Boris Johnson – the witching hour still in play ++ Bonfire of the Decencies

Whatever fairy godmother or wizardess stood over Boris Johnson’s crib, she’s had her work cut out through decades of disgraces, scandals, lies, indolence, irresponsibility, negligence, unprincipled and dishonourable behaviour. Teachers at school complained of his sense of entitlement in expecting results with no effort, which continued later through a car-crash journalistic career, rife with complaints from colleagues about his delinquent conduct and on in similar vein through his subsequent roller coaster political stint. (See wiki)

  Despite all of which, with egregious missteps every inch of the way which would have sunk ordinary mortals, he has continued to rise and survive – and so it goes on.

  This is grinding old axes astrologically speaking but since the local elections have clearly not put a stake through his premiership and Partygate looks to be going the way of his previous 10,000 misdeeds, it probably requires an update.

  His relationship chart with the Conservative Party 1912 is on a steady downward slide from now (mid May), till early August, most likely as a result over the cavalier declaration about ditching the Northern Ireland Protocol – and that tr Neptune square the composite Mars returns in April 2023, as well as late in the year.  2023 will also see relations under a dark cloud with a ‘separating’ tr Saturn square the composite Venus and Sun.

  His relationship chart with the UK is similarly into swampy territory this year with tr Neptune square the composite Jupiter and aggravated and disrupted through 2023/24.

  If the past experience with Maggie Thatcher and Tony Blair holds good then the original PM chart is the one that holds clues about the exit.

  Boris became prime minister on 24 July 2019 at 3.12pm and that chart while rattled and facing hostile criticism this year isn’t terminally challenged until 2024 when tr Pluto starts to oppose the Sun and the Solar Arc Sun squares the Uranus.

  His personal chart is not showing much on the midheaven or Solar Arc Midheaven which tells about career and life’s direction. Though if his birth chart is relocated from New York to the UK it puts the Midheaven in line for an undermining tr Neptune opposition in 2023 and a tr Uranus square the Solar Arc Midheaven in 2023 as well.

  In 2023 tr Saturn in Pisces will make a ratchety, bad tempered trip in hard aspect round his Mutable T Square – square his Mars in March and then conjunct his Saturn and opposition his Uranus. Saturn Returns are always heavy years.

   And in his case his Scorpio Moon is also taking a pounding. It was keyed up when his mother died last year; and will be facing considerable pressure from Solar Arc Saturn opposition exact in three months but in effect now. For a politician the Moon represents not only women in his life but also the public and thus approval or popularity. Into 2023 from March onwards tr Pluto will square his Moon on and off till late 2024 which will be extremely challenging emotionally, domestically and even physically.

  Like Blair he may drag on and on despite the country’s exasperation.

See previous post January 13 2022 on Maggie Thatcher and Blair’s exit from No 10.

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Peter Hennessy, the political historian in the FT on Boris:

“ British politics is reduced to the psychology of one man. For Johnson, the state is “an adventure playground”. On any given issue, “the overwhelmingly important prism for him is: what does it do for me and my reputation?”  

“Britain’s political system depends on the acceptance that “good chaps of both sexes don’t do certain things”. “If the prime minister is the number one wrong ’un, you’re in deep, deep trouble.”

“Boris does it (lies), you get the impression in the bad weeks, almost daily.” It has led to “a bonfire of the decencies”.

“The one thing I’m sure is whoever replaces Boris, whatever the circs, he or she will make great play of being anybody but Boris in terms of due process and care and attention.”  

‘It took Britain 12 years to get into Europe in 1973, it will take a similar time to get out. “The curse of Brexit will be with us for a long time.”

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  1. Boris seems to have sunk to a new low if that is possible, with more revelations which have just emerged describing regular booze ups every Friday and overnight partying, with protesters being mocked.
    Impossible to justify his behaviour.

  2. Now ITV News have released pictures of a Leaving Drinks Event on 13th November 2020 with Johnson clearly drinking booze with 8 people excluding the photographer, when lockdown rules were in force allowing a maximum of 2 people in a non work room. In Parliament Johnson denied an event happened on that date, so has clearly and indisputably misled the Commons. Some people may be getting fed up with Partygate, but I fell off my chair laughing when I saw the photos. Although this is deadly serious, the attempts to squirm out of this are truly risible. For those who see what Johnson really is, this is the gift that keeps on giving…

    • It’s also reported that people in that event received fine.
      This is such a bad look for Met. But again Johnson brings everything and everyone down to his level.

    • The legal advice can be found at:

      Regulation 11 sets out the exceptions to the prohibitions and include:

      “gatherings reasonably necessary for certain stated purposes – these include, work, education, training, emergency assistance, providing care to a vulnerable person and moving house;”

      “gatherings of no more than 30 persons for funerals or 15 persons for commemorative events, subject to stated conditions.”

      So it all depends on whether the gatherings were reasonably necessary for work purposes and/or whether there were fewer than 15 persons present for a commemorative event. It is a question of interpretation.

      • Regulation 8 states no more than 2 people meeting indoors unless a regulation 11 exception applies. I do not believe it did. A leaving do is not “necessary” by any definition; it is an option. However, you are right it is a question of interpretation (or perhaps political expediency).

        • I am not trying to justify Johnson’s position – I, along with many, lost a close relative during Covid and was unable to attend a ‘gathering’ after the funeral. [It should be noted that NI didn’t ban ‘wakes’ – I don’t think it would have been enforceable.]

          The point is that many workplace meetings were allowed. The prohibitions in force on 13th November 2020 related essentially to hospitality _ pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes etc and to any indoor meetings in confined spaces, particularly private homes. But people at work had to eat and drink.

          Some political journalists are apparently implying that there was a prohibition on the type of food and drink which could be consumed at work eg beer and nibbles OK, champagne, wine and cake not OK. But although food and drink could not be sold at any premises, it was acceptable for people to take their own. Even Starmer was photographed drinking beer at a work’s event

          The real question is whether alcohol of any sort should ever be imbibed at work – pandemic or no pandemic. In this the PM’s office were only doing what most executives do in the work place. Not on the shop floor of course but in the hospitality suites. Why the general public are surprised that bosses consume alcohol when workers are forbidden to do so never ceases to amaze me. It has always been a matter of status and position.

          Actually the whole farrago is essentially a class war. Working people socialise in pubs and their own (relatively) small homes and gardens so were disproportionately affected by the lock down rules.

    • From today’s Guardian:
      Johnson also blocked his independent ethics chief, Christopher Geidt, from gaining the power to launch his own investigations, and rewrote the foreword to the ministerial code, removing all references to honesty, integrity, transparency and accountability.

  3. If 2024 does appear to look like an exit point could this finally suggest the Tories are going to lose the general election?

  4. As far as I can see with all of these situations involving inept and even destructive leaders is that we expect too much of them. They are generally no more capable than any of us, yet they seek positions of power and we invest them with a sort of parental authority. Someone somewhere on this forum talked about the latest lunar eclipse being about relationships of authority – and how we see our leaders is precisely that. With Pluto in the final degrees of Capricorn perhaps it’s about giving up the idea of a parent state that’s supposed to ‘take care of us’ and time that we collectively realise that through cooperation and understanding we only need to look to each other for support. It’s time for less central government and more local administration and community involvement. No more pedestals, only true public service. Maybe I am an idealist but I am curious about what is happening. Chaos is always necessary before a new order can be created, so actually I am quite hopeful.

  5. As Harold Wilson once famously said, “A week is a long time in politics.” Boris’ tenure as PM is as shabby as his
    dress sense. This ill-dressed clown is leading a once-respected political party down the road to ruin.

    In Ukraine, a comedian has become a leader.
    In the UK, a leader has become a comedian.

    Sir Edmund Burke must be weeping in despair, wherever he now.

    • There is a strange pattern with Johnson. He brings down everything he ‘touches’.

      A politician who thrives on divisions. He is not a unifying figure, someone who could bring the country together. Divided country and society keeps him in power. And that is all he cares about about.

      It’s always others who are left to pick up the pieces.
      This time it’s the Conservative party and the country!

      • @Ann, in the US there’s an acronym, coined by former Republican strategist turned fervid anti-Trumpet Rick Wilson, ETTD: Everything Trump Touches Dies.

        The same might well apply to Boris Johnson.

      • I think there is a very simple astrological answer to this. Sometimes we look at Astrology and complicate it. Looking at the interaction of the planets first, whilst forgetting the Ascendant is how we meet the world, interact and want to be seen. The above relocation chart Sagittarius as its Ruler. Jupiter, is the largest Planet in the Universe. Like Johnson’s ego. He has never lied about this. He stated when he was growing up “I want to be Boy King” – he knew he wanted to rule. Jupiter is also known as the Birth, Marriage and Death PLanet in charts. Johnson embodies his Jupiter in Brexit and his personal life. In truth the UK is not big enough for Boris, nothing can be. Johnson is a very strong Gemini, he loves to talk and pontificate. Jupiter is Higher Education, Religion and Philosophy. Unfortunately Johnson’s philosophy his himself. Because he is a man, his conjunction Sun/Venus – is me first – in his case. As Sun/Venus will manifest the sign it is in. Johnson’s sign is Gemini; his mind. Johnson won Brexit on his Jupitarian ego, he was able to sell Brexit because he has a powerful persona. Johnson would have been a world golden boy, but for his Moon in Scorpio, as this is the sting in his life. I look at Pluto as unfathomable. As Scorpio is a water sign, water shapes around you. Thinking of Boris, he is shaped by those around him. I don’t think he is our leader, he goes with the flow of those around him. Scorpio is also Money, Sex and Politics. He is attracted to who have a motive through his moon. People say he is gifted, perhaps he is, yet we will never see it, as his Scorpio Moon is those who are using him for their gain. Moon is women and also crowds ( the audience in our own lives) in our charts. The irony in Johnson’s chart is: THe Boy King who was taught the biggest lesson of his life, by the crowd – us the voters. One thing about Astrology is that we all see Astrology Charts through our own personality perception. The planets and Cardinal points show us the chart, yet we will read any chart our own way.

    • “I cannot conceive how any man can have brought himself to that pitch of presumption, to consider his country as nothing but carte blanche, upon which he may scribble whatever he pleases.”
      Sir Edmund Burke, 1790. (Reflections on the Revolution in France)

      Interesting you mention Sir Edmund Burke, Robert. His natal chart has Saturn in Aquarius, square Uranus in Scorpio (25 degrees). Saturn is now at 25 Aquarius again – a Saturn return.

  6. One problem with having an astrological mindset is assuming that there has to be a reason for everything. Which tends to go hand in hand with an underlying Pollyanna-ish belief in a ‘good God’ and a fair universe. If someone is in a position to make an impact we cling to the belief there has to be an underlying reason why they are there. I’m as guilty as any of the fallacy but the truth is as Frederick von Hayet remarked some time back. “In government, the scum rises to the top.” And he lived through the worst of the excesses of the 20th century.
    Bad things happen in an uncaring universe and there are bad instigators motivated by self-interest or their own internal chaos, who do senseless damage and cause misery.
    It is inordinately hard to face up to a universe which is part ordered and part random, often cruelly unfair. Which is why spiritual and religious beliefs twist themselves inside out to cling to the notion that there is a greater reason behind it all which we imperfect humans can’t grasp. The adherents make themselves feel better by avoiding the harsh realities of an unjust world.

    • Spot on Marjorie! I think we all are guilty of ignoring that randomness and not accepting it.
      We keep looking for reasons when sometimes there is none!
      As humans can we ever detach ourselves from results/outcomes of any actions?

    • I don’t mean to go head to head with you Marjorie but, whilst holding a deep respect for your work, I have such a different perspective on the world. Strange because I too have a scientific bent (A levels) plus a degree in pure maths, logic and philosophy. I also wrote my MA dissertation on Jung. We should have a lot in common…….

      Anyway I am reminded of William Blake:

      To see a world in a grain of sand
      And a heaven in a wild flower,
      Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
      and eternity in an hour.

      There is an infinite number of causes for any particular event or phenomena – a whole universe in a grain of sand I would say. I don’t really believe the universe is random, it is just that we (or rather scientists) have not yet uncovered what happens at the most fundamental ie the most refined subatomic particle/unified field level and therefore inevitably see some processes as random.

      The truth is we operate day to day at a much grosser/less subtle level and in a small corner of matter and time (so to speak). We act in accordance with a limited no. of causal connections and chains quite simply because our finite minds are not capable of comprehending the eternal and infinitely extensive network of interdependent processes which underpin them.

      The same is true of astrological charts. We select the most discernable, the most obvious, aspects and transits etc and attempt to relate them to character traits and events in a person’s everyday life. But strictly speaking there are an infinite number of these eternally at play – whether relating to a person, his/her family, friends, neighbours, community, city, county, country, continent or world at each and every significant moment.

      Isn’t it true that none of us can fully grasp the nature of our existence? Does it really matter that those deemed ‘spiritual’ label the totality of all causal connections as fate, the hand of God, karma or whatever? We are imbedded in the Universe, we arise/emerge from it. We can experience it but ultimately can never intellectually understand it or control it. Shouldn’t we just enjoy the ride – however bumpy the way?

    • I tried to stop believing in God because of the Holocaust but I must be genetically hardwired towards some kind of religious faith because of my deeply religious ancestry — including many Protestant missionaries. What I most believe in is karma and dharma: what you’re given in life and how you deal with it. Ie., the story of the king who fashions his crown into chains while a slave turns his chains into a crown. There may have been nothing redemptive about the Holocaust BUT I believe that every bit of good that people are inspired to create in reaction to it or in spite of it — from the creation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to survivors living on to create families — is a kind of victory against that evil.

      As a Canadian, I am deeply saddened about the costs of Brexit for you Brits. For tiny comfort, know that yours is not the only horribly mismanaged government led by a childish fool. Look at my country!

    • I am a fan of a film called the Thirteenth Floor, it is a cult film now, made in the 1990’s. It is about a computer scenario whereby the have created their own world to observe and manipulate, at the end of the film, a realisation begins to dawn, that they themselves are also in a created computer scenario. Not very well explained. I do not want to spoil it, just case someone wishes to watch it.

      However, this is how I see the Universe, I often wonder if Earth is hell and the experiences we experience, we have earned in a previous life. Like Karma?

      • Astrology has no inherent ‘beliefs’ or indeed moral content. If you happen to believe in karma and reincarnation then certain of the astrological placings can fit in with that – but it isn’t mandatory.

    • Depends what you mean by “a reason behind it”. I don’t think the universe is being any more strategic than the leaves on my tree come out at this time of year because the conditions are right for it to grow. It’s a reason but there’s not a lot more to it than that.

      My Capricorn 9th house has had Pluto transiting for the past decade, so I’ve spent a lot of time look philosophically and trying to figure out meaning and purpose. Basically there isn’t one beyond that which we ascribe to it. For every thing there is a season and all that … Astrology simply helps us see the cycles of initiation/exploration, consolidation, growth, peaking, declining, rebirth. Sometimes there are cycles which oppose each other.

      The Pluto in Capricorn astrology gives us leaders like Boris because the existing system of authority is being destroyed. Thirty years ago, he would have got nowhere under somewhere like Thatcher because the checks and balances of the system would have stopped him. Eventually the world will tire of them, for one reason or another, and decide they need someone more substantial.

      Then we also have the current Uranus in Aries into Taurus cycle which is bringing forth people wanting to explore their self/individuality. Uranus is helping them escape from the binds of community, its expectations and commitments. To stop caring about what others want or think and do what’s best for themselves.

      • There is perhaps another interpretation of Uranus in Taurus: food, land and nature – all are becoming scarce and tenous as a result of human actions. we are suffering the first real shocks of this. I don’t see that shock as a jolt into individuality – much more as a need to work together as community again. The Pluto in Aquarius may have other ideas, but Uranus in Taurus is practical, about the building blocks of life and everything around us.

        • Yes, I think that it’s very much tied up with ecological concerns. It’s concerning too regarding the Ukrainian War’s effect on the World’s grain supplies and the resultant shortages. Which resonates both with the tragedy of Holdomor in 1930-33 as well as the American Dust Bowl’s effect on the farming population during the 1930s, when Uranus was last in Taurus.

  7. The related chart ‘Boris Johnson – puppet dancing on a cliff edge ++ driven by demons from the distant past’ is however absolutely fascinating. Particularly the question: “What is it about his chart that marks [Boris] out as a puppet of the fates?”

    Along with many others behind the Red Wall, I view Boris almost as a ‘seer’. He has a remarkable ability to sense the mood of the moment and to express it – even if he is unable to do much about it. To be a ‘seer’ does though require an ability to listen to your own inner voice, to be open to your own inner being, and maybe that comes across as a refusal to conform. It must be very difficult keeping that channel open whilst at the same time responding to the demands made on you.

    Of course to be a true prophet also requires high moral standards – especially in relationships. Boris certainly falls short in that respect. But is his conduct so different to those such as Freud and Jung whose private lives were equally messy?

    So not a puppet and not a prophet but a predictor and a prognosticator!

    • A populist perhaps!
      Certainly driven to cause chaos, the situation in Northern Ireland is entirely of his own making and his poor judgement.

      • A populist defined as: “a person, especially a politician, who strives to appeal to ordinary people who feel that their concerns are disregarded by established elite groups”.

        That was exactly the feeling behind the Red Wall in the 2019 elections. The paradox? Corbyn was supposed to be the man of the people who purportedly represented those whose views had been disregarded – particularly in regard to immigration. But the traditional Labour vote turned against him (and Momentum). He simply wasn’t trusted.

        As for Ireland: the Tories were concerned to get Brexit through Parliament on time and stop the shenanigans of those MPs determined to Remain – against the wishes of the people it should be added. The protocols were loosely drafted to allow reviews at regular intervals and adjustments where necessary – with the possibility of abandoning them altogether if the EU refused to cooperate in making them work. Well the EU is refusing to cooperate and the Government is threatening to abandon them so……….

        The spanner in the works is of course the recent elections to the NI Assembly with Sinn Féin now having 27 seats, compared to the DUP’s 25. The one to watch is though the Alliance Party with 17 seats and a centrist position. It might have considerable influence.

        Ireland has been a problem for the UK since partition on 3 May 1921 (there is presumably a chart somewhere on this site). I don’t think one man can be held responsible for the current situation – but then the buck does always stop at the top.

        • The problem with ‘populist’ leaders is they have a track record of being notoriously economical with the truth and in practice undemocratic. They appeal to nationalist sentiments as Hitler did and Putin and make the ‘forgotten ones’ feel important. It’s a good schtick but the proof of the pudding is where it comes unstuck. For example Venezuelan Hugo Chavez came in on a high-minded populist platform then suppressed the press, manipulated electoral laws, banished critics and generally bull***ed his way along with the country worse off than before his tenure. Donald Trump, Viktor Orban? Boris is in good company.

          • I think in that sense the democracies in Nordic countries + Germany took lessons from the past and developed into more mature democracies. No populist leaders hence effective democracies.

          • Sometimes the ‘elite’ use populists for their own ends – eg the Islington branch of the Labour movement using Corbyn to appeal to the disaffected. As I said above, that tactic didn’t work in 2019. The traditional Labour voter, or rather the next generation, now has acccess to wider sources of information via the internet and can’t be so easily hoodwinked.

            Boris only had to turn up, empathise and promise a Brexit (in accordance with the results of the referendum of 2016) and he carried the day. I look forward to seeing what happens next.

  8. The Conservative MPs will let Boris keep No 10 for who wants to become PM with high inflation, a cost of living crisis, another health care crisis and a housing crisis (to name a few) and no snappy solutions that the electorate will benefit from within 2 years. Sure, they may loose in 2 years or be the largest minority party and then they can eject him. But two years is a long time and they could win. Electors are fickle.

    • A very astute summary. Politics is often simply a matter of fortunate timing. Ironically the worse the general economic and political climate becomes the safer Johnson appears to be as PM. None of his rivals for the Tory leadership such as Jeremy Hunt will want to take over while inflation is rising and with wars and the associated trade disruption ongoing. In some ways the same will apply to the Labour Party who will remember well that when they succeeded the Conservatives in similar circumstances in 1974 it turned out to be a poisoned chalice that doomed to defeat in 1979 and led to 18 years out of office. For some time I thought that the Tories would twig that Johnson was a political Jonah who attracted bad fortune and that they would remove him. I am beginning to think this is in fact a misjudgment. In some ways Johnson is a true Master of Disaster who seems to thrive the worse things become. I think this is in part because constant catastrophe suits his mutable, erratic grasshopper Gemini dominated chart. He is quite happy jumping from crisis to crisis where people with more fixed charts would be drowning. It gives him the opportunity to skim his showboating style of politics across troubled waters. Constant new crises also hide the fact that the lack of Cardinal planets in his chart means he does not have the actual ability to achieve anything concrete. He has no taste for the boring business of public administration and prefers to leap from one quick fix to another. Obviously that makes him a poor long term leader for a country but occasionally no fixed policy can be a less worse outcome than a rigidly pursued agenda that proves to be wrong as the Germans have discovered when Merkel’s Russian energy policy imploded.

      • I think that’s it, Hugh. From birth onwards, Boris has lived in crisis and where there isn’t one he’s made one. I wonder if any various women when they get involved with him, think they can save him or make it better? Otherwise, it’s hard to see the appeal.
        Crisis and catastrophe, as you say, are so absorbing, there’s no time or energy for anything else. He probably doesn’t have the ability to do anything concrete. He’s certainly never shown any willingness to knuckle down to problem solving. Most of us have to, but he seems to be able to skip on by unscathed with everything else around him definitely scathed.
        I always hoped he’d get bored and wander off to make his millions. No chance now, unless Jane’s eclipse theory pans out. 2024. Depressing.

  9. Looking at Johnson’s relocation chart, one thing that stands out is that is Venus is on his Sun/North Node midpoint in the 8th house. It has been documented that his does like paying for things. With that placement people can be very charming when wishing to get money. I wonder if he has promised some of his politics for money?

  10. Johnson’s Moon sits on my Sun/Moon Scorpio midpoint. I have never trusted him and only realised why when I saw his chart for the first time. He brings out the worst in me and I normally end up poking the TV right where is face is! My Vertex is at 1 degree Scorpio too. If that is not enough, his moon also squares my Venus/Mars midpoint and my Nodes. It is an interesting part of Astrology, as not many of us understand how some politicians really press buttons in us. Also how some are born to lift the country. Not Johnson though!

  11. Thanks Marjorie – love the Fairy Godmother cartoon! The muttering behind the scenes must be reaching deafening volume in Westminster. I’m wondering (hoping?) about October and November’s eclipses. October has 2 Scorpio Solar, and November 16 Taurus, Lunar. So that’s Boris’ Moon, and his fortunate and/or delusional Jupiter/Neptune opposition. According to Bernadette Brady, this Saros Series (6 South) is

    “…about being forceful and taking power. It has a manic flavour about it, with great force or strength manifesting in the relationship area. Individuals experiencing this SS may experience sudden events, like falling in or out of love, or sudden sexual encounters. The individual may also exert a huge effort in some group activity.”

    This Saros Series was last around in 2004. In November 2004 this happened:

    “As the man himself might have said: ‘Crikey’. Boris Johnson, the bumbling scourge of Liverpool and the man mooted as the next leader of the Conservative party, was last night facing the end of what promised to be a coruscating political career, not to mention his editorship of a national magazine.

    The shadow arts minister, a father of four, was dramatically relieved of his brief by Tory leader, Michael Howard, following revelations in the tabloids which centred on his relationship with Petronella Wyatt, a columnist on the Spectator , magazine, which Johnson edits.” (Guardian, 14 November, 2004)

    I don’t want to place too much emphasis on the eclipse cycle, but think it’s an interesting coincidence or possibility. Obviously, as you say, he ‘continues to rise and survive’ thoughout. But perhaps someone will waken the goddess Nemesis and point her in his direction eventually.

    • Johnson’s SA Venus at 24 Leo (Sun 23 Leo) picks up the May 16th Lunar Eclipse which was 25 Scorpio opposition Sun 25 Taurus – Carrie has not been publicly visible recently.

      • Sarah_K – do you think that might partly be to do with the dreaded ‘Partygate’ fiasco? She has many enemies, eager to blame her for Downing Street chaos in it’s numerous manifestations.

        This eclipse cycle is interesting re Boris Johnson’s chart – I found that in 1986, when it also repeated, he became President of the Oxford Union – having failed at his first attempt. In order to win this, he reportedly changed his views from conservative to social democrat. He married his then girlfriend, Allegra Mostyn-Owen, the following year.

        In other news, I see that Stanley Johnson has acquired French citizenship – his mother was French. Interesting timing!

        • Jane. Apparently he lost the first attempt to get elected under the Conservative banner. So that is why he changed from Conservative to Lib Dem. Regarding his first marriage, it has been said that he wasn’t sure he wanted to get married and turned up not ready for it? (Not sure is that is true though as it was online) He cheated on her with her second wife, and then cheated on his second wife, with his third wife!! He also told his boss at one magazine he worked for, that he wanted to go into Politics because politicians have more chance of having a statue being erected. Imagine the books ands dramas which will be written after he steps down as PM. There is a TV Drama coming out with Kenneth Branagh portraying Boris depicting Downing Street and Covid in the next few week. Boris’s Paternal Grandmother was French. Therefore he may be able to obtain a French passport as well. Perhaps Marjorie can tell us if that is French law?

          • The Lib Dems (Liberal Democrats) came into existence on 3 March 1988 through an amalgamation of the Social Democrats (a group which broke away from Labour) and Liberals. So if Boris was elected President in 1986 it must have been under the Social Democrat or Liberal Party – not Lib Dem.

          • VF – That’s interesting indeed, especially when combined with the BJ Moon in Scorpio. Maybe she will want to make some changes to her education or home? Jupiter co rules her Sun.
            The eternal question here though is who would replace Boris? Maybe they would see losing the next election as a chance for a rest? A reset? As James says (above) these are challenging times to be a PM, and probably a thankless task for the person elected.
            Personally, I’d just like the added chaos to stop, what’s going on in our world is quite enough without adding more slipping and sliding.

          • I think it may be more to do with Politics. Also his wife only had a baby last December. I don’t think she is seeing anyone or doing that much, not unless she has a army of nannies. She has been sidelined by his new team. I think it is the start of Johnson’s downfall. As it is in opposition to his moon – something will come to light – Scorpio is not a Scorpion in as much the animal, as Scorpio is a water sign – it is literally a sting in one’s life. Pluto will enter Aquarius next year, I think this is when Johnson will be challenge (square) for his leadership. The sting will set this in motion. Johnson only fights to stay in office/pwer, because of his Jupitarian ascendant will not let him fail, yet he will, as it the voters (moon/crowds) that will bring him down. A General Strike may happen?

          • The thing I’m more concerned with is the fact that the October 25th eclipse is exactly conjunct my own Scorpio moon!

      • Interesting you mention that. See Latest rumour on Twitter about Carrie with Zac Goldsmith.
        There was also an article in The Times back in Feb about their close friendship and how it was impacting decision making in No. 10. Maybe a subtle hint?

        • According to rumour and hearsay (so take with a largish pinch of salt) CJ originally set her cap at married Zac Goldsmith but he wasn’t interested. So Johnson was her second choice and indeed she was Johnson’s second choice because Johnson wanted to go back to his wife Marina but by then she’d had enough of his philandering.

          • Intriguingly, Zac Goldsmith (20 January 1975) has natal Uranus at 2 Scorpio. I do not think this means anything for a potential ‘affair’ though. They’ve known one another for a long time, and Uranus would surely tend to bring a surprising individual into one’s life, suddenly? Or some other disruption, career change, and so on. No time for his birth, so no idea where Uranus is in his chart, or what house it might rule.

          • Thank you Jane. He has an unaspected Mercury/Venus in Aquarius as well as an anaretic Capricorn Sun and an anaretic Sagittarius Mars, both about to be hit by Pluto and Neptune respectively. Hmmmm…

  12. Thanks for the post Marjorie.

    It’s been reported that there is a Lot of resentment in Downing Street that mostly junior and female staff have been handed fines from the Met. Not the bosses who called the shots.

  13. To me, this is reminiscent of 1963 with saturn in aquarius and Macmillan the PM finding his jokes not going down as well as they had. There had been various scandals (Profumo, a hated Home Secretary (Brook)) and the economy tanking. The government was an object of fun and looked out of date (the golden age of satire). Nonetheless Macmillan hung on and it took a medical emergency to dislodge him.
    You can see next year that the conservatives regretting that they stayed with Boris.

  14. Thanks Marjorie

    BJ’s sole purpose in the eyes of the dark actors behind Brexit is to irrevocably deliver that manifest disaster. So Murdoch, the SIS, arms dealers, corporate USA et al will tolerate all kinds of grotesque nonsense from him, regardless of cost to us mere mortals. He is a creature from the darkest of swamps, and he knows he can behave any way he likes until he is allowed to continue with his sordid life. Sorry to be harsh but many are dying and suffering because of him and he couldn’t care less. “Let the bodies pile high”.

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