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  1. Marjorie: Yesterday Beto O’Rourke stormed a press conference re the school massacre, pointing at Texas governor Greg Abbott and accusing him of doing nothing to prevent gun violence. I admire O’Rourke for his courage while many others remain silent. He’s not afraid to speak his mind, no matter the political cost. He was “escorted” out of the building by police as officials hurled insults at him (for speaking the truth!). Of course, Republicans are accusing O’Rourke of politicizing the slaughter of school children–he’s running for governor against Abbott. Does O’Rourke stand a ghost of a chance against gun-obsessed Abbott? If I’m not mistaken, you said a while back that Abbott’s future looked bleak. Can you elaborate? Thank you if you can.

  2. Hi Marjorie

    There was a fascinating, but awful, programme on BBC 2 last night: The Witch Hunts – Lucy Worsley Investigates. Do you have a chart for John Knox – the prime mover in the attacks on alleged witches?

    • Liz – You could consider James VI of Scotland, who is James 1 of England, I think. 19 June 1566 Gregorian Calendar.
      He has Saturn conjunct Mars square the Nodes for a start….He wrote the influential book Demonology published in 1597. And he blamed witches for the execution of his mother Mary, Queen of Scots. The Witchcraft Act, 1604 was passed at his insistence too, once he was King of England. The witch hunts were truly terrible in Scotland, where James’ obsession and misogyny seemed to gain a very firm hold on people’s imaginations.

      Various Witchcraft Acts follow from 1604, but the last one was only repealed in 1951!

      • Peasant superstitions, stoked up I think in the case of James V1 by the Danes who were seemingly obsessed by witch craft and the dark arts.

  3. Hi Marjorie Anything re monkeypox? likely it will stay contained but still the media are in a(nother) tizz. WHO reported multi country outbreak with a count timed at 13:00 21 May, WHO HQ Geneva. Tenuous date I realise.

  4. In a comment by Helen on your post about Boris Johnson (https://dev.star4cast.com/boris-johnson-the-witching-hour-has-been-delayed/#comment-164342), she wrote:
    “Scorpio is not a Scorpion in as much the animal, as Scorpio is a water sign – it is literally a sting in one’s life. Pluto will enter Aquarius next year, I think this is when Johnson will be challenge (square) for his leadership. The sting will set this in motion.”
    I hadn’t heard Scorpio described this way. Outside of the specific reference to Johnson, I wonder if this view of Scorpio’s meaning, and how it relates to Pluto into Aqu, could be a good topic for a new post.

  5. How is Stacey Abrams looking Marjorie? Her birth time is 4:44pm with AA rating.
    Her opponent Brian Kemp is a Scorpio sun, no birth time. But I gather Scorpios(like Biden) are one the six signs that should have some measure of luck this year.
    Much obliged.

  6. Please look into Sussman’s trial and H. Clinton’s campaign manager testimony that she ok’d the leak of dubious info. Her chart looks very stressed. Do you think she will be harmed?



    Also do you think the Biden admin will be effected as both Biden and Obama had been informed by the CIA that Hilary was planning to do a smear job.

    • Anthony Albanese was sworn in as Australia’s 31st Prime Minister at Government House in Canberra at 9:00am today.

  7. Majorie, I do not normally follow political events in this country, let alone those in the US, although I find your postings regarding politics and politicians of interest.

    However I have come across a report on the web that a court case is in progress in the US regarding a claim that the Trump-Russian link was invented by Hillary Clinton and her election team. Are there any astrological indications regarding the outcome of this case?

  8. Hi Marjorie. In your last Portugal analysis, you said that António Costa would have a “depressing slog” during late 2021 and onto 2022. However, he won a surprise majority, that no one predicted, in this year’s January snap general election. Like I said, no one forecast this win as polls were predicting a too close to call race. The Opposition is still in shock with this result, and the main opposition party is currently changing its leader, plus, there’s also talk that Costa could leave his PM post in 2024 to become either European Commission President or Preside the European Council. Any insights? He seems to be “Teflon António”.

  9. The reason so many astrologers (and I will add psychics) favor democrats in the midterms in 2022 is that Joe Biden’s transits to his natal are so good during and several months after the election and he looks happy whereas both McConnell and McCarthy’s charts have difficult transits and don’t look happy. What I see is that on election night there is a Lunar eclipse squared by Saturn forming a T-square, Uranus conjunct moon, and mercury conjunct sun. So it is going to be wild with unexpected results.

    • @Stephanie: Nancy Pelosi is apparently looking good as well. And polling data beyond the top line numbers and reading the crosstabs is showing signs that Dems are not in as bad a position as they could be given the level of inflation, Biden’s seemingly poor numbers as a result, and historical midterm trends. So the real time data is aligning with astrology analysis is seems. A win win!
      The voting silent majority is paying close attention to ‘everything’.

      • @Troy, Roe vs. Wade revoke will be a big issue. I can’t claim to have the exact numbers for the US, but in Nordic countries, about half of abortions are carried to women who already have children, often small. And this with parental leaves that can be extended to over a year, with either full or almost salary, free or very affordable (we paid around 300 bucks until daughter was 5, and when she was 5 to 7, and we were in highest payment category) childcare, and essentially free education. Now, imagine what the numbers could be for a country with none of these… So, it isn’t a strech to think there are number of good, middle class, church going families who would never admit to be pro-choice, but have, in fact, made the decision to end an unplanned pregnancy.

        • @ Solaia,

          This is a bit off topic. However, I was reading in The Washington Post and a few other papers that Scandinavian countries have had a mysterious “baby boom” for the past 2 years. Iceland, for example, has had an explosion of new births.

          I just thought it was interesting given that Scandinavian countries have long held the reputation of nations with smaller families and lower population growth compared to other parts of the world.

  10. North Korea has a covi mess on its hands. Some articles suggest this latest outbreak (in the millions?) could severely weaken Little Rocket Man’s grip on his reign. Yet for all his feigned humility, he refuses outside vaccinations.

    Is he close to falling off his perch? Thanks.

  11. I’ve noticed a trend in that credible astrologers seem to be more confortable in expressing a favorable outcome for Dems in the coming midterms. Like a consensus amongst them. Normally they’re more cautious in the Trump era but this is good.
    If this occurs, then Biden will likely eventually surpass Obama in the C-span presidential rankings where he now sits 10th. Even with just serving one term! Not that he’s smarter than Obama, clearly not. But he benefits from three things. The Trump effect, experience from how the GOP treated Obama, and a more experienced and determined Nancy Pelosi who also honed her craft as a result of said treatment.
    The abortion rights drama is hurting the GOP, but the final nail in their coffin will be the upcoming live TV spectacle that is the Jan. 6th commission hearings. Popcorn time!

    • I’m hoping those hearings deflate the Donald’s image with the public. So he’d be a weak possibility for 2024. But– The midterm congressional elections are not so easy. Particularly the US Senate.

      The Plains, Mountain and southern states are very conservative and are filled with people who really believe that garbage from Fox news and the Trumpster. I’ve been in FL a couple times this past year and I was absolutely amazed that so many Jewish people LOVED Desantis and Trump. That was a real eye opener as Jewish voters are normally the strongest consituency for the Democrats even more than African Americans.

      FL, PA, OH are in play politically and most all of the aforementioned mostly small states are solidly Republican/Trump oriented. Don’t count your chickens…. it’s only 2 senators per state. The pro-choice vote from women primarily young women isn’t fully solidified in the Democrats favor. Young people are notorious in the USA for not voting no matter how strongly they feel about any particular issue.

      Marjorie is there a different chart for the US Senate and the House of Representatives?

  12. Sounds good. Thank you! Couldn’t be more delighted. Despite the criticism leveled against him (mostly from the far right), Biden is a huge breath of fresh air after the catastrophic Trump presidency. He has class, dignity, fortitude and great wisdom forged by many years of experience in the political arena.

    • Without a birth time there’s not much showing bar a depressing slog from August to December – but a birth time may appear which would help to clarify. I’ll keep an eye out.

  13. Thank you, Marjorie! Good news about Trump’s woes over the midterms. Another excellent astrologer says Biden will be in good form and spirits in November. Are you seeing the same?

    • Yes he’s got tr Pluto trine his Sun/Jupiter midpoint right through from August to early December – not hugely strong but v positive and nothing on a quick look that appears catastrophic.

  14. Met police have concluded their investigations on Partygate. No more fines for Johnson and Carrie despite the ABBA party in their flat.

    Johnson skipping away from partygate while number of junior staff fined and Sunak’s ambitions get trashed is the most Boris Johnson thing ever.

    • Lockdown wasn’t consistent through out the two year period. There were times when it was less rigorously enforced and times when it was more rigorously enforced. Clearly Boris kept to the rules (with one mistake) when junior staff didn’t.

      Should a PM take responsibility for all staff employed at 10 Downing Street or are they the responsibility of some chief of the Civil Service or other? I am not sure. Did Boris turn a blind eye? I am not sure about that either.

      Sunak’s reputation wasn’t trashed because of partygate but because of his wife’s tax status. Apparently she was domiciled in India and paid taxes there. Nothing illegal but one would normally expect the wife of the Chancellor to pay taxes in Britain.

      • Yes, it is intriguing that fines have been issued, chiefly to junior staff, for six events at which Boris Johnson was in attendance, including one in his own flat. But he has himself received only one penalty.

        He has not been fined for attending the Downing Street “BYOB” party, the one he attended for 25 minutes but at no point knew was a party, though other people who were present at it have. Johnson has wriggled free but it casts serious questions about his leadership.

        Junior staff who received fines were invited by the PM’s principal private secretary, Martin Reynolds, to a BYOB event in the Downing Street garden. Martin Reynold escapes the fine and gets a plum posting To Middle east.

        • “The police think a party is only a party when Boris Johnson leaves it.” by Tom Peck in The Independent, raises some serious questions about this whole affair and the culture at the top, where everyone is dispensable for the follies of the leader.

          It seems that the accountability doesn’t lie at the top.

          • For some social butterflies, “it’s not a party til I show up, and then the party begins!”
            It takes quite the politician to get away with, “Even if I was there, it definitely wasn’t a party.”

  15. Every sign is there that Trump means to be a major player in November’s 2022 midterm elections and will use it as a launch pad for an attempt to win the White House back in 2024. It is all playing out in birthplace of America’s democracy Pennsylvania where the fight over the Senate and Governors race could fall into the clutches of dangerous extremist Republican candidate Doug Mastriano, an active participant in the Jan 6 insurrection and spreading Trump’s election fraud lies. Note that as governor, Mastriano would have the authority to appoint a secretary of state who would run the PA election in 2024.

    • Trump has an undermining tr Neptune square his Sun over the midterms – and worse a completely log-jammed, infuriated and scary Solar Arc Mars square his Pluto in full effect then. I can’t imagine he’ll be singing and dancing.

      • This is timely. I was watching BBC News Channel’s “Context” program yesterday. One of the commentators interviewed was very much of the opinion that Trump’s endorsement of Republican candidates appears to be a positive thing for them in the primaries, where only party members vote. However, in the last General Election Trump’s endorsement proved to be problematic for some. The commentor believed this trend would carry on to the mid-terms and might even be worse for the Republicans. One of the reasons he gave was related to backlash against the impending Roe v Wade SCOTUS ruling. Democrats, Independents and even some Republicans are likely to make their feelings against the erosion of women’s rights known at the ballot box. This might be mitigated to a small degree by a conservative Latino vote, but the thought was that this would not be sufficient to limit mid-term damage. If Republicans do badly in the mid-terms (especially those endorsed by Trump), this could be the final nail in the trump political coffin. One can but hope!

      • Thanks very much Marjorie. Gov. Candidate Mastriano will be running against Democrat John Fetterman (Aug 15, 1969 West Reading, PA) who just had a stroke and a small pacemaker implant. Quite an unconventional politician tattooed and all, married to a Brazilian American activist. He is currently the PA Lt Governor.

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