Good Friday – put at risk by an act of folly ++ Truss, the ‘human hand grenade’

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The Good Friday agreement – ‘one of the great achievements of the turn of the century’ – brought to an effective end nearly thirty years of violence in Northern Ireland. The UK attorney- general Suella Braverman is now accusing the EU of putting the peace process at risk by holding the Johnson government to the terms they signed in the Brexit deal – which is a reversal of the truth.

 Liz Truss, the Foreign Secretary, in between bouts of lambasting Putin while showboating over Ukraine, has also been raining criticism on the head of the Northern Ireland Protocol. As has ‘nightclub bouncer’ David Frost, the former UK/EU negotiator.

  The UK/EU relationship chart is sparking up trouble exactly now with tr Uranus square the composite Venus, on and off into 2023, at which point tr Uranus picks up the aggravated square to the composite Mars into 2024 for a heated emotional spat. The recent Scorpio Solar Eclipse was also conjunct the composite Neptune leading to evasions, delusions and outright deceptions.

  Joe Biden has already issued stern warnings about not upsetting the agreement and his relationship with Boris, hostile at best, is deteriorating badly now until this autumn and again early next year with tr Saturn opposition the composite Mars Pluto; and worsening in 2023 with tr Uranus in square to Mars Pluto.

  The Good Friday Agreement, 10 April 1998 5pm Belfast, has been stressed since Brexit with the Sun, Saturn, Mars in Aries catching the tr Uranus conjunction and now the tr Pluto square to the Mars in 2022/23. So stretching to almost breaking point and ending in a swamp in 2024/25 with tr Pluto conjunct the Neptune.

  None of the Johnson acolytes looks too cheerful this year though whether that is because their shameless posturing has come unstuck or for other reasons isn’t clear. Braverman, a controlling Sun Aries opposition Pluto with a flashy Mars North Node in Leo tied into an ultra-Fixed grand square with Uranus and Venus – is sagging this year, feeling disempowered and into a tumultuous three years thereafter.

  David Frost, a Sun Saturn in Pisces with an explosive Mars Uranus Pluto in Virgo and Boris’s unrealistic Jupiter opposition Neptune – is facing panicky failure this year and a tough slog till late 2023.

  Liz Truss with her eye on the crown has a Leo Sun in a stratospherically ambitious trine to Neptune, sextile Pluto; with a wobbly and inconsistent T Square of Mercury Saturn square Uranus opposition Jupiter and a tough Mars in Taurus. She’s mainly on a losing streak in 2022/23 with one blip of luck this August to December.  

  Words fail me. Well not quite. It’s amoral and punted by those of mind-bendingly low calibre.

Add On: The Times May 14 2022

‘In Downing Street the blame has been laid at the door of Liz Truss, the foreign secretary. She has been accused of unnecessarily antagonising Brussels to curry favour with the Tory right while allowing aides to brief journalists that some less Brexit-blooded ministers, such as Michael Gove and Sunak, were trying to stop the plan.

One source described it as “leadership feather-fluttering”, whereas others in government suggested that Truss fully deserved the nickname given to her by Dominic Cummings, the prime minister’s former adviser: the human hand grenade who blew up everything she touched.

“The whole thing is just very painful,” a government aide said. “The Foreign Office has gone very gung ho on it. Yes the process with the EU has been very tortuous but this was never meant to be an exercise in EU bashing. It was meant to be all about the Northern Ireland peace process.”

“Another senior figure who has worked on Brexit added: “The PM has ‘religion’ on this and thinks that the ERG [ the pro-Brexit European Research Group] will love it — but I’m not so sure. What I do know is that a lot of the wider parliamentary party are horrified. Even if it’s technically legal — and there are a range of views on that — it is not going down well.”   

12 thoughts on “Good Friday – put at risk by an act of folly ++ Truss, the ‘human hand grenade’

  1. Re Liz Truss, I looked at the post from December 2021. Here’s an excerpt:

    “Her relationship with Boris is uneasy at the best of time since their ambitions are at cross purposes so ego-clashes are inevitable. They may muddle through an edgy February and it is mid April onwards when the real downward slide starts – though that may be because the government ship is listing badly or Boris is in even more trouble.”

    I know politicians tend to use whatever comes their way to further their ambitions. But the ‘showing off’ around the war in Ukraine, and now the revolting pushing and shoving around the GFA is beyond morally bankrupt.
    Here comes that intense Scorpio eclipse, let’s see what it shakes up.

  2. Hi Marjorie,
    Johnson will be going to Northern Ireland this Monday. Interestingly, it’s lunar eclipse that day. What do you reckon? Hidden deals or some cover ups?

  3. Sue Braverman was only Elected into Parliament in 2015. To think Johnson made her Attorney General is staggering. Johnson didn’t listen to Cameron or Major and is now determined to do something. It appears he can’t stand anyone doing something better than himself. She was quoted in The Times yesterday, as citing violent troubles in Northern Ireland as a reason to change the Protocol. It is utterly disgraceful. No wonder words fail you Marjorie. It is incredible to think that Johnson will undermine this country, because he made a dogs dinner of his Brexit Deal.

  4. I find Liz Truss intensely annoying and she talks like a deranged robot .I have to put the mute button on the TV when she’s on .

  5. Extremely sad. Coverage in the US of Brexit suggested that the last-minute deals would call for Northern Ireland to have an open border and a closed border at the same time. It was obviously there was no way this finagling could make a lasting peace.

  6. And I thought that we “Muricans” had a bad relationship with our ex..! (the Donald) So, Marjorie when is it likely you all are getting a divorce from these *****s? Hopefully none gets arrested for domestic violence over this.

  7. Thanks Marjorie. They must all think we’re incredibly gullible, or stupid. It is beyond depressing, and infuriating.

    “and now the tr Pluto square to the Mars in 2022/23” you write of the Good Friday Agreement chart.

    I don’t like the look of the transiting Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn in June/July. It’s also a Mars return for that chart, which may indicate added aggression. And Mars co-rules the communicative and possibly ‘neighbourly’ 3rd house, and the 8th house of ‘other people’s money’. Then Mars will be retrograde from 31st October in Gemini, until January 2023. It turns direct at 8 Gemini, just opposite minus one degree the GFA Pluto in Sagittarius. That would seem to cast a very tense shadow over movement, export/import, and much else at that time.

    In a chart with ascendant and MC ruled by Mercury, I also wonder if this Mercury retrograde in Gemini/Taurus, and the next one in September in Libra/Virgo will tangle things up even further. Also bearing in mind, as we must, we currently appear to have a Gemini Prime Minister of some sort. How on earth did we get here?

  8. Describing certain members of our Government as being of a “mind-bendingly low calibre” is absolutely spot on!

    • Absolutely! Sometimes I wonder there should be a basic aptitude and intelligence test before a politician is given a high responsibility job in the government.

      There is testing for other jobs, why not for politicians ?

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