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  1. Marjorie,

    do you have any astrological insights to Finland and Sweden joining NATO? I’m reading that Erdogan and Turkey are now blocking them from joining over accusations of these two countries supposedly having “PKK (Kurdistan Worker’s Party)” sympathies.

    I’m absolutely furious about this. Astrologically speaking, does it appear Turkey will successfully block Sweden and Finland from joining NATO? How do things look for Erdogan?

  2. Hello Marjorie,

    Thank you for all of your amazing astrological insights and commentary!

    May I ask if you would look at David Milgaard’s chart?

    A “Canadian man who was wrongfully convicted for the 1969 rape and murder of nursing student Gail Miller. He was released and compensated after spending 23 years in prison.

    …Milgaard was also a public speaker who advocated for the wrongfully convicted and for all prisoners’ rights” Source: Wikipedia

    According to the Wikipedia article, he was born July 7, 1952 in Winnipeg, Manitoba died yesterday, May 15, 2022 in Calgary, Alberta.

    Many thanks, wondering if there are any eclipse relationships?


  3. Hi Marjorie
    The US once again has had another mass shooting. This one is racially motivated against African Americans. Please could you have a look at Payton Gedron 20 June 2003, Conklin NY?
    Thank you.

  4. Hi Marjorie, Wes Streeting and Lisa Nandy are being talked of as possibles to succeed Keir Starmer with Kim Leadbeater as a possible running mate. Is there anything in any of their charts over the next couple of years to suggest this? Thanks if you do have a look.

  5. Hi Marjorie,
    Today Jeremy Hunt has expressed his intention to challenge Johnson in a leadership bid.
    Are we looking at PM Hunt by the end of this year?

    Thank you

      • Sigh.. so we carry on with Johnson.
        I read Hunt’s birth time 7am somewhere. Don’t know if that makes much difference? Thanks Marjorie.

  6. Ukraine – does anyone have a copy of Nick Campion’s World Horoscopes to hand? Mine appears to have disappeared into storage since I am still in transit. I have Ukraine 1991 as a 2.30pm start time but others appear to use 6pm. Charts I have on file have been there for years and the time may have been adjusted as more facts came to light. But there may also have been a reason for the 2.30pm Grateful if anyone has it.

    • Hello Marjorie – Nick Campion writes:
      ‘Independence was proclaimed on 24th August 1991, probably at 14.31 pm GMT.’ (Kyiv)
      ‘The referendum confirming independence was held on 1 December 1991, and the result was announced at about 6.00pm GMT. It was then, with foreign recognition, that the Ukraine began to function as a genuinely independent sovereign state…’ (Kyiv)

  7. Nicely done Marjorie. You wrote on 8 April: “a tendency to internal crises” + “a long slide of undermining circumstances and disappointment” for Patrice and BLM.

    More intrigue for BLM recently revealed. Two board members have stepped down from the national organization.
    Both were only confirmed as being on Black Lives Matter’s board on February.

    Patrice also recently made a confusing video regarding an exchange between her private security and someone politely buzzing at her gate.

  8. A couple of weeks ago, Maradona’s shirt from the 1986 “Hand of God” game was sold at auction for £7.1 million by Steve Hodge. Is there anything in his chart (25-Oct-1962 in Nottingham) that explains this windfall?

    While he was a decent player, he’s not one of the best known England international. Any player could have swapped their shirt that day, and I’m sure he has many others he’s swapped – it seems like there’s a certain element of luck to how this played out so much later.

    • Amazing luck indeed! Perhaps Steve Hodge was thinking clearly – Maradona was a star even then. Many of Hodge’s team mates would have been in emotional turmoil I suspect. Reminded me too of Wayne Rooney’s birthday, 24th October 1985.

  9. Pfizer adverse affects documents that came out – the ones they wanted to hid for 75 years.

    Any astrological input about that?

    Thank you!

  10. As a Yorkshire lass (lass used very loosely where age is concerned), I am very interested in the forthcoming byelection at Wakefield – in the news again today.

    The constituency boundaries in England were last approved on 13 June 2007. Does this date give any indication of the political turmoil in Wakefield City over the past few years?

    Many thanks.

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