Nancy Pelosi – making her mark before she exits

Nancy Pelosi has been accused of grandstanding and china-baiting in her swansong tour of the far east including Taiwan. The White House raised concerns about the visit and even Taiwanese locals are wary that she’ll cause unnecessary trouble. She has been incensed about authoritarian China since the Tiananmen Square riots were brutally suppressed in 1989.

  Nothing much budges her when she has set her plans with a substantially Fixed chart. She was born 26 March 1940 in Baltimore, MD, with a biography time of 3.10pm, which puts a formidable collection of Mars, Venus and Uranus in Taurus on her Midheaven opposition a Scorpio Moon. She also has Pluto in Leo square Saturn in Taurus and and 8th house Aries Sun.

  Her Mars is conjunct the destructive Fixed star Algol so she’s a determined fighter and her Mars Venus Uranus are conjunct the China 1912 Mars Moon in Taurus with the China Saturn conjunction her Uranus. So not an amiable connection. Two formidable opponents.

  Her relationship chart with China 1912 is under discouraging, separating influences this year. The already fraught, suspicious composite T Square of Sun Venus opposition Neptune Moon square Mars is catching tr Saturn hard aspects this year and next with worse in 2023/24 as tr Uranus catches up to rock their boat further.

  The China/USA relationship chart is uncertain this year, scratchy in 2023 and still in bulldozer-meets-brick-wall gear – depressing and neither side compromising.

Her relations with Joe Biden are never easy at the best of times since her heavyweight Taurus planets clash with his Scorpio stellium. Her unyielding Saturn square Pluto sit on his Moon square Jupiter so she’ll douse his enthusiasm. Her Sun opposes his 10th house Neptune so she’ll find him evasive and indecisive.

 Their relationship chart has a New Moon opposition Pluto = power-struggling. With an aggravated composite Mars opposition Venus square Saturn Uranus which is being chilled by tr Saturn hard aspects this year and next.

  If the Republicans take Congress at the Mid Terms she is expected to retire. And given her age that may happen whatever the outcome.  Pluto moving into Aquarius will shift the trajectory of her life as it opposes her Pluto and squares her Saturn in 2023/24 and moves out of her ‘performing’ 5th house. 2023 is also the year of her Uranus Return.

PS. I use the 1 January 1912 China chart because it works better than the 1949 one.

See previous post on Taiwan 19 July 2022

19 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi – making her mark before she exits

  1. It feels a little bit ominous that Pelosi’s visit coincided with the current Mars/Uranus conjunction in Taurus, when Mars/Uranus in Taurus occurs natally in the 12th house of the Biden inauguration chart.

    • I agree with you, VF. I’ve been looking at the August 12th full Moon at 19 Leo, which squares the Mars Uranus Nodes conjunction of Pelosi’s visit. Mars will be at 25 Taurus that day. I think this is potentially a very sensitive moment.
      1) Pelosi’s natal Mars is 26 Taurus, natal Moon 18 Scorpio. Tr Uranus currently continues to oppose that Moon. China 1912 has Mars 24 Taurus opposition Venus 25 Scorpio. Moon 21 Taurus.
      2) The Pelosi/Biden composite has Uranus 26 Taurus
      3) The Pelosi/China composite has Mars 25 Taurus
      4) The Pelosi/China composite has Sun 22 Aquarius, being transited by Saturn exactly on the day of the full Moon.
      This will be a ‘supermoon’, at perigee, which may mean high emotional tides of one sort or another. Mars is obviously lurking in the queendom of Algol, the Gorgon’s Head, another sign of passion, anger, and belligerence.

      There’s also a chart for Nationalist China in the Book of World Horoscopes. December 25th, 1947, Taipei, Taiwan. It may not work, I don’t know. I noticed, though, it has 22 Taurus Nodes, square Saturn at 22 Leo, which is conjunct Pluto 14 Leo.

      Even the sabre-rattling exercises are ominous. I hope that’s all they are, I really do.

      • Ouch, Jane that’s a Mars/Algol triple whammy. I feel very uneasy about the whole exercise frankly.

        (18 degrees of Scorpio will be very sensitive right now. It happens to be my Pluto/Saturn midpoint and has caught the dreaded Mars/Uranus/node in Taurus transit coinciding with my mum having an accident with a boiling kettle, a terrible burn, A&E and admission to the nearest burns unit. Apart from the distress and trauma of it all, it has increased my interest in astrological midpoints!).

        • Very sorry to hear about your Mum, VF. I hope she’ll heal up quickly. What a shock for her, and your family. Very best wishes for her recovery anyway.

          Yes, transits to midpoints are often very enlightening I think. And even more accurate, sometimes, than a straightforward transit. I suppose they knit things together, or make the centre of a pair of scales.

          I’ve got several planets in range of the MUN conjunction myself. This week two acquaintances have died suddenly, one in an accident. The conjunction was in my 11th house.

          • That’s so sad about your acqaintances Jane – one is shocking, but two.
            My husband has a couple of midpoints at 18 Sco, thankfully only a speeding ticket in his case. He’s always been a fast driver, now he has to go on a speed safety course. I hope it does something!

          • Thank you for your good wishes, Jane and Tara and sorry to hear of your loss, Jane.

            As to midpoints, a terrible event which happened to my grandfather took place during a transit of his Mars/Uranus midpoint – an accident which killed his father, so yes they can be very potent.

    • This could have gone much worse than it did. I would expect any fallout would be immediate rather than delayed, due to Uranus. So, a lot of ruffled feathers and posturing (Mars) … nothing more (I hope).

  2. Thank you Marjorie for looking at this – given the Mars Uranus NN action it is careless and callous on her part and is precisely the kind of half-baked nonsense that will see the West battling on two major fronts. But yeah, Pelosi will have retired while the rest of us will be left with the hot mess she’s stirring up.

  3. Another manifestation of American selfish, immaturity, for it is the Taiwanese who will suffer the consequences of this visit, especially, when America has built it`s own microchip production facilities.

    • Exactly WEB but it’s US MIC that will sell $billions of dollars of arms to Taiwan and others in the region deliberately provoked into deep worries by this Strangelove insanity. And we Brits will simper along with it no doubt with Lizteria giving fulsome cheerleader support hoping to pick up points to inspire the deranged gammonati who vote for her

  4. Marjorie – at some point could you talk a bit about Pluto opposing Pluto in the charts of so many of us? Boomers with a Leo Pluto are among the few cohorts who will see the unusual transiting Pluto opposition in their own lifetimes. What should the world expect?

  5. It doesn’t surprise me that the 1912 chart works better. 1912 marks the start of republican China after 2,000 years of imperial China; 1949 is merely a change of government, albeit a long lasting dictatorial regime.

    • @ L. Bear, I’m an October 1st Libran, not of 1949, though, and approve this message.

      The way Chinese handle their Communist Regime is profoundly different of, say, Soviet Union, and can be tracked to Confucianism.

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