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  1. Good morning Marjorie!
    I found Mick Lynch’s Birthday dated 10 January 1962 grew up in Paddington born in London. He”s the General Secretary of the GRM Union and been making waves with his excellent interviews. He’s not my politics but he soon has put seasoned tough nterviewers like Kay Burley, Andrew Neil in their place. The source for Birthday is Companies House. Thank you if you comment.

  2. Hi Marjorie, hope you’re well! I think it highly ironic given this past week’s events that Roy Cohn who worked with Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s in prosecuting the Rosenberg’s, (for passing nuclear secrets to the Soviets), haven’t read the full story re Rosenberg’s in a long time
    was as you well know Trump’s Attorney until 1986. RC born 20 February 1927 in the Bronx, NY and JMcC born 14 November 1908 in Butte Chute, WI. Hope you get a chance to comment. Have a good Sunday and week ahead!

  3. Hello Marjorie. Could you please take a look at the birth chart of Judith Durham, formerly of The Seekers, who died last Friday 5th August at the age of 79. 3rd July 1943, Essendon, Victoria, Australia. Birth time given as 00.02 hours AEST. Her beautiful voice was part of the soundtrack of my teens ….. Thanks.

  4. Dear Marjorie, good morning! Have you any thoughts on the Part of Fortune (POF) in one’s Chart? I refer to Houses, Zodiac sign, conjunctions/opposition’s/squares/trines. Thank you if you look into this, seems like an underrated topic that I don’t see much commentary about hence question.

  5. Perhaps of no relevance,today.
    Just wanted a pause from the “war”.Watching Sherlock.I loved Basil Rathbone,but Benedict…
    Love his arrogance and all combinations in that role.His voice,mimic..eyes
    Sad to hear he and Martin Freeman is not best friends outside acting.Thats life.
    Must be loads from Sir Conan Doyle to continue with.

  6. “The last Salem witch has been exonerated…”


    Intersting article on how men were generally released yet women were hung. Circa 1692.

  7. Hello Marjorie

    Would you please look at Harry Miller from Fair Cop. He’s seems to have been arrested again. Laurence Fox too, please.

    Thank you.

  8. “When Vladimir Putin is gone, who comes next?”


    A series of candidates both positive and not so.

  9. Hi Marjorie,

    Probably not a complete respite from political actors everywhere splitting into hardline factions, but would you be interested in looking at Anne Heche’s chart?

    Unfortunately, she suffered a horrific car accident yesterday.

    Birth details: 29 May 1969, 16:51, Cleveland, Ohio, US, Rodden AA

    She’s led a colorful personal and professional life, which may be of interest to your readers.

  10. I would like to know how Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and Durek Verret are doing. Will there be a wedding? Will Princess Märtha Louise move to the United States? Her father King Harald is sick and in hospital, how does that affect the couple’s relationship?

  11. You have done so rarely in the past, Marjorie, but for this year, can I request you to draw up the Libra and Capricorn Ingress charts, to see how this year’s autumn and winter are going to be, both globally, but especially for the UK, EU, the US and the conflict in Ukraine.

  12. On a far less serious note to Chris Romero’s request, Majorie, I wondered if you could look at Kate Moss’s chart. She was known for always keeping her own counsel, at least from the media, but she has recently done Desert Island Discs where she was a little more forthcoming about her life. She said her partying days were over and the thing she liked the best is gardening. Can this be true?

  13. Hi Marjorie,

    I posted this question in the last comments and questions section – right before the new comments and questions was posted. I wasn’t sure if

    Yesterday (Wednesday, August 03, 2022) marks the 8 year anniversary of the Yazidi Genocide which was carried out by ISIS. In August 2014, between 5,000 & 12,000 innocent Yazidis lost their lives near Şingal. Over 5,000 Yazidi girls, women, and some boys were sold into slavery to be used as concubines and domestic servants. The Yazidi boys sold into slavery were indoctrinated with radical Salafi Muslim ideology and trained to become front line ISIS fighters and suicide bombers.

    With the exception of a handful of human rights activists, German lawmakers, and the Kurdish diaspora, much of the world continues to ignore the the plight of the Yazidi ethno-religious group and hardly anyone in the West mentions them when discussing persecuted peoples of the world.

    I was wondering if you had any astrologer thoughts or insights to share regarding the Yazidis and their tragic ongoing plight. Their spiritual leaders claim they’ve been the victims of over 74 genocides throughout their existence.

    Yazidi Genocide survivor, Nobel Peace Prize Laurette, and human rights activist, Nadia Murad, has probably become the most well known Yazidi worldwide. Her mother and 6 of her brothers and step-brothers were murdered by ISIS and she was sold into slavery before managing to escape. I read her memoir, “The Last Girl: My Story of Captivity, and My Fight Against the Islamic State” back in January. Murad also recently did an interview with Elle Magazine – which I also read.

    Anyway, anything you could share from an astrological perspective regarding the Yazidi Genocide would be greatly appreciated. Or, anything you could share regarding Nadia Murad would be great too. I know Nadia Murad was born March 10, 1993 in Kocho, Iraq and her birth time unknown.

    • You are right, the media hasnt written about them for yoinks. I dont know if others have forgotten, but I certainly havent.
      Its an absolute tragedy.

  14. I wonder about the future of Durek Verrett and Princess Märtha Louise? Will there be a wedding? Will Märtha Louise move to the U.S or will she stay in Norway?

  15. what are Prince Charles’ transits and what in his chart made him open to receive such donations recently – Is there something in his chart that relates to either stupidity or arrogance

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