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  1. The Kardashians are launching yet another product. It’s become maddening at this point these people are making billions (literally) while the world is suffering. How is our collective so stupid to purchase these branded products??? Can you read the launch chart of their newest skincare line launching June 21 at 12pm EST in Los Angeles. I feel awful to say this but I am waiting on them to disappear from our media as they are not affecting us in positive ways.
    Kim had the audacity to come to London with her boyfriend thinking she would get accepted to the Queen’s jubilee. Dailymail reported her team reached out to the Queen and said “she doesn’t need to be VIP.” Unbelievable.

  2. “US national security adviser says US has been in talks with Ukraine about “negotiated outcome” with Russia”

    Article under “https://www.cnn.com/europe/live-news/russia-ukraine-war-news-06-16-22” suggesting that Ukraine keep its options open regarding the end of the war; “…the US and its allies are placing a renewed emphasis on the need for a negotiated settlement to end the war.”

    Probably all of us are hoping for the best but is this remotely likely, as Super Czar Putin wants it all.


  3. A good guide to how government works is to watch “Yes Minister”, the silky machine of the upper echelons of the Civil Service have run the country for centuries, that is why they are called permanent as opposed to the politicians who are temporary.
    Regarding Oswald Spengler who wrote the pessimistic and excellent “Decline of the West” which is imo. unduly negative about the future prospect of society, he is however spot on the role of the middleman, which is the economy we have now, concessions, franchises, agencies, etc the gig economy which tends to benefit those closest to the money aide by supporting services: lawyers, accountants etc.

  4. “Perfidious Albion” was actually a backhanded compliment at the diplomacy developed over centuries, probably since Elizabeth I and the Cecils the purpose being being to keep the balance of power in Europe, meaning that no country would become too dominant and, of course, they were supremely good at it.
    However, with the country out of the EU it is a moot point at the moment whether they have that much influence right now. I believe like Captain Tom Moore that this country has a knack of rising eventually, right now the task seems domestic to sort out the many areas of need. The country is very good at invention, financial and other services etc. and yet it does not manage to make the most of assets as often they are marketed abroad.

  5. Hello Marjorie – I wonder what you think about the Mars/Uranus/Nodes conjunction in late July/early August?
    It opposes the UK 1801 Neptune in Scorpio. A shock for ‘perfidious Albion’?

    I’ve also been looking at the August 19th, 1991 chart for the August Coup in Russia (Book of World Horoscopes), which Nick Campion says “this moment is of supreme symbolic power”. It has Pluto at 17 Scorpio, and interestingly Saturn at 1 Aquarius. This is also one of the charts for Estonia, one day later.

    Obviously, a number of countries have planets at around 18 Taurus/Scorpio. These just caught my attention. This line up seems to have so much energy, possibly military with the Mars there, or maybe referring to rebellion and upheavals.

    • Wow Jane, looked up ‘perfidious Albion’ and got this: “Perfidious Albion” is a pejorative phrase used within the context of international relations diplomacy to refer to acts of diplomatic slights, duplicity, treachery and hence infidelity by monarchs or governments of the United Kingdom or England in their pursuit of self-interest. PRIOR to 1707!!! (the date is key for me)

      So the behavior is historically ingrained, so the govt can’t actually help itself then …?! It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious

      • Jennifer E – yes, it is kind of funny in a dark way isn’t it?!
        You sent me off to look at the House of Commons chart (20 January 1265). The Sun and Mercury oppose Neptune, which could be a bit slippery…..also, I thought the Aquarius Sun Mercury could be the collective, versus the individualistic Leo Neptune, representing the King or Queen. But then Britain was once a maritime nation too, with a big fishing industry, and numerous ship builders, pirates and smugglers – so I imagine Neptune (Brittania with her trident?) is quite significant in that way too. Mostly, they seem to have forgotten about the sea these days.

        • Interesting …. Some Aquarian strengths: humanitarian, intelligent, independent, courageous, assertive, etc. Some weaknesses: Can Be Unemotional. … Stubborn About Their Views. … Overlook The Value Of The Past. … Don’t Like Following Rules. … Hard To Predict. … Prone To Overthinking.

          The astrology speaks.

      • It just occurred to me also that this would stand for America historically too as most of their forefathers originated from the UK didn’t they? It now all makes sense.

        • Remember that the world’s first corporations were the East India Companies, which the Dutch and British governments chartered to go fight wars of conquest and bring home the plunder.

          Although the U.S. doesn’t have a monarchy, there are plenty of historians, sociologists, and economists who believe it’s accurate to describe it as an empire in terms of the waves of historical changes. I agree with that.

          I highly recommend Ray Dalio’s very approachable, animated overview of the topic on Youtube and then his book, if you’d like to explore the subject. He shows similarities between the rise, peak, and decline of major empires (without and without monarchies) including the Dutch and English peaks from conquering the world by sea, the U.S. and the current rise of China.

          If you want to dig into the subject beyond Dalio’s book, I recommend
          The history parts of Buckminster Fuller. They really need to have someone pull out just these parts, without the math and metaphysics, and rewrite them with more clarity.
          Books about the Chinese approach to “The Mandate of Heaven” versus Western concept of “the consent of the governed.” Unfortunately I don’t recall the title or author of a great book about this I found a few years ago. Very important to understands how “… with Chinese characteristics” means more authoritarian than Westerners would accept for themselves.
          “The Fourth Turning” by Strauss and Howe. They show that the historical swings of generational attitudes continued nonstop from the UK and on to the U.S. as a new nation. Then read any of Harry Dent’s books about how demographics drive the ups and downs of the economy.
          I’ve been reading about Oswald Spengler’s work but haven’t got into it myself. I should get to it.
          Karl Marx was right about many of the problems in Western society, but it’s a leap of religious conversion, not in any way “scientifically proven,” that having the government control everything would result in a paradise on earth. You can skip his ranting, poorly organized book without missing much.

          I am very hopeful about the astrology of the outer planet shifts a few years from now, but worried about the next few years and the start of those transition times.

    • I am curious on your thoughts on this conjunction as well. It is in my launch chart so I feel slightly nervous. I have read these energies experienced on a collective scale can manifest as war-like situations on the surface, but I also haven’t been able to trace this conjunction to the past that might suggest this.

      What do you think we may experience as collective as a result of these energies and the shifting of signs over the next few years?

  6. Hi Majorie,
    Thank you for an always insightful post!
    Could you have a look at what is happening in Sri Lanka? Are they moving forward or is the current situation linked to the civil war?

  7. Hi Marjorie,

    It appears tensions are really building between Greece and Turkey. Erdogan is demanding that Greece demilitarize the Aegean Islands. Also, Erdogan is making threats against Syria.

    I was wondering if you had any astrological insights as to what all of these rumblings could indicate. I’m certainly hoping Turkey’s aggression towards Greece and Syria doesn’t escalate any further. However, what does the astrology suggest with regards to the relationship between these 3 countries?

    Erdogan has basically turned into a miniature version of Vladimir Putin. It’s deeply concerning.

    Anything you could share regarding this matter would be deeply appreciated. I am curious to see what the astrology behind all of this indicates.

    The world is already consumed with enough humanitarian crises – Afghanistan, Palestine, Kurdistan, Ukraine, Yemen, and so on. We certainly don’t need any additional ones.

  8. Hi Marjorie,

    Do you see reunification of Ireland and break up of the Union in near future?

    Looks like this government doesn’t believe in negotiations, diplomacy and cooperation. They just love conflicts and grandstanding.


  9. Marjorie, doesn’t the fact that both the second and third Jan. 6 hearings start time, which are before and after Trump’s birthday, share the same Gem. Sun/Leo Rising combo as Trump himself strike you as mighty intriguing?
    There’s something seemingly fishy about the chosen dates of these hearings. Like an attempt to astrologically time them to perfection to have maximal effect.

    • Like an attempt to astrologically time them to perfection to have maximal effect.

      I was thinking the same but more about they waited to hold the ‘hearings’ after the Mercury retrograde.
      IIRC correctly Trump’s first or second impeachment was held during a Mercury retrograde.

      My first thought was that the Democrats needed to find an astrologer like Nancy Reagan did.

  10. Hi. Would you please look at Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg? She was named Amb to AUS. She was previously Amb to Japan. Very much her Sun sign, IMO. Thank you.

  11. Hi Marjorie – We seem (in the UK at least) to be regressing back to the 1970’s with the advent of strikes, general unrest in the population and the parlous state of the Economy. Are there any astrological factors to link today with those times? And if there are – do they hold the keys to the way ahead?


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