way of life, with even greater demands on her. I thought she looked devastated and frightened.
    The pair of them are embarking on a period of intensely hard, complex work, which even young people would find daunting.
    King Charles’s speech, pitch perfect in setting out his stall, saw off Meghan and Harry – after all who can argue against being loved and accepted? – established Camilla’s status once and for all, and in so doing drew a line under Diana. Life moves on.
    It’s so lucky that he has such a supportive relationship. They really are both on the same side. It would be insupportable if they weren’t.
    Hats off to Camilla! Though she knew this was coming, reality is usually harder and not quite as expected. I wish her strength and happiness in her new role.

  7. Thank you for this post Marjorie. I have Moon Sextile Uranus in Air and Fire. Uranus is in the first house to boot. I also have Venus trine Uranus, and sextile the moon, and this is a Fire Venus.

    It was definitely a Uranian upbringing. My father was a pilot. We moved 10 times before I was 14. Mom was how you described her, but brilliant to boot. She had Ceres conjunct Jupiter in Air. Dad was a sky god.

    Not fitting in is life long.

  8. Truly appreciate this series…makes me see how it’s not all my fault as Mars moon mother n with Saturn Pluto n Uranus too in my birthchart prove…it’s been excruciatijgly awful to live cz of her interference n hounding even if miles apart n estranged but somehow I manage n keep cheerful demeanour which keeps me going but it’s constant battle to outdo each other with her constantly cursing me to b dead.
    Unfortunately she refuses to read n accept her flaws n change so only thing this series does is give me relief i m not born trash

  9. Thanks for this Marjorie. It has struck a chord. My uranus moon connection is by mutual reception. Moon in Aquarius uranus Mars sun in cancer. All anchored by sun trine Saturn. My upbringing was fine but slightly mobile. Uranus I think works well for me.I note I change residences fairly often, and took a while to settle down – even with a seventh house moon. One big thing is an impatience with things.

  10. Thank you Margery for this. I have Moon, Uranus and Mars in close conjunction in Gemini in the eleventh with Saturn in Gemini also in the twelfth which stabilises these energies. Moon is ruler of my Cancer ascendant and is the most elevated planet in the chart. My childhood was fractured, we lived in several different countries and were refugees in three different war zones. I became rebellious against this rootless lifestyle and so was packed off to boarding school aged 13, unable to see my family for two years and so farmed out with foster families. One of the boarding schools was closed down by the government one term after I arrived. My mother was an orphan so her pattern seems to have been replicated in her children’s childhood. But my Moon is in close trine with Neptune so art and spirituality have been my lifelong nourishment. And astrology – Uranus – has been a great source of wisdom too, after my mother committed suicide later on.

  11. I have moon saturn cinjunction in 1st house pisces and uranus pluto venus in 7th house virgo. What does this mean? Abandoned by mom? If it does I was. Lucy

  12. Oh my!
    I have my Gemini Moon (in 4th house) Sextile Uranus!
    Had the rough childhood & like you, Marjorie, several chapters with different adults, a few different homes.
    Mom was ill, Dad was not emotionally responsible, Step-mom acted out the Stepmother role from the Cinderella drama. Would not wish such a story on anyone–but I survived.
    Taught kids for 30 years–my style of teaching had a very Uranian bent. (For me, I think that experience helped heal some of my childhood stuff. For my students–I hope that the experience for them was fun! Learning is social, and it should be exciting & fun.)
    I deeply value independence.
    As a mom, I would say, I’m/I’ve been playful & engaging. I got divorced in 2000 and because I wanted to be physically away from my ex, the situation was non-traditional (My sons lived with their dad during the week during school, & I had them every weekend, summer weekdays and every holiday except Christmas and alternating Thanksgivings.)

    Thanks for the post! It’s always interesting (and fun!)

  13. Thank you for this. As a Moon square Uranus, I found the post and all the comments made me feel less alone. And reading about the gifts and upsides really helped too.

  14. I have Moon in Aquarius 28° and Uranus in Cancer 23°. I was told by an astrologer they weren’t square as the orb was too big, but there was mutual reception. How would that have played out? I realise they are in the houses of the other’s ruler, but how does that effect them, if at all? Moon is also opposite Pluto.

  15. I’m another one. Stellium of Moon/Jupiter/Mercury -and South node conjunct tightly in Cancer( 3rd). With Uranus (3rd) in wide conjunction to the stellium. Softened by Venus in Virgo (5th) sextile that stellium. Also Sun/Saturn(4th/7th) are square so a poor “distant father” relationship. Mother died of cancer at 25 – I was six. I was always an independent, loner kid. Smart and very intuitive but had difficulty in relationships.

    • Wondering what the orb would be for these aspects? I have Moon at 8 Libra, Uranus at 13 Libra, and Pluto in the final seconds of 29 Virgo. All in the 11th. I’ve always had a very close and strong connection to my mother, but the personality traits described above fit for me. Presume it’s the house position.

  16. This Moon series is the gift that keeps giving for me personally. Besides the T-square I mentioned in a previous comment (Moon square Saturn, opposition Mars/Pluto) I also have Moon inconjunct Uranus. Your comments have been very insightful as always. Thanks in particular for your autobiographical candor in this post, nothing brings astrology alive like personal experience.

    • Agree that this series is the gift that keeps on giving. The relationship with the mother colors everything in life, it’s the most important.

      • I respectfully disagree.
        Both parents–and also the other adults (and siblings too!) in the home.
        Just saying this as a child of a psychiatrist who didn’t step up when my mother was sick. He thought the mother is the only one responsible.
        So from my perspective & lived experience (I’ve also taught hundreds of kids) I’d say both parents & “the home” in general.

  17. Thanks Marjorie, my son has his moon at 19deg Aquarius Uranus at 28 and Neptune at 11 degrees so a conjunction with both. His moon also trines Saturn in Gemini which is conjunct Saturn 17 deg Gemini and sun at 10 deg Gemini opp Pluto at 17 Sagittarius sitting with the south node. No inner planets make aspects with his moon. He likes to make his own decisions. I hope he turns out ok

  18. I like the comment you made Marjorie in your mention of Gordon Ramsay – that ‘the Moon rules childhood as well as mother’. I find that makes a more substantial perspective. There are so many things families are weaving within.

  19. Oh Marjorie,

    Thank-you for being a bit auto-biographical because it helped me to understand my rebellious and independent nature even more. Uranus (10th) sextile moon (8th). Your brief share was essentially a mirror of my own life, complete with finally accepting what is. My mother was unavailable, uninterested and incapable of being a mother/adult. I had loads of freedom and independence because of this. Uranus/moon definitely has it drawbacks but I was recently on vacation with friends from high school. We are now in our 40s and they are all living what appears to be detached, unhappy & soulless lives. They are chained to mortgages & their all consuming corporate careers or dead marriages. I’ve managed to maintain my connection to my soul. I’m self-employed but I don’t own property, no husband and no kids and I’m free to continue to explore life like a youngster. I live on the edge because I’m built for it & I also look ten years younger than I am. I’m no longer complaining about being so different from the crowd. *I did have two AMAZING dog children for 15 years, who passed just this year. They made me into a mom so I got to have alternative motherhood full of nothing but joy. (Jupiter in 7th).

  20. I have the sextile, Moon in 3rd sextile Uranus in 12th. My mother had unusual and alternative interests when I was a child which meant that others saw her as a bit out-there. She could be erratic and sometimes couldn’t cope with my brother — she would get in her car and drive off and disappear for a few hours, which was frightening for a young child. I have Moon/Neptune conjunct too.

    It’s quite interesting to see how a parent embodies one’s own Lunar aspects in their natal charts, for example it was my mother who first introduced me to astrology and she has a Mercury/Mars conjunction in Aquarius and her Mercury sextiles Uranus in the 8th house. I do identify with ‘never quite belonging’, though I wonder if those feelings are just part and parcel of the human condition, but my Moon makes an exact trine to Chiron in Pisces so perhaps that Chiron energy gives rise to similar, painful feelings of outsiderness.

  21. I have a Leo Moon/Ascendant conjunct Uranus from the 12th, perhaps tempered somewhat by a trine from Saturn in Sag in the 5th. We didn’t move at all when I was young, but my mom did have an anxiety disorder. She could be fun but unpredictable and not especially nurturing and dealing with her own issues. I’ve lived in a number of apartments (owned a condo for several years but no more) and I dated seemingly endlessly while trying to have a committed relationship (I also have Venus conjoined Pluto in Virgo). Now my partner of 13 years and I live in separate apartments due to circumstances but there you go! Maybe I would have felt like more of a free spirit but for having Virgo Sun square Saturn, but certainly have been independent all my adult life and no children to tie me down.

  22. These posts have made me a little nervous, having young children & trying to help them grow in to themselves it is easy to be too hard on oneself. One has uranus-moon conjunct and two with moon square pluto. It is easy to look at the negative so I am very grateful for the positive end to this article

    • Hi, It’s why Bruno Bettelheim, the child psychiatrist, came up with the idea of the Good Enough Mother. No one can be perfect and we all carry the baggage of our own childhood patterns which like it or not will affect the way the next generation are treated. All you can be is be honest with yourself and understand your tendencies. The more conscious you are the less is acted out down a generation.

      • All very true, I’m putting the work in to understand tendencies, funnily I work in psychiatry but enjoy astrology so perhaps they’ll be interested in those Uranus and Pluto arenas too
        Thank you for replying much to think about, HT

      • Well said, Marnorie! Wonderful piece and mirrors my chart and experience. Take the rough with the smooth. I love my adaptability and resilience – no pain, no gain.

  23. A variation on this theme would be my own chart. My natal Moon is conjunct Pluto in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio. Of course my mother was a drama queen who aroused deep and conflicting emotions but there is more. In the Moon’s sign of Cancer, I have an exact Jupiter-Uranus conjunction opposite the Sun. This has had the added effect of a Moon-Uranus mother and has certainly made me an independent and somewhat unconventional thinker, reinforced by Mercury at 0 Aquarius which Pluto will soon conjoin.

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