Greece v Turkey – old enmities flare again ++

Heat is rising between Turkey and Greece over islands in the Aegean Sea, which Turkish President Erdogan is demanding are demilitarised.  Greece says the islands, located within striking distance of a large Turkish landing fleet, cannot be left undefended and have been garrisoned for decades. The Greek PM is trying to defuse the spat saying restraint is required given the Ukraine situation and that it is not as tense as it was in 2020 when tensions flared over gas exploration rights in the eastern Mediterranean. There is a long history of disputes between the two countries who are both NATO allies.

 Erdogan is a populist dictator who is surprisingly popular domestically despite the dire economic mess he has made. Greece hasn’t emerged shining white either from recent allegations of mistreatment of refugees with what appear to be illegal and violent pushbacks, carried out by Greek officials at the borders between Greece and Turkey. All hotly denied.

   Recep Erdogan’s 4th Term chart, 9 July 2018 4.30pm Ankara, isn’t showing signs of instability until 2024 but that is when tr Pluto squares the Term Uranus running also through 2025 which is often a fall-off-perch time.

  Both Greece charts, 24 July 1974 4am Athens, and 25 March 1821 5pm, are aggravated and stressed at the moment. Though that could be from a myriad of causes. The 1974 chart has for a potential military clash from Solar Arc Saturn conjunct the Mars though that could also be a significant setback from pandemic/economic effects. Tr Pluto opposing the Leo Sun in 2023/24 will exert maximum pressure for change none of which will be easy.  The 1821 chart has an alarming, eruptive Solar Arc Mars square the Neptune Uranus this year which could lead to seriously bad-tempered exchanges.

  There are some wrinkles and ripples on the Greece/Turkey relationship charts this year along with major confusion but it is 2023/24/25 which are the testing years. Turkey and NATO are not on great terms through 2023 to 2025 either.

  Turkey is over excitable from July onwards which could precipitate an unwise move but is running into seriously discouraging and deprived influences from early 2023 and 2024 – their economic swamp is going to sink them at some point.

Add ON; There is another chart for Greece – 3 February 1830, no time – which reflects the same unsettled feel as the other charts with high tensions this year into early 2023. There’s an undermining of trust with Turkey this year and more eruptions in 2024.

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  1. Hello Marjorie, I’m Greek and I’ve been following many important Greek astrologers and all of them mention February 3rd 1830 as the date of birth of the modern Greek state as that is when Greek Independence was made official. In other words all of them use that date as the date of birth of modern Greece. The treaty was signed in London and the exact time is unknown so they use 12 noon. A few astrologers do use the 1974 chart but I’ve never seen anyone use the 1821 chart is that is just when the revolution started, not when the state was established. Thanks for your excellent work.

  2. I visited BBC News and half a dozen other major respected news providers, and couldn’t find anything about immediate new developments in the ongoing problems of Cyprus. Did I miss a headline? Or is this about the ongoing issues, without a specific trigger as of June?

    Curious why the chart for the 1983 partition, still in effect, in which Turkey claimed to own the north third of the island, and built a Berlin Wall style wall across it, wouldn’t be considered an extremely important basis for astrology of Cyprus. Many similarities with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, including condemnation of the U.N.

    I’m concerned about the upcoming economic problems, and potential for increased divisiveness and extreme partisanship in the U.S. in the next few years. I feel very hopeful about the outer planets shift a few years out, but worried about getting there. Currently out of work, I’m hoping to set up location-indepedent work from home soon enough to be able to relocate if needed, while serving clients from anywhere (with a technical and writing background). I think it’s possible for me, but I do frequently worry about these uncertain and difficult times.

  3. Marjorie – I’ve noticed from this post and previous posts there will be some heavy planetary influences happening from 2023 onwards creating a bumpy ride up to 2025/26? Apart from the present economic fallout of Covid and war, what do you think are the other driving factors of what appears to be a very unsettling time from 2023 onwards? There are some other astrologers who are predicting another Covid return of the worst kind from March next year taking us into another temporary lockdown. I’d love to hear your thoughts Marjorie or anyone that could kindly share what they think.

    • Rampant inflation and supply chain snarl ups leading to widespread recessions – EU, USA, UK etc etc. Plus mass starvation due to Ukraine’s bread basket being disrupted. There’s no shortage of things to look for plus perhaps another black swan like Ukraine.

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