Cryptocurrency – another Pluto in Capricorn swansong?

Cryptocurrencies are collapsing with some reduced to zero in value. Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange, has seen their shares lose around three-quarters of their value since the market debut last year, and drop 32 per cent this week.

  I stumble around in the dark where these magical, mystical, non-real money tokens are concerned but for what it is worth –

Coinbase, founded 20 June 2012, has a Gemini Sun square Mars in Virgo which is catching the panicky-failure tr Neptune opposition Mars now and into early 2023; with financial disappointments extending on as tr Neptune squares the Sun before moving into Aries in 2025. Their Nasdaq chart, 14 April 2021, shares similar confidence and enthusiasm denting influences this year extending on to 2025.

Bitcoin, the original, founded 3 January 2009, has been under astro-pressure for the past year and finally breached the seawall now as the Solar Arc Saturn square the Mars.

 Ethereum, 2 July 2015, which shares with Bitcoin a do-or-die-determined and utterly ruthless Mars Pluto hard aspect, is into earthquake territory this year with Solar Arc Pluto square the Uranus – and this week’s Lunar Eclipse colliding with its Saturn in Scorpio. The next few years look stormy and high-risk with the Solar Arc Mars approaching the opposition to the Pluto and the Solar Arc Sun square the Uranus.

Another Pluto in Capricorn ‘greed is good’ phenomenon intertwined with Neptune in Pisces up to its sleight-of-hand dream-spinning.

4 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency – another Pluto in Capricorn swansong?

  1. “I stumble around in the dark where these magical, mystical, non-real money tokens are concerned”

    “Real” money is not based on anything any more, either. It’s been a long, long time since once could provide a Pound Sterling Note and receive 12 troy ounces of Element 47 from any clerk of the Bank of England, or obtain 0.4837 troy ounces of solid metallic Element 79 on demand when presenting a Dollar Bill.

    Official fiat currency is nothing but applied esoteric mysticism itself. Numology written by the magically blessed pens of the Central Bankers and documented in their computers, indicating that a debt has occured. Symbols of trust which we accept, because we reasonably other people will in turn accept and trust them. Enabling a higher velocity of commercial activity than if we were held down by the mere availability of something difficult to pull out of the ground.

    Earth vs. Air elements, but then money also Cash Flows. And can result in one being Burned. A complete quad set?

    Crypto replaces all of that mumbo-jumbo with a fresh set of mumbo-jumbo. Which supposedly uses math to prove that with enough math, you (and even with the help of all your buddies) can’t just make this stuff up. People then buy this new set of magic numbers for the same reason as the hot market in Company of Scotland shares or tulip futures: the speculative hope that a greater fool will soon come along.

  2. Thanks for these charts, Marjorie. I haven’t followed cryptocurrencies closely either but do know many astrologers associate their rise with Uranus in Taurus. So I thought it was interesting they would undergo a big collapse within days of the April 30th solar eclipse conjunct Uranus. It made me wonder if the November eclipse later this year which is exactly conjunct Uranus might produce even more dramatic results. Uranus is also currently at the critical 15° of fixed signs too so I wondered it that was a factor.

  3. I do not understand crypto at all. It just looks like a huge and elaborate Ponzi scheme where the early investors scooped the pot and those that came after………

    Two sayings come to mind – Emperor’s new clothes and Fools and their money are soon parted.

    • “I do not understand crypto at all. It just looks like a huge and elaborate Ponzi scheme”

      I think you actually have an excellent understanding of crypto!

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