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  1. Hi Marjorie,

    I’d love your thoughts on this Youtube video on how they dated the foundation of the city of Rome using what the presenter calls “reverse astrology”, but I think would be more correctly called rectified astrology. Essentially it uses astrology not to predict the future, but to pinpoint events in the past.

    It’s only an 8 minute video so not too long.


    It would be great if you could create a full chart of the city of Rome and look at its near future. Rome is so many things, the birthplace of an empire, in the titles of at least three more empires located elsewhere (the Byzantine, the succeeding Ottoman and the Holy Roman Empires) and therefore also the location where the Treaty of Rome founding the EEC was signed.

  2. There are rumours according to the Washington Times today that Xi Jinping will be forced
    to step down later this year (over current lockdowns and Covid frustration)
    and will be replaced by the Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang
    born 1 July 1955 in Hefei, Anhui province China.
    Rumours are rumours but an interesting Article/Report Marjorie hence question?

  3. Finnish President Sauli Niinistö and PM Sanna Marin published their written statement supporting Finnish NATO membership today 10 am… And if you look at Helsinki Chart, you MIGHT think an astrologer was involved in determining the timing. MC is 0’00 Aries, conjunct to 0’15 Aries Jupiter, EXACT opposition to Moon at 0’14. Also, part of a kite formation involving 4′ Gemini Mercury (Retrograde, but I would say it doesn’t matter, paperwork is essentially done) and “out of sign” 28′ Pluto.

    Expect Finnish Parliament discuss and vote on this latest on Monday, Swedish Government is also expected to make the decision then.

  4. I read this morning that North Korea has admitted omicron covid-19 cases within its borders and has introduced lockdown in some areas. Given that North Korea has declined to put any kind of vaccination program in place and has even refused the Sinopharm vaccine, could you look to see if there a signs of it spreading quickly within that country? A totally unvaccinated country, albeit an isolated nation, is a potential danger to all. In a previous post, you suggested that there might be one more surge of covid before it goes away and that October might be the time. Many thanks

    • HI Marjorie I wonder if you can consider a post on the Polar Silk Road which i believe was announced in January 28, 2018. The far north seems to be a hot spot in more ways than one

  5. Thank you so much, Marjorie, for looking at the Australian Federal Election. I don’t know how to place this comment under the conversation (9th May) so don’t know where it will end up!! Is “neither of them look successful/cheerful and the country looks mega-confused.” referring to now (the lead up) or the day of the Election?

  6. Well, looks like Lukashenko is becoming involved with possibly no way to reverse. See 1st March 2022 by Marjorie.

    “Belarus is moving special forces to border with Ukraine”


    “The Armed Forces of Belarus will deploy special forces to the border of Ukraine because “the United States and its allies continue to increase their military presence at the state borders,” according to the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Viktor Gulevich.”

    Acting almost like a hyena to the promised kill.

  7. More comment than question here. Jupiter is about to leave Pisces, Mars is in Pisces, Neptune in Pisces. Draconic Sun is conjunct tropical Neptune, and draconic Uranus approaches tropical Neptune.
    In today’s ‘Times’ there are several Neptunian items: ‘Mentally ill can drop in and turn on at psychedelic clinic’ (opening this summer in London); ‘Heart trouble ‘likelier for cannabis users’; …’why being sad is good for us’; ‘Maeve Gilmore’s surreal world’ (artist and wife of Mervyn Peake); ‘Light at the end of the tunnel for near-death experience studies’. On TV listings tonight are a documentary on Mother Teresa, and one on John Stonehouse – the Labour Minister and possible spy who disappearedin 1974, assumed to have drowned, but turned up alive in Australia. Really, such an abundance of Neptune!

  8. Hi again. I continue to appreciate this site very much—thank you!
    My brother-in-law died during the eclipse last weekend. He was only 68. And my Scorpio (early degree) great-Aunt (aged 100) died a couple of days after the eclipse. There are many internet articles about being born during an eclipse but I can’t find anything about death right at moment of the eclipse or soon thereafter. Is it significant? What could it convey?
    Thank you.

  9. Hi Marjorie,

    A dear friend and coworker of mine who is originally from the Philippines is a huge supporter of the more progressive minded Vice President Leni Robredo in the current presidential election and she’s really hoping Leni Robredo will be victorious.

    Unfortunately, Ferdinand Marcos Jr (the son of the infamous Imelda Marcos) apparently has a massive lead in the reported results so far.

    I was wondering if you had any astrological insights regarding the Philippines Presidential election that is taking place right now. What kind of leadership does the astrology suggest Ferdinand Marcos Jr. will bring? What does the astrology suggest for Lenin Robredo in the near future?

  10. Hi Marjorie, Could you look at the Australian Federal Elections, 21st May, 2022, please?
    Scott Morrison d.o.b 13th May, 1968. Sydney, Australia. (Current Prime Minister) Liberal Party.
    Anthony Albanese d.o.b. 2nd March, 1963. Sydney, Australia. (Leader of the Opposition) Labour Party.
    Many Thanks if you find the time.

  11. Hi. Does the US astrology indicate women losing the right to vote (repeal of the 19th amendment)? Would that be 11th house of Sibley Chart? Another prominent Republican talking head, Erik Erickson, stated that certain Roe supporters are “nuts” and that the 19th Amendment should be repealed.
    Thank you.

  12. Hi Marjorie

    Could you please refer me to a blog on the EU and/or the Euro. If not, do you have any insight on the possible collapse of the EU and/or the Euro.

    Many thanks

  13. Hi Marjorie
    As potential replacement leader for the Cons would you mind looking at Ben Wallace,
    if you havent already?
    Thank you

      • Thank you, I missed that.The Venus Mars square Pluto Moon on the sth node looks problematic, perhaps not him then…aside from the other indications I’m increasingly suspicious of Venus Mars conjunctions in leaders. And all that dualism, and Moon Mars doesnt look great for women

  14. Hi Marjorie,

    With the Durham police investigating Starmer’s alleged breaking of lockdown rules, there have been demands from certain quarters for him to resign if he receives a fine, since he asked Johnson to resign for receding one.
    Labour has done decent in these elections. What do the coming months hold for Starmer? Thank you.

  15. Hello Marjorie, Hope you don’t mind me asking? Do you see any political rising stars such as ie, Chris Bryant and David Davies? With appreciation, thank you for your time, and Kind regards.

  16. Reports today of the continuing situation at the Azovstal Steel Works in Mariupol say that the “resistance has forced Russian commanders to dedicate far more firepower and troops to the fight in this southeastern pocket of Ukraine than planned, undermining and slowing the wider invasion.” (Sky News, 6/5/22). As long as the Ukrainian defence continues, Russia will not be able to declare victory over the whole of Mariupol.

    The works was founded on February 2nd 1930 along the coastline of Mariupol spanning 4 square miles and has a network of underground tunnels as well as bunkers built to withstand a nuclear attack. I wonder if you could look at the astrology of the Steel Works, Marjorie. Thank you.

    • @Virgoflake, thanks for finding the date and asking! I was just thinking about this. Also because I honestly can’t watch videos posted by defenders without crying and have thought there must be some resonance to my chart.

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