Prince William – turning hurt into healing

Prince William is 40 today, looking every bit the fulfilled father, husband, son and settled into his role as heir to the heir to the throne. He has overcome his initial reluctance to pick up the Royal reins, mended his once uncomfortable relationship with Prince Charles and appears to be increasingly making his views count in key discussions about the future shape of the monarchy.

  He was born 21 June 1982 9.03pm London on the day of a Solar Eclipse in a Saros cycle that ends in 2036, leading some astrologers to say he would be the last king. Though I’m not sure anyone knows exactly what an Eclipse birth means in this context.

  His New Moon in Cancer and his North Node in Cancer fall in his 7th house so relationships – with a partner, the public and socially – will be the key to his purpose in life. The Cancer North Node is about a journey through life learning to be the feeding hands (metaphorically speaking) for others. But it hasn’t come easily. His Venus in Taurus on the focal point of a Yod would initially make him awkward and uneasy in social situations until he found his purpose in improving the lives of others.

His Venus conjunct Algol and Chiron suggests an emotional woundedness and low self-esteem which does ultimately lead to an empathy with those less fortunate. Venus Chiron would make him see himself as “secondary” in any relationship, feeling he was not worthy of love. Children would make a significant difference to his feelings about himself with Venus Chiron Algol falling in his 5th.

  His mother’s death would obviously contribute to his woundedness but she also leant heavily on him through the divorce years, treating him as a confidante, which would do damage to a growing boy, since he would feel it was his role to make her happy. Self-sacrifice is associated with Chiron conjunct Venus – and that is echoed in his Mars Saturn conjunction which like Sharron Davies gives him self-discipline stemming from tough conditions of emotional deprivation and restrictions.

  He has a lucky, successful Jupiter in Scorpio on his Midheaven pointing to growing popularity and respect the older he gets and it trines his Sun and Moon. Jupiter on the midheaven also suggests a mother who was over the top in some way or a drama queen.

  His Mercury opposition Uranus will give him a tendency to be outspoken and Mars Saturn can be short-tempered so when he’s rattled he’ll let fly verbally. And he does have strong opinions with Pluto, Saturn, Mars in the 9th.  

   He’s been slowly revisioning his life since 2017 as his children arrived with tr Saturn moving through his low profile First Quadrant, starting with several years of focusing more on his personal life. He’s starting to emerge from that with tr Saturn about to move into his 3rd from early 2023. He’s also had his Progressed Moon moving through his 12th house picking up in early 2021 just before Prince Philip’s death which is a time of endings and introspection – that finishes this October.

  He looks to be on a confident roll this year and next with tr Pluto square his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint and that will be consolidated by an assertive and determined tr Pluto square his Jupiter in 2023/24 and then his Midheaven in 2024/2025, which will alter the trajectory of his career/life.  Tr Uranus conjunct his focal point Venus Chiron from mid 2024 will also trigger a significant change emotionally and in his public role.

 The tr Neptune Saturn conjunction in Aries in 2025/26 will square his Sun and move in square to his Moon thereafter for three years which will be a time of confusion as he adjusts to new circumstances.

  His Solar Return is similar to the Cancer Ingress but makes the most of the upbeat Moon Jupiter square Sun putting them in the sociable/diplomatic 7th and career-marker 10th. Hard work, travel, a few surprises from Uranus in the 8th but generally not a disaster.

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  1. Hi Christine E. Yes those are the three relevant words – ‘capable but fearful’. I’d love to know more about you but guess this is not the place. I was born in North London late in the war when doodlebugs were being sent over from Germany – that seems a good image of a fearful world out there. You were born a nodal cycle after me. Any similar conditions at your birth?

    • Hi WendyK. I was born in North London too. It was the coldest winter for 200 years. My family were made homeless and I was fostered as a baby. I was adopted by my foster family so life was uncertain from the beginning. We went to Australia when I was 3 and then we came back before I was 6.

      • Good grief! No wonder 4th/10th and Cancer/Capricorn focus. I came to NZ with my war bride mother and my NZ soldier father before I was one. Housing was impossible here and the possibility of return to Britain was considered but we stayed … Mum was homesick, my NZ grandmother didn’t like her, both parents had broken families and i think it was added to by half of dad’s ancestors here being German. No one told us until i was early 20’s. Seems odd we both started out in north London! Is that astrologically relevant Marjorie? No wonder you are sorry you no longer own your home. Best wishes

        • Thanks Wendy. My birth mum was anxious so I think I inherited a bit of that. It must have been hard for your mum so far away from her family. My adoptive mum was a Cancer so there’s that Cancer/Capricorn connection again!

    • I don’t want to derail the Prince William thread by talking about Harry too much, other than to provide astrological insight.

      I’m not sure how much you know about the 4th house but it is the root of our charts. It’s where everything grows from and where you find what matters to you. So in Harry’s case, with his Taurus moon in there, he needs a very stable, secure upbringing and surroundings to feel secure. But his moon is afflicted by an opposition from Scorpio up in the 10th – this plays out as duty (the Royals) having always told him how he must act rather than do what makes him happy. But it’s made worse because Saturn limits him and restricts his emotional growth, so he struggles to process all the feelings of anger and resentment he has – which is also difficult for a Taurus moon anyway.

      So you might want to think in those terms for your own chart. With your Saturn conjunct(?) your Moon in the 10th, you may have struggled to develop good emotional processing along the way. Certainly that was I thought of when you stated “I did have some reasonable jobs but they frightened me if I’m honest.” although may have misinterpreted what you meant by frightened.

      Even so, the follow-on “I was an occupational therapist and mostly worked in psychiatry/community mental health. I felt so inadequate with the very vulnerable patients” highlights a typical problem Capricorn / 10th house / Saturn people have with feeling adequate. Its a common issue for these types that they want to hear other people telling them how great they’re doing rather than being able to self-evaluate and self-satisfy.

      The funny part is while it may never have been stated explicitly, the feedback was there “but seemed to be seen as good at it so kept getting responsible jobs.” That’s a jump you needed to make – to trust that you were simply good enough and then the confidence blooms from there.

      Hope that helps a little more!

      • @GnarlyDude, wow, so what do you say about 4th house Neptune with Jupiter Mars 10th not conjunct? I’m very creative but don’t enjoy Neptune there at all.

        • Hmmm …. good question Jennifer …

          A simple breakdown would begin with:
          – Mars 10th – lots of drive and desire to achieve and get to the top
          – Jupiter 10th – should enable that to happen. Opportunities will come your way and you’ll taken them. (See above for William’s Jupiter on MC).
          – Neptune 4th – never quite being sure what matters to you. Maybe one (or both) of your parents kept shifting the goalposts or introducing new stuff that confused, you. Maybe you dive into family projects to the expense of your career/business. I find Neptune also tends to make people run away from confronting stuff – so you may have avoided digging deep or be denying what matters.

          Of course the signs will matter as well. If you’re Sag Neptune / Mars-Jupiter Gemini; that’ll play out different to Scorp Neptune / Mars-Jupiter Taurus. The former will be giving everything a go but perhaps never staying with it long enough tbut keep finding and trying new opportunities for the knowledge they bring. The latter would probably be more materialistic and grounded in its approach but possibly playing it too safe to truly reach the top.

          Sorry, not a very synthesised reading – more a collection of thoughts. That’s probably because it involves jupiter/neptune where there are so many possibilities available! I guess that underlies the point for how you find more success – you have to be more defined to get specific direction or answers. Mars may help you there if it’s placed in a beneficial sign

          • @GnarlyDude thanks, very interesting. What you say resonates a lot. I’m the latter, Nep in Scorp 4th, Mars in Gemini (also Venus) / Taurus Jupiter 10th. Food for thought!!

      • Thank you GnarlyDude. Sorry that reading of William’s Cancer New Moon conjunct North Node set me into personal questioning but you have made some really helpful points – not least your suggestion to start from the fourth house and build from there. More daylight dawning! Great!

        • Nothing to apologise for Wendy. Hope it’s helpful – with your chart dominated by moon,saturn,4th/10th,cap sun – have a further Google round the web to understand those areas because they’re all so interrelated. As I said before, I can see the confusion they create because they’re all so conflicted while still have the same underlying themes.

          • I have Cap sun in the 4th with Saturn and the Cancer NN up in the 10th. Sun is opp the NN. I’ve always found it confusing. I thought we felt comfortable with our SN but we should be aiming for our NN. I’m not a career person at all and I’ve worked in the same place for a number of years. I don’t want to be promoted at work and am quite happy at a lower level. I don’t want the responsibility as I am a worrier. I wanted to ask you GnarlyDude if Saturn (in Aquarius) in the 4th is why I can’t seem to keep my house tidy? This has been going on for years and it’s not just my mess but I do feel like it’s up to me to sort it. Saturn is square Neptune too.

          • Christine that is so much me! are you 77 or similar? the think is that also having my moon conjunct saturn in the 10th was that i had to take the positions that worried me – the worry was the angst, i was quite capable of doing the jobs. I’ve always had trouble being tidy but that i think relates more to neptune/libra, jupiter/virgo square mercury mars in Sagittarius on the IC.
            When I look at Prince William laughing with his children, i’m guessing he’s not worrying about having to get tea. The flotsam and jetsam of life is so overwhelming.
            I realize that in my previous comments on this topic I have forgotten to add the K to my name. Will do it this time

          • Hi Wendy, I thought we sounded similar, capable but fearful! I’m 59. Well done on your best achievement, your little house. That is one of my biggest regrets, selling our house when the children were small. We’ve rented ever since and the housing market is awful for young people. I suppose William doesn’t have to worry about that either but I wouldn’t want his life, being watched all the time. I couldn’t cope with that.

  2. I was surprised to see its William’s 40th birthday – time flies by. He has really grown into a respectable chap.

    Good write-up Marjorie – nice blend of biographical and astrological insight.

    • Agree- such an effortless and engaging read (with another stellar pic) – and who wouldn’t be proud of his steadfast poise.

  3. If his North Node is in Cancer and this is his life’s purpose then is it not made more difficult being married to a Capricorn who will pull him in the other direction?
    I ask this because my North Node is in Cancer and I was married to a Capricorn

    • I would suggest it’s maybe / maybe not. Having a Cappy mate could work with them going off and being the breadwinner for the family while the Cancer north node can fulfil their destiny by staying home with the kids. (Obviously in William’s situation that’s much harder by being the heir to the throne! But he also has that Cancer Sun-Moon to help him do the Cancer NN thing).

      I think he’s doing a good job of fulfilling his Cancer south node because he’s found what matters to him on the inner level – whereas Cappys tend to think they should do what their parents or society tells them to do even if they don’t like it. They will struggle through and look for recognition where the Cancer just wants to satisfy itself and avoid the attention.

      • Thanks thats a really useful explanation.
        As someone who has struggled to tell rhe difference between what I want and need and other people’s expectations and judgements I wish I had known more about NNs a long time ago.
        Saying thar my career is child focused so perhaps I have managed better to accommodate this than I thought.

        • Michelle Obama is a good person to read up on astrologically as she is a Cap Sun with Cancer NN. So she wanted to be a lawyer and out there working in the world. Her real success has come by being married to Barack Obama and playing the supportive First Lady while he was president. That role has given her so much more access to be a role model and advocate.

          Part of what I’m trying to say is a Cancer NN doesn’t have to be a stay-at-home parent but they do need to have a family network around them. Rather than the Cap SN which wants to go off, be an island and graft to become the top dog and be the expert in charge.

      • I read this in hope of some clarity but yet again end up standing on my head. I have NN, Moon and Saturn in 10th house opposite Capricorn Sun in 4th all square Neptune. That was in London, then came to NZ before I was one so it turns upside down and is still weird.
        At least I sleep well, because I’m quite unsure of what I’ve been trying to do for the past 70 + years.

        • I empathise with you on that one Wendy. Everything conflicting.

          The 4th-10th really highlights the difficulties of an opposition in a chart. The desire to stay and home, among family and be hidden away from the eyes of others vs the desire to get out achieve, get acclaim and be renowned for whatever you do. If you spend too many hours at work, you never see your family. If you focus on family, you don’t get on at work.

          I actually have my nodes across 4th (SN) and 10th (NN). And I have mars conjunct the NN which has always made me want to be the best at whatever I did and I went all in. But I also have a personal stellium in the 4th including the moon which simply wanted a happy family. (Prince Harry has moon in 4th so I understand why his feelings about the Royal Family and his own in LA are so important to him).

          But that’s quite straightforward because the drivers are in the right sort of places. Yours are all backwards with that Cap Sun in 4th and the others in the 10th. I would say, you would have felt a need to be highly acclaimed at work or in some vocation (eg heading the Women’s Institute) while feeling that you have the support of those who work for you (moon in 10th). And that’s before we consider the Neptune square which is probably in the 1st and Libra therefore making you susceptible to giving into others rather than asserting your self – which then undermines the 10th house drive.

          (For what it’s worth, I’ve never managed to get mine to work out either. Despite all my efforts at work I never got anywhere – my one successful time was when I was self-employed but that all dried up as soon as Uranus moved out of the 10th and I never managed to find someone to have a family with.)

          • Thank you GnarlyDude – I really resonate with what you say. Its great that you can convey the feelings involved. A common word in my head has been ‘belonging’, or rather ‘where do I belong?’. The situations that logic puts me into are rarely those that feel right.
            I did manage to create a family that felt more like me – a husband who left after 12 years and three children who were more like me than my siblings were, but life has quirky twists. My daughter died of ms and her grown daughter lives in Australia. My 2 boys have made homes in North America, one near Seattle, the other in Vancouver. and I still am in NZ. and if i belong anywhere it must be just floating around in the human pool.
            I did have some reasonable jobs but they frightened me if I’m honest. I was an occupational therapist and mostly worked in psychiatry/community mental health. I felt so inadequate with the very vulnerable patients, but seemed to be seen as good at it so kept getting responsible jobs. My best achievement ever though, is that I now have a little house of my own – at last a safe retreat!

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