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  1. The US Pluto Return seems to be shaping up to be more like a return to the dark ages.

    I couldn’t find a write up on Clarence Thomas, Marjorie. Is there one please?

  2. Dear Nicole
    It is with regret that I would like to inform the astrology community that Raye Robertson, with blog ” Diary of a mundane astrologer” who offered some of the most thorough, comprehensive analysis particularly regarding the USA has just been run off the web by hackers and she has decided to close her blog.
    So if any of you wish to inform yourselves before she withdraws her blog please do so, it sounds as intimidation works. A bad day for free, informed, respectful speech.

    • Thanks @VF, I checked out the blog. Very interesting read on US chart and Solar Return; as well as the threat to Democracy, the corruption, the malaise etc. Can’t imagine what they going to do to fix this cause they seem to be going down the rabbit hole. Meanwhile polls don’t matter.

      The example of the ruling to execute an innocent man is particular scary. Clarence Thomas’s name cropped up there too.

  3. Marjorie, could you please take a look at the ramifications of the just-issued US Supreme Court rulings eviscerating abortion rights and gun control?

    Will anything positive — like damaging Republicans’ electoral prospects — come out of these rulings which are so out of step with American popular opinion?

    Thanks so much.

    • Horrified. With the Moon conjunct Uranus in conservative Taurus today squared by an Aquarius Saturn. This also means of course potential criminal charges brought against women who suffer miscarriages. Really feel for American women today.

      • @Virgoflake, my I think it’s my exact Uranus/Venus conjunct 2nd house Venus wanting to literally go and land some well placed kicks to certain male groins today. And the majority opinion was written by Clarence Thomas of all people.What are these people thinking?

    • Unbelievable and shocking. Please read into Supreme Court.
      They also overturned a NY law yesterday on carrying concealed weapons which gives people the right to carry weapons in public. It is downright terrifying seeing people walking around kids and the general public with guns in their holsters on their side hip.

    • @ Nicole,

      It’s pretty awful, that’s for sure. All if the Southern states are now immediately imposing abortion bans.

      In Louisiana, all abortions have been banned (including incest and rape) with the only exceptions being that the women’s life is in danger or the fetus is likely to be born as a still born. However, even in those situations, at least 2 physicians must give their consent.

      In West Virginia, there was only one abortion clinic operating in the entire state. Today, with the Roe vs Wade ruling, the clinic will no longer be performing abortions.

      Here in Florida, Governor DeSantis is imposing restrictions to abortions after 15 weeks (the second trimester) beginning on July 1.

    • @ Nicole Sours Larson, I will only say I’m heartbroken and also angry as hell for overturning of Roe vs. Wade. I see some, fortunately marginal, “conservative voices” spinning this as a victory in Finnish Twitter. None answer me when I ask about extra-uterine (one in 100) pregnancies or all the raped children who should carry. I particularly have 0 patience for Ukrainian flag accounts saluting this, after reading how Ukrainian refugees to Poland had issues with obtaining a termination after being gang raped by Russian soldiers.

  4. Hello,
    Could you look into the new goverment of Colombia. It is Colombias first left wing after a tight election. Wondering how succesful the president elect, Gustavo Petro and vicepresident Francia Marquez will be?
    Wondering also if this really is a start for a new era for the country?

  5. Senator Jesse Helms

    “Helms opposed civil rights, disability rights, feminism, gay rights, affirmative action, access to abortions, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), and the National Endowment for the Arts.”

    I guess you don’t have to do a chart to find out what a terrible person he was, because he was quite open about being a terrible person.

  6. Just a general note of appreciation for the daily scopes. I face a situation where the local equivalent of the Housing Council made sudden, arbitrary changed rules that would make me and others homeless at the end of the month. Currently trying to work with politicians to get the abusive situation fixed. The daily perspective here has been helpful in my self-advocacy work.

  7. Hello,

    maybe a look into Gerard Pique’s chart? The French football player for Barcelona is not living his best life: separated from his wife, singer Shakira, sitting next season out on the bench according to the Barca coach, enraging fans in Sweden by arrogantly refusing fan requests…

  8. Good evening Marjory
    There was a political earthquake on Sunday, with the result of the French parliamentary elections , as President Macron failed to win a governing majority. His coalition got only 245 seats out of 577, while the anticapitalist left-wing coalition got 131 seats and the nationalist far right made its best score ever with 89 seats, thus becoming the first opposition party.

    That leaves the French legislature without a majority party, an unprecedented situation under the Fifth Republic, and it raises major questions about whether Macron will be able to deliver on his agenda and to avoid chaos.
    As an aside, that could also weaken the French Presidency of the European Union and the credibility of the EU…

    You mentioned insecurity and hardship in a previous post (« needing a steady hand through storms ahead »). Obviously there won’t be a steady hand, so how do you think the upcoming hugely disruptive aspects could play out ?

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