Carole Cadwalladr wins against Arron Banks

Multimillionaire Brexit backer Arron Banks has lost his libel action against Guardian reporter Carole Cadwalladr. She was being sued for defamation over talking about his ‘covert relationship’ with Russia. The case was criticised as an attack on free speech. Banks who funded the pro-Brexit Leave EU campaign group said he would appeal. If he had won she would have been liable for his costs and damages – well over £1m.

  She was born 10 October 1969 in Cardiff, Wales and became known internationally in 2018 for her role in exposing the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal for which she was a finalist for the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting.

  She has a confident, fair-minded and outspoken Sun Jupiter in Libra with Uranus, Mercury and probably Moon in Libra as well. Her ambitious Mars in Capricorn squares her Libra planets making her impulsive and a risk-taker. Tr Jupiter in Aries is exactly opposition her Uranus bringing her a lucky break as the judge declared in her favour saying her belief had been reasonable in terms of public interest. Though she’s looking edgy ahead which may be the appeal or other concerns troubling her.

  Arron Banks, 22 March 1966, is co-founder of the Leave.EU campaign and was one of the largest donors to the UK Independence Party (UKIP). He was investigated over concerns about the source of his funding but there was “no evidence that any criminal offences have been committed.” According to wiki he is reported to have had multiple meetings with Russian embassy officials as well as being offered business opportunities in Russia in the run-up to the Brexit referendum. He has denied any wrongdoing.

 He is Cadwalladr’s opposite number having a Sun, Mars and probably Moon in Aries, making him go-ahead and argumentative. He’s also got a super-confident Jupiter in Gemini square Uranus Pluto opposition Saturn Mercury in Pisces.  He looks even less content over the next four years with major confusion this August to December and Neptunian sinkholes appearing along with disappointments up to 2025.

  Their relationship chart is not surprisingly highly-charged and chilly with a Sun square Saturn; an outspoken composite Uranus square Mercury and inconjunct Mars; and Mars in a square to Neptune, hinting at differences where only one can win. It looks shaken up through the next three years, 2024 especially – so either there is more to follow or the result will cause continuing resentment.

15 thoughts on “Carole Cadwalladr wins against Arron Banks

  1. And what about Dominic Cummings who lived in Russia for several years and seems to regard our democracy with derision. Not to mention Boris’s pals. Are there any Astro links between Russia andBrexit?

  2. Marjorie

    Banks might appeal His twitter message

    Congratulations to Carole on winning today, it leaves open for the journalist the excuse that she thought what she said was correct even though she had no facts. There are important points of law at stake here & we will likely appeal.

    • …whew! talk about intensity! its off the scale with a predominance of squares/oppositions especailly to outer planets so the birth time may be near enough (though nothing can be accurate unless its spot on), aspects to asc/mc seem to say the time is quite…..close.
      She’s a pleaser and can compromise with 5 planets in congenial, reasonable Libra. Yet…the very tough Capricorn Mars suggests direction/manouvering/manipulation (well, so is it in politics). She is strong on flattery (Libra stuff) with an acute, dissecting mind. It’s her boldness which marks her out (Sag asc) – they believe! – her chart ruler is Jupiter here (natally conjunct IC) but now transiting Chiron (conjunct) in the 4th which is deeply personal to her…..Neptune hovers round the Node – she may be some kind of superstar but…flexible she aint! A father’s child through and through….

  3. Very good news! We really need proper investigative journalism – now more than ever. Interesting to see that May’s lunar eclipse aligned with Carole’s Neptune in investigative Scorpio. Also, Aaron Banks’ S Node – the point of release – a message about letting go of this case perhaps?

  4. Really pleased for her. I don’t know whether she is right or wrong but this, at least, sends a signal. Banks (like other entitled millionaires) thinks he can intimidate with lawsuits.

    • @Susan, Putin bankrolling Brexit is pretty much proven by other journalists and investigators, too, for what it’s worth. And everything she in particular has written on Banks (and others) has been extremely well researched, and some should have been criminally investigated as well.

      • Where’s your ‘proof’?

        People should not make outrageous claims without a single shred of evidence.
        Despite it being bad manners, it is childish.

        • Actually Solaria is Finnish and the Finnish jounalism is less constrained by the threat of legal action than that in the Uk. I happened to be in Finland at the time of the Brexit refetendum and on the morning they announced the result, the Finnish public broadcasting organisation cited Russian interference. The reason I remember this so clearly was that there was no mention of this in the UK at the time, I posted what i had heard on fb and I was asked for clarification.

        • Why would you be so upset about this when the government itself admitted that there was Russian interference in the Scottish Independence referendum. It’s not such a leap?

          People will believe what suits them, at the end of the day, evidence or no evidence. All I know is that hardly anyone gave a rats arse about the EU before about 2014. Then all these troll factory accounts/pages popped up on social media. They followed austerity and a huge increase in cheaper migrant labour from Eastern Europe, and they just kept nudging

          • I never saw, or took any notice, of any of those ‘troll media accounts’ you cite.

            As it happens, UK euroscepticism has a long, long history dating back to at least 1992 and the ‘Maastricht wars’ which tore the Tory Party apart. Led by men such as Bill Cash, who is hardly a Moscow agent.
            Also, the leading UK tabloids such as the Daily Mail, Express and The Sun were strongly anti EU. These are the major opinion farmers in the UK, and none of them have any sympathy with Moscow.

          • Jonathan I’m aware of that, what I’m saying is most people didn’t care, it was seen as something a small section of Tories from the shire got wound up about.

            But that’s how it works, they take something that’s already there and give it fuel and keep fanning it. That’s the technique

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